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Sometimes people like to challenge me, and bring their dogs on the photoshoot. We took a walk through Greve du Lecq woods. Once we'd got over a mini crisis of both dogs slipping into a field for a game with the cows, we tried to pose some family pictures. We managed a few with all subjects obediently looking at the camera, but my favorite was definitley this action shot, where no one is lined up, or looking at the camera, but everyone is happy, and completely in their element.

Natural Beauty Ltd


How much confetti is too much? I’m really not sure. This looks like a rather splendid explosion to me!
Facebook won’t let me tag it. Is it because it can’t detect the humans beneath the storm?!


Kyle said he didn't really like being in photographs, but his brand new wife Natasha does, so he accepted it as part and parcel of marrying such a total babe, and undertook his role with patience and charm.
Thanks for playing the photo game Kyle, what a gentleman you are!

Chateau la Chaire
Anna Trigg Haute Couture
Suzanne Neville
Kate Morrison Makeup Artistry
Sammie Taylor Hair
Films About Love


I adore this moment where I'm trying hard to line up the family photographs, and Grandpa dives in to plant a massive noisy smacker on Grandma. Disruption of standard proceedings is always welcome!
I painstakingly go through all the plans of a wedding day with the bride and groom in advance, but honestly the most fun to photograph thing for me would be if all timings went out the window, everyone completely let loose, and I was left to chase the action and see what I could capture from the chaos. That's a good test of a photographer, and a very fun scenario to work in!


I enjoy the quiet part of a wedding morning where I sneak away with the bridal accessories. I scan the surroundings looking for an area of the home or hotel that will suit the theme of the wedding, and provide a beautiful backdrop to an accessory. Chateau la Chaire had a lovely lead window on offer, the perfect spot to hang a sandal, and photograph with the glow of winter sun streaming in from behind.
This will just end up as a little image in the wedding album, but it's when you think carefully about the small things that the big picture ends up looking so beautiful.

Photos from Natalie Mayer Photography's post 13/11/2022

All the bonfire night feels. This was THE Jersey Showman at The Botanic Gardens at Samares Manor this summer. Proper good show. The crowd, as we can see, loved it!

Grand finale to an epic wedding, thanks Sam & Rob Telfer.


Natasha + Kyle finished off my wedding season with a beautiful windswept shoot on the north coast in October. I'm always secretly happy when the weather is a little cloudy and imperfect... room for some atmosphere and magic and happen.

I'm done a bit of photobombing on Instagram of this beautiful day. More to come as there is so much to share. x


Delighted to learn that Sister Marie Louise of Beaulieu is celebrating her 98th Birthday today! What a lovely lady she is.
I photographed Sister in 2018, just before she left the island to return her home country of France.
We had a lovely time in the the garden of the shared house where she lived, I asked her all about her life and how she came to become a nun, told her some of my life problems (she promised to pray for me!) and she picked me some flowers from the garden to take home. It was an honour and a pleasure!

Joyeux anniversaire!!


I must be in a a sharing mood!

This image was taken at Christine and Terry's autumn wedding, held at their home in St Lawrence late September this year. With the marquee and ceremony covering most of the garden, we didn’t have a lot of space to shoot in.

Luckily we didn’t need it. As soon as the sun started to get low in the sky, the beautiful tress above Milbrook begun to glow in the evening light.

I swear the sound of cicadas was drifting in on the autumn breeze, and as Christine and Terry sat giggling on their garden wall, the whole scene made me feel like I was enjoying a balmy evening in Tuscany.

Christine's dress was handmade by Anna Trigg Haute Couture. It flowed beautifully and was such a lovely compliment to the dreamy scen


I also absolutely adore this sweet and simple capture of Leah Hamel having a little moment with her beautiful bridesmaid daughter Lily, before all the fun and chaos of the wedding began.

Dress by Suzanne Neville Anna Trigg Haute Couture🤍


It’s always a pleasure to come across favourite images from past weddings. I’m not that good at sharing things immediately, I often want to, but then part of me likes to file things away and discover them at a later date, like a nice nostalgic surprise.

I wonder if it’s some kind of tradition in me, since I’ve been taking photographs since the artfully slow time of film processing, where waiting, and patience, was always a huge part of the pleasure. ��I do feel that when photography is done in the way that I love it best, the pictures should get more meaningful with time.

This heart melting image was taken at Leah and Nigel’s wedding, in 2017. ��Sometimes, all the important people just can’t be at the wedding… and all this means is that we have to take the wedding to them.

Leah’s ‘Meme’ was delighted, it was a very precious moment. I feel perhaps here she is having some firm words with Nigel (making sure he does good husband duty!). After this, Meme came out on the terrace, and gave a huge wave to Leah and Nigel as they tooted off in their wedding car. I’m sure she felt proud, and the whole thing was so lovely I imagine I did a little cry, which my camera is always absolutely splendid at hiding!

PS - Btw, just to note, anyone that has had a past gallery emailed to them this week, with notifications about a special deal on a Family Shoot voucher, please know these vouchers are valid for all next year, and not just for Christmas time. So basically, if you want photos next year, it's a good idea secure yourself a shoot right now!

