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Yog Therapy Centre


मी कुठेच जाऊ शकत नाही. कारण प्रकृती साथ देत नाही.

Yog Therapy Centre is an org. from A'bad (MAH) conducting yoga courses for various disorders and fit


Hello mam, I am Vishakha Zore from Nagpur. So glad to share that we got blessed with a baby boy 9th dec via c section, baby's weight was 2.7kg at the time of birth. My due date was 22nd Dec but starting from 9th month my AFI was responding so unstable, it dropped down suddenly from 14 to 7 then 5.5. Deep breathing stuff and meditation helped me during this period but finally we had to take decision of early c section to avoid any risks. The baby and I are doing great and I can say my whole pregnency journey got smoother with yoga and guidance from you mam. Small small things/tips you shared, lectures you arranged made big impacts for me. Thank you so much for all the support and guidance. 🙏


Hiii mam...

I am Vaishnavi Amit Tawani from Aurangabad
I have completed 9 Months and 9 days and was admitted in hospital yesterday.

I am very glad to announce that we are blessed with Baby boy on today i.e. 6th nov 2022...

Delivery was c-section..
Baby weight is 3.25kg

I was attended Online classes and Its was really very useful during this period. all credit goes to charulata mam....
Thank you mam for ur motivation nd support

Thank you ☺️☺️


Hello Mam, I am Jayashree from Pune, I am happy to announce that we're blessed with a cute baby boy,🥳🥳🥳

My EDD was 8th Nov & I delivered baby on 2nd Nov, it was planned c-section & baby weight is 3 kg..

I joined our class in 4th month & the results are awesome, my baby is very active & calm, reacts to both mine & hubby's voices, stop crying everytime when we chant om.🤩🤩

Once again thank you very much.. I am blessed & lucky to have you around.😇😇

All the best to all mummies, the classes are really useful!!😃


Dear Rojekar madam 😘🥰 First of all Thank You for your valuable guidance during Garbhasanskar class.I am Sukhada Paratkar from Aurangabad*

Happy to announce that we are blessed with cute **Baby Boy..!!👨‍⚖️ on 22nd October 2022 at 06.22 PM* on the occasion of Dhantrayadashi.

My due date was on 08 November 2022, but due to my sonography report (blood supply was getting slow to baby) doctor decided planned C section.
Baby's weight was 2.3 kg at the time of baby birth.
Baby is very active & co-operative from the first day due to regular *Garbha sansakar class* 😀
Due to attending this class & doing deep breathing regularly I was confident , feel fresh, energetic ,tension free with positive energy during this maternity days.
I had completed my wish i.e maternity photo shoot with full energy before 2 hours admitting in hospital.
_*For this all credits go to Charulata mam*_

*Once Again Thank You so much mam for this.. I feel blessed & lucky to get guru like you, during my precious days. 🥰 😘 🙏🙏🙏*.* I will be always in touch with you.
Best of luck!! To upcoming mummies to be ❤️


Hello Ma'am,
I m Komal Khandelwal from Akola, Maharashtra
Delivered a baby girl on 17th Oct WT 2.5Kg, emergency C Section. EDD was 25th Oct
C section because of very low AFI i e. 2, how garbha sanskar classes help me during this time that my child survives till very low AFI.
AFI was 6-7 at 8 months sonography than i discussed same with Charulata Ma'am & as per instructions did asanas, deep breathing practice, diet etc. Took proper diet with help of other lecturers. After delivery also baby feeding & baby care lectures helps alot.
Again like to thank all of you for proper guidance.


Hello Mam,

We are pleased to announce that, *we are blessed with Cute Little Baby Girl on 10.10.2022.*👼🏻😃👸🏻🎊🎉
It was a C section Delivery.🤰🏻
I Joined Garbhasanskar class in 5th month. At the start, i did online batch.. however after few days went through the Recorded session.

Yogasana helped me keeping Physically Active and Flexible throughout the period.
All Doctors sessions were very informative that it helped in clearing our Misconceptions and Doubts.

Here, i would like to share *Baby's 4th day's photo performing Dnyana Mudra.*
I really want to thank Charulata Mam and all doctors team for their valuable guidance.

