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Videos by Service To Humanity. Today's Children Our Future in Skeldon. We are a register NGO since 2018/04/19. We are helping the Children of the Laid off Sugar Workers,sin

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak to all our Muslims brothers and sisters.
To our sponsors and donors thank u for your kindness during Ramadan.
From STH coordinator and team

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Eid Mubarak
Eid Mubarak to all our Muslims brothers and sisters. To our sponsors and donors thank u for your kindness during Ramadan. From STH coordinator and team

Help Omawattie Bissessar
Service TO Humanity, "Today's Children Our Future" is kindly asking assistance for Miss Omawattie Bissessar, a woman who undergo surgery and her house burnt down. She is currently unable to work and she has to support two small children. S.T.H is kindly asking the general public to support this worthy cause. For more information please contact the coordinator of S.T.H on 6224528. . ***Please note that S.T.H have full approval to post this video by the person featuring in the video to the general public***

Some of 2020 review
For 2020 STH have involve in many actives such as hamper distribution,meals,stationaries,visitation to sick,facemasks,toy drive,clothes drive,visitation to orphanage, distribution of quarbannie meat many other actives. I pray that 2021 bring better and more help for people through our ngo

Some of our 2020 year of review
Some of our review for 2020

❤️The Administrator of Service To Humanity, “Today’s Children Our Future” reciting a Hindu prayer🖤We welcome the divine grace and blessings of Kaali Maa into our lives🥰She is the one that will protect and guide and rid us of all obstacles in our path🌹We offer thanks and praises to the universal mother as she allowed a smooth proceeding of today’s event so as to not let the mouth of her children go dry💯And more blessings will follow in the near future🤗 #STH #STH_Hamper_Distribution #We_Care #Battle_Covid19

💝As we believe that all god is one❤️STH is expressing a heart felt thank you to this beautiful young lady for reciting a Christian prayer🌹Thus entering to our mix the Heavenly Father and Our Holy Lord Jesus Christ💯It is with his blessings that we are given our daily bread and as such we have this small small mercy until a bigger one comes by🥰 #STH #STH_Hamper_Distribution #We_Care #Battle_Covid19

Service To Humanity Hamper Distribution🌹
💯Today at 1 pm☝️Service To Humanity, “Today’s Children Our Future” is proud to have commence the distribution of 220 Hampers throughout the length and breath of Corriverton💝As we commence our event, it is important to welcome the presence of God into the gathering to bless us all❤️Thanking brother Roy of the Muslim community for a prayer to commence our event🖤Inshallah☪️ #STH #STH_Hamper_Distribution #We_Care #Battle_Covid19

🌹The founder and coordinator of Service To Humanity, “Today’s Children Our Future” Ms. Shanta Ramona Youngkam addressing the recipients of the hampers😌STH acknowledge and wishes to extent heart felt thank you to her for all her hard work because without her and her donors none of this would have been possible☝️Excuse her for getting a little emotional but it is indeed a hard time for us all and seeing people suffering breaks the heart of many💝STH acknowledge the public to support us as well as pray for the world❤️ #STH #We_Care #Battle_Covid19

❤️Service To Humanity, “Today’s Children Our Future” today distributed 220 hampers over the length and breath of Corriverton🌹To kick off the event, S.T.H’s sole administrator, Chief of Research and Development Technologies and Head of Equality Studies-Mr. Lakhnarayan Bhagarathi #Ryan addressing the gathering of proud receivers of the hampers and calling the event open🥰

🖤S.T.H Earth Hour 2020❤️
Join with Service To Humanity, “Today’s Children Our Future” as we celebrate Earth Hour 2020. The Earth Hour event is held annually encouraging individuals, communities, and businesses to turn off electricity for one hour, from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. on a specific day towards the end of March, as a symbol of commitment to the planet.That day is today 28th March, 2020. #Earth_Hour_2020 #Save_the_Earth #Protect_our_Planet #STH_Administrator . We do not have the copyright for the music

Administrator of STH
❤️Two years ago,the idea to lend a hand to make life better for others was proposed💯And on January 29th, 2018 that dream became a reality👌It was the birth of this prestigious NGO-Service To Humanity, “Today’s Children Our Future”❣️The establishment of this NGO entails to assist the displaced sugar workers children who were laid off due to the closure of GUYSUCO and underprivileged members of the community🙏Special thanks to our anonymous sponsorer and donors for whatever contribution(s) you made in anyway, big or small just for the sake of bettering the lives of others🖤Amman Kateri will ensure you are rewarded for your good deeds💎Heart felt thanks also goes out to our coordinators, founders, administrator, volunteers, thrustees🥰S.T.H over the past two years have been engaged in a wide range of studious tasks which are as follow: Distribution of over 30,000+ meals that continues to increase to date, clothes drive, book drives, hampers distribution, students sponsorship, medical supply distribution, stationery distribution, bag pack distribution, funeral assistance, arts and craft and cake designing classes for kids and adults, lessons for students of Secondary Schools, kids social, Ramadan Feedings, Orphanage and Dharamshala assistances, etc.🔥It’s been a privilege for myself to serve this NGO as its current sole administrator for two consecutive years since establishment😍And I will continue to do so with heart felt ease I might add for as long as I have health, strength and the blessings of this divine mother😘 . #Service_To_Humanity❤️ #STH❤️ #Administrator❤️ #Admin❤️ #2_Years❤️ #NGO❤️ . #Legit_Boss👑 #Not_Like_Most💎 #Ryan🔥 #Blackheart🖤 #King_of_Hearts❤️ #Evolution💯 #Limited_Edition🥵 #Stoneheart🥀 Thank u once more