The Loving Pharmacy- Pharmacare

The Loving Pharmacy- Pharmacare

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All Document Center & Vital Care
All Document Center & Vital Care
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Hello Goodnight. In searching for vets in Guyana, you came up in the list. Do you have a vet attached to the pharmacy?
I love going to the Loving Pharmacy-Pharmacare. The staff is excellent, courteous, knowledgeable and mannerly. Dr Love is in the United States and he is doing everything in his power to make this pharmacy as best as it could be. We rely on the support of the customers. Please come by and see the numerous deals being offered here. Thanks.

State of the art pharmacy in Guyana that tries to mimic the type of care that is offered in Industrialized countries worldwide. We are Loving and Friendly.

Operating as usual

[03/28/16]   Happy Easter to all the loving people out there from Dr Love and the staff of The Loving Pharmacy 14/02/2016

93.1 Real FM - 93.1 Real FM My Valentine Competition! - Rajesh Persaud

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93.1 Real FM - 93.1 Real FM My Valentine Competition! - Rajesh Persaud
Dr Love and Mrs Love loves falling in love over and over again especially on February 14th each year for Valentine's Day
thanks Dr Love and Mrs Love loves falling in love over and over again especially on February 14th each year for Valentine's Day

[08/08/15]   Just wanna wish all of our Loving customers a loving weekend. Thanks for your continued support.

[07/29/15]   Also available you can ask for other novelties both for men and women.....


Spice up your night life by adding this novelty to your collection at the Loving Pharmacy...


New sensations available at the Loving Pharmacy.. Come try it out and experience it for yourself....

[07/22/15]   Health Tip for today... Did you know that Obesity and just being Overweight is a risk factor for Heart Disease as well as Diabetes mellitus?? Well, it turns out that lowering your body weight correlates with a good outcome (meaning less heart disease and diabetes). Therefore why not make the first step towards a lower body weight and looking better also? Step in the name of LOVE into the Loving Pharmacy and ask us about our weight loss products and our exercise program for weight loss. We also have a fitness instructor who can assist you in your goals as well as a fitness center on premises...Love yourself, because if you don't who will??

[07/21/15]   Health Tip for today..... Did you know that an elevated cholesterol level above 200 in your blood leads to an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes (which collectively is the number one cause of death worldwide) ??? Please have your total cholesterol checked and managed accordingly. It is desired to be well below 200....
The Loving Pharmacy can perform this simple test and give you immediate results. It is preferable to be fasting from midnight the night before. We also have a variety of cholesterol lowering agents available for your health.

[07/21/15]   Thanks to all new visitors to our page. We value your opinions and business. It would be a great help to us if you can help us by inviting all your Fb friends to visit our page.....
Also, if you ever have a health related topic you would like discussed or clarified, please do not hesitate to contact us.....As always, you are our primary concern. Please don't forget to say," I love you" to all those you love....

[07/20/15]   Health Tip for today....Please have your blood pressure checked and if it is high ( greater than 140 systolic or greater than 90 diastolic), please seek medical attention for ways to lower your blood pressure. Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is a SILENT KILLER. Please don't wait for symptoms to develop before attempting to treat it, for it may be too late.....
Just some free friendly advise from your local pharmacy...
Have a Loving Day

[07/20/15]   First of all the staff of The Loving Pharmacy- Pharmacare wishes to thank all of you who has visited and liked our page. We thank you for your interest. Our goal is to provide you, our customers, with the best pharmaceutical service as can be achieved. To this end we strife, but we depend on your input and your continued opinions and feedback. If you have a suggestion please let us know. Also we love to hear feedback about your experience with our establishment.

[07/20/15]   Happy Eid to all my Muslim friends and family and customers with LOVE......


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Just a regular day of Loving Care...



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