4,200 Sq feet plot available in Shendra Midc Nr. SKODA Company.
Contact if Interested , Brokers welcome ( only contact if u have genuine buyers.) .
LOI must before meeting.
Plz contact :- Prakashawala ji 9595959553
2 बी एच के फ्लॅट , फस्ट फोलवर ,संदेश नगर कडा आफिस समोर गारखेडा परिसर विकणे आहे.
सिडको महानगर 1 मध्ये कोणाकडे 800 sq:ft, किंवा 1000 sq:ft जवळपास एन:ए 44 प्लॉट असेल तर कळवा.बजेट 15 ते 20 लाख रु पर्यंत...

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Six Things Mentally Strong Realtors Do

1. They move on.
They don't waste time feeling sorry for themselves.

2. They embrace change. They welcome challenges.

3. They stay happy.
They don't waste energy on things they can't control.

4. They are kind, fair and unafraid to speak up.

5. They are willing to take calculated risks.

6. They celebrate other people's success, They don't resent that success.


Guide to Invest in Real Estate !!

A smart investment has the potential to change our lives, providing us sufficient funds to live our dreams. Today, most of us have an investment portfolio comprising of a number of investments, be it stocks, gold, bonds, government schemes, etc., but one of the most underrated or ignored investment in recent times remains to be real estate. Given the huge economic boom in most Indian cities, the average income has increased, providing us added incentives to invest for the future and real estate could be the ideal investment choice for you.

Real Estate and Its Importance
Kingdoms have fought battles over land for centuries, leaving no stone unturned in order to win that priceless property. While kingdoms might not exist today, the truth remains that the demand for land hasn’t changed, with everyone vying for a share of what’s available. Given the fact that prime real estate never loses demand or value, investing in it can be a great move, offering returns far higher than traditional investment options. Owning a home is the dream of everyone, and fulfilling this dream can not only give you emotional satisfaction but also monetary joy. Given the shortage of land in cities across the country, purchasing even a small flat can offer you returns, either in the form of rental income or by selling it for a profit.

Points to Consider Before Investing in Real Estate;
It is possible for someone who has no prior real estate experience to get carried away by the lure of profits and invest in real estate which offers no returns. Real estate investment comes with certain risks and a beginner should keep the following points in mind before spending his/her hard earned money.

Buying a property is a time consuming affair, with most genuine property transactions taking a few days to be complete. While a number of real estate firms offer to complete formalities overnight, the fact remains that exhibiting patience can help you land a good deal. Jumping the gun can see you pay more for the property, or purchase one which doesn’t live up to your expectations. Also, sellers can delay projects, which could see your investment not offering any returns for a certain period, checking your patience.

Doing your homework before you step out to look for a property is critical today. With a number of projects coming up, it can be confusing to choose the right real estate, for sellers are typically known for sweet talking buyers. The amenities on offer, the history of the construction company, the materials used, the area a property is located in can all play a role in determining the returns you get on your investment. Failing to research before buying could see you regret later, negating your investment.

The papers of a property are perhaps the most important factor one should consider, for it is possible for someone who is not acquainted with the real estate industry to get scammed into buying a property with fake papers. Buying a property without clear titles can lead to long drawn court cases or litigations, which essentially nullify the investment. All property papers should be checked by legal experts to authenticate them, for failure to do this could see you purchasing a property which could be mired in controversy. A number of times people sell properties below market rate, which should alert you, for such properties could have litigations or internal issues with the owner.

Most local governments provide a guidance value to help investors know the rate of a property. Knowing the market rate can help you track local trends, ensuring that you don’t get scammed into paying a higher amount than what a property deserves. Researching market rates and working out developments could help you extrapolate the returns you could expect in the future.

Talking to the neighbours is a good idea which most of us tend to ignore. This can help you get a first-hand perspective of how things are in a locality, helping you narrow down any problems or areas which could dilute an investment. Talking to them can also help you know the current market rates and see how the area has developed and the scope for future development. Given the fact that neighbours aren’t salesmen trying to sell you the property, one can get a clear picture of the real estate they intend to buy.

It is important to calculate the finances you have in order to ensure that you meet certain goals. While it is easy to get loans from banks, calculating the interest and other factors is crucial.

It is important to stay positive while executing a real estate deal, for there are bound to be times when deals don’t fall into place. Remaining calm and composed while interacting with property sellers can help you get additional benefits.

