The Created Sign

The Created Sign

design & diy | mama of 3 | custom hand painted wood signs & more | make your space a home that you 🤍 PayPal/Venmo and I ship within the continental U.S. xo-Karri

To place an order, please DM/private message or email me at [email protected]. We will work together to create and design your custom order. I look forward to hearing from you!


So fun to see a project I created in 2016 for my son Cooper shared again! Thank you, Crafty Morning and Remodelaholic 🩵.

Since then, I’ve made hundreds of custom baseball hat racks and shipped them all over the country! With Opening ⚾️ Day arriving soon, message me if you are interested in designing your very own.

BASEBALL HAT RACK... Love this!!


The sweetest message from a mother to her warrior daughter. I was very honored that Dana asked me to design and make this very special gift. It arrived yesterday and both mother and daughter loved it. Thank you for entrusting me to capture and create your words 🩵.


I’ve always been a purist when it comes to🌲 our Christmas tree. It must be real (Frasier or Noble Fir) and we would go together as a family to choose the perfect one. But with everyone away at college, it is just not the same. So when your bestie gifts you her tree, you try it! It is easier and we were able to put it up over Thanksgiving. I also love the touch of flocking. Anyway, just one more week and the house will be full! Happy Friday ❄️ to you.


It is that 🎄time of year and I absolutely love the quote the client chose for her daughter! Creating unique and personalized gifts just brings me joy. Happy 🤍Tuesday, friends!

(I have availability for one or two small custom projects if you contact me this week!)


Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁 🤎


Wishing you a bootiful 👻Halloween night! 🎃


A very Happy 🇺🇸Fourth of July to you!


A very Happy 24th 🥂 Anniversary to Mary and Mike! I met Mary when our oldest kids attended the same preschool. We’ve stayed in touch and she contacted me to create this very special and personal gift for her husband. I was so honored and the message is a beautiful one ♥️. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Custom handpainted sign done on reclaimed wood, painted cottage white with distressed edges and a frame stained walnut.


Six ⚾️baseball custom wood hat rack delivered to a client in Lancaster, California last week! Done in a walnut stain with distressed edges.

What makes each hat rack so unique? You help design it. I only use real leather baseballs that have seen play time on the field. You choose the wood stain or paint. It can be customized with a handpainted logo or name. Racks range in size from four baseballs up to eight baseballs measuring 48” in length. Message me for more details. Happy Wednesday 😊!


One lucky 🍀 baseball player in Illinois received a custom made eight baseball hat rack for his birthday today! Thank you to Michele for the opportunity to create this special gift for her nephew. Shown in stain walnut with distressed edges, leather baseballs ⚾️ and a handpainted logo.


Today, I am highlighting a few women owned local businesses in my stories. I’d like to especially thank .realestate for her support of ! I’ve had the privilege of making several signs for her, both professional and personal. Michelle is the most dedicated, hard working, humble, kind and fun person! She is amazing at what she does.

Very grateful to work with inspiring leaders in our community like Michelle🤍 🐝. Happy Wednesday!


Wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day ♥️💕! Love seeing the school art projects from when they were littles.


Love, love, 💕love working with Elizabeth at Sugar Sweet Farm! Just finished and delivered this batch of handpainted wood signs to her today. If you are local to San Diego or visiting, you must check out her unique family owned farm and try goat (and 🦙 llama) yoga.

Happy weekend ☀️!


I know we’ve all heard it before, but it really is true! 🤍Focusing each morning on what you are thankful for at the start of your day sets a positive tone. I had the joy of spending the morning with a group of very uplifting and supportive women and mamas. Very grateful for the friendships and vulnerable conversations.

Hand painted sign on reclaimed wood done in dark walnut stain. Wishing you a great rest of today!🤗


Rechargeable and dimmable lightbulbs 💡- an easy solution when you don’t want to hardwire your lights!

Ordered from Amazon and they not only are rechargeable, but you can turn them on at the bulb or with a remote that is provided.


🤍Like clockwork, I find myself making changes to our home at the beginning of every new year. I often take advantage of post holiday sales knowing that a quick and easy way to update a room is with decor like pillows, artwork, rugs, lighting and paint. How to start? Remove everything from the room except the main players. In the dining room here, that included the table, bench, and buffet.

With a planned budget of $500, here are the updates that transformed this space to a more formal and finished look!

-My favorite, the artwork 🖤. That was actually a canvas I painted over last weekend. Loving the mountains here 🏔.

-Large woven pendant lighting from . Total cost including light kits $224. These are a great alternative to the Serena & Lily ones that retail for over $300 per light.

As we did not hardwire them (but can be at any time), I purchased LED rechargeable and dimmable bulbs from Amazon.

-Added two Clearfield Swoop Arm dining chairs from in dark gray. Very happy with this purchase and total cost $290.

-Terracotta vase from . Found on sale in store after Christmas in perfect condition for $13.97.

-Chris loves Julia in The Jules Collection terracota/multi. Love this rug as it’s printed, easy to clean under a table and lays flat. Rug was purchased two years ago.

Total cost: $527.97

Thanks for reading and I hope this inspires you! Have a great Saturday 😊.


Inspired by the continuous storms here in California, I painted some mountains yesterday. I like mixed media and using different tools and mediums to create texture and movement. This is the largest one I’ve painted to date measuring at 40”x40”.

A little moody, but also peaceful and powerful! It’s amazing how this feeds my soul. 🏔🤍 xo


One of my favorite designs from a sign I made a few years ago. Hope you are having a Sunday funday, too!


