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Medical Condition メディカルコンディション


First time today and I feel great! Thank you!

Medical Condition is leading provider of professional #massage services for athletes and active peop

We will update the latest our information, news and our health.


By the time the massage is over, your nails will be incredibly beautiful, right?💅💆🏼‍♀️💅
The newly reborn nails will make you shine more beautifully💅😍

Book now👇

📣Nail and Massage 💅👇💆🏼‍♀️Regular was $110


📣Pedicure and Massage 💅💆🏼‍♀️👇Regular was $90



Relax your body🧖💆
Let's jump out of busy days and spend precious time irreplaceable.

Standard Massage is available from 30min for $30.

60min for $60


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Pedicure 💅

💁Beauty & Relax 😊👌

Regular was $90

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This offer is valid until 22nd May.


Get ready for Pedicure with Massage👍
Relax, Renew and Recharge😊💅💆🏼‍♀️
You can receive two luxury services at once

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Take a little time for yourself.
Happy Mother's Day.

Nail Service and Massage💁😍

You'll get ultimate therapy and nail care in a hour.

Regular was
Advanced Massage 60min $80
Gel nail $50 includes one one color, gradation or French style
Total amount of $130

Special Offer
Don't forget to type the coupon code "MD22" You'll get $30 discount.

This special offer is valid until May 8th.


Mom is tired... 🥱 😪
But you can't go even if you want to get a massage... 💆‍♀️ 💆‍♂️

We can help you👍

✅You can come with your baby👶🏻
✅No more babysitter for therapy.
✅Just you 👶🏻👩‍🍼while you get a therapy.

✅ You'll get more relax and get much better. 💯♨️

You can go to this link below and make an appointment.


Are you working too much? 😭

If you work too much,
you may get stiff neck and shoulders.

Would you like to relax a little bit?😊

Go to the link below and make an appointment


Do you know that poor joint mobility is related to Stiff neck & shoulder?

Let’s get a physical therapy and massage🙌👏✋
You’ll be able to relax and improve your shoulder mobility and also work headaches and TMJ.

Go to the link for making an appointment.


Which looks harder right or left?

✅You want to be Younger?
✅You want to fix sciatica?
✅You want to run more without pain?

You should take hip joint mobility class.
And put on coupon code “MOBILITY” you’ll get $20 discount.


The 3 Most things to prevent Stiff Shoulders that many people do👀👀

✅Weight Lifting
and more!
We know how hard you are.

But it's NEVER CHANGE...
Stiff Stiff Stiff😭😫

Would you like to change the way a little bit for stiffness?

We're offering the mobility class for special discount.
You can also bring your friends with you.
Go to the link and put on promo code "MOBILITY"
You'll get $20 discount.

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Sling is the best treatment for fracture?

If you got a severe clavicle or shoulder fracture, DON’T REMOVE the sling even if you’re tire or stiff neck and shoulder.

When he came over 2nd treatment, he didn’t use the SLING. It means he looked like he’s not injured at all😥😥

〜What is needed to heal a fracture quickly?🤔🤔〜

✅Not put on any stress on fracture part.

If you don’t use the sling, gravity continuously adds the weight of the entire arm and pulls it down.

What if that happens?

✅1, It will take time to recover from the fracture.
✅2, There is a risk that it will look strange. See the 3rd photo.

Photos from Medical Condition メディカルコンディション's post 17/02/2022

What is the fastest way to heal fracture?

We’ve seen a lot Ski and snowboarding fractures lately.

He got serious clavicle fracture last Saturday.
You can see a lot internal bleeding left chest.
We’re going to treat there with ultrasound treatment without surgery.


What do you do if you have sciatica?

✅🤔heating the hip joint🛀
✅🤔take a medicine 💊

What you have to do when you have sciatica?


Maximum results in a minimum of time😱

This is called Shockwave.
Can you hear the sound?
🔫 it’s like a gun😱

Shockwave therapy for a broader patient spectrum, regaining activity levels more rapidly, increasing your practice efficiency.

We just offer free shockwave therapy demo those who are have planter fasciitis and Knee problems.

It’s free.

This offer is just first 5 people.
Hurry up to contact us.


