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We found Gampu in this very distressing state, with a deep, open wound on his back and neck. He was in near to death condition. The flesh was clearly exposed and Gampu had high chances of contracting infection and maggots. The doctors said that he had very low chances of survival, even when treated properly.

The doctors Nirmala Pet Clinic gave him anesthesia and performed the surgery. Gampu had a total of 15 stitches just to close the wound. One of our volunteer was kind enough to take Gampu home for care and medication. He fed him nutritious soup and gave regular medicines.

Soon enough, Gampu showed recovery from this warmth, love, and hence he healed completely. Gampu showed a will to survive in the worst conditions.

Gampu is currently living in our shelter home and is looking for a loving and caring family to spend his rest of life without pain and suffering.

Animal Peers urges people to contribute and donate for the care and treatment of helpless souls like Gampu.

To donate please visit :

Thank you @helpanimalsindia for your support.

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We found 'Snoofy' in a sewage. His hind legs were damaged and he was unable to walk or stand. His movements were limited. We immediately rescued him, cleaned him, and started with his treatment with laser therapy. After the first session, he showed a slight improvement in his condition, giving us hope to continue the course of treatment.

Snoofy responded well to the treatment and within one month of laser therapy with help of Nirmala Pet Clinic, he was able to walk on his four feet. Snoofy completed his treatment in 6 weeks and has been adopted by the youngsters of the Marmat family.

Animal Peers urges people to contribute and donate for the care and treatment of helpless souls like Snoofy.

To donate please visit:

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Lily was suffering from vaginal cancer and deep cut wound at the abdomen.

We rescued her and brought to our shelter. For a month she was under our shelter care. We gave her chemotherapy for cancer with help of Nirmala Pet Clinic

After a month of treatment, she is completely recovered from cancer. Her wound is also healed.

We have released her back to her original premises.

It is only because of your support we can save many one like 'lily'.

Please donate on

@helpanimalsindia thank you for supporting this work.
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When we first got a call informing about a seriously injured puppy, we rushed to see her condition. The puppy looked not more than 8-weeks-old. She was covered in blood and mud, and had a serious wound on her neck. Until this point, she had almost given up on life, wasn't moving or fidgeting, and looked lifeless.

Our team immediately started the primary spot treatment and assessed the gravity of the injury. We cleaned her wound and decided to take her to the vet Dr.Jhadhav sir Nirmala Pet Clinic Her body was frail and lacked strength so she was given saline. The vet conveyed to us that her condition is critical and surgery was the only operable but equally risky option. The vet then proceeded to perform the surgery. She was given gas anesthesia and her wound was sealed with 10 stitches. The surgery was successful and within two days, the puppy was able to stand and walk by itself! With this newfound success and hope for life, we named her 'Mahi'.

'Mahi' is taken care of in our shelter home and with one month of nutritious food, love, care, and proper medications, she recovered completely. She is playful and jolly in nature and enjoys playing with the ball. She has a heart-melting smile.

The care and treatment of 'Mahi' were possible because of the kind people who donated for such a cause. There are hundreds of helpless injured street animals like 'Mahi' who still don't have access to basic healthcare, so they suffer the pain and ultimately face death.

Your kind contribution could help many more street animals like 'Mahi' live a happy, pain-free, and decent life.

To donate please visit:

Thank you Help Animals India for support
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Some weeks ago, a girl informed us that there's a small puppy in her society, who is not able to walk properly.

Our volunteers took him to Dr. Jadhav sir Nirmala Pet Clinic, where he diagnosed that puppy had a fracture in her right leg. He applied plaster to her leg and suggested necessary care. We took the puppy to the shelter home and named her 'Pichu'.

With regular medication and care, 'Pichu' is fully recovered now, and able to walk, play and run! We're now looking for a loving family and a permanent home for our little 'Pichu'.

ANIMALPEERS needs your support in helping many strays like 'Pichu'.

Generously donate on:

Thank you @helpanimalsindia for your support.

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We are the only vet's in Aurangabad doing ultrasound, having inhalation anaesthesia and therapeutic Lazer in veterinary profession.