- Gauri Kanade


Hello Charulata mam,

I'm Anuja Deshpande from pune .. I am Immensely proud & happy to announce that we are blessed with *Gorgeous little baby girl*😀👶🏻💞
On 05.10.22 ..Baby weight is 2.9 at the time of birth .. it was c section due to sudden low AFI & abnormal pattern of baby movements

I have been attending online classes since my 6th month of pregnancy..

@⁨Charulata Rojekar Alternate⁩ mam,I especially want to share an experience with you..

On the 2nd day when I was hospitalized I was able to sit properly in sukhasan
*Yoga session helped me a lot*

The baby has been very active since the 1st day also has proper vision & also gives response towards voice direction
*Tratak Meditation helped me a lot*

Also expert lecture gave me knowledge & certain amount of confidence during my entire journey😃

Special thanks to you @⁨Charulata Rojekar Alternate⁩ mam ❤️🙏🏻
As you were always there to support me during my pregnancy journey...
All the very best girls 😊


Hello ma'am...
Pooja Shah here from Aurangabad.
Feeling very great full to announce that we are blessed with a handsome baby boy on 27th September,
I just visited doctor for check-up and to take suggestion for travel to Mumbai for delivery as due date was 4th November.
But in check up came to know that utres mouth is open upto 2.5cm.
My water broke later in hospital only after I got admitted.
Baby's delivery weight was 2.44kg most important is as it was early delivery still it was *Normal Delivery* and baby is also super active no NICU admission of his was required.
I do belive that all this was only and only possible due to you Rozekar ma'am, your support from day one in all expects sepcially for deep breathing and yoga sessions from day one I felt like I am into a very safe hands. I also want to thank entire team of doctors who took lectures.
*Deep breathing* helped me a lot to belive that our exercise can affect baby directly and also feeling I and champ got connected through this only.

Thank you once again mam behalf of my family and jadhu ki jhappi to you 🤗 from me and champ.


Hello Ma'am, I am Priyal from Aurangabad...We are very happy to announce that we are blessed with cute healthy twins a baby boy and baby Girl on 20th September 2022 !!!😍

My EDD was 09th October but went to hospital on 20th and was admitted due to raised BP...It was a C section delivery and baby boy weight was 3 kgs & baby girl weight was 2.75 kg at the time of birth...Finally our bundles of joy was in our hands😍

Most important yoga and Deep breathing helped me lot and maintain the weights of babies and AMF, along with regular fitness and Garbhasanskar chantings, pranayam to stay calm & positive.
Both the babies are very active since day 1 and gets calm on om chanting though crying alot ...

Thank you Charulata Rozekar Ma'am for helping us with yoga, meditation and all the other informative lectures which guided me throughout the pregnancy journey.

My best wishes to all the Mommies to be❤️

Thank you so much once again🙏🏻


Hello mam,

Vaishali Mahajan here..

I am so glad to express that we are blessed with a cute baby boy on 20th sept. My due date was 3rd Oct. but as my first pregnancy problems my gynaecologist suggests me c-section delivery... baby's weight is *2.780kg* & he is *super active* from the time he was born... couldn't thank you enough mam for this beautiful pregnancy journey.

I was not able to do online classes much so I did offline recorded yoga n meditation...there is a magic in your voice mam because whenever the baby heard your voice it started movements n all this experience ...i had no knowledge about it before then after attending all the lectures n classes i got to know so much about it..
I will definitely come to meet you mam....you are my guru🙏🏻once again thank you so much & thanks to all the lecturers .

