May Legal Consulting

UK solicitor for businesses and individuals in Israel with legal or commercial interests in the UK. We handle commercial contracts, intellectual property, real estate, corporate law, employment law and civil litigation.

May Legal Consulting provides legal advice and services for Israeli businesses, professionals or individuals with interests in the UK. Examples of our services include:

- Employment agreements
- Legal opinions for Israeli court
- Landlord and Tenant
- UK Company formation and administration
- UK Tax advice
- UK Intellectual Property protection
- Legal research memos


Olim that sell a property in the UK will now need to pay Capital Gains Tax from April 2015 (in addition to Income Tax and Inheritance Tax if you don't sell it). If you own UK property, get in touch to discuss your options. 11/09/2013

‘Golden rule’ of wills

Should doctors examine every elderly person for testamentary capacity when they create a will? One judge has called this a 'golden rule'. But is it just a 'golden' waste of time and money? Even experienced solicitors must take instructions with real care to ensure the validity of a will when capacity issues are involved.


UK Supreme Court Family Law ruling: In a divorce, assets owned by a company with a single shareholder can be taken into account when dividing assets. Get in touch for advice on UK company structure planning.


Olim with passive income from outside Israel beware: the current draft of the Economic Arrangement Bill in Israel would see the exemption on reporting passive income from outside Israel, which has been in place since 2008, scrapped. Agencies such as Nefesh B'Nefesh are currently lobbying for it to be preserved.


Founded on December 26, 2012

Founded on December 26, 2012 23/05/2013

Small business spurning legal services – LSB research | The Law Gazette

Small businesses that choose not to use a lawyer suffer for it financially, in loss of income, additional costs, or loss of reputation: Just one in eight small businesses will turn to a solicitor to solve a legal problem despite many suffering financial loss as a result.


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