KAG Investments & Executive Consulting Firm

KAG Investments & Executive Consulting Firm

KAG Investment and Executive Consulting Firm was established as a Limited Liability Company in the y

Company Description
KAG Investment and Executive Consulting Firm was established as a Limited Liability Company in the year 2014 as a taught and project in working progress. It has since then been registered in Georgetown Demerara, Guyana with the DEEDS Registrar. KAG Investment and Executive Consulting Firm also known as “KAG inec” is an investment and consulting firm that responds to entrepreneu

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AMK-GY Virtual Office Space


You are corgeously invited to our new cooperative multi-agent platform for invention based on patent document analysis and ontology work space.

We propose a cooperative multi-agent platform to support the invention process based on the patent document analysis. It helps industrial knowledge managers to retrieve and analyze existing patent documents and extract structure information from patents with the aid of ontology and natural language processing techniques. It allows the invention process to be carried out through the cooperation and coordination among software agents delegated by the various domain experts in the complex industrial MLM/BPO environment. Furthermore, it integrates the patent document analysis with the inventive problem solving method known as TRIZ method that can suggest invention directions based on the heuristics or principles to resolve the contradictions among design objectives and engineering parameters. We chose the patent invention for multi-level marketing and Business Processing Outsourcing (MLM/BPO) as our case application operational study. However, the platform and techniques could be extended to most cooperative invention domains for backend services.
Thanks and welcome to our new virtual office space.

Our product line can be viewed at https://amk-gy.marketpos.shop

Join AMK-GY on Clubhouse! Hi, I am Jason McLean. I recently acquired an Event Management Certification at The University of the West Indies. Im a Guyana native (Guyanese) with a passion for Creating Content, Product Outsourcing, Project Development, Business Acceleration, and Building International Business Relations. My hob...

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Building our team to launch this benefitting service to our customers. Apply by contacting us today.

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What We Represent Here!!

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Good Day From KAG INe'C Firm ! Always Sharing Our World Via Empowering Endeavors.

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Pitching your idea to a U.S. investor? Five tips for getting your business visa.
6 September 2015 JMac

Spice up your conversation with the flavors of American English

Home sweet dorm room
Teleconferencing is convenient, but nothing matches the effectiveness of a face-to-face meeting. If you have your business plan, you’ve made your contacts and are ready to pitch your idea to U.S. investors, you’ll want to do it in person.

The Business Visitor Visa (B-1) allows for temporary, business-related travel to the U.S. The B-1 visa does not allow you to work or earn money in the U.S. To find out if you qualify for the B-1, go to travel.state.gov. To apply, visit the website of your nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. Fill out the online application to schedule an interview.

At your interview, the officer will ask questions that help him or her better understand your need to travel to the U.S. It’s important to effectively convey your reasons.

Be specific. Tell the interviewing officer the particulars of your business trip — who you’re meeting with and why. Be prepared to answer questions about your trip and your business clearly and specifically.

Make your ties to your home country clear. The officer who interviews you is looking to you to show that your trip is temporary and for a specific purpose. Strong family ties and an ongoing career in your home country are examples of connections that will help clarify this.

Bring supporting documents. While you are not required to supply specific documents, a copy of your business plan, a letter from the U.S. company you’re pitching to or anything that supports your reason for travel will help.

Be honest. Do not exaggerate the extent of your business or fabricate reasons for your travel. This will make a denial likely, now and in the future.

Understand that there is no single magic answer. You’ll be granted a visa based on the information you give your interviewer about your overall circumstances. There is no secret answer to a single question. The best strategy is to be clear and straightforward about your particular situation.

ShareAmerica features information about same-sex spouse, diversity, and other kinds of U.S. visas.
Also visit travel.state.gov to learn more.

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Hi eveyone, just wanted to update KAG members that we have a lot in the works and to come very soon.. so please stay tuned.. together we will build a stable future!!!

It Is Time for the Government to create an Ex-offender Rehabilitation Program 12/06/2015

KAG Inec Firm Supports Such A Program..

It Is Time for the Government to create an Ex-offender Rehabilitation Program Terry Abrams speaks of the need for a post release program.

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Insurance claims handler:
Job description
Salary and conditions
Entry requirements
Career development
Employers and vacancy …

So you think you want to be a
Insurance claims handler?

See how well you suit this job in Career.

Insurance claims handlers ensure that insurance claims are handled efficiently and that payment for valid claims is made to their policyholders. They decide on the extent and validity of a claim, checking for any potential fraudulent activity.

Insurance claims handlers coordinate the services that may be required by policyholders following an accident or incident. This can include arranging and coordinating for approved tradespeople to make homes safe again or organising replacement goods if a policyholder has been burgled.

They may be involved in large scale accidents and incidents, for example a bridge collapse.

As well as communicating with policyholders, insurance claims handlers liaise with external experts such as loss adjusters and lawyers. They may become involved in loss adjusting activities, (investigating the loss), or in legal discussions about the recovery of money from the party responsible for the loss. Work on complex cases requires experience and expert knowledge.