All the best to all the mommies to be❤️
Experience the miracles here😍


अश्या प्रतिक्रिया ऊर्जा देतात कामाची..आणि कामातील समाधान ह्या सारखा आनंद नाही.. साता समुद्रापार आपल्यामुळे कुणाला relief होत असेल त्यापेक्षा आनंद कुठला?.. Hello mam and everyone, I wanted to share my experience from past week, I usually do the evening batch from US in first half of the month and I am 5 months pregnant now. Past week I was not able to do the Yoga due to work, at the end of the week I experienced pain in my left hand majorly in thumb and index finger area. The pain grew the next day from my hand to forearm to neck and was very unbearable. Later I came to know, it is due to Carpal Tunnel syndrom which usually happens during pregnancy and can last throughout the pregnancy. As I was given exercises to reduce the pain, I realised these are mainly the exercises Charu mam take during yoga class and since I missed it for a week my pain and condition increased exponentially. I highly recommend everyone to read about carpal tunnel and do the exercises along even if you are not able to attain the session. Thank you Charu mam, these instances are just making me thankful to you and the classes you are conducting ❤️
-Sayali More,US


Hello Ma'am, Im Amruta Chowsalkar from Pune...We are very happy to announce that we are blessed with cute and healthy baby Girl on 16th September 2022 !!!😍

My EDD was 02nd October but went to hospital on 15th and was admitted due to less movement of baby...It was a Ceaseran and baby weight was 3 kgs at the time of birth...My labor went for a longer duration...Finally after all the hustle our bundle of joy was in our hands😍

Most important yoga helped me with low placenta and maintain the parameters, labor pains along with regular fitness and Garbhasanskar chantings, pranayam to stay calm & positive🤞🏻

Thank you Charulata Ma'am for helping us with yoga, meditation and all the other informative lectures which guided me throughout the pregnancy journey.

My best wishes to all the Mommies to be❤️

Thank you so much once again🙏🏻


4 months baby..


Hello Charu Mam,
I am Sharvari Deshmukh Dhase from Beed. Very happy to inform you that we are blessed with cute little prince on 20th August ,Due to low AFI(30ml) I had opt for c-section , baby's Weight 3kg at the time of birth baby is very active since first day.
I express my gratitude to you for always being so kind and supportive.I had joined class in 6th month of my pregnancy ,all the yoga , meditation and prayers are so engaging and gives peace and has always made me feel relax throughout my journey of pregnancy.
All lectures are so helpful and arranged. All lectures are very informative .I am happy that I did joined these sessions.
Thank you so much *Rojekar mam and team* for making this journey the sweetest and the most beautiful. This journey has become very special part of my life. I am looking forward to meet you once I am in Aurangabad.


Hi Ma'am,
I am Rushali Gaikwad from Aurangabad. We are blessed with a baby girl on 20th July. My EDD was 31st Aug but water broke in 8th month only. I was alone at home but was well informed..thanks to the informative sessions. I went alone in Auto to the hospital but was not nervous at all.
It was C-section as Baby had not taken proper position. Baby weight was 2.6 Kg at birth.
I stayed positive in the entire pregnancy due to ur positive assurance..I had joined class in 4th month.
Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to face the situation..Thanks to all the Doctors for the informative sessions.


Hello Charulata Mam,

I m Sangeeta Bhoomkar from Aurangabad.😊
Pleased to announce that we are blessed with cute little Baby Boy on 24th May 2022.!!! 🥰

My EDD was 9th June but while sonography doctor told me there is cord around neck Doctors tried for normal delivery by inducing pains but I didn't get enough labour pains and they said we cannot wait much Hence we went for C-Section.

Baby is healthy and very active from day1 .He turned on one side from first day.

His Birth weight is 3 kg.

I had joined yoga class in 4th month of pregnancy and since then attending regular classes has helped me stay calm and healthy throught my pregnancy journy.

I am very much thankful and much obliged to Charulata mam for her exceptional guidance, . 🙏🏻😊

My Best wishes to all the Mommies to Be .Enjoy this beautiful phase with positive mind !! Feel proud about yourself & live every moment of this journey.👍🏻🎉

Photos from Yog Therapy Centre's post 02/06/2022

Hello Charulata Ma'am,

I'm Priya Sarda from Kolhapur.
Pleased to inform you that we are blessed with a cute little Baby Boy on 27th May 2022 !! 😇🥰

My EDD was 1st June but during my sonography on 25th May, we found that the umbilical cord had surrounded the baby's neck twice . My AFI had also dropped to 6.5 and Hence, my doctor suggested to go for a cesarean delivery within 2-3 days. Finally, she operated me on 27th May and the baby was delivered at 7:37 AM.