30’s 40’s Woman Strength Workout 👍


In order to do 10times smooth Chin-Up, you need to use body efficiently and momentum.

We show you how to tips!!

Let’s try and get sharp body🤝


Woman Chin-UP Tips🙆‍♀️☝️

Can you do that 10times?

We’re show you great tips for chin-up👍
Let’s try👍👌

Medical Condition | Linktree 14/10/2021

Medical Condition | Linktree

Your baby 👶 has already noticed that you have a BACK PAIN😫

👶I'm getting harder, mom.
👶Let's get a massage and feel better, mom.

Massage for your kids💗

Promo Code
You have the chance to get a $20 discount.
This offer is for the first 5 people only.
So hurry up to make an appointment.

Medical Condition | Linktree Medical Condition Massage, Physical Therapy, Woman Workout,


If you have a stiff neck, you may have made a big mistake😱

Because of that, the stiff neck doesn't heal forever😫

It ’s not like getting a STRONG massage❌
It's not using a MASSAGE GUN❌
It’s not a MASSAGE CHAIR ❌

You can get GREAT DISCOUNT for Advanced Massage.
You can get 30min Advanced Massage $25🎵
was $40

This offer is valid until 16th Oct.


People with back pain or stiff shoulders can never do this😩❌❌

Look so easy👍But if you can’t do that or have pain in your lower back.

You need to check more detail.

We’ll leave the link and tap and make an appointment.
You’ll get $40 discount and get super detail checking for back pain.

Don’t 😢 miss it.
This super offer is valid until 9th Oct.


3️⃣ Three reasons we definitely don't recommended MASSAGE GUN🔫💆

1, It's NOT THERE.

If you have stiff shoulders, you will put a Massage Gun on your shoulders.🔫

Of course I understand that it feel good.
BUT the place you feel is just a symptom,
so hitting it will not cure it forever.

We can find the cause of stiff.


The muscles become stiff
because the posture is bad and the muscles get tight.

Massage and Stretch are very good way to increase range of motion for spine and joints and loosen muscles and improve symptoms.

We can do massage and stretch to loosen them.

3, The Pressure does NOT reach deep place.

For example, can you massage your lower back with a massage gun?
It's hard to reach, isn't it?
Can you put your weight on it even if it reach?

That's different for professionals.
Pro don't only just touch and push, they put their weight on it.

By doing so, the pressure will reach not only surface places but also deep places.

In other words, the massage gun only stimulates surface areas.

We offer Massage and Stretching Course discount😊👏👏

Type "MASSAGEGUN" get $20 discount for 60min.
This offer is valid until Oct 9th.


Common miss movement for BACK PAIN PEOPLE😱😵‍💫🤦🏽‍♀️

Do you do like this when you pick up something?😩
Be a Chicken 🐔 🐔
Why 🐔🐔?

Show you great movements which is efficient for human body👏
Let’s try to do that👌

If you can’t, leave comments or message👍


Stiff Neck & Shoulder 💆‍♀️ Massage

4 stiff neck and dangerous shoulder signs 🧟‍♀️😱

You might think it's just stiff shoulders, but if you leave it alone🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

🚫Stiff shoulders increase the risk of herniated cervical spine and increase the risk of surgery.

You may leave you numb and bother you for the rest of your life.

🚫 Posture gets worse and worse.
You will be seen older than your actual age.

🚫 Stiff neck muscles reduce concentration and Productivity decreases.

🚫 Stiff shoulders cause headaches, numbness in the arms, TMJ, back pain, etc. They may come from stiff shoulders.

But it’s no problem and don’t worry.😊😊
It can solve the problems with massage. 🙆‍♀️

We will identify the cause of the stiffness and support you. 👌

Make an appointment with FB message now👍

We will give a discount the Advanced massage.
Regular was ¥8000 for 60min.

👉¥6000 👏👏

But hurry up to make it.
This offer is for just the first 10 people.

Even if you don't have stiff shoulders, please take this opportunity to check it out and discover new things.

I’ll tell you again at the end.

Only the first 10 people
¥6000 for 60 min Advanced Massage

This offer will end when the numbers of people reaches 10.

Thank you


Back pain people can’t do this position?👌
If you can’t, your balance might be not correct.

Come over here and check detail.


Can you do like this?

