Worldwide Council of International Students

Worldwide Council of International Students

We offer the following services to ‘Study Abroad Aspirants’ & existing ‘International Students


We help you with the following services, flawlessly! Get the wings to fly for studying abroad, today!


Top 3 reasons why we can be the best guide to your journey for ‘Study Abroad’


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So you wanna know the benefits of studying abroad in the USA? Here are a few...


We help you with ‘Pre-departure Support’ and ‘Post Landing Services’ in Canada. Get in touch today!


The benefits, when you choose UK as your next study destination! 🤩


We fulfil your overseas study dreams with excellent training staff and study visa experts to train you completely along with pre-departure support and post-landing services. Join us now, and live the life of your dreams!


With us, you can be rest assured that you are into safe hands. Rely on us for your pre-departure support and post-landing services if you are looking for the best.


The benefits of getting your international degree in Canada.


Steps to begin your journey to Australia on a ‘Student Visa’


8 glorious tips to make your Australian Study Visa a success! Do take extra care with these points.


Looking forward to studying in Australia?

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Benefits of studying in Australia


Main reasons for rejection in case of Canada Student Visa. We guide you so that you make no mistake.


Don’t let your dream of studying abroad shatter. We are here to help you at every step!


If you are planning to study abroad, do not worry! We are with you, at every step.


Ever dreamt of a premium lifestyle after you accomplish your overseas studies in Australia?

Here is the list of average starting salary in Australia pertaining to different professions. Be a go-getter and achieve your dream!


Very important to keep these points in mind if you are intending to apply for the Canadian Student Visa.


This will make it easier for you to decide the country in which you want to pursue your higher education.


Want to go to Canada for studies but have no one there to take care of you in the initial days? Don’t worry, we have a perfect, customized solution for you. Get in touch today!


Canada is one of the very few countries where you can settle down permanently after you complete your studies there.


4 main reasons to choose Canada as your ‘Study Abroad’ destination. You even have the opportunity to settle there once you complete your studies. For a comprehensive guidance, get in touch with us today.


Open the world of settling yourself globally after completing your studies - we will guide you comprehensively in every step.


Study abroad, live your dream, chase your passion! With over 21 years of experience in the field, we will guide you to get PR after completion of your studies.


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May Lord Krishna help you to achieve your study and career goals, today and always. Happy Janmashtami!


Steps to 'Canadian Student Visa' explained in an easy way - if you are ready to takeoff for the sake of your dreams, we are here to help you till you get your PR.


Yes, this is a new facility being offered to International Students by some reputed universities worldwide.


This notification is very important for students holding 'Australian Study Permit' on or after 1st Feb. 2020.


Attention ‘Canada Student Visa’ aspirants - keep yourself updated with us. When it is the question of your career, make no mistake! Get in touch today.


So here are some good news for students intending to study in Canada.


WooHoo! Finally some good news in these dire times for students intending to study in Australia.


આપને આપના સંતાનને ફોરેન ભણવા મોકલવા હોય, કે આપના સંતાન હાલ ફોરેન અભ્યાસ કરી રહ્યા હોય, હવે તેની કારકિર્દી માટે આપ રહેશો તદ્દન નિશ્ચિંન્ત - અમે છીએ આપની પડખે. આજે જ અમને કૉલ કરો અને માહિતી મેળવો.


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