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[07/10/21]   Namaste

Our team at VAATSALYA CLINIC Is praying and wishing well for all of you during these tough times.
Do not panic if anyone in the family,neighbours etc is tested positive; more often than not it will be a mild illness . Just timely treatment, proper isolation measures and all safety precautions. Stay home Stay safe as much as possible.
If any help needed we are available for online consultation from the safety of your homes .
Call 8286022067 . Stay connected.


[06/18/21]   Dear Parents

To celebrate Doctors day on July 1st 2021
Vaatsalya clinic and Joshi Nursing home is organizing an online meet for our little angels
There will be a magic show for children online by renowned magician Mandy .
We will also have 30 to 45 mins for our little patients to showcase any talent of theirs if they wish too .
DATE - 1ST JULY 2021
TIMING - 5 PM TO 6 30 PM

Pl join in and enjoy .
Give your confirmation of attendance and or participation on 8286022067 latest by 25th June so we can organize well .
Your little ones can read a poetry, dance,sing or whatever they wish for about 5 min each .
Call to confirm your entries
Team Vaatsalya

[06/10/21]   The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.

Children internalize what they hear. Think about your own view of yourself — how much of it is rooted in what was reflected back to you as a child? Many people believe they are not creative because they were told their art was imperfect. Many people believe they are unintelligent because they did not get all A’s. Many people believe they are unworthy of love because they were so repeatedly traumatized by rejection.

Think about when your kids make a poor decision… they spill milk on their homework (when they aren’t supposed to be eating or drinking near it), they break your favorite picture frame (when they shouldn’t be throwing a ball in the house), they don’t clean up their room, they track mud into the house… each thing after you’ve told them time and time again what to do. Your first reaction “Ugh! I wish that you would have listened to me… this would not have happened!”

Instead why don't we try something different? Why not look at the ACTION, and not at what our kid had done? How about, Instead of reacting with anger, we react with empathy? Stop yelling, stop reprimanding and instead, just give in to the consequence with sincere empathy?

Yes, our words resonate with our children. Remind your kids that you love them, no matter what they’ve done. You are telling them that you love them even though they have done something that you aren’t happy about. That doesn’t change how much you love them.

When our kids do something that we disapprove of, we can start with “I love you so much. Your choice today made me really sad, and it wasn’t what I expected from you." We need to tell our kids, every day, “I love you all the time. I love you when I am happy or sad. I love you when I am excited or angry. I love you when you make good choices and bad choices. I love you when you are home or away” … (the list goes on & on).

I have heard parents call their children dumb! Calling your kids dumb or lazy or good for nothing is just not done......These are words that can never be taken back. Once they are out there, they stay out there. Your kids continue to hear these words in their heads.

Instead of “You are so lazy. Get up and help me!” Try “You work so hard. Can you give me a hand? It will get done so much faster.” I can (almost) guarantee that it will work 100% better than going the negative route. Instead of tearing them down, you are building them up and achieving the same end result: they are helping you.

Kids do not care about how intelligent you are or how much you know, until they know how much you care. Once they know how much you care, your words can become GOLDEN to them..

Educational Flashcards, Wooden Toys, Music Toys & Kid's Furniture 08/06/2021

Educational Flashcards, Wooden Toys, Music Toys & Kid's Furniture

Pl read page
Age appropriate toys at

Kids love toys.

Toys are more than just fun and games for kids. Most toys provide at least some opportunity for children to learn. The best toys engage a child’s senses, spark their imaginations and encourage them to interact with others

Every new shape, color, texture, taste and sound is a learning experience for babies. Giving your baby toys that are safe and stimulating will help him discover his senses. Rattles and toys that make music are favorites of infants.

Children can learn a lot from playing. When you give your child educational toys and play with them with her, it gives her a chance to bond with you, learn, and have fun at the same time. And making education enjoyable will help your child retain the things she learns and develop a positive attitude toward learning.
Learning is essential and an ongoing part of life.
Children learn better when learning becomes fun for them.