Such a beautiful☀️afternoon after so much rain the past few days! Recent decor purchase that is too good not to share- this wood 🪵 knot from Amazon. I received it yesterday and it is available in three different options. The one shown here is natural. I’ll link it in my stories. Just a great and affordable addition that is a little different than what you’ll typically find at local home retailers. Happy Friday! 🤍


“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

— Maya Angelou

So I am sure the great Maya Angelou was not talking about updating a room, but I really like the intention of this quote.

I find myself often changing out decor because I need a refresh - like the start of a new year. Just something a little different. I usually start with one bigger change (like the addition of new art over the fireplace from ) and then pull decor from other parts of the home or items I’ve put away. I spent the day yesterday patching holes, cleaning walls and painting where they needed some love.

Here is the update for this room - a little mountain 🏔 getaway accented with neutral tones.

Wishing you good health, joyful memories, personal growth, success and time with family in this new year! 🤎


And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.

And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them:
and they were sore afraid.

And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour,
which is Christ the Lord.

And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours ✝️🎄♥️. Happy Holidays!


This little town is all ready for Santa ❄️! I loved playing with my dollhouse growing up, so designing and creating the holiday house facades was so fun. Three more days…Merry Christmas🎄!


Thank you so much for all the joy sign ♥️! Just one more custom order to go and that’s a wrap. Hope you have a great week ahead and find a little time for you in the holiday craziness.🎄🕎


Heavy day 💔

Rest In Peace Stephen “tWitch” Boss. You exuded joy in life through your beautiful family and your incredible dancing. I am so sorry for the pain you privately endured.

My older brother Kevin died by su***de on April 2, 2020. An incredibly smart, talented, funny and loving father, brother, uncle, son and friend. The news today just hurt so bad because I know the road ahead for Stephen’s family is very difficult and filled with so many unanswered questions and heartache.

Reposted from Naomi Holdt - Psychologist and Speaker

A gentle reminder about why you are utterly exhausted…

No one I know began this year on a full tank. Given the vicious onslaught of the previous two years (let’s just call it what it was) most of us dragged ourselves across the finish line of 2021… frazzled, spent, running on aged adrenaline fumes…

We crawled into 2022 still carrying shock, trauma, grief, heaviness, disbelief… The memories of a surreal existence…
And then it began… The fastest hurricane year we could ever have imagined. Whether we have consciously processed it or not, this has been a year of more pressure, more stress, and a race to “catch up” in all departments… Every. Single. One. Work, school, sports, relationships, life…

Though not intentionally aware, perhaps hopeful that the busier we are, the more readily we will forget… the more easily we will undo the emotional tangle… the more permanently we will wipe away the scarring wounds…
We can’t.

And attempts to re-create some semblance of “normal” on steroids while disregarding that for almost two years our sympathetic nervous systems were on full alert, has left our collective mental health in tatters. Our children and teens are not exempt. The natural byproduct of fighting a hurricane is complete and utter exhaustion…

So before you begin questioning the absolutely depleted and wrung-dry state you are in- Pause. Breathe. Remind yourself of who you are and what you have endured. And then remind yourself of what you have overcome.
Despite it all, you’re still going. (Even on the days you stumble and find yourself face down in a pile of dirt).
Understanding brings compassion…

Most of the world’s citizens are in need of a little extra TLC at the moment. Most are donning invisible “Handle with care” posters around their necks and “Fragile” tattoos on their bodies…
Instead of racing to the finish line of this year, tread gently. Go slowly.

Amidst the chaos, find small pockets of silence. Find compassion. Allow the healing. And most of all… Be kind. There’s no human being on earth who couldn’t use just a little bit more of the healing salve of kindness.


Four ⚾️ baseball hat rack personalized with a hand painted initial. Done in carbon gray on poplar wood with reclaimed leather baseballs. This was done for a long time client in Arizona and so happy to work with Shannon again!


Look what just showed up at my door ⚾️! I have a limited number of reclaimed leather baseballs including Major League, Minor League, NCAA and Spring Training, just to name a few.

Every baseball hat rack is custom made to order. By using reclaimed leather baseballs, you are guaranteed that each hat rack has a history all its own. You can choose paint or stain for the unfinished wood. Additional customization can be added with hand painted names and logos. We work together to design and create your baseball hat rack. If you are interested in ordering and receiving it in time for 🎄Christmas, please message me this week. Have a great Tuesday!

My Story

I’ve always loved to create. From a young age, you would find me with a sketch pad and colored pencils drawing or working alongside my mom as she would make items for our local church bazaar. There are many fond memories of making paper mache angels on the basement ping pong table and watching her sew felt clouds by hand for a child’s mobile. Art continued to be a passion of mine through high school, but once in college, I knew a business degree would provide me with more opportunities for professional growth.

After eleven years working in finance, my husband and I took a leap of faith and moved across the country to beautiful San Diego, California. My professional life stopped, but I started the most exhilarating yet exhausting job ever - a mom to three kids (and now three teenagers).

In our local school district, the art curriculum is taught by parent volunteers. And thus began my journey back into creating. A spur of the moment purchase of a weathered wood sign while on a family trip piqued my interest. I could do that! The different wood textures and types married with varying paint techniques allowed for continuous creativity. And The Created Sign was born.

To place an order, please private message via Facebook or Instagram or email me at [email protected]. We will work together to create and design your custom order. PayPal and Venmo accepted and I ship within the continental U.S. I look forward to hearing from you!

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