Operating as usual

Photos from Nirmala Pet Clinic's post 19/01/2022

Prolapsed third eyelid gland/ Cherry eye correction at Nirmala pet Clinic, Aurangabad.
We at Nirmala pet clinic place back the prolapsed gland back to it’s original place by Morgan Pocket Technique instead of complete removal of gland.
For further details
Contact Dr. Nilesh Jadhav
Nirmala pet clinic , Aurangabad, Maharashtra
9823031539, 9595609090


Ear mites are mites that live in the ears of animals and humans. The most commonly seen species in veterinary medicine is Otodectes cynotis. This species, despite its name, is also responsible for 90% of ear mite infections in felines.
We at Nirmala pet clinic use otoscope and microscope for diagnosis of Ear-mite’s in Cats.

Photos from Nirmala Pet Clinic's post 31/10/2021

We have now FUJi DRI CHEM IMMUNO AU10V for calculating TSH, T4 , Cortisol and Progesterone for your furry buddies. We are the only one in Marathwada….
For further details do contact Dr. Nilesh Jadhav.
9823031539. 9595609090


As a veterinarian it's imp to know and educate pet parents of pet heart health. Few tips are
Its recommend small and toy breeds suffer with heart disease from 6-7 years of age, medium ones from 4 years and large breeds from 4-5 years.

Among pets by 7 years 90% of dogs suffer from some or other form of heart disease.

80% cats beyond 6 years suffer with HCM which may or may not show signs of CHF.

Signs of heart disease to watch out in animals - It slows them down, makes them lethargic, exercise intolerant, obese, hypothyroidic, hacking cough in night, breathlessness upon small walks, non-responsive cough even after 5 weeks of treatment.

Any or all of these signs are a hint to heart disease.

Most of the heart conditions are irreversible. Watch out for these signs and help them breathe painlessly.

Just imagine you holding your breath for 30 seconds, yes that's the suffering pet goes through if heart is not

Dr. Ranjita Tiwari
Vet. Cardiologist
Hope Animal Clinic

Photos from Nirmala Pet Clinic's post 20/09/2020

We are the only certified Avain vet's in Aurangabad and Marathwada region.

Photos from Nirmala Pet Clinic's post 25/05/2020

MLS(ASA) Laser installed at Nirmala pet clinic, Aurangabad. Now MLS Laser therapy is available with us. We are the only one providing these services in Aurangabad.


WEBINAR #3- Urinary Track Infection in Cats: Prevention and Management by Dr. Ranjitha Tiwari from Hyderabad


Feline Club of India is going LIVE on Facebook:

Topic : Urinary Tract Infections in Cats: Prevention and Management.
Speaker : Dr. Ranjitha Tiwari (India)
Date : 26th April, Sunday
Timing : 5pm IST

Dr. Ranjitha Tiwari will be discussing about prevention and management of urinary tract infection in cats, This Sunday, LIVE at 5pm. On Feline Club Of India’s page.

About our Honourable speaker,
Dr Ranjitha Tiwari

- Dr. Ranjitha is Small Animal Practictioner, treating Dogs, Cats and exotics.

- She owns and heads Hope Animal Clinic in Hyderabad, Telangana.

-Having graduated from Acharya N G Ranga Agriculture University in Hyderabad, completed her Masters from National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal. Then she moved to USA to pursue her PhD, during which she procured her second Masters degree too.

-30 percent of her patients are felines which has lead her to do more intense study in feline medicine.

- Feline medicine and pet parenting is far different from other animal species, is her strong belief and practice.

- She performs soft tissue surgeries; her special interest lies in Veterinary Cardiology and Internal Medicine.

-She is one of the two vets in the country to pursue Course in “Cardiorespiratory Medicine” from Sydney University.

-She is a regular attendee at National and International conferences and continuing education programs and with constant quest to gather information.

Till then
Stay home, Stay safe.

*Dear Respected Group Members*,

having this session designed only for cat owners,

pls spread the word among the cat owners you know.
Thank you

Photos from Nirmala Pet Clinic's post 08/04/2020

Indian Spitz age 12 yrs, weight 10kgs was brought to the clinic with a history of tick infestations. Blood report shows anaemic condition, blood tests done on 30/3/2020. Seeing the fall in haemoglobin blood transfusions and treatment for blood protozoan was started on 31/3/2020. Follow up blood tests were done on 4/4/2020 which shows a significant increase in haemoglobin value.


Budgie weighing 30gms was brought to the clinic for Egg binding condition . Egg was taking out under inhalation anaesthesia (isoflurane).

Photos from Nirmala Pet Clinic's post 31/03/2020

Some of the recent rescue birds and a cobra in our clinic ...

Photos from Nirmala Pet Clinic's post 31/03/2020

Iguana..... came to meet it's vet...
Ever creature is beautiful in it's own way...😍

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