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Sunday 8th August Father's day in Brazil

The reason they told me why because
Father's Day is in 3 days. In Brazil, Father's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in August. The date was chosen in honour of St. Joachim, the father of Mary and patron saint of fathers and grandfathers

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Guyana moving faster to giving covid 19 vecsination for every citizen ,even they made a offer for first dose vaccination , free vaccination and lunch for every person receiving there first dose vaccination from 05/07/2021

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World find 1098 carat rough diamond from Botswana African region

A 1,098-carat diamond, discovered in Botswana and believed to be the third-largest gem-quality stone ever to be mined, is seen in this undated handout picture received June 16, 2021. (Debswana Diamond Company/Handout via REUTERS)

Debswana Diamond Co., a unit of De Beers Plc, unearthed a 1,098 carat stone in Botswana on 2021 June 1, the largest since the company began operations five decades ago.

Preliminary analysis suggests the stone is the world’s third-largest gem-quality diamond ever after the Cullinan Diamond ( 3106.75 carats) that was discovered in South Africa in 1905 and the Lesedi la Rona that was found in Botswana in 2015, according to Debswana acting Managing Director Lynette Armstrong.

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All over Guyanese getting covid 19 vaccination now photos from Georgetown Guyana

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This wonderful new Album song about Guyana and Guyanese Nature

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Eid-ul Fitr 2021 His Excellency Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana

Eid Mubarak, Eid Mubarak, Eid Mubarak!

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P1 corona viruses variants from Brazil

Brazil’s P1 coronavirus variant, behind a deadly Covid-19 surge in the Latin American country that has raised international alarm, is mutating in ways that could make it better able to evade antibodies, according to scientists studying the virus.

Research conducted by the public health institute Fiocruz into the variants circulating in Brazil found mutations in the spike region of the virus that is used to enter and infect cells.
Those changes, the scientists said, could make the virus more resistant to vaccines - which target the spike protein - with potentially grave implications for the severity of the outbreak in Latin America’s most populous nation.

“We believe it’s another escape mechanism the virus is creating to evade the response of antibodies,” said Felipe Naveca, one of the authors of the study and part of Fiocruz in the Amazon city of Manaus, where the P1 variant is believed to have originated.

Naveca said the changes appeared to be similar to the mutations seen in the even more aggressive South African variant, against which studies have shown some vaccines have substantially reduced efficacy.

“This is particularly worrying because the virus is continuing to accelerate in its evolution,” he added.

Studies have shown the P1 variant to be as much as 2.5 times more contagious than the original coronavirus and more resistant to antibodies

Brazil records 1,803 new Covid-19 deaths amid reports of Chinese vaccine's 50% efficacy against new variant

On Tuesday, France suspended all flights to and from Brazil in a bid to prevent the variant’s spread as Latin America’s largest economy becomes increasingly isolated.

The variant, which has quickly become dominant in Brazil, is thought to be a large factor behind a massive second wave that has brought the country’s death toll to over 350,000 - the second highest in the world behind the United States.
Brazil’s outbreak is also increasingly affecting younger people, with hospital data showing that

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South American countries


Today is not only woman's day

.Civil awareness day

Women and girls day

Anti-sexism day

Anti-Discrimination Day

This all we respect and call this day

International woman's day

Wishing you a very happy international woman's day

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INDIAN government gifted COVISHIELD Covid -19 vaccination to GUYANA government

finally on Sunday 7/03/2021guyana time morning, The Cheddi Jagan international airport Georgetown consignment of 80,000 doses of made in India Astrazeneca Oxford vaccine - COVISHIELD has arrived in Guyana. The vaccines are a gift from the Government of India.

Were received by Prime Minister Brigadier (ret’d) Mark Phillips; Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hugh Todd; Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony, and the Indian High Commissioner.

High Commissioner of India to Guyana, Dr. K. J. Srinivasa emphasised that the South Asian country did not donate the vaccine with the expectation of any favours in return. “I want to stress here that India donates these vaccines with nothing in demand (from) the country. We do not ask for any quid pro quos. India is donating the vaccines in a spirit of collaboration, in a spirit of friendship, and in a spirit of helping our friends to acquire these vaccines across the world.”

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Earthquake happened in Guyana , venezuela and Brazil border area 5.9 quake 31/1/21, 3 :05 pm not reported much of demages

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It was in Guyana cayuni river next to Amazon forast and people really taking a chances with they're life because they believe mineral could pay all sacifation they done before end of the day , when we look at it life is really hard for we , but not for them !

