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Your product isn't just a list of features...it's your story, and customers need to feel they have a

I've got a feeling... 05/02/2020

I've got a feeling...

Our latest blog post: A New York Life Insurance Company Super Bowl ad with a lesson for marketers... https://www.rapidfireconsulting.com/post/i-ve-got-a-feeling

I've got a feeling... This Superbowl ad – from New York Life Insurance, no less – made my day. It just hits a nerve with me, presenting the concept of Love as manifested (universally

Our story? It's 10 years of ... you. 30/07/2019

Our story? It's 10 years of ... you.

We are celebrating 10 years! Take a few minutes to learn about what we're doing these days...and don't miss our special anniversary incentive!


Our story? It's 10 years of ... you. It’s been 10 years since I launched RapidFire Consulting & Video. You may be wondering – Jay, why’d you leave a prestigious, steady-paying job to start a consulting firm? It’s a good question…with a good answer: I was frustrated seeing businesses – and especially Israeli start-ups .....

RapidFire Consulting & Video updated their address. 19/06/2019

RapidFire Consulting & Video updated their address.

RapidFire Consulting & Video updated their address.

RapidFire Consulting & Video updated their phone number. 19/06/2019

RapidFire Consulting & Video updated their phone number.

RapidFire Consulting & Video updated their phone number.

Get Rid of Clutter! 05/03/2019

Get Rid of Clutter!

Less is more!


Get Rid of Clutter! We all – and I do mean ALL, even us! – fall into the trap of cluttering up our writing with unnecessary words or phrases. Sometimes it’s unconscious; sometimes

10 Tips For Writing…Right! 21/02/2019

10 Tips For Writing…Right!

Today's blog posting -- check out our video on 10 tips for improving your business (and non-business) writing!


10 Tips For Writing…Right! While much of our time at RapidFire Consulting & Video is spent developing business support materials from concept through ex*****on, we also help clients aroun


Words Matter: 10 Tips on How to Write Right for Business

10 Minute Video Crash Course: We edit and rewrite a LOT of business material for clients. We've discovered that even college-educated, native English speakers seem to make the same 10 mistakes when they write. Here's our list, with examples, and advice on how to write it right...

You vs. Me 13/02/2019

You vs. Me

Check out our latest RFC blog posting!

You vs. Me We were recently working on an Explainer video for a client. After numerous rounds of back and forth to get the technical details accurate while still keeping t

Rock Your Content With These 7 Songwriting Secrets 22/01/2019

Rock Your Content With These 7 Songwriting Secrets

Shout out to Ahava Aaron Leibtag at Aha Media Group for this fun and interactive article about what content storytellers can learn from the art of songwriting.

(We've now got the lyrics "Don't go chasing waterfalls" stuck in our heads!)


Rock Your Content With These 7 Songwriting Secrets Hum these seven songwriting secrets to reveal stronger storytelling and content that resonates with your audience – Content Marketing Institute

Reconsidering Stock Video 17/01/2019

Reconsidering Stock Video

Today's RFC blog is up!


Reconsidering Stock Video When we say the words “stock video,” we bet you’re making a face and thinking “cheesy!” Are we right?! You may be surprised to learn that stock video has become


It's 2019 and we no longer simply "market" our products or companies -- we tell our stories. Your website shouldn't read like a brochure. Heck, your BROCHURE shouldn't read like a brochure! And it’s downright criminal to spend time and money on a colorful, “show-don’t-tell” Explainer video only to have the script read like a brochure.

Here's a great visual to help you get your business' storytelling right.

It's Time to Share | RapidFire Consulting and Video 07/01/2019

It's Time to Share | RapidFire Consulting and Video

What's your New Year's resolution? Ours is...well, you'll just have to read our blog posting to find out!


It's Time to Share | RapidFire Consulting and Video Our New Year's resolution at RapidFire Consulting? To stop keeping our secrets to ourselves! We're going to start sharing tips about writing, presenting, market

Ready to Launch Your Story into 2019? 17/12/2018

Ready to Launch Your Story into 2019?

Just sent out our (infrequent) newsletter with some fun recent videos we produced, and announcing the addition of content guru Yael Adler to the team! Please message me if you'd like me to add you to the list - we often offer discounts, tips and freebies.... https://mailchi.mp/0911c2a40746/ready-to-launch-your-story-into-2019

Ready to Launch Your Story into 2019? 2018 had us working on hundreds of PowerPoints, websites, videos, communication plans,  infographics, white papers, and so much more. And while we love to help craft and create all these materials (the full list, describing our approach for each, is right here on our newly updated home page), we'...


How Long Should Your Explainer Video Be?

This question comes up with clients as we begin every project. The answer is not a gut feeling or personal preference; it's about how long it takes to actually get the job done. Setting a specific time limit and restricting your text to it means you might not get your message across. Here's the story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qrox_3lMu_A&t=2s

One of the most frequent questions we get from clients at RapidFire Consulting: Is there an ideal length for the animated Explainer video that tells your sto...

inc.com 07/05/2018

Jeff Bezos Banned PowerPoint in Meetings. His Replacement Is Brilliant

We've been saying this for years...our brains are wired for narrative, not bullet points. While we create text-heavy decks if a client insists, we differentiate between those and a deck used in a meeting, which we call a "trigger deck": Each slide features only single phrases and large images meant to structure the conversation, not provide its content. That's for the speaker to do. https://www.inc.com/carmine-gallo/jeff-bezos-bans-powerpoint-in-meetings-his-replacement-is-brilliant.html

inc.com Three reasons why narrative memos replaced PowerPoint at Amazon.


