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Since 1973 Swed Masters Workshop has been the world premier silversmith, creating silver objects which are made in limited editions, signed and numbered.

Since 1973, Swed Master Workshop is determined to create Jewish religious items and specially made sliverware artifacts that will last forever, like treasured heirlooms. Consisting of a unique, selected team of the highest level of master designers, engineers and multi craftsmen, each skilled in different expertise - Swed master workshop is a world class firm. Swed’s Innovative Techniques
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The elegantly designed scales, gracefully reveals one of the most important verses from the Hebrew Bible, ואהבת לרעך כמוך - "love thy neighbor as thyself", yet the verse is visible only when the scales are equally balanced. A kind reminder, expressed in a beautiful fashion, to always be fair in one’s judgment and dealings with one another.


SWED Kiddush Sets. You can choose different designs of cups, quantity and functionality of the set for details please contact us( see bio) #swedmasterswotksop #judaica #jewishart #silver #shabbat #shabbatdinner


Swed for Purim

Violin Gragger

Chase away those Hamans in your life with this exclusive Gragger, in the shape of a violin. Another innovative idea of Swed Masters Workshop.


Enjoy Purim twice!
One of Purim's customs is to drink a lot. This custom can be achieved using wine, and in such an important day - Why not use a special cork?
Our exquisite wine cork replicated the Gragger feel and look, resulting in a rare combination of your childhood and adulthood years.
For more products- visit our website: www.swedllc.com


Who are you today?
If today is Purim, we have more than a fine idea, tailored just for you.
Our Purim Gragger mask is an item of great value, in a way that signifies the holiday in one of its iconic symbols, created in the highest quality possible.
For more products- visit our website: www.swedllc.com


SwedMUST Gragger Mask and Leo Dreidel and Stand

Hanukkah was just celebrated, and we go on in the Jewish tradition and enter Purim, a holiday which indicates a seem to be natural, but holds many great secrets about the way god manages the world.
Celebrate this indication with a fabulous and attractive mask that'll flaunt anyone - Get an impression in the video below.
For more products- visit our website: www.swedllc.com


The light is once again, complete.
The Jewish nation always symbols the path to become better and better.
It calls us to call the light into the world, but first - Into ourselves.
The Jewish nation celebrated Hanukkah over 2000 years, and each generation passed on the light to the next one. This is the true meaning of Hanukkah.
We wish you all a great 8th day.
The SWED family. The SWED family. www.swedllc.com


Branches Hanukkiah

We're already 2 candles into Hanukkah, and the light is spreading.
Show everyone the light, and welcome them into it. Cherish any moment with your loved ones and always remember - The least can make the most. The SWED family.
For more products- visit our website: www.swedllc.com


Happy Hannuka!
Today is the first day in a series of great and unique 8 days. Each one of them holds the one of the most miraculous stories of our nation, and symbol the victory of the least on the many, showing that the power of light will eventually win.
We wish you all a happy holiday.
The SWED family. www.swedllc.com


It's almost here.
Have you prepared your Hanukkah?
Have you tried at least one donut? Are the potatoes for the Levivahs are ready? Hanukkah is almost here, and we're all very excited to celebrate it once again.
We wish you all to be ready to embrace the light.
The SWED family. www.swedllc.com


Miriam's Tambourine & Horn Dreidels and stands

Return to your childhood, instantly.
Do you remember this?
This unique dreidel will bring you the memories you cherish and will create new and exciting memories with you and your family. Enjoy Hanukkah as a holiday that unites the different generations around the light of the Jewish nation.
For more products, visit our website: www.swedllc.com


A special wine for a special date.
With Hanukkah, anything can represent and bring light.
Turn your wine into a fine Hanukkiah using this special wine cork - And make your next Kiddush and holiday meal a thing to remember for another marvelous reason!
For more products, visit our website: www.swedllc.com


A dreidel of a lifetime.
As kids, we always used and liked to play with a wooden dreidel. Enjoy Hanukkah like you've never enjoyed before with a magnificent dreidel, in a way that will connect you and the younger generation using the everlasting Hanukkah game and tradition.
For more products, visit our website: www.swedllc.com


Wear #Hanukkah whenever you go!
This special #dreidel necklace is a unique #jewelry piece that symbols our tale using 4 letters that hold out one of the greatest miracles that happened to our forefathers. The color and material combination create a perfect #gift for the holiday.

