Youth Ambassadors Guyana 2018

Youth Ambassadors Guyana 2018

A group of vibrant World Learning Youth Ambassador Program Alumni dedicated to building bridges, spre


Our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who have perished and sustained injuries in the Mahdia School dormitory fire.

- Youth Ambassador Cohort of 2018


Photos from Youth Ambassadors Guyana 2018's post 25/08/2022

We are delighted to announce that Project Jumpstart 2 (2022) has successfully concluded.

Ambassador Sarah Ann Lynch spoke with mentors, mentees and workshop facilitators during the virtual closing ceremony held today.

The Ambassador thanked the mentors and workshop facilitators who volunteered their time and expertise to the career mentorship program and encouraged the mentees to use the opportunity and experiences they gained through their mentorship to propel themselves into their desired career pathways.

The Youth Ambassadors 2018 Cohort expresses profound gratitude to all the workshop facilitators, mentors and mentees for making Project Jumpstart 2 possible. Additionally, we thank the US Embassy Georgetown for supporting us in our endeavours to empower young people in Guyana.

This year Project Jumpstart benefitted in excess of 145 mentees who were mentored by 70+ mentors and coached by 7 workshop facilitators.



We express our profound gratitude to Elsie Harry who is no stranger to Project Jumpstart. Elsie returned this year to share with participants practical steps they can take to achieve their educational goals. We would like to thank her for sharing her knowledge and expertise with the participants and look forward to working with her in the future

Project Jumpstart 2


Last evening participants had the opportunity to meet and engage with Ryan Hoppie who facilitated the workshop session: Resume Writing and Interview Preparation. Participants had the opportunity to work on developing effective resumes that would certainly help them to achieve their academic and career goals.

Thank you for supporting Project Jumpstart 2 Ryan!


Photos from Youth Ambassadors Guyana 2018's post 25/06/2022

Congratulations to Youth Ambassadors Program alumna Raquel Meenkum!

"Say hello to our 2022 Young Influencers! | Thirty (30) youths from across all ten regions of Guyana were officially inducted as Young Influencers in the Young Influencer Programme.

Each new Young Influencer had the honour of being inducted by Hon. Dr Vindhya Persaud along with diginiatries and special invitees:

- His Excellency, Ambassador Fernando Ponz Cantó; Ambassador to the Eurpoean Union
- Chargee d’Affaires, Ms Caroline Mireault; High Commission of Canada
- Deputy Chief of Mission, Mr. Mark Cullinane; United States
- Deputy Representative, Mr. Ray Davidson; Deputy UK High Commissioner
- Head of Chancery, Mr. Sunil Kumar Singh, Indian High Commission
- Deputy Representative, Mr. Irfan Aktar

The Young Influencer Programme developed by Hon. Dr Vindhya Persaud, provides education and training pathways for development, integrated public engagement, and outreaches acting to promote young people's competencies and skills.

Young Influencers are selected through an application process. Each applicant was required to introduced themselves in a short essay, highlight their experience in community service, their hobbies, communication and creative skills.

They also needed to demonstrate how they intend to use the platform of the Young Influencer Programme to make an impact in Guyana.

Out of almost 100 applications, 30 were selected.

United Nations Guyana
High Commission of Canada to Guyana and Suriname
UK in Guyana - British High Commission, Georgetown
U.S. Embassy Guyana
Delegation of the European Union in Guyana"


Closing off this week's workshops was a presentation from Aretha Majeed which was aimed at providing information about studying in USA. We express our gratitude to Aretha for her guidance shared with participants on the prospects of studying in the USA.

Thank you for your continued support for Project Jumpstart.

Project Jumpstart 2


We are very grateful for the expertise of business coach and fellow alumni of State, Keon Smith, for delivering an excellent presentation on budgeting and financial management.

Project Jumpstart 2



"Your net worth is based on your network."

This week's workshop session commenced with the 'Professional Networking' workshop. We would like to thank our very capable workshop facilitator, Christell Chesney for equipping the participants with the skills and knowledge they need to create and maintain effective and healthy professional networks.


This year Sara Bharrat returned to Project Jumpstart 2 to share her knowledge, expertise and infectious positive vibes with our participants. Effective communication was never more effectively communicated.

Session #2 Effective Communication ✔️


This evening we commenced the series of workshops for Project Jumpstart 2. Our first facilitator was the phenomenal Lyndell Danzie - Black who delivered an impactful session. Participants' enthusiastic engagement was the highlight of the session.

Leadership ✔️



Please note🖋📧

Photos from Youth Ambassadors Guyana 2018's post 19/05/2022

Applications for Project Jumpstart are now closed!

Applicants are advised to look out for an email from us very soon! 😊

Project Jumpstart 2 Mentee Application Form 03/05/2022

“There was an error on the form previously released. If you already filled it out and did not get to input your email please send us an email at [email protected] with your name and email address. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Updated link:

Project Jumpstart 2 Mentee Application Form Project Jumpstart 2 is a career mentorship program coordinated by the 2018 Youth Ambassadors Cohort. This program, now in its second edition, connects aspiring young people, who are eager to jumpstart their careers, with trained experts from a variety of professional backgrounds.

