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Professional and fully insured car detailing service. We are also an approved dealer for Celtic Tu Mr Detail


I have been very quiet around here lately πŸ€”

I got a message today asking me if I knew anything about polishing 🀣 so it's gave me a kick up the arse.

Mr Detail "Mr Show" (the greatest show wax ever made in my opinion) is coming back AND I am going to open up some availability for polishing/correction work over the next few months.


Have you got the dreaded ad-blue warning light❓

Topping up ad-blue but range not increasing❓

Been quoted a huge amount to have the ad-blue system repaired❓

Drop me a pm and I may be able to help for a fraction of the cost.



We are an authorised dealer for Celtic Tuning. This gives you the peace of mind that we are only using the best tools and the best files.

Get in touch with any questions or to make a booking. βœ…βœ…βœ…

Drop us a pm
Or check out


I have had a couple of cancellations which means there are a rare couple of spots available.

Exterior only

Starting at €120

Pm to discuss your requirements and what I have available 🚘🚘


We have had a cancellation for Monday 29th in the Waterford area. A rare opportunity to get a mobile remap at this kind of notice these days 😎

Drop us a PM for info or to make a booking.


Sent in from a friend.

Still going strong. Maybe we should run another batch eh????


Another returning good customer. These 2 litre Volkswagens are transformed with our software.

Photos from Professional Valeters & Detailers's post 12/05/2020

βœ…βœ… Interior Cleaning βœ…βœ…

We have had so many questions regarding cleaning and sanatising vehicle interiors.

➑️ Firstly, we are not offering any extra services specifically related to the removal of germs/virus/bacteria in relation to the current situation. We believe some of the services being offered around the industry are nothing short of a gimmick to relieve you of your money.

➑️ Some interior cleaning systems may have an impact on a virus but due to the risk of cross contamination as well as any specific proof these systems work in this situation, we will not claim to have removed 100% of any virus.

➑️ We can of course offer interior cleaning as normal and should you want to discuss specifics or just want some advice please get in touch with us and we will talk about your individual needs or point you in the right direction.


We really hope to be back taking remapping appointments very soon. Unfortunatly due to us carrying out extensive mobile remapping we will not be opening in Phase 1. We are still waiting concrete advice on an exact date. We can of course still accept ecus by post.

Stay tuned & we will be giving priority to those appointments we had to cancel.

Sunrise Appeal 09/05/2020

A wonderful event that would normally have taken place this morning. If anyone is in a position to donate any small amount it would really be going to a great cause.

Sunrise Appeal Pieta urgently needs your support today to help people in suicidal distress. Just €10 can help Pieta answer one more lifesaving call. Please donate whatever you can to the Darkness Into Light Sunrise Appeal, proudly supported by Electric Ireland, at Thank you, and please ...


Nice results on the 2012-2016 model Civics.

Actual difference of 50bhp

Cost on these is €280


Well there we have it. Our path to re-opening the country. Hopefully, all going well the country will be back to its "new normal" by August 10th.

Motor trade repairs to recommence from May 18th with further retail outlets in phase 2 from June 8th.


Pretty frightening stats for the motor industry, obviously new car registrations have hit the floor.

How do we think this is going to affect the market moving forward, will sales of new cars go through the roof or will they remain slow and as a result used cars hold their value?

I'm pretty sure it'll be the latter.


Not much driving going on at the minute but let's see who drives the nicest/crazieat/thirsty daily driver?

Cool points for anything over 300bhp 😎


We are unfortunatly fully closed at the moment but we just wanted to make you aware that if there is enough interest we can start accepting ecus by postage again.

There are some limitations and a questionnaire to follow but if your confident in removing and replacing your ecu and would like to get one of the many celtic tuning proven files installed then drop us a pm.

Discounts for postal installs are in the region of 20% with free return postage.



🚘 2016 Mercedes VITO 🚘

βœ… TICKETS ONLY €20 βœ…


New Test

Fully Serviced

12 Months Warranty

€500 Donation to Winners charity of choice

Nationwide delivery

Follow the link to enter



Some info on the BMW ZF8 gearbox tuning development going on at HQ.

BMW ZF8 – GEARBOX TUNING Pioneers in ECU Remapping, Diesel Tuning, DPF Removal, Engine Tuning and Chip Tuning. Worldwide dealer network with the best performance gains in the industry.