So, this is where AGE appropriate Toys come into the picture.


1. Toys enable Fun time for the children alone or with family members .
2. They are important in reducing screen time .
3. Toys allow skill development
4. Science Exploration, Cognitive Development, Creativity & Imagination, Observation Skills, Fine Motor, Hand Eye Coordination, Logical Reasoning.etc
Team Vaatsalya came across some good sites that offer such toys.
Pl have a look if interested


Good holistic health
Team Vaatsalya

Educational Flashcards, Wooden Toys, Music Toys & Kid's Furniture Engaging premium wooden educational toys, wooden sound & percussion toys, laminated flashcards, durable and sturdy furniture and early learning flashcards for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and primary school children. Delivery all over India.


Masked Heroes | Cincinnati Children's You may be seeing a lot of people wearing masks lately and wondering why. Masks are here to help us. They help prevent th...

[07/20/20]   Our world has drastically changed in the last few months, and we’re needing to do things that we never expected. Wearing face masks is probably at the top of that list! Wearing masks is an unusual experience and kids may resist cooperating at first. Because kids get used to new things through exploration, they may naturally want to touch the mask when it is on their face.



Wearing a mask is an act of kindness. Just like you taught your child to sneeze into your elbow, they have to wear a mask to prevent germs from spreading.


Kids are frustrated by how coronavirus has impacted their lives. It can be helpful to acknowledge this and normalize their feelings, especially when they may feel like this is another negative way that COVID-19 is affecting their normal way of life. 👪


Allow them to touch it, sniff it, and hold it in their hands for an increasing amount of time to build skill and comfort (5, 10, 30 seconds for example).


It might take some practice to change how we give commands. Rather than saying “Stop touching your mask”, instead say, “Please keep your hands away from your face.” When setting limits say, “If you’d like to go with me to drop this off, you’ll need to wear a mask, please” instead of “You can’t go if you don’t wear your mask”. Replacing “NO, STOP, CAN’T or DON’T” statements with positive and active (“DO”) statements can make those desired behaviors more likely to happen!


Parents can set a good example by practicing wearing masks too. The more positive, calm and easy-going we are about it, the more likely kids will be to follow our lead.

We at VAATSALYA clinic encourage the need to wear face masks, as well as the social distancing precautions . We look forward to seeing you and your masked super hero soon! We’ll be wearing our masks too. 😷

[03/23/20]   Due to COVID-19 and as a measure of abundant caution, to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all of us ,

VAATSALYA CLINIC and it's Doctors will only cater to emergency services this week. 23 rd March to 31 st March . We request you to postpone routine health checks and vaccinations at least till next week . For Any acute problem please be assured that we are always there to help you .
Please call on 8286022067 /24446060
8286026867(JNH) for help / appointments.
Be Home, Be Safe.


[11/11/18]   Woman n child care clinic in Matunga West Serving woman n child with proficiency and a smile The clinic is open from 9-2pm and 4-9 pm and Sunday morning from 10-12 noon. Please call and book your appointment , if u need any professional help

[06/29/18]   A new venture of Dr Shaivali Joshi & Dr Maulik Joshi @ Matunga west , VAATSALYA, a woman & child care clinic . Facilities available are maternity and Gynec care , family planning Govt recognised MTP center, Infertility and laparoscopic surgeries for fibroids and other menstrual disorders and infertility are taken care of. New born clinic, lactation management, vaccinations, nebulisation, growth & nutrition management for children

Woman n child care clinic 14/10/2017

A new venture in Matunga west of Dr Joshi , Excellent care , easy accessibility, cooperative and dedicated trained staff , with all the basic facilities for health need of a woman and a child.


Vaatsalya “Woman & Child Care Clinic”'s cover photo


Vaatsalya “Woman & Child Care Clinic”'s cover photo


Vaatsalya “Woman & Child Care Clinic”





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