Negotiations are a key aspect of the Indian real estate system, as everyone is looking for a deal which will make them richer. Knowing the art of negotiation can help you save a lot of money and get additional freebies like parking spaces, furniture, etc.

Real estate investments are typically safer than other investments, but that doesn’t mean they are totally risk free. Legal hurdles and property disputes are extremely common in India and one should ensure that the property they are interested in is clear and minus the hassles.

Owning a property can be the smartest move given the changing dynamics of our times, and keeping these simple points in mind can point a beginner towards the right path to investing in real estate.

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CAREER #Assessment, #Counselling & #Planning for KG to PG Students now in your City!!

बच्चों के Inborn 8 Multiple #Intelligences & 19 Sub-Intelligences (Strengths & Weaknesses), #Talents और #Skills को जानिए #Scientific तरीक़े से और उन्हें Develop करें।

लेकिन इससे भी पहले अपने आप से करे यह सवाल-
बच्चे का #IQ, #EQ, #CQ & #AQ (quotient) कितना है?
बच्चे का #Logical Skill कितना है?
बच्चे के 3 बड़ी प्रतिभाएँ कौन सी है?
बच्चा कितना Self Motivated है?
बच्चे का पढ़ने का सबसे बेहतर तरीक़ा क्या है?
बच्चे का सोचने का तरीक़ा क्या है?
बच्चे की #Decision_Making कैसी है?
बच्चे किस #Personality_Type का है?

Our Test & Counseling sessions brief you about their Personality & #Behavior type, individual #Learning_Style, #Extra_Curricular Activities & #Interests & above all ranking in 100+ #Career Options !!!

सोचिए और सही Career Assessment, Counseling & Planning के लिए अभी call करें ।
9260606002 / 9260606001

WhatsApp Us for Franchisee Opportunities in your city / district @ 9260606001.

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India's Top 10 Developers


HURRY !! ONLY 2 Row Houses balance out of total 102 row-houses. HURRY !!

घरभाडे भरणे पेक्शा अता मिल्वा आपले स्वत:चे हक्काचे घर ते ही रो-हाऊस फक्त Rs. 8500 प्रति महिना इतके सुलभ EMI असलेले 1BHK रो-हाऊस. Kimmat only 15.49 Lacs all Including Package.

Only at —
Narayan Shrushti-2,
Near SKODA Company, Shendraban Gaon, Shendra MIDC, Aurangabad.

Google location -- google location of the project

>मुद्रांक शुल्क दरात भव्य सूट 2%.

>पंधरा वर्षातील सर्वात स्वस्त होम लोन 6.70%*.

>प्रधानमंत्री आवास योजनेची सबसिडी.

>औरंगाबाद मधील बेस्ट टाउनशिप्स्.

>सर्वात स्वस्त प्रॉपर्टीचे दर.

>सर्वोत्तम लोकेशन्स.

>दर्जेदार बांधकाम.

>नवीन संकल्पना.

>त्वरित ताबा

>NA 44 property.

>Near Mumbai-Nagpur Maha-marg.

>Near AURIC City.

>FEW Limited Row-House available.

>All bank Loan Available.

>project madhe इंग्रजी शाळा लवकरच सुरू होत आहे.

>Water and Drainage Facility Available.

For Site Visit call on-
and 9545454964
and 7888073330 for more details.

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What is Rule 72?

In personal finance, if you divide the number 72 by the rate of interest, you get to know the number of years it will take for you to double the money..

Eg: if the rate of interest is 9%, simply divide the number 72 by 9% and the answer is 8.

Thus it will take 8 years to double your money if you invest at 9% p.a. rate of interest.


We can use this rule in reverse to know the rate of interest needed to double your money to achieve your set goal.

Eg: If you have 250k today and you need 500k in 5 years. Just divide the number 72 by 5, the answer is 14.41%. Thus you need a type of investment avenue, where you earn at least 14.41% p.a. as rate of interest/returns to double your investment amount in 5 years.


This 'Rule 72' helps you to understand about inflation also. It helps you to calculate the amount of time it will take for inflation to make the real value of money half.

Let's say present inflation is 5.5%. When you divide 72 by 5.5% the answer is 13.09 years. That is to say, if you have 100k in your kitty today, it would take around 13.09 years for the value of the money to be halved..

Hope it helps you in your day to day investments and other finance related activities.

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