Typical work activities
Insurance claims handlers are involved in managing a claim from beginning through to settlement. Depending on their level of experience and knowledge, they may be involved in investigating potentially fraudulent claims and undertaking a range of loss adjusting activities.

Depending on your experience and level of responsibility, typical activities may include:

providing advice on making a claim and the processes involved;
processing new insurance claims notifications;
collecting accurate information and documents to proceed with a claim;
analysing a claim made by a policymaker;
guiding policyholders on how to proceed with the claim;
contacting trades people from a network of approved professionals and arranging for them to make repairs on the policyholder's property;
monitoring the progress of a claim;
investigating potentially fraudulent claims;
indentifying reasons why full payment may not be made;
ensuring fair settlement of a valid claim;
building relationships with loss adjusters, forensic accountants and solicitors, as well as other legal/claims professionals;
ensuring the customer is treated fairly and that the customer receives excellent service in accordance with industry and company guidelines;
handling any complaints associated with a claim;
involvement in loss adjusting activities and in legal discussions relating to settlement;
seeking legal recovery of monies paid out;
managing a team of claims handlers (at managerial level);
taking responsibility for productivity and profit;
adhering to legal requirements, industry regulations and customer quality standards set by the company.

Contest Us Today at [email protected] with your CV and Cover letter, we look forward to hearing from you.

We are also interviewing Tax advisors:
Job description
Salary and conditions
Entry requirements
Career development
Employers and vacancy …

So you think you want to be a
Tax adviser?

See how well you suit this job in Career.

Tax advisers use their knowledge of tax legislation to provide advisory and consultancy services to clients, ensuring that they pay their taxes in the most efficient way and benefit from any tax advantages and exemptions. They keep up to date with changing tax laws and explain complicated legislation and its implications to their clients in simple terms.

There are two main types of tax advice:

corporate - working for business clients to make sure they are not paying any more tax than is necessary;
personal - providing advice to individual clients, some of whom are private clients with large assets.
The work is detailed and complex, and tax advisers quickly develop expert knowledge in areas such as corporate, personal, international and inheritance tax, National Insurance, VAT, and trusts and estates.

Clients include large and small companies, partnerships, trusts and individuals.

Typical work activities
Tax advisers can work in compliance, ensuring a client meets all tax obligations by preparing and submitting tax returns, tax computations and any other necessary forms. Alternatively, they may work in consultancy, advising clients on how to minimise their tax liabilities.

The work of a tax adviser depends on the nature and size of the employer. Larger accountancy firms, for example, tend to adopt a structure that permits greater specialisation, whereas in smaller companies the work may be more varied.

Initially, a graduate within a tax advisory role might focus on compliance activities, for example, completing tax returns and calculating the amount payable, with movement towards consultancy and specialisation as their career develops.

Typical areas of activity include:

researching, analysing and interpreting changing tax legislation in both the UK and overseas;
meeting with clients and collating information;
working with tax law and revenue provisions;
preparing and submitting compliance (tax) returns by the deadline;
liaising and negotiating with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on behalf of the client;
providing consultancy services to high value private clients;
creating tax strategies for clients and planning their financial futures;
carrying out detailed computations to calculate tax liability and advising on how to minimise a client's liability;
establishing and structuring family trusts;
estate planning and advising on tax residence and domicile matters;
providing guidance on indirect taxation issues such as VAT, customs planning and environmental taxes;
producing reports and presentations for clients.
Some self-employed tax advisers also offer their clients a range of accountancy services, such as bookkeeping, payroll and VAT.

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Chartered certified accountant:
Job description
Salary and conditions
Entry requirements
Career development
Employers and vacancy …

So you think you want to be a
Chartered certified accountant?

See how well you suit this job in Career.

Chartered certified accountants undertake a large variety of accountancy services and are responsible for:

developing and maintaining financial and accounting systems;
financial forecasting;
auditing financial records;
investigating financial anomalies.
They produce reports and budget plans, and contribute to business strategy.

They can work within a range of sectors including public practice, financial services or the corporate sector. Often, a chartered certified accountant's main aim is to maximise profitability and efficiency or ensure value for money on behalf of their employer or client, often assessing business possibilities.

Chartered certified accountants can offer a variety of services to an internationally recognised standard, including advising on taxation, insolvency and corporate finance. They may also provide a management consultancy service.

Typical work activities
The day-to-day activities of a chartered certified accountant can vary according to the size and type of organisation, but will generally involve:

preparing financial statements, business plans, commentaries and budgets for management or client reports;
regularly undertaking audits, involving the examination of the organisation's accounts, analysing risk, inspecting the organisation's current practices, investigating any financial irregularities and recommending improvements;
reviewing, implementing and adapting new and existing financial systems and controls;
producing and analysing annual and monthly accounts;
providing regular financial reports, as and when they are needed;
managing expenditure, credit, payroll and investments;
liaising with clients (individuals or businesses) or non-financial members of staff, providing financial information and advice;
advising managers on financial policy and control, such as the costs and benefits of a particular project;
dealing with, and advising on tax issues, ensuring compliance with tax legislation;
advising clients on areas of business improvement, or dealing with insolvency;
negotiating business terms with associated organisations such as suppliers;
managing colleagues.

