Aubie's Stall

Aubie's Stall


Thanks to all the people that gifted tomato plants, I have a lovely selection of tomatoes that are growing in my greenhouse. This first batch are delicious.
Thank you to whoever donated the rhubarb to Aubie's stall. We've made a lovely apple and rhubarb crumble, that was delicious with Jersey ice cream.
I've just delivered some baby spider plants to Aubie's plant gifting stall. Our children named the plants, Looly, Biggie and Betty when we got them from another St Ouen family a couple of years ago. The parents are ready to let their children leave home now, especially after lockdown!

We hope they find a lovely new home.
Fabulous thing to do & we should all post as Aubie’s seedlings grow in our gardens, so he can see how his generous Idea grows around the parish.

Aubie's stall is Jerseys smallest garden centre. Setup last year by Aubie who is now 5. This year we


Today is the last day of the stall for this year so if you want anything please pop up before 1 ish today.
There are eating apples for £1 per bag (6 apples), agapanthus (2), sweet chestnut tree seedlings (2), oak tree seedlings (2), sage (2) and lots of spiderplants.
Thank you for your support that has helped us raise over £200 for Tiny Seeds xx


We have had some plants donated to include some small trees, spiderplants and sage.
We also have some of our home grown eating apples bagged up and ready for collection. £1 per bag all proceeds going to Tiny Seeds.
The stall will only be out for this week and will then be being put away so if you want any plants or apples come ASAP xx


We have just put some eating apples on the stall. £1 per bag and all the proceeds to Tiny Seeds xx

Photos from Aubie's Stall's post 25/08/2022

Hello all xx
We still have a few plants on the stall but lots not able to be put on the stall as they are indoor plants.
We have 5 small Peace Lilies and4 mini rose bushes.
If you would like to give these a home please get in touch ❤️

Photos from Aubie's Stall's post 03/08/2022

We are back from our holibobs and wanted to give an update on the stall. So far you lovely lot have raised a wonderful £163 for Tiny Seeds!! 🥰
We have also restocked the stall and currently have
Spiderplants we have 2 left
Cape gooseberry we have 8 left NOW 7
Rosemary we have lots left
Succulents we have 4 left diff varieties NOW 3
Persian cyclamen we have 2 left (photo)
Chocolate mint we have 3 left
Strawberry mint we have 1 left
Aloe we have lots left
Agapanthus we have 2 left
Ladies mantle we have 1 left
Geranium we have 1 left

We also have 7 small peace lily seedlings which have to stay inside as they are indoor plants and do not handle the outdoor heat etc very well. If anyone would like them send a message and we can arrange collection. (Picture)

Photos from Aubie's Stall's post 22/07/2022

Plants anyone!! 🥰
We have lots on the stall

Sunflowers we have 5 left
Spiderplants we have 5 left NOW 2
Rosemary we have lots left
Succulents we have 5 left diff varieties NOW 3
Persian cyclamen we have 3 left
Purple tongue we have 1 left
Borage we have 1 left
Tomato we have 5 left
Chocolate mint we have 3 left
Strawberry mint we have 2 left
Aloe we have lots left
Agapanthus we have 2 left
Ladies mantle we have 3 left
Geranium we have 2 left
All donations to Tiny Seeds 🌻🌾🌺


Lots of lovey plants donated to the stall today by a wonderful person
Thank you whoever you are xx

Photos from Aubie's Stall's post 04/07/2022

Hello there, just a little update.

If anyone is after some tomato plants we have a few left most of which are either flowering or already have tomatoes on them.

Equally the Cape gooseberry plants are also flowering or showing fruit.

In addition our lambs ears plants are starting to flower.

We have a borage plant and have also had 4 spider plants donated (indoor)

This is in addition to the mint, rosemary, sunflower, ladies mantle and more all on the stall.

See you soon xx

Photos from Aubie's Stall's post 21/06/2022

We have a lot of Succulents donated to the stall some are pictured .

We would like to also tell you about Cape gooseberry plants which we have lots of. These fantastic plants give lots of yummy berries that we all love and occasionally get some when Aubie hasn't eaten them all! These are sometimes known as physalis or Peruvian groundcherry.

Photos from Aubie's Stall's post 17/06/2022

Well what a scorcher!! We hope you are enjoying the beautiful sunshine today and are looking forward to a great weekend xx
We have a few plants that we only have 1 or 2 left so we thought we would send an updated list.