Photos from Youth Ambassadors Guyana 2018's post 03/05/2022


Are you ready to take your career planning to the next level? 💼🙌🎓

Well this program is just for you!

Project Jumpstart: Boosting careers, realizing goals

Apply now!
Updated Application link:

Timeline photos 17/08/2021

Do you have questions about studying Business in the US?

Register Now for tomorrow’s EducationUSA webinar!

Business and management studies ranks among the top five areas of study for international students. Join us on August 17 at 3pm local time to learn everything you need to consider when applying to business programs in the United Statesincluding admissions and funding. Our guest, Brian Stelbotsky from Boise State University will also discuss bridging business and other areas of interests.

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Photos from Youth Ambassadors Guyana 2018's post 30/06/2021

Here’s a summarized report on the Project Jumpstart journey!

In total, the programme encompassed 55 mentors and 213 participants in 43 different career paths.
Graphic Design done by: Raquel Meenkum (YA 2018 Alumna)

Photos from Youth Ambassadors Guyana 2018's post 30/06/2021

As we end the Project Jumpstart journey we would like to give our sincerest thanks to all those professionals who volunteered their service as Career Mentors and as Workshop Facilitators.

Their contributions to the personal and professional development of our 213 participants have been invaluable!

Graphic design done by: Raquel Meenkum

Photos from Youth Ambassadors Guyana 2018's post 30/06/2021

Project Jumpstart has officially come to an end 🥳

Project Jumpstart was a 6-week Career Mentorship Programme for youth in Guyana hosted by the Youth Ambassadors 2018 Alumni in collaboration with the US Embassy-Georgetown.

The programme provided participants with training in general career skills, and paired them with established professionals in their desired career paths for personalized mentorship.

It has truly been a remarkable journey for all of our partners, mentors, workshop facilitators and participants!

Our YA Team, who have been insturumental in the ex*****on of this project, include:
Rawletta Tatyana Barrow
Manisha Singh
Raquel Meenkum
Ruth Ann Waddell
Daniel Narsaiah
Naomi Marshall
André Ramaldo

Photos from Youth Ambassadors Guyana 2018's post 13/04/2021

We express our gratitude to the following individuals for willingly giving their time, energy and support in Phase One of Project Jumpstart. Participants were given the privilege to interact with some of Guyana's best young leaders and learn from their expertise.

Today culminates a three weeks workshop session which covered several career-focused areas: Effective Communication, Professional Networking, Education USA, Budgeting, Leadership, Resume and Interview Preparation and Achieving Educational Goals.

We thank Sara Bharrat, Hubert Forrester, Aretha Majeed, Keon Smith, Rosh Khan, Ryan Hoppie and Elsie Harry for delivering impressive presentations. We also thank the US Embassy - Georgetown for its continued support.

Thank you Youth Ambassador alumna Raquel Meenkum for your brilliant work with creating the bio data sheets.


Project Junpstart Applicants are encouraged to check their emails for recent correspondence from us. 😊

If you do not see an email in your inbox, check your spam/junk folders.

Thank you!


Applications for Project Jumpstart are now closed!

Applicants are advised to look out for an email from us very soon! 😊



Are you ready to take your career planning to the next level? 💼🙌🎓

Well this program is just for you!

Project Jumpstart: Boosting careers, realizing goals

Apply now by clicking the link below!


This is our message to you on Earth Day 2020


Today is Earth Day, take some time to read through this poem written by alumnus Daniel Narsaiah.

What can you do in your daily life to help sustain Earth?

Nature's Plea- A Cry For Mercy

The world is changing
And it isn't for the best
Pollution like a virus multiplies
As all other organisms are being laid to rest
Both benevolents and pests

Emissions are clogging lungs and spiracles alike
It's constantly getting harder to breathe
The ozone is disappearing like
Twilight before the night

As dawn breaks sunrise is replaced by smog
While trees are slaughtered for logs
Less oxygen, that's the way it is
Yet, we humans choose to remain in our bliss

Species are dying
Extinction rapidly occuring
Trillions forever gone
And they could've been saved without a gun

Clouds laden, float adrift
Acid pours from the skies
Causing corrosion and confusion
In agriculture and metalworking

Food securities slump,
Produce is lost
All due to unpredictable storms
And inexplicable droughts

Every tsunami kills scores
Every hurricane ravages thousands,
Every earthquake decimates millions
Every new disease razes billions

With ice caps melting,
The lungs of the Earth burning,
Tectonic plates below churning
We stand no chance but through surrendering

To nature's demands
And solving the problems we brought about
Survival is impossible
The very thought unspeakable

In a world with these changes
An inevitable bleak future awaits
Unless humans evolve
In order to nature's wrath sate.

Done by: Daniel Narsaiah


May we strive to foster peace among all the peoples of the world.


Happy International Youth Day to the entire Youth Ambassadors Program Family.

Remember "Youth Can Move the Word."


We wish the 2019 Cohort of Youth Ambassadors and Mentor the very best of experiences as they commence the Youth Ambassadors Exchange Program in the US.

