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beauty with purpose We are a small design studio operating all across Croatia. We offer a wide range of varied services such as web sites, 3D visualizations, programming solutions, different forms of art & design to create a unique user experience.

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Social Media Blues

Just watch it. I do not have rights to neither the song nor the video, it's only the fan upload.


Samsung Pays Apple $1 Billion Sending 30 Trucks Full of 5 Cents Coins | TechSpy

tako se vodi biznis! PaperBlog - This morning more than 30 trucks filled up with coins of 5 cents arrived at Apple’s headquarters in California. Initially, the security company that protects the facility said it was diverted to the wrong place, but minutes later, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) received a call from Samsung CEO ex...


Make 'em Laugh! A Collection of Humorous Photography A comedic collection of humorous photography and hopefully get your day started, or turned around, with a smile and a gentle chuckle.


UICloud | User Interface Design Search Engine, UI Elements, GUI Design, Free Downloads

valuable designe resource User Interface Design Search Engine


World of Imagination: Gallery of Fantasy Digital Drawings Tour world after world of imagination via this impressive gallery of fantasy digital drawings.


Art & Design


Rap News 14: Higgs Boson (with Prof. Scott Ridley) Juice Rap News: Episode 14 - "The Waiting for Godot Particle". This civilisation's Promethean quest for ultimate meaning has tak...


ASK KEN™ - Visual Knowledge Browser
genijalana ideja! ASK KEN™ is sort of a Node-Link diagram that allows to visually navigate through interconnected topics provided by the Freebase Service. It takes advantage of the latest HTML5 features by using the canvas element for drawing.


18th Golden Drum Grand Prix Winner in group Integrated - American Rom

18th Golden Drum Grand Prix Winner in group Integrated BV MCCANN ERICKSON ROMANIA SRL (Romania) 05/06/2012

Replica Portal Gun The technology to create portals may not exist yet, but in the mean time you can use your imagination to relive all those fun puzzles with these incredibly... 20/04/2012

Intel® The Museum of Me

jednostavno prekrasno! Create and explore a visual archive of your social life.


For Your Inspiration: Beautiful Video Bliss Weekly web series to bring you a small dose of inspiration. Join us as we tap into the designer’s itch for all things artistic, trendy, and otherwise magical.


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Timeline Photos 18/04/2012

Lux Ahoy - HTML5 Game Beta Are you pirate enough to play the Lux Ahoy Beta? Cannon balls be flying' in this high seas HTML5 desktop and mobile adventure. Set sail at


Mačke kao fontovi :) 17/12/2011

let it snow - Google Search

malo e-božićnog duha :) 10/12/2011

ArsNavis featured on One Page Love

naš poslijednji projekt na one page love i wdl-u :) One Page Love is a one page website design gallery showcasing the best single page website designs from around the web.


A Google a Day

odličan način za ubijanje dosade Welcome to the new daily puzzle from Google. There is no right way to solve it, but there's only one right answer. Find the answer with your creativity and clever search skills. 27/11/2011

This Is Why Im Broke

url sve govori ThisIsWhyImBroke is where you will find cool gift ideas, unique products, and awesome birthday and christmas gift ideas 25/11/2011

ROME “3 Dreams of Black”

web gl vs flash?
close call! Check out “3 Dreams of Black” – a new an interactive film by Chris Milk. With music from the album “Rome” by Danger Mouse, Daniele Luppi, featuring Jack White and Norah Jones.


Non-Trashy Recycled and Trash Art | Webdesigner Depot Artists are usually ahead of the curve when it comes to being green. The artists featured here exclusively use recycled and/or trash to make pieces of 06/11/2011

The Wilderness Downtown Check out Arcade Fire's new interactive HTML5 music experience, “The Wilderness Downtown”. 05/11/2011

AIDES - Sexy Fingers

brilijantan sajt sa jasnom porukom :p Sexy Fingers is an information website on the rapid HIV testing, organized by AIDES association, in partnership with the agency JWT 04/11/2011

Green Any Site - Do something good for the planet, every time you shop online

za čišći okoliš With Green Any Site, you can easily donate a portion of any online purchase to the environment. It’s free, there’s nothing to install, and it takes just a click each time you buy something.


Logorama: A Short Film With Animated Logos Logorama is a short film with animated corporate logos made by H5. 26/10/2011

New Software System for Realistically Adding Objects Into Photos Researcher Kevin Karsch and his team at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are developing a software system that lets users easily insert objects into photographs, complete with convinc...


VERSUS - Ramboy vs Terminatoy

Robot from the future versus Hero from Jungles. Animation series Versus by No pain. No fear. Versus


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Other Graphic Design in P**a (show all)
STUDIO11 - fotografija/video/dizajn STUDIO11 - fotografija/video/dizajn
Borik 2
P**a, 52100

FOTO / VIDEO / GRAFIČKI DIZAJN -> snimanje iz zraka i sa tla, fotografiranje i snimanje nekretnina, događaja, sportskih aktivnosti, vjenčanja... Izrada i realizacija dizajna svih elemenata vizualnog identiteta - #designedtolast

NuNu Production NuNu Production
P**a, 52100

Foto i video produkcija, marketing, medijske djelatnosti i odnosi s javnošću temelj su našeg posl
Sv. Teodora 2
P**a, 52100

Agencija za nekretnine na području južne Istre - prodaja i kupnja nekretnina. Izrada, redizajn, održavanje i nadogradnje web stranica i web trgovina, uz optimizaciju web stranica za Google tražilicu.

Virus Art Core Virus Art Core
Koparska Ulica 58
P**a, 52100

Video and audio production

ŠLEZINGER knjigovodstvo ŠLEZINGER knjigovodstvo
Radićeva 40
P**a, 52100

Stručna, pouzdana i pristupačna usluga knjigovodstva.

Cirrus Information Technologies Cirrus Information Technologies
P**a, 52100

Cirrus is a new generation Web Solutions, Mobility and Cloud Services company. Delivering enterprise IT solutions, software and IT support.

Addictive Media Design Studio Addictive Media Design Studio
Koparska 31
P**a, 52100

Have you ever wondered from where all that stunning graphics came from?
P**a, 52100

Full-stack web development agency. As a full-stack web development agency we develop web strategy, create unique visuals and build all kinds of web apps.

Mini party Mini party

Personalizirane bombonjere i pokloni. Design & izrada, cake popsi, cake pops buketi .... Organizacija, koordinacija, dekoracije, sve za tematski party

Cirrus Cirrus
Stiglicheva Ulica 28
P**a, 52100

Cirrus obrt za informatičke djelatnosti

Studio Miriam Studio Miriam
P**a, 52100

Obrt za fotografske usluge plod je preko trideset godina fotografskog i fotoreporterskog iskustva osnivača i vlasnika obrta Borisa Grahovca.

Ulisys d.o.o. Ulisys d.o.o.
Svete Felicite 5 A
P**a, 52100

ULISYS d.o.o.