Courgette 1 left
Tomato 5 left
Rosemary lots
Strawberry mint 4 left NOW 2
Chocolate mint 5 left NOW 4

Cape gooseberry lots

Geranium 5 left NOW 3
Ladies mantle 5 left NOW 3
Agapanthus 3 left
Black grass 3 left NOW 2
Sunflowers 5 left
Aloe lots
Lambs ears 5 left NOW 2
Honesty plant 4 left ALL GONE

Purple tongue 2 left (indoor) NOW 1
Spider plants 3 left (indoor)

Photos from Aubie's Stall's post 12/06/2022

We have just restocked the stall after a bumper day yesterday.
We have got 4 courgette plants left which need to be going in the garden or bigger pot.
We have also put some larger geranium pots alongside the stall.
We will be adding some honesty plants which have already flowered but are ready to seed which if you plant will flower for you next year. I have attached a photo.

Photos from Aubie's Stall's post 08/06/2022

We have had a donation of some echium 'bee plants'. These gorgeous plants are biannual and grow tall in their 2nd year.

Photos from Aubie's Stall's post 03/06/2022

We have just added some purple tongue cuttings to the stall that were donated to the stall. These are indoor plants.
We added ladies mantle yesterday a lovely green leafy plant with a subtle yellow flowers
Finally we have added chocolate mint and strawberry mint plants.
Have an amazing weekend and come visit us xx

Photos from Aubie's Stall's post 02/06/2022

We have a few Agapanthus (purple) plants on the stall. These beautiful flowers can be seen at our gorgeously decorated Village Green/Community Centre
We also have received a donation of some courgette plants.
Also added are Ladies Mantle plants.
Come visit us this bank holiday weekend xx


We have stocked the stall with some more plants for you to check out.
At the moment we have:
Pink and purple geraniums
Lambs ears
Black grass
Cape gooseberries
Peace lilies
Pop by and have a look and remember 100% of the money donated goes to Tiny Seeds charity 💐🪴💮🌵⚘️☘️🌳


We now have a few tomatoes on the stall and the donated Peace lilys are proving popular. We have potted up some Aloe plants (see photo) and these will be added soon too. Please take a look next time you are passing and give generously.

Just want to remind everyone that all the money made goes to Tiny Seeds a great local charity and we give our time and effort doing this to try and help them. Please continue supporting us to help this much needed cause and grow some lovely plants in the process.

Photos from Aubie's Stall's post 17/05/2022

We're back!!!
Not at full capacity, but some plants out ready for you.
We have rosemary, lambs ears, agapanthus, geranium, sunflowers, spearmint, black ornamental grass, peace lily (indoor) and cape gooseberry plants. (We have included a picture of the Cape gooseberry fruit and can vouch for how yummy they are nom!)
If anyone has any plants they want to donate we would welcome a variety and remember all donations go to Tiny Seeds a wonderful charity helping anyone needing help with infertility.


Thats all folks!!
The stall is now packed away for the winter.
If anyone would like any of the plants which we have put away for wintering in the greenhouse just ask and we can put it out for you.
Black grass
Lady's Mantle
Hardy Geranium
Honesty Plants
Lemon Balm
Thank you so much for your support for the stall and the wonderful Tiny Seeds.
See you in 2022 xx 🌱🌸🪴⚘🌳🏵🌵🌺🌿🌻


Just to let you know we are going to close the stall for winter soon so if anyone wants anything or would like to give a donation for the wonderful Tiny Seeds charity now is the time!

Thanks to everyone who has visited the stall this year. We have raised over £500 and know it is going to a good cause.

The plants we have left are:
Basil 6 Now 3
Rosemary 12 Now 9
Black grass 10
Lady's mantle 2
Hardy geranium 6 Now 3
Agapanthus 6
Honesty plants 10
Box plant 1
Lemon balm Now 1
Solanum 4 Now 3

**Tickle plants (not on the stall - request if you would like to have one left out for you) 8 Now 6


We have some tickle plants (mimosa pudica). They are super fun and great for kids. If you touch the leaves or stems they close up/droop kind of similar action to Venus fly-trap. 🙂🌿

They are indoor plants and can not go on the stall as the wind is too much for them.

If anyone would like to get any from the stall let us know and we can put them in a box for you to pick up


We have just added some more Geranium and Garden Lady's Mantle plants to the stall xx

Still lots of Basil, Black grass, Honesty, Rosemary, Agapanthus, Mint and more xx


Helleborus Niger and Orientalis.

These potts are getting new growth through so thought I would remind you we still have 6 of these plants left. They are the 3 big pots on the bottom shelf and 3 pots behind the stall.

