Mayanot Women's Program

Mayanot Women's Program


The Mayanot Women's Program changed my life and I will always be forever grateful!
Hi Mayanot! I am 38 weeks preggers bH. Doc says to NOT fast but our rabbi says to fast. I had a complication on previous birth, so I feel safer if I do eat. Any advice?
We are so blessed that Rivka Marga will be leading this unity challah bake. Mayanot alumni, don't miss this awesome opportunity!!
Hi ladies of Mayanot, I'm an alum and wanted to share an excellent opportunity to make some $$$ for learning and applying the lessons you learn in Chassidus.
Is Jewish Meditation really a thing?! Come join us tonight for our weekly meditation class. Learn to quite down and access your innermost wisdom.
Hi Mayanoters :) Wishing everyone a happy sweet healthy successful new year!!! Does anyone know of any families living in LA that would be able to host/rent out a place for sukkos? Thanks in advance. Hopefully we will be by Yerushaliyim with Mashiach, but until then...
4 HRS, 40NS HR
11AM. (PM ME.)
Yasher koach to the amazing Mayanot volunteers of this year!
Any girls (mayanot alumni) looking to share an apartment in Nachlot? SS and SK ₪2250 a month low bills and arnona
Happy Summer Everyone! Dont let head lice ruin all the fun.

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Our number is 058-692-8371

For more info you can look at a recent article in the NY Times about us-

Also check out our page

The Official Mayanot Women's Program page. For more info:

At Mayanot, women of diverse backgrounds study together in an open-minded yet challenging environment. Courses include Hebrew Language, Chassidut, Jewish Spirituality,History,Law, Philosophy, and the Talmud.

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Special Feature: Mayanot Women’s Hakhel Banquet Celebrates a Year of Growth!

On July 31, 2023 the Mayanot shul was filled with laughter and hugs as the Mayanot women’s summer program had their final banquet and hakel gathering. In true Hakel style, the event was also attended by many teachers and alumni, coming from many parts of Israel to share Mayanot memories and inspiration together.



From all of us at Mayanot🫶 We wish you a happy and sweet new year filled with new beginnings, new opportunities, and new blessings.

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The women of Mayanot explore the depth & architectural beauty of the old city of Jerusalem, strengthening appreciation for our illustrious Jewish heritage and story of resilience as a Jewish people 💥.

Photos from Mayanot Women's Program's post 03/09/2023

What an amazing trip to Kever Rachel, with most of us visiting our matriarch Rachel for the very first time ✨🫶🙌

Photos from Mayanot Women's Program's post 01/09/2023

We are so excited to welcome all our new students 🤩🌻🎉

Photos from Mayanot Women's Program's post 30/08/2023

Just a few more photos from our end of year banquet before we share some amazing news about our current fall semester. 🎉🙌✨

Thank you again to everyone that joined us in Jerusalem it was a beautiful Hakhel event!


Check out the article about all the wonderful Hakhel events Mayanot has held around the world on

“We have real serious learning going on,” Rivka Marga says. “We want to empower Jewish women. That means giving them the tools to continue learning, which become theirs to access whenever they want and wherever they are. It might get more complicated to continue learning as their lives get busy, but that connection to the Torah stays forever.”


Our Fall semester is starting in less then a week. ✨

We can’t wait for all our visiting to come by and say hi, if you’re in town! Make sure to be in touch with 🫶🙌🌻

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Mazal Tov we are so happy for our Mayanot Connects partner,

To get more involved or find out more check out:


Elul serves as a bridge between the past and the future, a period for introspection, assessing our current position, & setting our course for the year ahead. It's a moment of reflection on our journey & contemplation of the path we aim to tread.


We can’t wait for our upcoming women’s event in LA 💛🎉 Hope to see you!


✨South Africa🎉 Thank you for such a warm welcome. It was so good seeing everyone! 💛

Hakhel gives us a special opportunity to gather together and we couldn’t be more grateful. Hopefully we will all be together again soon!

Know people in this photo tag them in the comments! 💙

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We are definitely missing our students while we are on break. But we can’t wait for the 29th when we welcome all our newcomers! ❤️🎉


We are coming to South Africa!
And you do not have to be an alumni to join us at this event, if you have friends you think might benefit send them the flyer!

Mayanot made the “2023 TOP-RATED NONPROFIT” List! 08/08/2023

Thank you to everyone that shared a review! Mayanot has made the 2023 TOP-RATED NONPROFIT list based on your ratings & reviews!

Mayanot made the “2023 TOP-RATED NONPROFIT” List! Mayanot made the “2023 TOP-RATED NONPROFIT” List! Posted by Mayanot on August 08, 2023 Get link Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Other Apps  Award based on Community Recommendations Aug 8th, 2023 – Mayanot was named a “2023 Top-Rated Nonprofit” by GreatNonprofits, the leading website for ...