Have fun!!

Photos from Youth Ambassadors Guyana 2018's post 23/07/2019

“It is our collective and individual responsibility … to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live.”
—Dalai Lama

In accordance with this responsibility, ‘Environmental Awareness’ was the key focus of Part 2 of the “Initiating Change in Youths” workshop series, held on June 17th, 2019, with 20 Grade 6 students of All Saints Primary School!

Photos from Youth Ambassadors Guyana 2018's post 23/07/2019

Scenes from the “Initiating Change in Youths” workshop series, hosted by our New Amsterdam YAs: Raquel Meenkum and Daniel Narsaiah on June 10th and 12th, 2019!

The workshops, which targeted 25 Grades 8 and 10 students of the Berbice High School tackled the topics, ‘Leadership’ and ‘Self and Interpersonal Relationships’, with the aim of helping students to explore their own identity and the roles they can play in transforming their school and community at large.


Happy Independence Day


Today Youth Ambassadors from Berbice commence their community project with students from All Saints Primary and Berbice High School. Leadership and Environmental Awareness are the focus areas during the three days workshop. We wish them the best!


The beginning of what we would eventually cherish as a great experience. The YAP- Caribbean 2018 has profoundly shaped and reshaped our thinking. Youth Ambassador Naomi Marshall not present for this photo.


YA2018 Student Workshop - North Georgetown Secondary School

Student Perspectives

“During the workshop experience, I felt very inspired and confident. It taught me about different topics that I already knew but with more in depth details. This experience was very helpful in every aspect of life and made me view the world in a different perspective. Also, with the knowledge that I have obtained; I am very eager to change the views of my fellow colleagues during my project within my school and society.”
15 years old


YA2018 Student Workshop - North Georgetown Secondary School

Student Perspectives

“I must say it was quite an experience to sit and listen to topics that are prevalent in our society, this workshop definitely opened my thinking into a bigger and wider perspective . Not only was this workshop informative but we got to engage in activities which made it more fun and interactive for my peers and I ... From the last day forward we will make a difference to society and be an agent of change.”
15 years old


YA2018 Student Workshop - North Georgetown Secondary School

Student Perspectives

“I would first like to thank the Youth Ambassador Program for making all of this a fun and learning experience. I remembered on the first day I did not want to be there, but I’m glad I did because it taught me a lot about life and changed my perspective on it . The most important lesson to me that was displayed was on disability. This topic really touched me and educated me more about children or anyone who is suffering from a disability. And I would also like to thank Mr Singh for sharing his story and imparting us with his knowledge which shaped my thinking even more on this topic.
And with all of that said I would like to thank the Youth Ambassadors once more for making all of this possible.
Thank You.”
15 years old


YA2018 Student Workshop - North Georgetown Secondary School

Student Perspectives

“To be very honest this workshop was like a gift from God. It has changed my thinking and exposed me to alot of things. So much was learned during that period; dealing with peer pressure, bullying and promoting equality among differently-abled individuals. I also learned alot about leadership and how to make a difference in society. Each activity was fun yet informative.”
15 years old


YA2018 Student Workshop - North Georgetown Secondary School

Student Perspectives

“Well I came the second day when the special guest Mr Singh talked about persons with disabilities. That session taught me about a lot of things that I didn’t know about persons with disabilities which includes their rights, sports they can play that never came to our mind, and a lot more.
On the next day you guys talked about peer pressure which shaped my thinking differently ever since the 11th April, 2019. As of this day I can definitely say that I can give some one guidance to having a positive life.”
15 years old


YA2018 Student Workshop -North Georgetown Secondary School

Student Perspectives

“First off I would like to thank the members of the Youth Ambassadors Program of 2018 for making this experience an unforgettable one. I went into this workshop with a negative mind saying why do I need to go to this, but after the first day I saw what they had planned and how well they executed, I fell in love.
I learnt a lot. I can’t begin to talk about how much I learnt and gained from this experience. I totally recommend joining this program or just taking part in this amazing experience.”

- Le Shae
14 years old

Photos from Youth Ambassadors Guyana 2018's post 12/04/2019

This week our Georgetown YAs quite successfully completed a 3-day Student Workshop with 3rd and 4th Form students of North Georgetown Secondary School. The workshop focused on the themes: Bullying, Disability Awareness and Peer Pressure. Students were exposed to a host of fun activities, games and discussion groups, which were all aimed at building leadership, social awareness and project planning skills. They were also given the opportunity to plan their own projects to be carried out within their school. Hosting the workshop were our three amazing YAs in Georgetown: Rawletta Barrow, Manisha Singh and Ruth Waddell.

Special gratitude is extended to the US Embassy Georgetown for their continued guidance and support with this initiative; Mr. Ganesh Singh, who made an informative presentation to the students on his personal experience with Disability Awareness in Guyana; our Linden YA, Naomi Marshall, who enthusiastically came to assist on Day 3; and to our Berbice YA Raquel Meenkum and Daniel Narsaiah and Mentor André Ramaldo, who were there every step of the way to provide advice and encouragement.

PC: Vishani Ragobeer (YA2017)

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