Leoville Sports & Miniature Rifle Club - Jersey

Leoville Sports & Miniature Rifle Club - Jersey

Shooting club offering pistol and rifle shooting with opportunities to shoot competitively. The club

The club was formed in 1943, and competes in the Jersey Small bore Shooting Association's indoor .22 rifle winter league, which is shot at 15 yards prone. The club is able to offer ranges at 15 and 25 yards in the prone, kneeling and standing positions for Rifle. The Club has also recently installed electronic targets at 15 yards for Rifle. There are currently only 2 other indoor clubs that can o

Leoville Sports & Miniature Rifle Club - Jersey updated their website address. 13/01/2022

Leoville Sports & Miniature Rifle Club - Jersey updated their website address.

Leoville Sports & Miniature Rifle Club - Jersey updated their website address.


We note that the number of active cases on the Island has now surpassed 800. We all know what happened the last time the numbers hit this high. As a precaution, the Club's previously adopted COVID-19 Guidelines (which can be found at the Clubroom) are to apply in full immediately. Accordingly:

• Facemasks must be worn by all members and visitors to the Club
• No more than four rifle shooters per detail on the range
• Members should seek to distance from fellow members while in the Club-room
• If any equipment is shared between members or visitors this should be wiped down

Whilst the decision taken is disappointing, we hope you appreciate the intention behind it.

If members could communicate this to fellow members and any visitors they wish to bring along that would be much appreciated.

Leoville Sports & Miniature Rifle Club - Jersey updated their information in their About section. 26/06/2021

Leoville Sports & Miniature Rifle Club - Jersey updated their information in their About section.

Leoville Sports & Miniature Rifle Club - Jersey updated their information in their About section.


With effect from Tuesday 16 March 2021 the Club will re-open. The COVID Guidelines that the Committee had approved previously remain in place (a copy of which is located at the Clubroom). Please note that the safe distance is now 2m as opposed to 1m and it is mandatory that face masks be worn when not shooting. We also strongly encourage members to adopt a shoot and go policy as much as possible.


In light of the recent government announcement, regrettably with effect from 23:59 today the Club will be closed until further notice.

Timeline photos 27/11/2020

Scores on the doors for this week’s league shoots. Special mention to Dave Vibert who obtained his first 100 on electronic targets to get an impressive score of 197 ex 200 for the B Team and to be joint top shot of the night!

Leoville Juniors put themselves very much in contention for the league title with victory over last year’s champions St Lawrence.

Timeline photos 20/11/2020

Leoville A scored another impressive score of 1171, lead again by Cameron Pirouet with 198, which has lowered his average! This team score resulted in wins against Vinchelez by19 points and Guernsey by 1 point. Guernsey scored an excellent score of 1170 lead jointly by N Kevin’s and Peter Jory who both scored 197.
In the second division, Leoville B scored 1151, lead by Brian Williams on 195 which resulted in a win against St. Lawrence C by 32.
There was a close match between Leoville C and Grouville A which resulted in a win by 1 point for Leoville C. The C team were lead by Fern Le Marinel who continued her excellent record with 195.

Timeline photos 12/11/2020

Leoville A scored 1174 (1 more than last week) lead by Cameron Pirouet on 199 and had a comfortable win over St Brelade by 22. Top score for them was Julie Lidgett who scored 197 including a ton on her first card.
In the inter club match in the second division, Leoville B lead by Ashley Quenault on 196 scored 1159 and beat Leoville C by 14. The C scored an impressive 1145 lead by Junior Fern Le Marinel who scored an excellent 195 to maintain her excellent start to the season.

Timeline photos 06/11/2020

Scores on the doors for this week. Leoville claimed a clean sweep of victories. Special mention to Cameron Pirouet and Ian Syvret for obtaining 100s this week.


Results from this week. Well done to Fabien and Nick for obtaining 100s to help Leoville A beat St Helier A. Leoville B improved on last week‘s score to beat Western B.

Leoville C and Leoville Juniors unfortunately lost this week.

Timeline photos 15/10/2020

Scores from tonight’s opening match of the 2020-2021 Season. This has been held on a postal basis with all teams shooting on their home ranges. Top shot was Cameron Pirouet with an excellent 199 ex 200 to lead his team to an excellent score of 1163.


Some impressive shooting in the curtain raiser for the 2020-2021 Shooting Season. Leoville B won this encounter by only being 2 points below their opening average thanks to some good shooting from Ashley Quenault and Richard Pirouet who both shot well above their opening averages.


Due to Covid19 the Club’s Annual Prize Shoot was postponed to 6 October 2020. This was a very interesting evening with some good shooting all round. Ashley Quenault set the target to beat early on with a 198 ex 200. Cameron Pirouet shot on the last detail knowing he had to beat Ashley’s score to win the competition overall and he did so in style with a perfect 200 ex 200.

Full Results are below:

Coronation Cup (Overall Champion): C Pirouet 200 ex 200
Sarnia Cup (Runner Up): A M Quenault 198 ex 200
3rd: N Atkins (196 ex 200) and N Le Masurier (196 ex 200)
5th: B Williams (195 ex 200)
6th: R Pirouet (194 ex 200) and A J Quenault (194 ex 200)
8th: L Le Gallais (193 ex 200)
9th: H G Carre (191 ex 200)
10th: D J Vibert (190 ex 200)
11th: R Jones (188 ex 200)
Wooden Spoon: G Jegou (184 ex 200)


We have recently been considering Government guidance on Covid 19. The JSSA has taken the decision to cancel both the IKO and Division 1 and 2 Tie Shoots this Friday. Jersey Sport has also cancelled some events.