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Wishing you a very happy Christmas and happy New year to all dear friends , l hope in 2021 we can get some vaccination for covid -19 & 20 virus and recover from this situation what we have now . hope for the best in 2021

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Saturday 14th November 2020 was Guyanese diwali festivals

GEORGETOWN, Guyana–November 14th, 2020–Mohamed Irfaan Ali and First Lady, Arya Ali have celebrated their first Diwali at State House.

Prime Minister Mark Phillips and his wife Mignon; Vice President, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo; Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hugh Todd and Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Oneidge Walrond also showed up for the celebrations.

Diwali is one of the most colorful Hindu festivals. It symbolizes the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.

The day of the Diwali festival is declared as a national holiday in the official calendar of Guyana. The tradition of celebrating the Diwali festival is believed to have been brought to Guyana in the year 1853 by the first indentured people from India.

The legends related to the festival are similar to that of India.

Celebrating the holiday with motorcades first started in 1974 after the Sabha’s President, the late Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud, thought that the festival of Diwali was too significant an occasion to just be restricted to the lighting of diyas on Diwali night. A diva lamp is an oil lamp that is typically associated with the Divali Festival of Lights. The word Divali means “row of lamps.

This year, however, the current COVID-19 pandemic and the need to mitigate the spread of the corona virus have changed the Diwali celebrations. There is no live Diwali Utsav nor is there Guyana’s highly anticipated Diwali motorcade.

Instead, like many events in 2020, the motorcade and cultural show will be virtual events. But that has not been enough to ‘out’ the Diwali flame.

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UAE to assist in oil and gas; high-level team meets November 19, 2020 GUYANA Georgetown

His Highness, Sheikh Ahmed Dalmook Juma Al Maktoum of the United Arab Emirates on his arrival at the CJIA Guyana today

Over the next few days, His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Dalmook Juma Al Maktoum, who is a member of the ruling family in the UAE, and members of his team will meet with several Government officials from various ministries.

In the initial meeting with President Ali, the UAE team also met with members of the cabinet including: Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Hon Hugh Todd, Minister of Natural Resources, the Hon Vickram Bharrat, Minister of Housing and Water and Minister within the ministry, the Hon Collin Croal and Susan Rodrigues, Minister of Agriculture, the Hon Zulfikar Mustapha, Minister of Public Works, the Hon Juan Edghill and other government officials
The UAE is one of the top oil producing countries globally and is expected to lend assistance to Guyana in oil and gas, among other areas.

The visiting delegation was welcomed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon Hugh Todd; Minister of Tourism, Hon Oneidge Walrond and Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Hon Deodat Indar and other officials upon their arrival at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.


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Joe Biden will be President Elect

Democrat Joe Biden appeared poised for victory in the U.S. presidential election on Saturday as vote counts in key states leaned his way, while President Donald Trump showed no sign of conceding despite his increasingly bleak chances.
Biden's vice presidential running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris of California, made history by becoming the nation's first female, Black, and Indian American vice president.
Biden surpassed the 270 electoral votes required to win the White House by flipping the battleground states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, according to projections by Decision Desk HQ.
Trump, 74, has been defiant as his chances fade for securing a second four-year term. He has made repeated and unfounded claims of electoral fraud, while his campaign pursues lawsuits that legal experts say are unlikely to alter the election outcome.
Biden had over 3 million more votes than Trump as of early Saturday, a lead that's likely to grow as states finalize their results in the coming days and weeks.

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Full body aunty protection mask fashion week end in Russia Moscow

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OTEMPO is a one of the Brazilian news agency they published a news about Kerala State INDIA gold smuggling

What we can do for it ?

Man arrested at airport with gold bars tucked into his a**s

Suspect, who left Dubai, did the act not to pay a tax of 18% of the product's value


10/17/20 - 9:46 pm

A man was arrested this week at an Indian airport after being caught carrying gold bars in his a**s. The information is from the New York Post.

According to the publication, authorities suspected the individual, who did not have his identity revealed, because he was strangely walking through the terminal.

After an intimate search, two pounds of the mineral were located in its re**um, in the form of four bars, equivalent to U $ 60 thousand, or approximately R $ 338 thousand.