Baby is healthy and his weight at birth was 3.15 kg.

I had joined yoga class in 5th month of pregnancy and since then attending regular classes has helped me stay calm, healthy and positive because I got the right knowledge throughout all the phases of my pregnancy. I always felt like ma'am was holding my hand throughout this journey.

Thanks to Charulata ma'am for her guidance, timely support & useful tips .All the guest lectures were also very informative and helpful. 🙏🏻😊

My Best wishes to all the Mothers to Be. Enjoy this beautiful journey with a positive mindset !! You will forget all your fears and pain when you see your baby 😍🥰


Hii ma'am , I am Nikita Mangulkar from USA and I am happy to announce that we are blessed with cute little camp on 24 th may. Baby's weight is 3.33 kg and it was normal delivery with the help of epidural.Thank you so much ma'am for your guide , yoga exercises , breathing techniques all helped me alot. Meet you soon😊😊


Hello Ma'am I'm Gauravi Bhutada from Latur.
I'm happy to inform you that I blessed with very charming baby boy 👶🏻on 16th May. It was planned c-section because of narrow size cervix . Baby's weight has been measured 2.5 kg at the time of birth.
Baby is very active since day 1. Due to regularly yoga class , I had complet peace of mind throughout the pregnancy journey . I'm very thankful to charu mam Because of whom this complete journey was so beautiful. Also each and every lecture by experts were so helpful.😊
I wish good luck and good health to all girls.


गर्भसंस्कार हा प्रोजेक्ट चालवताना आतापर्यंत 4221 गर्भवती ना मार्गदर्शन केले..बाळाचे वजन किमान 3 किलो आले पाहिजे.. गर्भारपणात येणाऱ्या खूप समस्या योगा चा सहायाने कमी झाल्या पाहिजेत आणि मातृत्व आनंददायी वाटले पाहिजे..भावी पिढी सशक्त,सुदृढ झाली पाहिजे..ह्या concept वर गर्भसंस्कार सुरू केले..शहरातील तब्बल 15 डॉक्टर ह्यामध्ये मोलाचे सहकार्य करीत आहे..त्यातून कामाचे समाधान आहेच..
पण कधी कधी एखाद्या रिझल्ट ने काम करण्याची आणखी ऊर्जा मिळते आणि प्रोफेशन मधील समाधान आयुष्य जगल्याचा आत्मिक आनंद देते..आज सकाळी ममता मुंदडा च msg आला गर्भसंस्कार केलेल्या कनक ची बातमी वाचून ...जिंदगी मे aur क्या चाहिए असे वाटून गेले
Hello.. Mam it's Mamta amar Mundada... Wife of Amar Mundada. Tapdiya Dignostic center... I think now u remember me...
Actually I want to share..
Smthing to u.. My second child garbhsanskar result in front of u... About My daughter ...


Hello ma'am I m smita pathrikar from Aurangabad

I m very happy to share with you, on 14 th April I blessed with cute and active baby girl with normal delivery.. baby weight was 3.225 gm,
The labour pain was very horror but still I remember your prarthana during delivery "karo raksha vipatti se" and it gave me positive energy ....
I have joined class in 7th month of my pregnancy, but till the delivery date I was not having any issues regarding my health only because of yoga and deep breathing....
Before joining class I was suffer from backpain but after joining class it solved, "setubandhasan" helps mi to cure my problem..
Thank you so much ma'am for your valuable guidance for my every call. During this beautiful journy.... Also need your advice postnatal period...
All the very best to all mommies.... 💐💐🤰🏻👸🏻


Hello ma'am,

This is Supriya Joshi from Mumbai have been blessed with healthy daughter on 17/03/2022 ❤️🥰🤱. It was c-section. Baby weight is 3kg and she is very active,playful and responsive🥰.

I had joined class from 4th month and All meditation, Yogasanas, Prayers helps me a lot for healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

Thank you so much Charulata ma'am for all your efforts, commendable positive approach and all guest lectures for your valuable guidence and informative sessions.