Mayanot was named a “2023 Top-Rated Nonprofit” by GreatNonprofits, the leading website for community recommendations of charities and nonprofits.

The Top-Rated Nonprofit Award is based on the rating and number of reviews that Mayanot received from donors, alumni and students.

Mayanot is proud to have made the list and is appreciative of all those that have sent in reviews and shared their inspiring stories with the world.

Batya D. an alumni shared, “I learned at Mayanot for a full year, and then returned for the 5-week summer session. I can confidently say that those were some of the happiest and richest experiences of my life so far. Not only was living in the heart of Jerusalem wonderful, opening doors to so many flavors of people and experiences, it is an opportune place for learning Torah. Mayanot is a Jerusalem within Jerusalem, revealing so many doorways to the study of Torah and authentic Jewish life. The caring and devoted teachers bring to life ancient texts, shine a light on the beauty of a question asked and answered. They want for their students to be challenged and grow. The atmosphere is one of learning, encouragement and family. I can’t thank Mayanot enough.”

That is one of over 70 reviews Mayanot has received on this website alone!

To send in a review, use the link here 👇:

Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies Reviews and Ratings | Jerusalem, | Donate, Volunteer, Review | GreatNonprofits 06/08/2023

If Mayanot has impacted you SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD. We only need 10 more reviews to get our 2023 TOP RATED badge. It's quick and easy! 👉

Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies Reviews and Ratings | Jerusalem, | Donate, Volunteer, Review | GreatNonprofits Volunteer, donate, read reviews for Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, plus similar nonprofits and charities

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🎉 Celebrate a Year of Achievements with Us! 🌟Mayanot Women’s End of Year Banquet 🎓🎊

🌺 As the year comes to a close, we can't help but reflect on the incredible journey of growth and learning we've had together at Mayanot Women! 📚✨

Honoring this remarkable milestone we celebrate the achievements of our students and their cherished memories.

🎓 It's a time to recognize our incredible students' dedication and hard work, as they've embraced the wisdom of our heritage and blossomed into empowered individuals. 🌸🌱

L’chaim to another enriching year, Let’s welcome new beginnings with open hearts and a world of possibilities. 🌍 Let's toast to the journey we've shared and the bright future that lies ahead! 🎉🌟


🌟 Exciting News! 🌈 Join us for an unforgettable upcoming program at Mayanot! 🚀 Immerse yourself in transformative learning, connect with a vibrant community, and rediscover your Jewish heritage. Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a life-changing journey! 📚💫

Photos from Mayanot Women's Program's post 01/08/2023

🌞✨ A Season of Unforgettable Moments at Mayanot 🌺🌊

📚💖 As the summer program comes to an end we can't help but reflect on the incredible journey we've shared together at ! It's been a season filled with laughter, learning, and unforgettable memories that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. 🌅✨

From thought-provoking lectures that sparked new perspectives, to lively discussions that nurtured bonds of friendship, we've embraced the spirit of growth and exploration as a community. 🌳📚 Each day at Mayanot brought us closer to our heritage, deepening our connection to Judaism in profound ways.

Whether it was travelling through Israel or within the cozy corners of our study rooms, the magic at Mayanot illuminated our souls with knowledge and inspiration. 🌍 📖 Let's cherish the moments of laughter shared during breaks, the joyous songs that echoed through the halls, and the warm embrace of newfound friendships. These are the treasures that will stay with us as we move into the next chapter of our learning and our lives. 🥰

✨ We carry the gratitude for the experience, excitement for the future, and a profound love for our Mayanot family.

🗓️ Until we meet again, thank you for the memories that will forever shimmer in our hearts! 🌟


Just a reminder from Jerusalem.

“You see, every human being has a soul, a divine spark that burns inside them. Sometimes a person moves away from their inner light - it might even seem that the light of their soul has been snuffed out. But the soul is like a pilot light - it never goes out completely. All it needs is for someone to fan the embers with love, until their spiritual fire burns bright again.” - as given over by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson

Mayanot Moment: Parshat Va'eschanan 27/07/2023

Have you subscribed to the Mayanot Youtube Channel yet, we upload new Torah content every week. Check out the Parsha playlist, with our very own Rabbi Shlomo Gestetner, here:

Mayanot Moment: Parshat Va'eschanan 📺 Dive into the world of Torah with Rabbi Shlomo Gestetner, Dean of the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem! In our latest Mayanot Moment, Rabb...


If you are in Jerusalem, you’re welcome to join us for the Tisha B’av Schedule at the Mayanot Shul in Jerusalem.