The suspect, who left Dubai, did the act not to pay a tax of 18% of the product's value. Another passenger was also caught carrying 3 pounds of gold, but it was not confirmed how he did it.

The case happened last Tuesday (13) at Kannur Airport in Kerala.

Please check attached**s-1.2400666

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This children from Amazon forest, the life style are different from our children but they stronger than us


Hi guys I interviewed Guyanese amarindians captain head.
I met a friend from Guyana, I reached him on the way to go Guyana Georgetown from Brazil.He is the Toshao ( village captain ) of one amarindians village , he is also Guyana amarindians village Toshao association president and head of amarindians .He like to introduce you about his village tourism industry
Wikipedia - Rupununi Guyana
YouTube : visit Rupununi Guyana


Locetad in South America at Amazon forast

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India helping Guyana to reopen sugar estates

The Guyana Government has asked the Indian Government to help reopen the sugar estates which were closed by the former APNU+AFC administration.

Agriculture Minister Zulfikar Mustapha recently met with unions representing sugar workers – the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers’ Union (GAWU) and the National Association for Agricultural Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE) – and disclosed that India will be sending two technical officers to Guyana to assist with the re-organization of the sugar industry.

“As a matter of fact, I recently submitted the Terms of Reference (TOR) and they (the Indian Government) will be sending two specialists to assist with the re-organization of the industry. This is the first step,” he told the unions, according to a statement from the Ministry.

“I’ve also discussed acquiring the equipment necessary to assemble factories at estates that were closed. Many of the factories were left as empty shells and in order for us to reopen those estates we need to replace all of the equipment. The High Commissioner was very interested and we will have further discussions on it soon,” Minister Mustapha added.

The discussions have begun with Indian High Commissioner to Guyana, Dr. K.J Srinivasa who the Minister said “has expressed his Government’s willingness to assist.”

Minister Mustapha indicated that there is a task force working to assess the current state of the closed estates and is working hard to ensure those who benefitted from the estates can regain their livelihood.

General Secretary of GAWU, Seepaul Narine, pointed out the need to also explore areas like cogeneration and the use of the bagasse and other bi-products of sugar cane that are usually discarded in the production of sugar.

“…one of the things we can look at, in the future, is to engage the Indian government to acquire equipment to assemble factories at these estates. The factories do not have to be as big as the ones that were closed. In fact, the project can be more about making an entire complex, where Government can set up a distillery and explore the production other feasible things from the sugarcane like of animal feed, organic compost, etc. You can also look at the packaging, branding and marketing of molasses,” Narine pointed out.

He said the market is already there for the bi-products.

Also present at meeting were: MoA Director General Madanlall Ramraj; NAACIE and Federation of Independent Trade Union of Guyana (FITUG) General Secretary Dawchan Nagasar; other officials from GAWU and NAACIE – Gordon Thomas, Rikhram Srikishen, Rickey Rambeer, Aslim Singh and Porandatt Narine.

The Unions and the Ministry committed to working together to reopening the estates and building the industry.

The Government is pursuing the reopening of all sugar estates which were closed between 2016 to 2018 with the exception of Wales in Region Three as items from that factory were reportedly sold off.

The administration hopes that it can also return the state-owned sugar industry to profitability.

GAWU on Thursday said the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySUCo) is heading for its worst production in history.

The sugar company at the beginning of the year said it would produce 114,162 tonnes sugar – 46,475 tonnes in the first crop and 67,687 tonnes in the second crop.

The Corporation, in a press statement on July 27, 2020, admitted that it only managed to produce 37,015 tonnes sugar during the first crop, a deficit of 9,460 tonnes sugar.

Turning to the second crop, after some revision, the GuySuCo informed that it will produce 69,480 tonnes sugar.

Source from Starnews

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Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali president of Guyana and Chandrikapersad Santokhi, President of Suriname, 9th August 2020 actually this morning, engaged in a bilateral meeting with the aim of strengthening the relationship between the two countries.

Both Presidents noted that they would like to see the implementation of decisions taken in the shortest time possible and in the best interest of the citizens of the two countries.

Photos from Sabeesh at El Dorado's post 09/08/2020

22 Jul,2020 12:00

Indian Ambassador Mahender Singh Kanyal hands over the items sent by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Suriname President Chandrikapersad Santokhi.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's congratulations to President Chan Santokhi have been accompanied by donations of medication and personal protective equipment. Ambassador Mahender Singh Kanyal conveyed the congratulations on behalf of Prime Minister Modi. The approach of Covid-19 in Suriname has not escaped India. The gesture is intended to contribute to this. The good cooperation between the two countries has also been emphasized.