The Big Three...don't "start up" without them!

Here's a piece that every young startup needs to see BEFORE they get in too deep. At Rapidfire, Explainer videos are only one piece of the puzzle. We also help with the Marcomm you need to get started: Business Plans, Messaging Bibles, Powerpoints, and much more. Design is important, but can't start without the message! Please share with your favorite about-to-be-a-startup!

wix.com 24/07/2017

15 Things Designers Really Hate Hearing

Wow... The folks at Wix nailed it. I can't tell you how many times we hear these. At least it means that there's nothing at all wrong with *our* clients...it's simply the standard approach everyone is genetically pre-wired to use :-) https://www.wix.com/blog/2017/07/15-things-designers-hate-hearing/



RapidFire Consulting & Video


RapidFire Consulting & Video


The RapidFire One-Stop Shop

Here at RapidFire, we help clients create and tell their stories in about a dozen ways. It's hard to keep track of them all, so here's a refresher on how we can help you.

rapidfireconsulting.wordpress.com 19/12/2016

Me? You? Us? Them?

Here's our latest blog post, discussing an issue that came up this week with a client... as it does virtually every week as we work on carefully-crafted Explainer video scripts... https://rapidfireconsulting.wordpress.com/2016/12/19/me-you-us-them/

rapidfireconsulting.wordpress.com It’s hard to believe that it took us this long to create the notion of a “selfie”. People love to see themselves on the screen, and a selfie means you don’t need to work so…


ABC of Death (Advertising Film 2016)

Wow. We get clients who ask "can we really make a video about [sensitive/political/uncomfortable] topic related to our product?" (There's usually a way, yeah) Well Volvo just did it head-on about... DEATH. And how self-driving cars prevent it. Brilliant.

In einem kleinen englischen Dorf müssen die Bewohner sich einem ganz besonderen Alltag stellen. Seltsame Todesfälle ereignen sich und es kann jeden zu jedem ...

sethgodin.typepad.com 16/05/2016

Seth's Blog: Using video well

Couldn't agree more!



We just had a last minute delay on a project, so we're looking to fill the unexpected time. If you're planning on having a video created, this may be a good time to grab a chunky discount. First come, first serve! Please forward to anyone you may know for whom it may be relevant!


The RMU Story

Our latest video project for RoundMeUp highlights a new style we're offering. What do you think? (We designed the logo and built the website for them using Wix, as well.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okxLhFQeF2Y

blog.rapidfireconsulting.com 25/08/2014

Giving customers a peek behind the curtain...


blog.rapidfireconsulting.com In addition to promotional videos, we often help startups create newsletter and blog content to keep customers (and potential customers) engaged. Naturally, the first discussion we have with our cl...

rapidfireconsulting.wordpress.com 18/08/2014

What might you be doing wrong with your Business Plan?


rapidfireconsulting.wordpress.com Instead of talking about promotional videos today (though we did put up a new page to simplify the discussion about the styles we offer...), I wanted to briefly address a simply question: How many ...


Presented last week at MegaComm - folks asked for the presentation after the show, but my PPT used high level "triggers" so I could actually talk to the audience instead of reading from slides... here's what we discussed.


rapidfireconsulting.com 02/03/2014

RapidFire Consulting and Video

Relaunched the RapidFire Consulting website at www.rapidfireconsulting.com. Let us know what you think! The video portfolio pages still need a little work...

rapidfireconsulting.com Tell your company's story, and make your product or service matter to potential customers. Explainer videos, web copy, business plans, PDFs and PPT.

www.marketingprofs.com 30/01/2014

Five Content Marketing Takeaways From Ron Burgundy

"But that marketing campaign became an instant classic by virtue of more than just rich mahogany and real bits of panther; it owes much of its success to great content—and great content strategy."

www.marketingprofs.com Content - Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues has earned high praise for breaking new ground in marketing. It owes much of its success to great...

marketingprofs.com 30/01/2014

Eight Steps for Making 2014 Your Video Marketing Year

Is this going to be your year? Eight Steps for Making 2014 Your Year: http://ow.ly/t55rI

marketingprofs.com Content - Here's a to-do list to jump-start your video marketing and make 2014 the year you excel in video—and impress prospects, demonstrate...

fastcompany.com 28/01/2014

Mastering The Fine Art Of Getting To The Point

Psst: We only truly focus for six hours a week.
via Fast Company

fastcompany.com We only truly focus for six hours a week. Endless meetings and wordy emails are chipping away at our dwindling attention spans. Joe McCormack author...

blog.rapidfireconsulting.com 27/01/2014

$200: my biggest takeaway from SMX Israel 2014

Thanks for another great year at ! Check out Liz's thoughts on the value of 200 bucks...

blog.rapidfireconsulting.com Yesterday, Jay and I represented the RapidFire team at our second SMX Israel conference in Jerusalem. Aside from dressing up our table in ranch gear and manning it with a cowboy of sorts (some luck...

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Words Matter: 10 Tips on How to Write Right for Business
The Big Three...don't "start up" without them!
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