We know spiritually you are here with us, even if physically you are elsewhere this Tisha B’av ❤️

“One who mourns Jerusalem will merit to see her happiness”

My Mayanot Experience: Sandra 25/07/2023

We love you Sandra, thanks for sharing your experience with our alumni and future Mayanot students. If you want to see more students share check out our Youtube channel:

My Mayanot Experience: Sandra Sandra, a 3x Mayanoter, shares her personal experience being at the Mayanot Women's Learning program and what she learnt from her experience. on...

Photos from Mayanot Women's Program's post 25/07/2023

💫 Unleashing the Power Within: Embrace the Journey of In-Depth Learning at Mayanot

🌍 There's a place where knowledge transcends textbooks and wisdom touches the soul. Welcome to Mayanot, where our passion for in-depth learning knows no bounds! 📚

💖🌺 We believe that education should be a gateway to self-discovery, a path to unlocking the limitless potential within. 🗝️ 🌟

In the embrace of our vibrant community, you'll find a nurturing space for dialogue, 🌌💬 Together, we seek not just knowledge, but an experience that resonates with the very essence of our being.

🌈 We are all about igniting the spark of enlightenment that already resides within you. 🌠 Our classes, led by world class educators, are designed to kindle that inner flame, fostering a connection with your heritage, history, and the Land of Israel.

🌻 So, let's dive deep, hand in hand, into the vast ocean of learning. Let's embark on a journey that transcends the boundaries of time and space. Let's empower ourselves with knowledge that can change lives, starting with our own. 🌊✨

🗓️ Join us on this heartfelt pursuit of wisdom, and together, let's make the world a brighter place! 🌟



Monday, July 31, 2023 | 13 Menachem Av 5783

Mayanot Women’s Hakhel Reunion in Israel

Reconnect with friends, teachers & the niggunim we sang together

Wine & Shmooze | 7:00 PM
Dinner & Program | 7:30 PM
Dairy / Parve Buffet Style Dinner

Hosted at the Mayanot Shul: 11 Shfar'am St. Jerusalem

RSVP suggested to [email protected]

Please send pictures from your time at Mayanot to [email protected] so we can include them in the presentation!


Thank you for being an important part of the Mayanot Family.


🤗💕 Unbreakable Bonds! At Mayanot, our teachers & students share a magical connection. 🌟 Embrace transformative learning & sisterhood. 📚💕 Join our warm, supportive community and dive into a transformative journey of learning and growth.


🎉✨ Proud Moment at Hakhel Dinner! 🗽📚

Our Hakhel alumni reunions around the globe have been truly extraordinary. Our very own Dean of Mayanot, Rabbi Shlomo Gestetner, took the stage at the Hakhel Dinner in NY,🎙️🌟 With passion and wisdom, he illuminated the significance of the Hakhel year in our lives! 🕯️🗓️

🙌 For those who couldn’t attend, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! Here’s a quick peek into his inspiring speech: 💬👇 We will post his full speech on our YouTube channel soon!

“In this sacred Hakhel year, we’re blessed with a unique opportunity to unite as a community, strengthen our bonds, and grow together spiritually. 🤝💕 It’s a time to reflect, learn, and celebrate the gift of togetherness handed down to us from ancient times. 📖🕊️ Let’s seize this moment and create a legacy of unity and love that’ll resonate for generations to come!” 🌈💫

Join us as we embrace the essence of Hakhel and carry its transformative power into our lives! 🌟🔥

Photos from Mayanot Women's Program's post 20/07/2023

Have you shared this poster yet?

WhatsApp Video 2023 07 17 at 3 00 40 PM 18/07/2023

Have you seen this video yet?
'In their words', is a special testimonial series directly from our students. Sharing what they love about Mayanot, what they’ve gained while in Israel and what they are taking back to their home communities with them!

WhatsApp Video 2023 07 17 at 3 00 40 PM Babette shares her personal experience being at the Mayanot Women's Summer Learning program and what she is taking home with her. 'In their words', is a spec...

Photos from Mayanot Women's Program's post 16/07/2023

❤️🙏 What an amazing shabbaton the Mayanot Women had up north, this past Shabbat. Walking in the places where our ancestors walked, connecting to the Land of Israel and bonding with each other! ✨ We can’t wait for the exciting activities and learning that’s coming up this week! 🫶📖


Have you shared this with anyone yet?

Mayanot’s 4 week Elul / High Holiday Program:
Challenge Your Mind. Nurture Your Soul.

Special Prices still available, inquire at [email protected]

Mayanot welcomes young adults, 20 years and older from diverse backgrounds to study in the heart of Jerusalem in a supportive, open environment. Here you will develop skills for independent Torah learning, nurture your love for G-D, the Jewish People and the land of Israel.