Leah Hamel

Photos from Natalie Mayer Photography's post 01/12/2021

I shot these in 2016, with my 3 week old baby Olive strapped to me in a sling whilst I worked (to give a fair indication of my professional state of mind).

The lovely Hannah Campbell had invited me to take some images of her Grandparents, who were to have a day out with family.. It was a birthday, or anniversary, or something nice.

We were going for a ride on the vintage bus. Hannah's Aunty came along, cunningly disguised as a French tourist, and did some kind of comical French pantomime acting.

Grandma was utterly convinced this was a bonafide French tourist, not in fact her own relative, and so discussed various touristy things with her, in broken English. We just watched.

As the bus chugged along to L'Etacq, Aunty eventually revealed to her true identity, to much surprise , great joy (and a little bafflement, I must admit).

Everyone had a splendid time! Hannah's dad bought along some giant ferns, for the occasion. We dragged the giant ferns out the bus and onto the L'Etacq slip, for some pictures.

On the way back, Hannah and her mum sang beautiful songs, and we all chugged along for this merry Saturday on the vintage bus.

Olive slept, for the entire duration.

Nobody knows why the details of this event were so strange and bizarre, but I love the images and they still make me laugh out loud, 5 years later. Thank you Campbell family!

If any of these facts are wrong, sorry Hannah, but that's just how I remember it.

Photos from Natalie Mayer Photography's post 01/12/2021

For my clients who are excitedly looking through their past gallery links which are being emailed out this week, do consider having an album printed, if you haven't got one already.
Truely, amongst all this digital whatnot, we have images coming out of our ears these days, yet... how many of these images will still be around in 20 years, by which time they will have become so beautifully significant?
Printed photography is the past, and it's also the future. Everything else is just clutter, and digital clutter is the worst!

I 🤍 albums.
And they get more lovable, each year you keep them.


I love a simple and classic portrait.
Beautiful Charlie Janes provided the perfect opportunity whilst getting ready to marry Tom Coles at Hotel La Place & Country Cottages last month.
I loved every minute of being your photographer Charlie, such an honor seeing what a graceful lady you have become, having known you when you were a little baby! 🥰

Hair by Hairbysl
Make up by Kate Morrison Makeup Artistry

Documentary Photographer, Jersey, Channel Islands. - Natalie Mayer Photography 26/11/2021

Documentary Photographer, Jersey, Channel Islands. - Natalie Mayer Photography

All going to plan, anyone that has ever had a wedding or family shoot with me will receive a link to their photographs online in the next few days. I've migrated all previous galleries (dating back to 2009) to a lovely new online platform.
It's a bit of a fiddle to organise, but I'm getting there - expect a memory revival, and please contact me if you don't receive yours and would like to.

Whilst doing that, I came across an image which I still LOVE. And it seemed rather fitting to share, as we head into our cold winter days. The lovely Eloise and Philip, at La Mare Vinyards at their crisp winter wedding, almost to the day, in 2009!
I'm aiming for timeless with my photography... and I think this fits the promise. X

Documentary Photographer, Jersey, Channel Islands. - Natalie Mayer Photography Natalie Mayer is an award-winning, documentary style wedding and family portrait photographer in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK.


I would like to wish a warm and happy birthday to Midge de la Haye, who I've just read is 108 today! What a fantastic woman!

I photographed Midge in 2016, for a series of portraits of wonderful islanders. She was sprightly and fun, and told me lovely stories of her long, long life. I hope she has a wonderful day with her family and am so pleased to read about her in the JEP today. xx

More of the portrait series can be seen on a secret section of my website here...

Lorna de la Haye


It seems from this screengrab that I made my client cry today, 4 years after her wedding.

I think that's why wedding documentary photography is nice - it's the realest moments that resonate with us, and become more and more precious as the years roll on.

So, I'm feeling quite pleased with myself.
Sorry not sorry Jessica! ###


I adore these images of Suzanne and her lively little man, shot at Samarès Manor last autumn. Sometimes, children just want to run away from the camera. That's totally OK, and I always catch them somehow!

Know a special Mummy that deserves some Mother's Day joy?

Vouchers for Family Shoots available, and can be posted or emailed before Sunday. The shoots are £150 (voucher can be for any amount).

Please PM for more details. We shoot on the date of your choice, and then have a viewing of your images on the big screen, in my candle lit Jersey Heritage tower on St Ouen's Bay. The shoots are fun (and sometimes exhausting) the viewing is pure relaxation and magic!


Shoot Voucher Amnesty!

To all those clients that have a Family Shoot voucher that didn't get booked in due to a chaotic past year (feel free to blame whatever scenario you've been dealing with)... please get in touch this week, and reserve your date for this year.

This is regardless of the date on your voucher - I will honor all vouchers still out there and I know there is a few. Please share!

And anyone wishing to book in a new shoot, now would be a great time to get in touch. I'm booking in for spring and summer.