Hello mam,
Aboli kaswa from Ahmednagar.
I am glad to inform you that on 16th march 2022 we were blessed with twins Baby Boy. The pains started Initially so I went to hospital. At the time of stitches removal it was 3 cm dialeted, within 5- 6 hours I ended up with labour pains with Normal delivery. Baby weight was 1.8kg and 2.4kg. Ma'am your deep breathing techniques really helped me a lot.. Otherwise it would have been difficult for me to go for normal delivery. And this is only because we got so much of information through your classes.Thank you so much mam for your great guidance.


Hello Mam! I Sayali Chakre happy to share that I have blessed with Baby boy yesterday with normal delivery. I got delivered in 37weeks but still baby weight is 3.25kg. When I went for regular checkup i was already 2-3 cm dialected but did not feel any unusual pain. I believed regular yoga and your instructions made it very easy during labour pain. I was in labour for 6-7 hours but deep breathing and all the positive vibes from you made it went nicely and I was able to bare the pain and delivered safely-normally. Thank you mam for all the guidance and my whole pregnancy journey making is awesome 😎 ❤️❤️.


Hello Mam,
I’m Aishwarya heda from Nashik
Blessed with baby girl on 1st March via C-section due to double loop of cord around the neck and she also pooped in the tummy
Her weight was 3.6kg
She is very active from 1st day she didn’t even cried after birth she came out with smile
Thank you so much mam for all your support throughout my pregnancy


Hello ma'am!
Bhakti Ambhore here from Aurangabad, I'm glad to inform you that on Monday 28 Feb, I'm blessed with a cute little baby boy. It was normal delivery and babies weight is 3.5kg. Baby is totally healthy and active. I want to thank Charu ma'am and all your supportive staff on bottom of my heart. I have attended all the sessions. Your sessions were really helpful on going through the most beautiful phase of my life. Your teachings, informational and mental support helped me to bare the pain during delivery.
'when a woman feels confident in her body, well supported, and able to express her self without inhibition, the pain that she may feel in labor and child birth can become easily bearable and just one part of the process.'


Driving at week 38 😀
Just before being admitted...ही आहे TANYA JOSHI-KALE टेक्सास येथून online गर्भसंस्कार बॅच ला जॉईन झालेली माझी student..9 व्या महिन्यात किती आरामात गाडी चालवत आहे आणि enjoy your pregancy ..मी च खूप शिकत असते ह्या नव्या पिढीकडून...
Hello to all the moms to be in the group 😀
I am Tanaya Kale-Joshi from Texas,US.
I was blessed with a baby boy on 2nd February 2022.
I would like to extend the biggest thank you to Rojekar Ma’m for making my entire pregnancy journey so enjoyable.
Due to the yoga sessions I hardly had any physical pains and swelling and my baby had descended in my pelvis well in advance.
Due to lack of fluid my doctor had to opt for an emergency C section.
I would also like to thank all the guest speakers that Ma’m introduced us to.
It really helped me a lot to be prepared and aware and took away all the anxiety that a first time mom experiences.
Also I remember Ma’m had suggested in one of the sessions to drive up till the end of pregnancy and I was so happy to hear that❤️
All the very best to you all and know that you are in safe hands 😀🙏
Thank you once again Ma’m.


Hello mam, This is Dr Supriya Patankar , we are glad to announce that we have blessed with cute little baby girl on 10th feb, we had planned C section on 22nd feb but because of my water break we had to rush to the hospital on 10th feb itself..Baby was perfectly engage for normal delivery but as we had already decided that i didnt want normal delivery and wanted C section so it happend.
Baby is totally healthy and weight is 3.10 kg .
I couldnt attend live sessions of yoga but i used to do yoga asanas and pranayam which u used give us in recordings other than that all the lectures were too good n they are helpful now also.. thanks a lot mam for this amazing journey. 👍🙏


Hi Ma'm, This is Sonal chandan from Pune. I am really very happy to inform you that we are blessed with a healthy baby girl on 21st August. It was *normal* delivery and baby weight is 3 kg. I really want to thank you Charu mam from the bottom of my heart. Whole credit of normal delivery goes to mam. I literally recalled and followed all the steps given by mam like deep breathing in between two contractions and counting the numbers while contractions. It relaxed my body and also oxygen supply to baby was good throughout the process.
I got admitted to the hospital around 3 pm and at that time I was already 3-4cm dilated with nominal contractions and delivered baby within 4hrs. My doctor also appreciated that I cooperated so well.
I did yoga, meditation and deep breathing regularly till the very last day. Inspite of having low lying placenta till 7th month of pregnancy, I delivered baby normally.
Thank you so much Charu mam and whole team for all your guidance. I enjoyed my pregnancy time fully and I was relaxe

Photos from Yog Therapy Centre's post 07/05/2021

Hello Mam,

This is Mayuri Rathi from Pune.