2019 Volkswagen Passat

We also see huge improvements in mpg.


We are still currently operating as normal for remaping appointments only. Valeting and Detailing work has now all been cancelled until further notice. We have implemented what procedures we can with regard ppe in and around customers cars including sanitizing ourselves, equipment and any areas needed of vehicles being worked on.

We of course are not sure how long we can continue as it may be taken out of our hands.

Lastly, over the coming weeks/months if you are in the Cashel area and having problems with your car and need it for work etc please drop us a pm and if we can help out we will. Or at worst point you in the right direction.

Stay safe everyone.


With most events being cancelled we have the possibility of a couple of booking slots available on St Patrick's day. We have limited interaction and of course take all necessary precautions to limit the risk of the current virus spread.

Location and car dependant of course.

Drop us a pm to book.

Check out to see what we can offer.

Celtic Tuning approved dealer βœ…
Only genuine original tools βœ…
Vat receipt available βœ…


We have now remapped 3 of these here in Ireland. Is the boom back or does the cheap tax make it a sensible buying decision 😊.

Modest gains of 34bhp & 26lb/ft torque but if its available then why not have it. We absolutely love these cars and the way they drive/handle.


Audi A6 2.0 tdi our mobile van completed recently. Now with an extra 50bhp.


A huge thank you to all my customers from 2019.

I can't wait to see what new cars we are all getting ourselves in 2020.

Have a great night everyone and stay safe.

β€œWe Better Wash The Car Today” Decides Entire Nation 24/12/2019


β€œWe Better Wash The Car Today” Decides Entire Nation THE nation of Ireland in its entirety has today collectively decided to wash their cars today, WWN can confirm. Despite the limited number of car wash locations operating on Christmas eve, absolutely every car owner in …

Photos from Celtic Tuning's post 21/12/2019

The guys at HQ see savage motors everyday of the week.


Hard copy gift vouchers available as always, we can post these for next day delivery but dont leave it to late.

Any amount, any service, no time limit.

Card or PayPal

You won’t believe this is a Toyota 20/12/2019

A Toyota Yaris we would love to own.

You won’t believe this is a Toyota It’s been too long since Toyota did anything like the GR Yaris, and Naohiko Saito knows it. The car’s chief engineer is emotional as he describes his project as the first truly Toyota sports car in decades.


Happy Tuesday 😊


πŸ“ˆCar/Van Remapping πŸ“ˆ

All makes/models covered βœ…
Mobile service available βœ…
Genuine tools used βœ…
Celtic Tuning Authorised Dealer βœ…
Irish Vat registered business βœ…
14 Day money back guarantee βœ…
Mechanical warranty (new cars) βœ…

Citroen Berlingo 2016 1.6
These are a great van and our remap really transforms the drive of the 75bhp model

Drop us a pm to see what we can offer on other cars and vans.


So what do we say?

Absolute genius or genius gone absolutely mad.

He is claiming over 200,000 pre-orders already.


We love when we get the chance to remap these Passats as there is such a huge improvement.

While it seems a very large gain, these lower horsepower models are just a detuned version of the higher hp models. So we see impressive gains and all with standard parts and no hardware changes.

The price on these is €270

ECU Remap | Chip Tuning | Engine Tuning | DPF Removal | Diesel Tuning 16/11/2019

Don't forget you can check out our available remaps for all makes on models on the Celtic Tuning Website. You can request a quote direct on the site or drop us a pm here.

Remember, we offer a fully mobile nationwide service.

ECU Remap | Chip Tuning | Engine Tuning | DPF Removal | Diesel Tuning Pioneers in ECU Remapping, Diesel Tuning, DPF Removal, Engine Tuning and Chip Tuning. Worldwide dealer network with the best performance gains in the industry.

Photos from Mr Detail's post 13/11/2019

Ford Focus which received our winter protection package, customer also had some very minor seat staining removed.

Just in time for the snow and salt to cause havoc on the roads πŸ™ˆ

Photos from Mr Detail's post 11/11/2019

Small bit of interior cleaning this past weekend.




We have some spaces available for our winter exterior protection package.

Interior can be added to package if required.

Expect be be without your car for most of a day.

€50 non refundable booking deposit.

Drop us a pm or call 0857842317 to book.