Natural Sattva

Natural Sattva

Bringing you trusted beauty & personal care products that are absolutely free from harmful chemical Not anymore!

You are so used to using cosmetics stuffed with chemicals in your daily lives that you do not even realize the kind of havoc they wreak on your bodies. Stuffed with tons of harmful synthetic ingredients, these cosmetics are absorbed partially or completely into the bloodstream and can cause several serious health issues. Contrary to this, when you start using products containing natural ingredient

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People are conscious about calories, fats, cholesterol and a lot of things. But ignore the enemy in disguise = "Synthetic chemicals" in personal care and beauty care items.

Synthetic chemicals like PEGs, acrylates, etc are recently being found as a cause of major health concerns like cancers. If you are still using products which contain such carcinogenic chemicals, you are living in an outdated world.

Switch to - We bring Nature to you!

Be conscious, because your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it! Stop the use of such dangerous chemicals, and promote the use of nature's pure sattvas.

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If your shampoo, soap contains "Sodium Laureth Sulphate" you are at potential risk!

Check ingredients of your daily used personal care items now!

Issued in public interest by - Bringing Nature To You!

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How Synthetic Ingredients Damage Your Skin and Health? 12/03/2016

How Synthetic Ingredients Damage Your Skin and Health?

You have been damaging you skin and health from a long time. Stop it now. Switch to better, all natural options.

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How Synthetic Ingredients Damage Your Skin and Health? Synthetic ingredients found in cosmetics and personal care items have been found to damage human skin and health!

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So worried about nails? Be worried about yourself!

"Issued in public interest by - Bringing Nature To You!"

Share with your loved ones! Stop use of chemicals, start living natural!

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Butylated Compounds are found to be linked with infertility, birth defects and even cancer. Check your make up ingredients today!

"Issued in public interest by - Bringing Nature To You!"

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Being conscious of what you eat is good. Being conscious of what you put on your skin is better. Check your eyeliners, lipsticks, and make up for carbon black today.

"Issued in public interest by - Bringing Nature To You!"

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GIRLS!! You are so fond of using moisturizers! We've got bad news and good news!

Bad news: if your moisturizer contains "benzophenone" you are risking yourself of deadly diseases.

Good news: We got you covered. We have selected chemical free products especially for you. - Bringing Nature to You!

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about those Nail Polishes, they add colour to your nails, and toxins in your body.
"Issued in public interest by - Bringing Nature To You"

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Which of your products have TRICLOSAN? Check your daily used item's ingredients today!

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Loose yourself in the essence of the nature! Buy 100% natural essential oils only on - Bringing Nature To You!


Consistency & persistence are key things to achieve anything. But if you do wront things on a regular basis, results are going to turn out bad.
Do the right thing. Make a better choice today.

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Because we care! We want you to live a life free from poisonous chemicals in your daily products!

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How much of your products have Homosalates. Get wise, you guys, get wise.


It's not what we say. It's what our customers say.

"One of the best concepts on the planet" - Parag Hatiskar

Start taking advantage now! Go natural!


Every single time you use a soap or shampoo or a cream that's loaded with chemicals, you are risking yourself to great hazards.

Soulflower Lavender Potpourri 03/03/2016

Soulflower Lavender Potpourri

Loose yourself in the soothing aroma of our Soulflower Lavender Potpourri

Soulflower Lavender Potpourri



Are you still using Personal care products loaded with chemicals?




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