I am really very happy to inform you the arrival of our Baby Girl 👶🏻 on 10/04/21. It was a c-section and baby weight is 2.8 kg.

I would like to share my journey regarding my pregnancy in nutshell wrt Charulata Mam.

I came to know about madam in my 7th month of pregnancy from one of my friends. Then I joined her Garbh Sanskar class immediately in my 7th month of pregnancy. Initially I was having low lying placenta. And my baby weight was also lacking than what it was expected.

I followed all the instructions and yogas including deep breathing techniques given by madam.
I followed all these things almost for a month when madam could not take classes due to her genuine reasons.

As a result, my low lying placenta got migrated and my baby weight also got increased. As mam always says that 'yoga makes baby more active' and it works..!! The baby is very active since first day..!!

It was really a very nice journey and I wish I could join and come to know about you little bit earlier in my pregnancy period so that I would have spent more time with you in my pregnancy period.
But whatever time I got with you doing yoga was easy and happy pregnancy...!!
Thank you for coming as an angel during my pregnancy and taught me to be calm,optimistic and positive.. You are an amazing mentor and a true inspiration for young generation...!!!❤️❤️
Thank you.


Hello mam.....Priya chechani from aurangabad....very happy to announce that I'm blessed with baby girl on 24th April....baby weight is 2.7kg...it was normal delivery as first one was also.....thnk u so much mam for ur guidance throughout the nine months...I delivered baby only in 3 contraction s.....doctor was also appreciates me....4:30 vajta me hospital madhe gele ani 6:38 la delivery zali....baby khup shant ani active aahe...bhuk lagli tarch radte...ones again thnk u so much mam for ur guidance....🙏🏻


Hello Ma'am! This is Vaishnavi Heda.Secandrabad.. This is not a delivery experience message Ma'am. I am due in April.
This message is just to thank you.
I am in my 8th month ma'am. Because of my work (in office as well as at home) I am unable to attend the evening class. I joined your classes in 5th month and since then I am regularly attending your morning batch. When the batch timings are in the evening, I do yoga and deep breathing by myself in the morning time. I would like to say ma'am that you have taught everything with such dedication, such affection that I can hear your instructions when I am doing a particular yogasan or deep breathing. I have cramp issue and sometimes back pain also. But everything just falls in place and gets fine after doing my yoga session.
Thank you so much Ma'am! 🙂🙂

Photos from Yog Therapy Centre's post 07/02/2021

Hello mam ... I am Dr. Ksh*tija Zalwar from Pune . I am so glad to let u know that I have been blessed with a sweet angel on 23rd Jan 2021 . It was a normal delivery with baby weighing 2.8kgs . Thank u so much for your guidance mam , a normal labour wouldn't have been so easy for me without your help mam . She was sooo active since the minute she was born ... Her pediatrician was also very appreciative regarding her activities . Thank u so much mam ... All the yoga sessions n all the lec have proved to be so much helpful during pregnancy n even after delivery . I am grateful that I was able to attend your garbha sanskar classes ! 🙏🏻


Hello ma'am,
I am Rasika Deshpande from sangli ,
Glad and blessed to share that, we are blessed with a baby girl on 25 October 2020.
It was normal delivery a baby weight of 2.7kg.
This 9 months Journey is really very relaxing with Mediation, pranayam, yoga, deep breathing, dance, ur tips, Also lectures on various topics are so much Informative.
From the day 1st she is very Active & smiling 😍
Thank u nd feeling blessed to have you in our Golden days ❣️🙏🏻😇


