Caino Design

Caino Design

Caino Design brand was created to produce unique interior design objects combining technical industrial know-how with Italian design and manufacture.

Objects can tell a story, express thoughts, and reveal the creativity and skills of the people who conceive them. At Caino Design the goal is to combine the art of engraving metal plates with a taste for artistic research, creating a high-end line of unique panels to enhance living spaces, through beauty and design. Finely manufactured in Italy, yet made of extremely thin, hard stainless steel, ou

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Photos from Caino Design's post 11/05/2021

The first models of "POP - 3D metal panels" are now on display! 🥂
See 'Coins' and 'Knot' patterns and follow the project's digital presentation May 12th in the afternoon @worth_project,
A taste of the collaborative work between Caino Design (Italy ) and Alissa + Nienke (The Netherlands), resulting thanks to the Worth Partnership project supporting creative connections across Europe.
#WORTHFutureDesign #alissanienke #cainodesign


We’re glad to announce that our project POP - 3D metal panels will be part of the WORTH digital event “The Future of Creative Design” which will take place on May 11th and 12th. If you want to discover more about the future of European creative sector, take a look at the agenda and register for free here:
#WORTHFutureDesign #alissanienke #cainodesign
WORTH Partnership Project Alissa+Nienke

We’re glad to announce that our project POP - 3D metal panels will be part of the WORTH digital event “The Future of Creative Design” which will take place on May 11th and 12th. If you want to discover more about the future of European creative sector, take a look at the agenda and register for free here:
#WORTHFutureDesign #alissanienke #cainodesign
WORTH Partnership Project Alissa+Nienke


How can metal sheets become romantic lace? 🌼
Look at MePa Daisy panels 🌼, well embodying the pure elegance of steel! Discover all the patterns of the MePa collection, our luxurious engraved dividers perfect to enhance your favourite environments. Made in Italy, of course.

Caino Design updated their business hours. 16/03/2021

Caino Design updated their business hours.

Caino Design updated their business hours.

Caino Design updated their information in their About section. 16/03/2021

Caino Design updated their information in their About section.

Caino Design updated their information in their About section.


Are you looking for inspiration to beautify your rooms? 💡💡💡
Browsing our website you will find elegant panels to be used as partitions, curtains or, why not, privacy screens. ⛴️🚣⛵
In addition, original metal lampshades that you can model.
Eden, Daisy and Aurora models are waiting for you! ◀️◀️


Caino Design's cover photo

18/05/2020 ◀️◀️
Visit our website to find out the decorative screens inspired by nature: Adam, Lymph, Bloom and Farfalle! 🍃🌺🦋


Stay home, but keep dreaming 🌈🌈🌈


Caino Design's cover photo


We are glad to invite you to Madrid Design [email protected]. 🇪🇸
We'll be there with the lighting system Aurora and all partners of the MARCA Project to represent Piedmontese excellences in Design and Manufacturing. 🔝🔝🔝


Caino Design's cover photo


Caino Design's cover photo 11/11/2019

Design & Luxury: CASA - Italian Design & Lifestyle - Singapore, 7-8/11/2019 10 new photos added to shared album


Caino Design's cover photo


Caino Design's cover photo


Marca, design Collection made in Torino, is on show!
We're here with Aurora lamp, special coloured edition!🌈🌈
Designed by Nucleo, made by Caino Design.
Project curated by BRH+, Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò with Camera di commercio di Torino and Ceipiemonte Scpa



Meet us at from 9 to 14 April at BASE Milano, guests of Ventura Future 2019 - Via Tortona 54, Milan.

Discover Aurora Special Edition, design by Nucleo and part of the MARCA Collection on show.

➡️ ⬅️


MePas can also be fitted inside wood or metal frames, to tailor your surroundings to your personal taste.




MePas are so versatile they can also be used to decorate your ceilings.




MePas may be mounted close to the walls with a special proprietary system.


Black & White


Ideas & Details

Filter light with an innovative, glistening curtain
An innovative take on classic strip curtains with engraved rotating elements.


Black & White


Ideas & Details

Metal and glass reflections combine to create beautiful play of light, colour and shadow, bringing your shop window to life.


Black & White


Ideas & Details

Be different, choose steel curtains.
MePas bring uniqueness to all environments; by sliding on rails and overlapping they offer infinite possibilities of play of light and shadow to enhance the surroundings.


Steel & Colours
R-evolution interpreta Caino.
Paratissima 14, Bootique 11.


Black & White

MePa Synapse Major


Ideas & Details

Create original environments.
Light, airy screen dividers may be installed with a steel cable system fastened to the ceiling to enhance sophisticated, contemporary environments.


Grazie a #MATto_materioteca ed alla Cittadella Politecnica Del Design E Della Mobilità per averci ospitati! 😊


E' stato un piacere ospitarvi e raccontarvi di #MATto
attraverso i #METALLIINSOLITI !

Un grazie speciale a Caino Design per il suo interessante contributo!

***Continuate a seguirci per conoscere novità ed aggiornamenti nel mondo dei materiali ***

#MATto #MATERIALSANDCOFFEE #3 #metalliinsoliti #nuovimateriali grazie a Politecnico di Torino e Camera di commercio di Torino


MePa's solutions&ideas

Be different, choose steel curtains

MePas bring uniqueness to all environments; by sliding on rails and overlapping they offer infinite possibilities of play of light and shadow to enhance the surroundings.