#Swed #Judaica #Hanukkah #Jewish
For more products, visit our website: www.swedllc.com


One of the special symbols of those great 8 days is the dreidel. Your kids can have a unique and fancy way of learning about the great miracles that happened to our nation on those sacred days.
#hanukkah #dreidle #menorah #hanukkiah


At Swed, we never assume our opinion on first glance

"The blessing lies in what is hidden from the eye..."

At SWED. we never assume our opinion on first glance.
Each of our crafts holds a secret. Something that you may find out only a few years ahead, just when you thought you know every part of it. And that's the real beauty - The things you don't see.


After Yom Kippur, we enter the holiday of Sukkot, where we go out and show to the whole world that we believe and remember our days at the desert.
We wish all of you to always have your home at your heart, no matter where you'll be - Because a home is more than an establishment, it's everything.
Good holiday!
The SWED Family.


We are at the peak of the holy days. The days of cleanse, the days of self examination.
The books of life and death are opened, and we wish that all of us will be signed to life.
We wish you a good sign at every book there is, and days where we will learn to fully forgive each other.
The SWED Family.


We are on the verge of a new year.
May we wish that it will be better at anything we do, feel, say and think.
May we wish that it will be the year when we will fulfill all of our heat's desires.

We wish you Shana tova!
The SWED Family.


Hanukkah is here

While everyone are getting ready for the holiday season, we at SWED are already working on creating various and glorious Judaica for Hanukkah. You're more than welcome to enter our website and order your own unique artifact.


Each holiday season, the family reunites.
Enjoy those special days with a special gift, a gift that'll symbol your time together - A unique and luxurious Apple that has the array of your family members names, all together, just like at the holiday season.



Each Kiddush features wine, and the Kiddush of Rosh Hash'ana is the key for all of those who will come after. Mark this special event with a festive Pomegranate Wine Cork that'll add even more to this magnificent day and hopefully, year.


Shofar Honey Bowl

Every Rosh Hash'ana, we wish for a year that will be good and sweet, just like honey. We also play the Shofar, in order to open the heaven's gates and let out prayers go through. This magnificent Honey Bowl combines both elements into one stunning artifact.


The four species are a known part of the Jewish tradition, and the more adorned they are, the better. Be sure to place your newly bought Etrog in an elegant, decorated box, suited especially for that task.


Do you have an idea? A wish? A passion?
We can make it happen.
We at SWED believe in giving a personal touch - If you have any addition, design, idea or a thought - We can create it.


Meet SWED's team.

A group of talented artists, each one with his own specialty.
All of them work together to create the finest crafts that are SWED.
When you buy a product from us, you know that hours of hard work, thought and creativity from various sources were purged into this one, unique creation.


We don't believe in welding.

Each of our products is a complex creation. crafted carefully and thoughtfully to combine into the quality products you know and love. This method allows us to guarantee a lifetime warranty for each product functionality.


SwedMUST Blessing Hamsa

Hamsa is a Jewish and Kabbalistic symbol, which is placed in many Jewish homes over history is used as protection from "evil eye" and bad luck.

"Through this gate shall come no sadness, through this door shall come no fear, this home shall be blessed with harmony and peace, to this dwelling shall come no trouble."


We can never forget that we're here and are able to do what we do thanks to the brave people who've made this great nation rise 242 years ago.
We wish you all a happy and wishful independence day!


Magen David Mezuzah

This unique Mezuzah has 6 triangles that can reveal meaningful Hebrew words when open. Having an elegant design, this Mezuzah will empower any door post.


This gorgeous cup is a fantastic way to make your Shabbat celebrations fancier than ever. This is a truly magnificent, special piece that you'll use for long time.


Dear fathers,

Every day you do everything in order to protect, love and care for your family, So today it’s our turn to say thanks.

We wish you all today a happy father’s day!


Swed MUST salt shaker

This great elegant piece of salt shaker is an essential accessory for every family gathering, especially at a Kiddush, alongside a challah. Bon Appetite!

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The elegantly designed scales, gracefully reveals one of the most important verses from the Hebrew Bible, ואהבת לרעך כמו...
Branches Hanukkiah
Miriam's Tambourine & Horn Dreidels and stands
At Swed, we never assume our opinion on first glance
Shofar Honey Bowl
Magen David Mezuzah
Swed MUST salt shaker
The Purim Mask Gragger
Gragger Wine Cork & Violin Dreidel
Swed Challah Tray



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