In light of this we have taken the difficult decision to CLOSE the Club until further notice but we hope that you appreciate that this decision based on the current circumstances. Our priority is always to ensure that our members are safe and we do not want to expose you to unnecessary risk. We also do not want to expose the Club to reputational damage.

We will continue to monitor government guidance as and when it is issued and will update you further as and when the Club will reopen.

Please can share this so that it can get to as many members as possible..

Photos from Western Miniature Rifle Club's post 04/01/2020

Photos from Western Miniature Rifle Club's post

Photos from Leoville Sports & Miniature Rifle Club - Jersey's post 07/12/2019

Well done to the A Team drawing with league leaders Western. Leoville C also managed to leapfrog Leoville B into pole position in Division 2 with victory over Western B.


Very close match between Leoville’s B and C Teams last night, going down to the last shot on the final detail. Leoville B emerged victorious by one point.

Leoville A beat Grouville with a brilliant score of 198 by Nick Atkins


Great results for all teams yesterday with each obtaining their season’s best. Well done to Ian Syvret obtaining 100 ex 100.


Leoville B and C backed up last weeks performances with victories over Western B and St Helier B respectively. Leoville A unfortunately came up against a very consistent St Helier A team to lose their first match of the season.

A full strength Junior team were able to secure their first victory of the season. Scores below


Good start to the 2019-2020 indoor shooting season for all senior teams against St John’s.


Leoville B ended the season in style, obtaining their highest score to claim a 6 point victory over St Brelade A. Allan Quenault led the way obtaining a season’s best of 196 ex 200.

Leoville C obtained a score of 1116 in their last match of the season. Graham Buckland obtained a season’s best 193 ex 200.

In the Junior match, the teams tied on 737 ex 800.

Full breakdown of scores is below

Photos from Leoville Sports & Miniature Rifle Club - Jersey's post 03/03/2019

Leoville A unfortunately lost their final match of the season to Guernsey by 12 points. Richard Pirouet saved his best shoot till last obtaining a perfect 200 ex 200 to lead his team to a score of 1152.

Leoville B also came up against an in form Grouville A side, losing by 4 points. Steven Michel had his best shoot of the season with 196 ex 200 with a perfect 100 on his second card. This led Leoville B to a respectable score of 1139.

Leoville C also had a good shoot obtaining a score of 1124. Junior Matthew Michel obtained his season’s best with 195 ex 200.

In the Junior match, Grouville were unfortunately not able to field a team so Leoville Juniors won by default, obtaining a score of 741.

Full breakdown of the scores is below


Leoville A suffered a two point defeat to Vinchelez A this week. Despite some good shooting from Richard Pirouet, Ian Syvret and Ashley Quenault to lead the team to 1160 this was not enough as Vinchelez’s Steve Le Couillard and Richard Fountaine obtained 197 and 198 respectively.

Leoville C posted a score of 1106 with Graham Buckland leading the way with 191 ex 200.

In the Junior match, Leoville won this by default as Vinchelez were unable to field a team. Charlie Courtness was top shot with 188 ex 200. Special mention to Fern Le Marinel who shot only her second league match and posted an excellent 182 ex 200 (10 points above her last league score!).

Full breakdown of the scores obtained is below.

As a reminder, notwithstanding it is half term this week, the Club is still open on a Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Photos from Western Miniature Rifle Club's post 10/02/2019

Well done to Leoville’s team who won the Bullseye Trophy on Thursday.


Leoville A lost by one point in their match against Western A. Richard Pirouet had an excellent shoot of 198 ex 200 to lead his team to a score of 1154.

Better luck was had for Leoville B who secured a 21 point victory over Western B. David Vibert led the way with 193 ex 200.

Leoville C obtained a score of 1117 with Margaret Ramage and Graham Buckland leading the way with 190 ex 200 respectively.

Unfortunately Western were unable to field a junior team so Leoville won the match by default. Notwithstanding that they still obtained a score of 734 with all four of them obtaining scores very close to each other.

Full breakdown is below


Leoville A secured their first victory of 2019 with a nail biting one point victory over St Lawrence. This match went down to the very last shot on the very last detail with Ian Syvret thankfully obtaining a 10 on his last shot. Richard Pirouet put in a season's personal best of 197 ex 200 to put the team on its way to victory.

Unfortunately Leoville's remaining teams could not replicate Leoville's A success with the B, C and Junior teams losing by 17, 16 and 9 points respectively.

Notwithstanding that, David Vibert obtained his second highest score of the season to date with a 194 ex 200 making him top shot for the B Team. Lawrence Courtness also obtained his highest score of the season with 190 ex 200 which put him top of the tree for the C Team. Not wishing his father to have all the limelight, Charlie Courtness also obtained his highest score of the season of 193 ex 200 which put him on top of the Junior team.

Full breakdown of all scores obtained is below.


Leoville A were unable to prevent St Helier A from doing the double over them this season despite obtaining a score of 1165. Nick Atkins, Nick Le Masurier and Ian Syvret each obtained 195 ex 200. In a very close match, going down to the last few shots on the final detail, St Helier emerged victorious by 4 points with a score of 1169.

Better luck was to be had with the B Team and Junior matches who secured victory by 12 and 17 points respectively. Hilton Carre led the way for the B with 193 ex 200 and Adam Le Tarouilly the same for the Juniors with 190 ex 200.

Leoville C should hopefully obtain maximum points in Division 3 by equalling the B Team’s score of 1125 with thanks to Adam Le Tarouilly.

Full breakdown of scores is below.




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