MePa Interference is a customized product of Caino Design, designed by architect Nathalie Pozzi and game designer Eric Zimmerman.

An intriguing design for Interference.
The installation consists of five suspended, super-thin steel walls featuring organic patterns resembling cell tissues. These custom engraved panels act as vertical game boards and contain pull-out elements: the objective is to create a game with a high level of social interaction. Interference has been on exhibit at Gaîeté Lyrique in Paris, at Dublin’s Science Gallery, at ZIL Palace of culture in Moscow and at ‘The International Festival of Independent Games’ in Los Angeles, where Interference won the Interaction Award 2012.

Photography by Sean Meredith.
#metalpanels, #designideas

Our Story

The Caino Design brand was created in 2011 to meet a challenge: converting technical industrial know-how to produce design objects. The capability of looking beyond to invent new forms of expression results in the creation of finely engraved and highly detailed metal panels, designed and made in Italy, to be used as partitions, curtains, decorations or integrated into lighting systems.

Il brand nasce nel 2011 da una sfida: convertire un know-how industriale per produrre oggetti di design.
La capacità di mettersi in gioco inventando nuove forme espressive si manifesta nella creazione di pannelli in metallo finemente incisi, progettati e prodotti in Italia, da utilizzare come divisori d’ambiente, tende, decorazioni e da integrare in sistemi di illuminazione.

Video (vedi tutte)

MeLamp - Aurora 40.
MeLamp - Aurora.Modella la tua lampada come vuoi.Make your lamp as you want.


MePas, dal 2011.
Una collezione di pannelli incisi in acciaio inox, estremamente leggeri e finemente lavorati, da utilizzare come divisori d’ambiente, decorazioni e tende a binario. Disponibili varie grafiche e formati, fino a 50x300 cm.

MePas, since 2011.
Extremely light, finely engraved stainless steel plates to be employed as space dividers, decorative features or curtains mounted on tracks. The collection includes a variety of patterns and formats up to 50x300 cm.

MeLEDs, dal 2012.
Sistemi d’illuminazione unici che integrano grandi lastre di acciaio inox
finemente incise con la tecnologia LED. Adatti per grandi spazi, sale riunioni, reception, ecc. Misure da 150 a 250 cm di lunghezza x 50 cm di altezza x 10 cm di profondità.

MeLEDs, since 2012.
Spectacular lighting systems based on the integration of finely etched, large format stainless steel plates and LED technology. Suitable for reception areas, meeting rooms, hotel halls, etc. Lengths from 150 to 250 cm x 50 cm height x 10 cm depth.

MeSep, dal 2013.
Paravento dove il dinamismo e la perfezione dell’acciaio inciso sono addolciti dalla consistenza e dal colore di una cornice di legno. La struttura è autoportante e semplice da spostare ed è disponibile in due versioni, con 2 o 3 pannelli intelaiati. Formato del pannello: 60 cm di larghezza x 180 cm di altezza.

MeSeps, since 2013.
Screens where the perfection and energy of engraved steel are empered by the softness or the colour of a wooden frame. The structure is self-supporting and easily moved, made of 2 or 3 stainless steel panels fixed to a wooden frame. Available in natural wood or coloured. Size: modules 60 cm wide x 180 cm long.

MeLamps, since 2013.
Si tratta di lampade la cui struttura può assumere forme particolari anche grazie alla malleabilità del metallo di cui sono fatte.
Fa parte di questa famiglia di prodotti la nuova lampada Aurora, disegnata dallo studio Nucleo ( e prodotta da Caino Design. Aurora è il primo oggetto realizzato nel 2013 per la collezione
MARCA, progetto curato da Barbara Brondi e Marco Rainò con il sostegno di Camera di Commercio di Torino e in collaborazione con Ceipiemonte.
Si tratta di un sistema illuminante ottenuto con sottili lastre di metallo incise che possono essere plasmate in diverse configurazioni. Questi paralumi sono utilizzabili con sorgenti a sospensione o da tavolo. La leggerezza e la varietà di forme di Aurora rivelano un oggetto dalle mille facce il cui risultato è una forma di luce particolare, adatta per abitazioni e luoghi pubblici, spazi artistici ed espositivi.
Dimensioni lampada: diametro da 20 a 58 cm. Materiale: acciaio o ottone.

MeLamps, since 2013.
These are lamps whose structure can take various shapes also thanks to the malleability of the metal material with which they are made.
Aurora, the new lamp designed by Studio Nucleo and made by Caino Design, is part of this product family. It’s the first object belonging to the MARCA collection, a project conceived in 2013 curated by Barbara
Brondi e Marco Rainò and supported by Camera di commercio di Torino in collaboration with Centro Estero per l’Internazionalizzazione.
Aurora is a lighting system obtained with thin metal sheets. It can be used as suspension or table lamp. Its lightness and variety of shapes reveal a versatile object, a special shape of light suitable for residential, artistic spaces and exhibition areas.
Lampholder size: 20 to 58 cm diameter. Materials: stainless steel or brass.



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