Thanks to lovely Edward John Blampied and Ruthie Hawkesford for the beautiful shoot we did on St Ouen's last year. Such a pleasure to photograph your lovely little family. X


Gift Vouchers available for Family Shoots.
£150 covers an outdoor shoot for a small (or huge extended!) family, as well as a fun and atmospheric viewing session, at my Jersey Heritage tower on St Ouen's Bay.

PM for details.

And a note to anyone that has an unused voucher - please don't worry about the expiry date, get in touch to book your shoot for 2021. It's been a year where many of us haven't got around to things - I'm happy to honor all outstanding vouchers. Please get in touch this month to reserve a date for 2021.

Natalie x


Tidal People: Natalie Mayer, Photographer & Cold Water Sea Swimmer

I love drinking rum, and I also quite like swimming, so I was very happy to join the Tidal Rum chaps for a chat and a dip on Plemont beach one chilly afternoon last month. 😀

Jersey Heritage Gail Bennie Tidal Rum

Photos from Natalie Mayer Photography's post 18/11/2020

I've been spending some lovely evenings in the great outdoors this week, photographing The Good Stone cooking on open fires with local produce. I love to watch this kind of cooking, and the tastes and smells have been an absolute feast!
Such a treat to photograph something totally different.🖤

Crab from Jade-S Fisheries Jersey
Sea Bass from Faulkner Fisheries Seafiod Takeaway
Goat from Douet Farm
Jersey Sea Salt
SCOOP The Sustainable Cooperative


Multi-generation Family Shoots!

I try to plan carefully for my shoots, but sometimes, my timings can be off.

On this occasion, the sea rushed in faster than I anticipated. The light was so good, I just wanted to keep shooting... which meant the most senior member of our shoot was dangerously close to having an unplanned swim!

Luckily Grandson came to the rescue. And so lined up, perfectly for my camera, 3 generations of a family, in a photograph that I hope will make everyone in it smile for years to come. This feels precious to me.

Thank you Fiona, Rachelle-Sabine, Josh, and most of all Grandma Valerie Palmer, 85 years young, and well up for a laugh on the beach!

Message me if you'd like to book your own multi-generation shoot. No family too big, I love a challenge!


It's such a privilege to be invited to photograph within a home setting. I adore this quiet picture of Thomas and Elena. If I was a big brother, looking back at my childhood in 20 years' time, I can imagine an image like this being a real treasure.

Thank you Louise Augre :)


I am looking forward to our film night and photography exhibition at Common Ground next weekend.
I'll be re-hanging some of the prints I showed in my last exhibition, plus whole load more which deserved to see the light of day...
Rebecca Coley has curated a selection of independent films, all of which celebrate woman and the sea.
Tickets, which include a home made vegan curry, can be booked here. £14.
Friday is full, there are a few tickets available for Saturday. Hope to see you there!

Photos from Natalie Mayer Photography's post 28/11/2019

It was a pleasure photographing artist Nick Romeril yesterday, ahead of his new exhibition about the sea, titled 'Personal Sanctuary'.

The exhibition is opening at the Private & Public Ltd gallery on the 6th December at 5.30. The paintings are beautiful!


Really happy to have such lovely coverage in the JEP this weekend... check out tomorrow's The Weekend supplement!

Exhibition open Sunday 24th, 1-4pm, La Tour Cârrée, St Ouen's Bay.


One more opening for my Winter Swimming exhibition this Sunday, for those that weren't able to make it last week.


I have to prioritise client photos, and leave my own memory cards in a little pile, promising myself the treat of processing once my work is done. Sometimes this can take a while!

I felt like I was unwrapping a present today when I found a memory card with pictures from our van trip this summer.

This was a little camping spot we found in Gard, South France on a month long trip. It was a hot & sweaty summer, a bit hard at times, but I just love the magical feeling of finding the ultimate place to camp, wake up, swim in a river, and eat cheerios from a tuppawear at sunrise.

Photos from Natalie Mayer Photography's post 19/09/2019

I just gathered together, processed and edited 6 years of my personal family photography... and made myself 3 whopping, and whoppingly beautiful albums.

So much LOVE and fun, now condensed into 3 books of treasure.

It was bloody hard work! I've been up 'till 2pm for the past 3 nights. But my heart feels happy.

What does everyone do with their digital images?

The photos that resonated with my heartstrings most were my iPhone pics, those little moments of beauty everyday.

I wonder if I could offer a service making albums of people's photo collectings. Throw everything you have my way, and I'll make you something beautiful! I think it's an important thing.

Digital files are not for keeps, not really. Who knows what the accessible format will be in 10 years time, and who wants to pay for everything to sit on a 'cloud' forever?

Please share your thoughts!


I love gallery walls with mixed frames - here's one from my studio a little while ago. The trick is to buy all your frames first... then we can have fun filling them up with gorgeous images that will make you smile everytime you walk past.


Loved seeing this sweet group of young humans at the Pride march yesterday.
Teenagers today seem to look like what I thought teenegers looked like, before I was a teenager myself.
Maybe other people who are my age know what I mean?
Liberate Channel Islands Pride


Super proud to photograph and march with Channel Islands Pride today. Amazing amount of people, smiling and spreading love. Gave me goosebumps!
Liberate Channel Islands Pride

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