Thank you for coming from Space👽


Brian came back finally!!
It has been two month since last workout.
He complained of his back stiff.

Let’s do Mobility workout with him.


Let’s Try to set up Bosu ball upside down and get on there and squats a few times.

If you try to do that and like her, you need to come over MC and check more detail your core and balance ability.

If you CAN’T GET ON THERE, don’t worried about it. We have a lot modifications👏👌 We’ll have you to get on there SOON👍


Running Tips 🏃‍♀️🏃🏃‍♂️
Jumping Practice today. If you keep running without pain, you need jumping ability.
We show you good practice!!

Don’t miss it and leave your comments👌


How about a getting massage?
Because it’s Labor Day.

Of course, we offer discount $20 discount till Sep 11th.

Go to this link and put on “LABORDAY21” so you’ll get $20 discount from original price.


If you CAN’T JUMP correctly,
you’ll be not able to RUN WITHOUT PAIN❌

Try to jump 20 times on balance ball👌
If you can’t, you're more likely to get injured while 🏃‍♀️ running.

Running is a continuous movement of jumps.
If you can't jump on a balance ball, you're not using your body well, which means it puts a strain on muscles and joints and increases the risk of injury.

We are training in running with the aim of first learning these basic movements.

If you have any problems with running,
let us know, please.

We offer Special Running Course Discount till Sep 10th.

Go to the link page and coupon code “SEP21”
You’ll get $40 discount for running workout session.
This is because of our 14 years anniversary 🎉special program.

Don’t miss it!!

We can help you!


How wonderful your life if you could RUN WITHOUT PAIN.

We offer this course for only $5 for a limited until Sep 9th.
The regular was $50.

Benefits of taking this course
1. Can Run Faster
2. Can Run without Pain
3. Can Get Younger Body
4. Can lose Weight

WE do only Three Things
1. Mobility Workout
2, Jumping Workout
3. Sprint Workout

It's so easy!! Don't worried, please join us.

IF you're interested in this course, click down below and put on coupon code "SEP21" and get $45 discount.


Text us immediately 🐇💨
Just One Spot Available for Tomorrow at 8am because of cancellation.

Special Offer ¥4,000 for 60 min Advanced Massage.

Text me immediately!!

Regular ¥8000


Running Pain Treatment 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏃
If you have pain when you run, you should come to MC and get treatment with heating machine.
It heals so fast😵


Even if you loosen lower calf muscles with treatment, such a pain will come out again when you run 🏃‍♂️.

This is the cause of posture and step works while running.

So the pain during running can not be solved just treatment.

You need Treatment and Rehab Workout.
This is the best way to solve running problems.

If you have any problems for running pain or performance, we can help!!


Don’t do this workout at your office❌❌
Your boss might be surprised when you do like this suddenly🤣😵

How to do that☝️

Put your foot 🦶 on your desk and
put it in the maximum flexion position like this.

Make sure other leg and your back straight like this. 🦵

Keep balance well at that position.

Are you ready?👍

Get up straight from that position.

It’s very important to move from the position of the maximum flexion of the hip joint.

If your hip joint is tight, even taking maximum flexion position would be hard.

And most of people have imbalance, so even you make it one side, but other side may be difficult.

Let’s try!!

If you can’t take this position,
You may have many problems.

Fix first, make an appointment Medical Condition.
That’s what you have to do that👌


TWO Important Things For 🏃‍♂️ Running 🏃‍♂️ Without Pain!
Don’t miss it ☝️☝️



Running looks easy but it's actually very difficult exercise.

Running must keep repeating the same movements.
Therefore, if there is any useless movement or movement that cause a burden, it may cause an injury.

The important thing is to minimize unnecessary movements and to maximize performance with minimal power.

For that, it is necessary to move the hip joint efficiently and to receive repulsion from the ground well.

Check the short clip.
Left one is elementary school student and right one is Takao.

He on the left has a good balance when jumping, but you can see that he uses his knees to balance.

If you use a lot of knees, it will be difficult to balance and you will be more likely to hurt your knees.
In addition, using your knees will cause your trunk to lean forward, which can make you more tired.

And if he can use his shoulder a little more, he will be able to use more momentum.

Let's try to do that and see how it going on!!

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