Rosh Khan

Rosh Khan


🎉🎉🎉🎉Congratulations to RK’s Guyana Security Services Training Committee led by Director AC Lall and Mr. Glasgow DSM- Disciplinary Service Man.

They were involved in intensive training of Security Ranks at the Diamond Hospital Complex. They were trained for Security Management; Techniques on how to deal with persons with Temper and violent attitudes, use of the Baton, both metal and wooden Batons in self-defense techniques while at the same time not creating major bodily harm.
Rosh Khan AC Lall Latchmin Khan Irzad Zamal
Well we hope that these Tagman Team Members mastered the class at the Masterclass Institute. Now we expect to see some more class from these masters come Monday. Congratulations from the rest of the team. Rosh Khan, Andrea Krieger, Normel Toney
Happiest of birthdays to you Rosh Khan. I am truly in awe of your ability to captivate your audience in whatever arena. May you continue to be blessed with this gift. Have a great day.
We are thankful to Dr Rosh Khan (@rosh_khan ) of The Masterclass Institute - Covey Training Center and Social Rank Media for speaking to our aspiring animators, artists and game developers on #Entrepreneurship and #ProductManagement. We are using our Summer Camps to teach and empower our youth participants about the importance of #monetizing their creative skills and products, and the #CreativeIndustries as a whole. Thank you Dr Khan 🚀🚀🚀 #2019 #Guyana #Animation #Network @ University of Guyana
Congratulations on your nuptials.🔔🎶💖
#DWCS2018 Rosh Khan pioneer of this movement
The Masterclass Institute
Social Media Marketing by SocialRank Media:


Two days ago I needed a “Social Media for Dummies” Hand Book. (Note the past tense).

Thanks to the knowledgeable Mr. Rosh Khan, whose MASTER CLASS Training has now made me an expert at Social Media Marketing, THE SMALL BUSINESS BUREAU will resonate in the minds of Guyanese.

I recommend this programme to all Public and Private sector organisations, willing to expand their marketing horizon, utilising the flexibility and cost effectiveness of Social Media platforms.
Hats Off to Mr. Rosh Khan…
Rosh, when is your next class starting? Thanks!
Hey good looking
Rosh I like your post but some people dream big but are afraid to venture out on their own for various reasons

I simplify all that fancy "business talk" into easy-to-understand and actionable tips so you can finally start, fix, or grow your business. Firstly, I know there are MANY people you can follow, MANY sites you can read, and MANY resources you can soak up.

So let me THANK YOU. I seriously appreciate you stopping by here and checking out this website. On this page, I’m supposed to tell you a bunch of “fancy stuff” about me so I can earn your trust. You know, do that humble-brag thing. Fair enough? Let’s go. So Who Am I? Always wanting to help and make the world a better place, I decided to go to Medical School. I graduated with my Medical Degree at a

Operating as usual

Photos from Rosh Khan's post 06/10/2020

"We must recognize that bias is a fact of life and that it must be addressed — within ourselves as well as with others."

One of the incredible experiences with being part of the global FranklinCovey family is that I get to participate on the global launch teams for new books which go on to become international bestsellers. 'Unconscious Bias' is the most powerful body of work I've read in a long time.

Lots more to come as we intentionally address and discuss bias, diversity, and inclusion.


Part 3: How To Sell Right Now + The Perfect Example

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. No sales, no business. I get it. But with the current climate, are you guilty of being insensitive, possibly alienating your prospects and customers? Here are some tips on how to market and sell effectively right now.

1. EMPATHISE with Your Prospects & Customers

The public fear is very real. Put yourself in the mindset of your prospects. Is the message you’re sharing the one they need to hear right now? Is it possible you’re being tone-deaf and insensitive with your offers and deals?

2. PRACTICE Empathic Selling

Position your offer from a place of service, rather than fear. Fear tactics may get short term sales, but they destroy long term relationships and trust. Don’t just talk about “putting your customer first” – actually do it. Refrain from price-gouging! Be ethical.