-Full Room and Board Included
-Tours and Shabbatons Around Israel
-Welcoming, Open Atmosphere
-Interactive Textual Learning Skills

Aug. 29 to Sept. 26, 2023
Airfare & Tuition Grants Available

Photos from Mayanot Women's Program's post 10/07/2023

We celebrate the small victories and milestones achieved by each and every student. 🌟🌺🌟Our community is built on mutual support, collaboration, and a shared commitment to lifelong learning.

Together, we embrace the journey of intellectual and spiritual development, united by a common goal of personal transformation. 🙌✨

Photos from Mayanot Women's Program's post 10/07/2023

Any learner at any level is welcome here. There are always ways of making sure students feel their growth from one level to another, building on their skills and seeing improvements in the scope of their learning. 📖🧠🦋✨📚❤️

Currently, we are seeing 3 Chumash classes happening at once. Pre-Chumash / Chumash 101 / Chumash 200!

We are so proud of all our summer students and seeing how far they have come in just 10 days of classes! 🫶

Photos from Mayanot Women's Program's post 09/07/2023

🌸💪 Empowering Education: Where Teachers are Your Biggest Champions! 🌟

At Mayanot Women's Institute, we take pride in our exceptional team of educators who are truly dedicated to your success. 🎓✨ We believe that education is not just about imparting knowledge, but about forming meaningful connections and fostering personal growth. 📚💖

Our teachers are more than instructors; they are mentors, guides, and cheerleaders, standing by your side every step of the way. 💪🌸 Whether you're exploring Jewish studies, delving into Chassidut, or embarking on a spiritual journey, our faculty is here to provide unwavering support and guidance. 🙌✨


🔍💡 Our teachers are not only experts in their respective fields, but also passionate about helping you unlock your full potential. They create inclusive learning environments where questions are encouraged, discussions thrive, and growth is nurtured. 🌱💬 Our teachers go the extra mile to create a warm and nurturing atmosphere, fostering an environment where you can grow academically, emotionally, and spiritually. 🌺🌟


So if you're seeking an empowering education that goes beyond textbooks and exams, look no further! Mayanot Women's Institute is here to provide you with a transformative learning experience where teachers become your greatest champions. 🎓💖

🙌💫 Join us today and embark on a journey of knowledge, self-discovery, and lifelong connections. Together, we'll illuminate the path to incredible Torah learning. ✨🌸


The Mayanot women's program went to visit Mikvah Nava yesterday. It's named for Nava Appelbaum and the women were able to meet her mother and hear about her. It was incredibly beautiful and special experience. Have you ever seen a mikvah in person, would you like to visit one?

For those interested in learning more about what a Mikvah is and it’s purpose, below is an excerpt from Rivka Slonim’s article on

The primary uses of mikvah today are delineated in Jewish law and date back to the dawn of Jewish history. They cover many elements of Jewish life.The concept of mikvah is rooted in the spiritual.
Immersion in a mikvah signals a change in status—more correctly, an elevation in status. Its unparalleled function lies in its power of transformation, its ability to effect metamorphosis.
In the beginning, there was only water. A miraculous compound, it is the primary source and vivifying factor of all sustenance and, by extension, all life as we know it. But Judaism teaches it is more. For these very same attributes—water as source and sustaining energy—are mirrored in the spiritual. Water has the power to purify: to restore and replenish life to our essential, spiritual selves.


Can you guess where the women are?


Are you curious what Mayanot has been up to?

What an amazing first few days on the Summer program, with our first day orientation, everyone settling in and our incredible hike to Sataf. We are really enjoying getting to meet everyone. If you love following along with us, send us a heart! Can’t wait for Shabbos! 👍👏🎉

Photos from Mayanot Women's Program's post 29/06/2023

🌸 As the Mayanot students from our year/ winter session go back to their home communities we have something to share with you. Remember that the journey doesn't stop here! 🌟 Discover a world of resources to continue your learning and growth beyond our program. Stay connected with the amazing community we've built by investing effort in nurturing those friendships and relationships. Together, you can keep the spirit of Mayanot alive! 💕


🌟 Exciting news! While our summer program is underway, we're thrilled to remind you that our incredible Elul program is just around the corner. ✨ Registration is still open, so don't miss out on this transformative journey of learning, growth, and self-discovery. Join our Mayanot Women's Program today! Special reduced price for a few more days!

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On December 22nd 2021, Chai Teves, Mayanot will launch a $2.5 Million campaign to continue to create unique, life-alteri...
Mayanot Women’s Meaningful Minute!! Enjoy! #mayanotwomen #meaningfulminute #visionaryleaders



Shfar'am Street 11

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