These are winter flowering, perennials and I think very pretty.

Have a great weekend xx


We have just counted the money up for the stall so far and we are blown away with how amazing you all are.
You have raised an amazing £430 for Tiny Seeds so far! 😱😱😱😱
Thank you so much for your support for this wonderful cause.


Hey there xx We have added a few more plants to the stall


To give you an idea of what we have on the stall:

3 Black mondo grass
3 Chocolate mint
1 Strawberry mint
1 Morrocan mint (mojito mint!)
3 Basil (pesto basil)
3 Rosemary
1 Marigolds SOLD OUT
3 Cape gooseberry SOLD OUT
1 Lemon balm SOLD OUT
1 Borage
2 Bell peppers SOLD OUT
1 Box plant
4 Helleborus (winter flowering plant)
1 Iris
1 H**e
1 Geranium
6 Agapanthus
7 honesty plants

Photos from Aubie's Stall's post 25/08/2021

Just gifted to the stall!!

14 honesty plants, now on the stall also 6 solanum plants that just need to be potted separately so will put those out tomorrow xx


**Edit I have input how many of each plant we have left

Hello there 🌻🌼🥀🌹
We have received some more beautiful donated plants in the last few days.
To give you an idea of what we have on the stall.
Dwarf sunflowers SOLD OUT
5 Chocolate mint
5 Strawberry mint
4 Morrocan mint (mojito mint!)
8 Basil (pesto basil)
12 Rosemary
3 Marigolds
Ox-eye daisies SOLD OUT
Hollyhocks SOLD OUT
Snapdragons SOLD OUT
4 Cape gooseberry
1 Lemon balm
1 Borage
4 Bell peppers
1 Box plant

These plants are alongside the stall and behind it as the pots are bigger
6 Helleborus (a lovely winter flowering plant)
2 Iris
1 H**e
Buddleia (butterfly plant) SOLD OUT 😉
Geranium SOLD OUT
8 Agapanthus


*only 6 left!

Hardy geranium - gives a lovely pinky purple flower. Very easy to care for


*only 25 left!!
The giant sunflowers are now too tall for the stall!! Please come and rehome a couple as they need bigger pots 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
Edit: let me know if you're coming and wanting the giant sunflowers, so I can put them out for you!!


Sunflowers!! 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

We have lots of dwarf sunflower plants and a few giant sunflower plants left on the stall. Would these brighten up your garden or balcony!!


Marigolds *only 25 left!

The marigolds on the stall are not flowering yet but when they do! What a lovely colour ❤


We still have a lot of tomato plants on the stall (beef, santini, moneymaker, cherry)
If anyone knows anyone who would like some tomato plants please share the page xx


Pink Geranium 'Johnson's blue'

We have a couple of these plants that have been donated. They are on the lower shelf to the right in the larger pots 🌸

Photos from Aubie's Stall's post 13/07/2021

*only 17 left!

Helleborus Niger and Orientalis

We have some of these in large pots to the left of the stall. They grow to about 30cm tall and 40cm spread.


We have had some Brussels sprout plants donated and now have some cucumbers to add to the courgettes xx happy Saturday xx


We are back!!!! The stall is stocked!!!
We have so many different plants, it's so beautiful 😍. We have:

Beef tomatoes (too big to fit on stall so to the right of the stall in the gap)
Cherry tomatoes,
Santini tomatoes,
Pea plants (edible peas),
Runner bean,
Bell pepper,
Sunflowers (dwarf and giant),
Strawberry mint,
Chocolate mint,
Moroccan mint,
Japanese anemone,
Borage (blue flower),
Cape gooseberry,
Europys (yellow daisy flower),
H**e bush plants (on left of stall),

and that's just what I can remember!!!

Come visit us and help raise some money for a wonderful charity 🌸🏵🌹🥀🌻🌿


The stall is fixed!!! We should be back up and running by the start of the weekend. Special offer will be a free tomato plant for every visitor!!! 😎😁🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅


Unfortunately the stall has been blown over in the wind this morning and broken so will be closed for the foreseeable future. xx


Hope everyone is enjoying the rain as much as the plants and gardens are. Just letting you all know that although the doors are on, the stall is still open so if you are passing why not have a look.


Lets talk Tomatoes!
We now have 5 different varieties on the stall.

Santini (grape tomato)
F1 Sweet Million

See comments below for more info...

Photos from Aubie's Stall's post 12/06/2021

Let's talk borage! A few people have asked what borage is so here's a little info.