3. EMBRACE Content Marketing

Instead of going straight for an offer, what content can you create that actually shows your product/service in action? What can you teach? With more people home than ever before, they’re all plugged in. Think about how you can create videos, graphics, and posts to educate and entertain. Adopt a mindset of service.

4. SHARE the Inside Scoop

What are you doing as a business to put your employees and customers first? What safety and security measures have you already put in place or will put in place? Tell the world! This is your opportunity to show your ability to be nimble and agile.

5. REDUCE the Hurdles

It’s all about deliveries right now! What are you doing to add delivery options to your business? How are you using online tools through your website and social media channels to reduce friction so more can purchase from you? Don’t make it harder – make it easier.

Let me be clear: I am not saying that you shouldn't market or sell. It's not insensitive to sell. It's HOW you do it that maters. Be ethical -- remember that buying is an option.


A perfect example of a local business doing it right is Java Coffee Bar from Evie Kanhai-Gurchuran and Miguel Gurchuran.

I encourage you to take a look at their page. You’ll see an ad about what they’re doing to make it safe and secure for everyone. You’ll also see a discount for deliveries. It’s genius at every level. Well-done Team Java!


Need help re-calibrating your business systems? Have questions? Drop me a DM. Also, check out our FREE resources at


LET’S TAKE A STEP BACK [PART 2 - Long Post Disclaimer!]

Yesterday, we talked about a 3P Framework (PAUSE. PREPARE. PROTECT) and the power of CASH. If you haven’t read that, please check it out. Today, we’re talking about ‘Contraction vs Expansion’ and how to ‘Follow The Money’. Let’s dive in.


It may be tempting to start contracting your business. Don’t. This is not the time for a knee-jerk reaction that leads to down-sizing.

Focus on FACTS -- not fears.

I’d like to challenge you to think about ‘strategic expansion’ – which means you’ll start objectively analysing the situation, trimming the excess where necessary, and doubling down on core competencies and market opportunities.

Think about this: When other businesses are contracting and pulling back, who’s filling that space?

The market has needs – in an economic downturn or not.

This moment provides a market opportunity for you and your business to meet these needs through your services and products.

Whatever you do, please be ETHICAL. Money is the byproduct of the VALUE that you create.



Remember that in every crisis, there is opportunity.

Think about money it in terms of OCEAN CURRENTS. What are the “currents of commerce” for Guyana?

Where IS money currently flowing and/or where WILL money be flowing?

Think about this: Who are potential partners? What economic alliances can you create?

Some possible areas of focus:

- Housing (This isn’t just about providing accommodations and/or materials but also offering cleaning, electrical and plumbing services. Think about overall home care services.)

- Food (People still need to eat. Are you growing/selling produce? What about offering food products? If you cook/cater, why aren’t you also delivering?)

- Security (In any economic downturn, fear kicks in. People want safety and security. Can you offer security services, monitoring, CCTV, or electronic systems?)

- Transportation & Delivery Services (People still want to be connected. If they can’t go get it, they’ll call someone to bring it. This is an excellent time to focus on transportation and courier services.)

- Healthcare (With heightened awareness about personal healthcare, what products and services can you provide? Can you offer at-home services?)

- Education (Schools are closing. Can you provide online tutoring and/or access to online resources?)

- Technology & Support Services (Businesses and organisations need help more than ever right now. Can you help businesses adopt a technology first approach? Do you handle website development or digital marketing? Step up and provide services.)

Also, don’t forget that our oil and gas sector will continue to grow. Due to the slump in oil prices, the pace of growth is up for debate, but growth is inevitable. More investments are yet to be made. Peripheral industries stand to benefit.

For those who trade and have resources to invest, explore stocks. See which indexes make sense to you. You can also learn how and when to buy a futures put option.

BOTTOM LINE: Don’t just focus on the short term wins. Plan for the medium and long term as well.


For business owners and leaders, let's dive into some more detailed tips:

- Take care of your current and existing clients. Go above and beyond to over deliver.

70% of companies say it's cheaper to retain a customer than acquire one, while others have suggested that the cost of acquiring a new customer can be as much as seven times more expensive.

- Review the hard numbers and projections. Get comfortable with the new reality. This also means you may have to make tough choices as it relates to staff.

