I am Rahi, a beauty enthusiast with clinically detected OCD to buy and try all that's new out there ChicA'mor

Hola Chicas! in the Behavioral Economics soon.

I am Rahi, a beauty enthusiast with clinically detected OCD to buy and try all that's new out there in cosmetics and beauty. Over the years i must have tried like a zillion cosmetics from brands all over the world and would love to share my experiences with you. Other than that, I love to eat, cant be without pumping iron real hard in the gym for at least 2 hours a day, love psycho-thrillers, have

ChicA'mor updated their website address. 27/07/2018

ChicA'mor updated their website address.

ChicA'mor updated their website address.

Photos from ChicA'mor's post 21/03/2018

“Junoon” | ink | 14inch*17inch| &white

Timeline photos 05/03/2018

“Tulips” | watercolour | 14inch*17inch | DM for price| &white

Photos from ChicA'mor's post 04/03/2018

I make art as therapy. It calms my restless self down. Now there’s just a lot of art that I keep creating and no place to hang/display/keep in the house. So posting the stuff online. Let me know if you like something. All priced individually so drop a message if you want to inquire about pricing/delivery or any other questions you might have. Most paintings are watercolours.

Timeline photos 04/03/2018

“Blue Lilies” | watercolour | 14inch*17inch | DM for price| &white

Timeline photos 04/03/2018

“Happy Whiskers” | pen on paper| 11inch*14inch | DM for price

Timeline photos 04/03/2018

“The Kadalivan Horse”| pen on paper| 12inch *12inch | DM for Pricing|

Timeline photos 04/03/2018

“Trikon” | pen on paper| 12inch*12inch| DM for price|

Timeline photos 04/03/2018

“The Mighty One” | watercolours | 14inch*17inch | DM for pricing |

Timeline photos 20/06/2017

friend's wedding! Kept it simple with plain face, not even eyeliner. Dash of mascara and a natural red on lips. Wearing my fav Romance for light flowery romantic lingering notes! That's all. Riri woo and

Photos from ChicA'mor's post 15/06/2017

Moroccan Oil is the Guardian Angel for my mane. Year round and especially during monsoons when I look like Monica (F.R.I.E.N.D.S) in Barbados with unruly, frizzy hair. I use it post wash on damp hair and as and when needed on dry hair as well. It locks moisture in for my curly hair which tend to dry out. For those with fine and oily hair, Moroccan Oil has a "light" version too. A little on the pricier side, but it's worth all the money.

Instagram Photos 13/06/2017

Slow and steady fat loss and muscle gain. I would have liked if it dint take for the results to be seen, I sure and moving forward, step by step. Can't stop, won't stop! Today in clothes. 🍑

Instagram Photos 12/06/2017

Fashion Police Might despise crocs but I love my Uni of Georgia Crocs. And look I found Mickey n Minnie buttons to put on those! Happy Feet! ❤️

Instagram Photos 09/06/2017

No filter, no makeup, no edit morning face when I wake up after treating my face with Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask! 💁🏻🌟 I have been using it since February and it's my most fav thing in my skincare routine. Feathery light yet moisturizing, glides smoothly and makes you wake up with a gorg glow! I M Lovin it!

Timeline photos 03/05/2017

Timeline photos 30/10/2016

Today, I am missing oceans and beaches and all happy things there, so I decided to do my fav beach-side look: N**e mouth and bright, sun kissed face, and smoldering Aqua eyes!

Step-by-step instructions and demo on my YouTube channel.
Please subscribe my YouTube channel at:

Timeline photos 29/10/2016

Sneak peek of my next tutorial. Stay tuned. Its gonna be up first thing in the morning! Click on the following link, and Subscribe to my channel for interesting beauty tutorials!

Your Own Kind of Beautiful! 29/10/2016

Your Own Kind of Beautiful!

Be your own kind of beautiful!

That's what is all about :)

Break the rules, play with colors, textures, create, have fun, and keep rocking!!

Your Own Kind of Beautiful! – ChicA'

Your Own Kind of Beautiful! “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” ~Coco Chanel. I am sure your boyfriend has already told you that he likes your button nose (that you think is crooked and want to perfect with …

DIY Hair mask for dry hair 28/10/2016

DIY Hair mask for dry hair

DIY Hair mask for dry hair Winters tend to sap the moisture from our skin as well as hair. To prevent straw like, listless hair this winter, use this easy peasy Egg & olive oil pre wash hair mask to get that bounce back …

Red Pout for Diwali Parties! 28/10/2016

Red Pout for Diwali Parties!

Hello Pretty Ladies!

Diwali comes bearing all the nice things that are out there: lights, happiness, gifts, food, meeting and spending time with loved ones, new clothes & jewelry, and holidays!

This Diwali when you step out for parties, don this simple yet glam look to charm everyone!