Hi ma'am, I am Dr. Saloni Dasare from pune ,Glad and blessed to share that, we are blessed with a baby girl on 26 sep 2020.
It was a Emg C-section bcoz (water leakage) a baby weight of 3 kg.
This 9 months Journey is really very relaxing with Mediation, pranayam, yoga, deep breathing, dance. Also lectures on various topics are so much Informative.
Day 1st she is very Active & smiling 😍
Me and baby both are doing well.
Love you Mam 😘
Thank u nd feeling blessed to have you in our Golden days ❣️🙏🏻😇




"गर्भसंस्कार योगवर्ग आणि मानसिक समाधान"
जॉर्ज बर्नार्ड शॉ ह्या थोर नाटककाराचे एक वाक्य मला कायम प्रेरीत करत आले आहे..ते असे...
" रात्री शांत झोप येण्यासाठी,दिवसभर प्रामाणिक पणे कष्ट केले पाहिजे"
गर्भसंस्कार योगवर्ग चालू करण्यामागचा एक उद्देश होता..सुखद मातृत्वासाठी प्रशिक्षण..जेव्हा हा प्रकल्प हाती घेतला तेव्हा लक्षात आले..गर्भारपण ,आयुष्यातील एक फार महत्वाचा टप्पा..ह्यामध्ये गर्भवतीमध्ये शारीरिक,मानसिक,भावनिक बदल होत असतात.डॉ कडे गेल्यावर सर्व डॉ चांगली ट्रीटमेंट देतात,sonography, pathalogy होते..पण तरीही बाळाचे वजन,गर्भजल कमी होणे ,कंबरदुखी,पाठदुखी,नकारात्मक विचार,रडू येणे,भीती वाटणे,शांत झोप न येणे अश्या अनेक तक्रारींवर उत्तर नसते,अश्यावेळी गरज असते ' मी आहे ना !' ह्या आधाराची..ह्याबरोबरच काही योग,प्राणायाम,ध्यान करण्याची..कसे झोपावे?कसे उठावे?बाळाची हालचाल तो आनंद..ह्या सगळ्यांचा आनंद घेणे म्हणजे आनंददायी मातृत्व..
नेमके शेवटच्या दिवसापर्यंत मुलींना अनेक प्रश्नांची उत्तरे मिळत नाही..तणाव वाढत जातो,कुटुंबाचे सहकार्य मिळालेतर फार फायदा होतो..
आता हे scientifically सिद्ध झाले की,आई ची शारीरिक आणि मानसिक स्थिती ह्याचा परिणाम बाळाच्या शारीरिक आणि मानसिक वाढीवर होत असतो..ह्यासाठी नवरा - बायको चे relation चांगले असावे लागते..ह्याशिवाय सासू-सून हा मुद्दा आहेच.ह्या सगळ्या बाबीचा समावेश गर्भसंस्कार वर्गात होतो..मी एकटी हे काम करू शकत नाही..औरंगाबाद शहरातील नामवंत डॉ चे सहकार्य आहे म्हणून हा प्रोजेक्ट यशस्वीरीत्या चालू आहे..
Lockdown मुळे ऑनलाईन वर्ग सुरू केले आणि औरंगाबाद शिवाय इतर ठिकाण हुन मुली जॉईन झाल्या. भारताबाहेरील मुलींना तर ह्या प्रकल्पाचा फार फायदा झाला..सध्या 7 मुली भारता बाहेरून आणि। बाहेरगावाहून तब्बल 22 मुली ,ऑनलाईन ह्याचा लाभ घेत आहेत..
ह्या मुलींना जो आधार मिळतो,त्यांचे रोज मनाला दिलासा देणारे msg येतात ती ऊर्जा असते जगण्याची.. बाळाचे वाजसन,नेसर्गिक प्रसूती,गर्भजल नॉर्मल राहणे,भीती कमी होणे असे अनेक फायदे जेव्हा मुली सांगतात तेव्हा मानसिक समाधान मिळते , म्हणूनच वाटते शांत झोप येण्यासाठी दिवसभरात आपण जे काम करतो त्याचा कोणाला फायदा झाला पाहिजे,म्हणजेच कर्मयोग ..


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