This plant is great for bees, has edible flowers and the most gorgeous blue coloured flowers.

Photos from Aubie's Stall's post 12/06/2021

Hello everyone. It looks like this weekend will be perfect for a spot of gardening so why not pop along to Aubie's Stall and get yourself a few plants. As you can see some of our sunflowers are now getting too big to fit on the stall so really need a new home. We also have LOADS of tomatoes that also need somewhere new to grow. The stall currently has lots of cherry tomatoes on but we also have other varieties that are smaller and waiting for a space on the stall.


Happy Sunday all!!! We have had so many plant donations in the last few days we have been blown away by your generosity.
We have beans, sunflowers (dwarf and giant), peas, peppers, chard, borage, dahlias, mint, strawberry mint, chocolate mint, morning glory, Japanese anemone, geraniums and A LOT of tomatoes. Looking forward to seeing you all soon xx


Thanks to a few wonderful people we now have a great selection of plants and the stall is nearly full. We have a lot of tomatoes so if there are any tomato lovers out there then why not come along and grow your own at home. Our first batch of sunflowers are also getting a bit to tall so really need to find homes and some bigger pots or to be planted in some lovely gardens.


Aubie's stall is open again! Last year we gave away over 1,200 plants completely free and thanks to many of you also had many plants gifted to us for us to pass on. This year we have decided to still offer free plant swaps if you bring a plant along that someone else might like or you can also make a small donation if you do not have anything to swap. All donations are going towards 'Tiny Seeds' Jerseys infertility and IVF support group. We are just keeping it to plants this year so no books or toys please but please pop along and take a look. The stall has moved just inside our yard as the new bigger stall fits better there and if you have not visited us before then take a look at the location map to help you find us.

We currently have:
Giant sunflowers (2m to 3m tall )
Dwarf sunflowers (less than 1m)
Borage (Blue edible flowers loved by bees)
Peas (edible garden)
Tomatoes (cherry... probably!)

Pride of Jersey Awards 13/10/2020

Pride of Jersey Awards

A lovely gentleman has nominated Aubie for child of the year in the Pride of Jersey awards for his growing and giving efforts with his stall.
We were very proud of him for his ideas, efforts and ability to deal with the time we were in lockdown.

Please consider voting in the awards as there are some truly wonderful people who have been nominated

If you want to vote for Aubie here is the link


Pride of Jersey Awards THE community heroes who help make the Island special are to once again be honoured, as the JEP today launches its sixth annual Pride of Jersey awards. Following an extraordinary first half of 2020, during which the true community spirit of Jersey shone through as Islanders pulled together throughou...


We are now closed!! Thank you so very much for your support this year. The grand total is 1188 plants rehomed.
We will be back next year so keep your eyes open. Thank you also for all the lovely birthday wishes for Aubie. Lots of love xx


Hi all, our clearance sale is going really well and the plants are flying off the stall. Almost literally in fact with this wind so we have decided to leave the stall sheltered behind the gate for today. But its still stocked with a range of plants so just pop behind the gate and take your pick.


Ok so we were planning trumpets and confetti cannons but we were busy with other things so totally forgot to mention that last week we passed the 1000 plants adopted milestone and currently the total is 1060. We want to say thankyou to everyone who has taken and donated plants and 1000 is a crazy number which is beyond anything we expected when we started the stall. We will not be sewing any more seeds this year but the stall will stay out until we have managed to adopt out the plants we have left. This is where you can help. Business has slowed recently which is to be expected but we have quite a few spare plants left and really dont want to have to compost them if we dont have to. If anyone has a tiny space in the garden for an extra plant or two then please pop past and help us find homes for what we have left.

It is Aubies 5th Birthday next weekend and so we thought it was a good time to round off this summers plant giveaway before he is back to school again.

Our first sunflowers have now flowered and so why not adopt a new one... or two... or three to replace them with.
One final note, It has been lovely seeing all the bees on our sunflowers when in bloom but remember that after the flowers droop you can either dry and collect the seeds for next year or leave them out for the birds to use as a natural bird feeder.

Thanks again and we hope to see lots of you popping by for our closing down sale. We will be back next year and thanks again.


We have 8 tomato plants left that are small but all have at least 1 tomato on them. Would anyone's little one be interested in growing them till the tomatoes are ripe.


After having a few days break the stall is back.
We have a glut of produce and have put some courgettes, cucumbers, french and runner beans on the stall as well as all the lovely plants. Please help yourselves xx




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