Red Pout for Diwali Parties! Simple yet glam look for festive season! 28/10/2016

Hello Ladies!, my brand new beauty blog is up now, and this is to let you know what its all gonna be about. Take a look at this intro video, like, share, and spread the word!
Vid credit: Yashraj Mukhate Introduction to Rahi & her makeup blog site

How to Hide Dark Circles 28/10/2016

How to Hide Dark Circles


I bring to you the solution to one of the most common beauty concerns shared by women. DARK CIRCLES!

In this video tutorial I explain how to color correct the area and apply concealer & foundation to achieve flawless look.

Dont forget to subscribe to my youtube channel.

Like, share, and spread the word if you like it!

Stay Pretty!

Love, Rahi.

How to Hide Dark Circles Hello you lovely people! Many of us have under-eye dark circles which can be a result of many factors, or even a combination of those. The reasons include stress, lack of sleep, genetics, facial st…

Timeline photos 16/05/2014

Timeline photos 29/04/2014

Amy Winehouse + My homemade 'lemongrass- tea tree scrub' = Bath Bliss.

Timeline photos 29/04/2014

Till some months back I wasn't fond of my natural curls. Used to wear my hair straight most of the time. These days I have started loving my free spirited, carefree, untamed curls. It does have a character and mind of its own. A girl who is at peace with her mane has reached nirvana. Inner piece and s**t. Hehe.

Timeline photos 24/04/2014

Healthy Brunch for my hair :)

Eggs+curd+honey+ extra virgin olive oil hair mask = a serious protein boost!

Timeline photos 03/03/2014

Nail Art Craziness :)

Timeline photos 18/02/2014

'Such-A-Snob's Lemon & Honey Sugar Scrub

Timeline photos 15/02/2014

Organizing a makeup workshop over brunch at Keys, Aurangabad on Sunday, March 9, 2014.

Time: 9am - 1pm
Level: Basic
Fees: Rs. 1200/-
If you are a student or you are bringing a friend along, you get Rs. 200/- off!

Registration required as there are limited seats.

Text or call for registration. (9960200126)

Colors, Coffee, Food, Girlie Talk = Fun!

See you there! :)

Timeline photos 03/02/2014

Homemade Coconut Milk & Rose Shampoo

This Marks the Start of My Hair Detox Journey!

Hello my pretty ladies! It's been reaaaalllllly long that we spoke!
I was away due to some personal reasons and now I promise to post here more regularly!
So, how have you been?
I have been okay too.
What's new with me is that I have realized that I have been careless with my hair recently and have almost fried it with heating tools! No matter how much I lather on the deep conditioners, I will have to do something more to improve the condition of my hair!
I am planning to skip shampoos for a few months till my hair is back to its normal, healthy, and shiny self. The road is tough you see- because my hair was made to take harsh detergents in shampoos which stripped my hair of its natural oils altogether and made my scalp compensate this loss by overproducing oil- result- greasy scalp and dry hair ends. It's kinda weird. The more you wash to get rid of greasiness the drier the rest of the hair becomes.
The transition period from shampoos to natural alternatives is a lil tough one- your hair doesn't feel squeaky clean as usual but you have to tell yourself that that doesn't mean it's not clean!
Phew. So much for Rapunzel like hair. But hell it's worth it!
I remember, a few years back when I used shikakai powder instead of shampoos, my hair was smoother and shinier. I don't wanna go back to shikakai altogether coz I am paranoid about the shikakai granules scrubbing against my hair shafts. So, I have been researching for homemade conditioning shampoos and yesterday I tried one! Scalp feels clean enough not to feel irritated with 'still-there-after-half-an-hour-of-hair-wash-oil'. My hair did not look its best but you see- with curly hair the advantage is that "beachy waves" or "messy head of curls" always looks so über sultry that I can manage with that! :)
So here is the recipe I found somewhere on a blog but I have changed it a bit to suit my needs:

Homemade Coconut Milk & Rose Shampoo:

(The quantity here was enough for me for one wash. I have waist length hair)

- 2 cups of coconut milk (if you can't find it in stores, here is one easy recipe to make coconut milk from coconut flakes:

- 1 tablespoon (15 ml) Johnson's baby shampoo

- 1 teaspoon (5 ml) almond oil

- 5 drops of rose essential oil (you can use tea tree oil instead of rosé if you have greasy or itchy scalp)

Mix it well. Wet your hair. Pour it on scalp and massage. Rinse it out completely. If i feel there is still oiliness in my hair/scalp, i take a spoonful of shikakai powder and massage it on my scalp gently. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with your favorite conditioner. Apply some hair serum on hair tips on towel dried/damp hair and let it air dry.

Let me know how you find it if you try it!

Will be back with more DIY recipes soon!

Stay pretty, stay healthy! :)

Timeline photos 05/01/2014

Sigh. John Abrahm is married. Mani, pedi, and a fiery blood red nail color to cheer myself up. (LÒreal Color Riche in '408 Exquisite Scarlet')




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