- Don’t immediately let staff go without thinking it through. Can they work remotely? Are there paid and unpaid leave options?

- Look at “agile” options for staff management. Be fair. Find the win-win.

- Do NOT stop marketing. This is absolutely critical. Go ALL-IN on digital marketing. More people are going to be online. When competitors are pulling back on their marketing budgets, think about doubling-down!

- Create 30-day sales goals. Focus on lead indicators (i.e., activities that are measurable and predictable). Do NOT wait to "review" the sales till the end of the month when it's already too late.

- Don’t let your receivables pile up. Start collections as early as possible. Cash flow is critical.

- Add value instead of increasing your price.

- Offer complementary services to increase your “Average Order Value” and “Customer Lifetime Value”. Offer savings for upfront payment, especially if you have a subscription-based business.

- Review your supply chain process and your inventory management practices. Do you need to review forecasting and make different decisions?

It must also be mentioned: Please ensure your credit is in good shape. Pay your bills. Talk to your bank, if necessary. A poor credit score may affect your ability to get a loan down the road. (For more information, get in touch with CreditInfo.)

Think about where you can EXPAND as it relates to building skillsets. What did you want to work on before that you didn't have the "time" to do it. Focus on it now.

Friends, this is a time of preparation. Winters don’t last forever. It’s a cycle.


Stay tuned for Part 3 where we’ll focus on how to LEAD during these uncertain times and how to come out ahead.

If you missed Part 1, here’s the link:


If this post offered any value in any way, drop me a comment and let me know. I’ll continue this series as long as it provides value to you.

If you think this may be of value to others, please share it with them as well.



My intention with this series is not to incite panic. Quite the opposite. It’s to help get you PREPARED for the possible Economic Winter on the horizon.

With coronavirus spreading, stocks crashing, oil price wars waging, businesses closing, and a looming election result yet to be announced, here are 4 critical ideas that can help you thrive in the upcoming cycle:


** PAUSE **

It may be tempting to react to the “doom and gloom” news all around us. Don’t react. Take a step back. Turn off the TV. Breathe. Be proactive and practice the power of the pause.

See the situation for what it is as objectively as possible. This is a cycle. There will be ups and downs.

Responsible leaders are also “response-able” in that they decide to choose their response to any given situation.

A healthy mindset creates stability for your family and team. Those around you will take cues from you.


Have you taken care of personal and family safety? Put measures in place so it’s one less thing to worry about daily.

Housing, security, food, transportation. Think about the basics and ensure you have basic systems in place.

This is a good time to check in with family, friends, and neighbours and create a support circle so that you have each other’s back.


Besides the basic necessities, think about what else needs to be in place.

Have you made a list of emergency contacts?

Does your family have adequate health supplies to ensure you continuously sanitize your home?

Should you be thinking of other income streams?

If you’re a business owner, have you spoken to your team to provide leadership and a steady hand? Have you put the COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan in place?

Please note that PANIC is not one of the P’s.


In any market, as the old saying goes, “Cash is king." In a down market, cash is especially king.

Your level of savings will often determine your peace of mind and how far out you can plan. It can serve as your secret weapon to facilitate any strategic pivots in your life and business, if necessary.

Truth is, many people are closer to some form of personal bankruptcy than they realize.

Quick exercise: Based on your current expenses, if all of your income stopped today, how long would your savings last? Do the math.

So focus on cash. Maintain as healthy a savings as possible. Think about all of your unnecessary expenses and cut back where needed.

You may want to store your cash in the form of a stable currency as well. Some analysts predict that the value of the Guyanese Dollar may slide. Think about a foreign savings account.


Stay tuned for Part 2 on how to ‘FOLLOW THE MONEY’ and focus on ‘STRATEGIC EXPANSION’ during this period.


For those who are reading this and are still thinking, “This is all an over-reaction,” please review the data. There’s usually a cycle approximately every 10 years. We’re at the end of an 11-year bull market. Be smart.

If this post offered any value in any way, drop me a comment and let me know. I’ll continue sharing. And if you think this may be of value to others, please share it with them as well.


“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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