The items were handed over by President Santokhi to Health Minister Amar Ramadhin on the spot. The distribution of the goods will be done from this ministry. The ambassador said India is also suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic. However, given the lowest number of infections and the most recently cured persons, the country is now well under control. The diplomat said his country will always give his support to prevent the spread of Covid-19. He noted that Suriname has also proven to be able to control Covid-19.

President Santokhi emphasized that the point where Suriname now stands as far as Covid-19 is concerned, requires being very careful. According to him, the gesture comes just in time and, according to the head of state, can help prevent further spread. “The virus has no big or small, nor religion. It gives us a wake-up call and above all it must be kept under control. ” Santokhi also noted the need to consider how to proceed with normalization. He further expressed his gratitude to the ambassador for Prime Minister Modi's gesture, the NII reports.

Photos from Sabeesh at El Dorado's post 09/08/2020

United States (US) counterintelligence warned on Friday that Russia, China and Iran will all try to interfere in the 2020 presidential elections. Russia is already trying to undermine suspected Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

In an unusual public statement, William Evanina, director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, said those countries were using online disinformation and other means to influence voters, stir up disorder, and undermine US voters' confidence in the democratic process. The statement comes amid criticism from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other congressional Democrats that the intelligence community has withheld specific intelligence information from the public about the threat of foreign electoral interference in the upcoming elections.

As for Russia, US intelligence officials are judging that it is in the process of "belittling" Biden and what it sees as an anti-Russia "establishment" among its supporters, Evanina said. He said that would be in line with Moscow's criticism of Biden when he was vice president for his role in Ukraine's policies and his support of the opposition to President Vladimir Putin in Russia.

The most recent intelligence review reflects concerns about China, Russia and Iran to varying degrees, and warns that hostile foreign players may be trying to compromise electoral infrastructure and disrupt the voting process. Those concerns are especially acute after a widespread effort by Russia to interfere in the 2016 election on behalf of current US President Donald Trump through both hacking of Democratic emails and a covert social media campaign aimed at sowing disagreement. among American voters.

Trump routinely opposed the notion that the Kremlin favored him in 2016, but the intelligence assessment released Friday indicates that unnamed Kremlin-linked players are again working to increase his candidacy on social media and Russian television. "Many foreign players have a preference for who wins the election, which they express through a series of open and private statements; secret personal endeavors are rarer," said Evanina. "We are particularly concerned about continued and potential activity from China, Russia and Iran."
China sees Trump as "unpredictable" and doesn't want him to win his reelection, Evanina said. China expanded its influence efforts ahead of the November elections in an effort to shape US policy and put pressure on political figures it sees as anti-Beijing, he said. While China will continue to weigh the risks and benefits of aggressive action, the public rhetoric of recent months has become increasingly critical of the current administration's response to Covid-19, the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston and actions related to other issues, ”he wrote. .

As for Iran, the review said Tehran wants to undermine both US and Trump's democratic institutions and divide the US before the election. "Iran's efforts in this way are likely to focus on online influence, such as spreading disinformation on social media and recirculating anti-American content," Evanina wrote. "Tehran's motivation to carry out such activities is driven in part by the perception that President Trump's re-election would result in continued US pressure on Iran in an effort to encourage regime change."

The White House responded to the news Friday with a statement that "the United States will not tolerate foreign interference in our electoral processes and will respond to malicious foreign threats targeting our democratic institutions".

"The United States is working to identify and disrupt foreign influence efforts targeting our political system, including attempts to suppress voter turnout or undermine public confidence in the integrity of our elections," the statement said. from National Security Council spokesman John Ullyot.

In a separate statement, the Trump campaign said it did not want or need foreign aid and said China and Iran were against Trump because "he held them accountable after years of being pampered by politicians like Joe

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This wonderful new Album song about Guyana and Guyanese NatureSabeesh at El Dorado
It was in Guyana cayuni river next to Amazon forast and people really taking a chances with they're life because they be...
Hi guys I interviewed Guyanese amarindians captain head.I met a friend from Guyana, I reached him on the way  to go  Guy...
Locetad in South America at Amazon forast






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