Contact Us Today at [email protected] with your CV and Cover Letter

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Hey Ladies, Are You Looking For A Full Service Hair Salon and Spa?

Well at Joan's Constellation Salon, they believe you should pamper yourself with luxurious services that enhance your natural beauty. There full-service hair salon features professional stylists who offer the latest techniques in hair—quality cuts and styling, highlights and other color applications, and specialty treatments including deep conditioning, relaxing and much more—while there spa service experts specialize in manicures and pedicures, waxing services, beauty and skin care consulting. See some of there signature beautiful hair designs results below.

They specialize in hair and nail, and there highly trained and friendly staff can help you achieve the look you want at an affordable price. We at KAG Ine'c invite you to explore all the salon and spa services they have to offer by requesting your appointment today.

There Experienced and Professional Staff Specializing in All Hair and Nail Types. As one of Georgetown, Guyana's premier full service salons and spas, Joan's Constellation Salon is a woman-owned business that has hand selected a diverse staff whose extensive professional experience enhances the quality of services they offer there valued clients. They pride themselves on providing there guests with personalized salon and spa treatments that enriches your natural beauty.

They use only the best quality products on hair, nails and skin. Come in and meet there team of ladies, explore there affordable salon and spa services, by calling to request your beauty enhancing appointment today.

This Review is done by: JMAC of KAG Investment & Executive Consulting Firm.

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Do you need a related degree?
For our management and consultancy schemes, a degree of any discipline will be acceptable. In many cases we are more interested in specific personality traits, such as leadership, and will use tests and assessment centres to find the types of candidates they are looking for.

We are looking for commercial awareness, so for some candidates a numerical or business degree may be advantageous. Some employers will seek particular skills, such as IT or marketing, depending on their business focus.

Our companies provide opportunities for employees to become specialists in an area of work and move up to management without having a degree. Applicants can attend a workshop and if successful gain a fast-track to an internship. We offer a Management Consulting Higher Apprenticeship Program.

For risk management roles, we prefer a degree with risk management.

What skills do we want?
We are look for candates with:
The ability to be flexible and open to change;
leadership skills and ability to motivate others;
good interpersonal skills;
good organisational and time management skills;
analytical skills and strategic thinking.
Where can you get work experience?
We place a strong emphasis on previous work experience. We offer summer placements in the industry for undergraduate students, which can lead to a permanent job with us.

Our firm and large consultancies offer summer placements and year-long industrial placements. These include experience in all types of consultancy including business, technical and financial areas. Entry requirements are similar to those required. Sending a CV and cover letter.

To find work placements and internships in our business sector's , Email [email protected]

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Job sectors Business, consulting and management
Overview of the business sector under KAG Inec

Case studies
Done by JMAC Lobbyist of Social Political Science and Economics: &
Our International Development Manager at KAG Inec says:
If you are looking for responsibility early on in your career and rapid progression then the target-driven world of business, consulting and management could be for you…

What areas of business can you work in?
Employment opportunities can be split into:

Business management

Business managers may be general managers or responsible for specific areas of a business, such as HR, IT, or marketing. Some roles lean more towards people management while others focus more on project management, but most managers will need skills in both areas. In a smaller company managers may perform a range of roles.


Consultants offer advice to organisations and help them solve problems and enhance their business performance. They work in large companies or consultancy firms which can be general, specialise in strategy or offer advice to a specific industry, such as:

human resources (HR);
information technology;
You could also consider roles that offer specialist advice and support to companies, such as risk manager, economist and operational researcher.

There is some overlap with the accountancy, banking and finance sector. Professionals from both sectors will often work together to ensure the best outcome for the client.

For examples of job roles in this sector, jobs in business and management.

What job can you do?
These job profiles are examples of careers in the business, consulting and management sector:

Chartered management accountant
Civil Service fast streamer
Environmental consultant
Fast food restaurant manager
Financial manager
Health service manager
Hotel manager
IT consultant
Management consultant
Office manager
Operational researcher
Public affairs consultant
Recruitment consultant
Retail manager
To find the job roles that best match your skills and interests, send CV to [email protected] subject line what jobs would suit me?

Who are the main employers?
Most large companies across all sectors recruit firm's to business roles, including general management, HR and marketing. There are also many opportunities in the public sector; the Civil Service, the NHS and local government. We offer all.

There are opportunities with large companies, particularly in the financial sector, and with consultancy firms.
Such as KAG Inec Firm. Consultants can be found in most other sectors including: retail; healthcare; energy and utilities; and telecoms, although in many cases these are not entry level jobs but roles for those with expertise and experience in a specific industry.

What's it like working in the sector?
Candates entering the business, consulting and management sector can expect:

A high level of responsibility from an early stage and opportunities for rapid career progression;
high salaries and bonuses, especially in consultancy. According to The Market in 2014 report by Kisha's Connections. Candates in consultancy can expect an average starting salary of $31,500. This can rise to $50,000 with a few years' experience and considerably more for senior consultants;
a varied working life, spending time at client sites, periods away from home and travel and work abroad;
working hours to be typically long and focused on meeting deadlines and completing a project;
self-employment or freelance work to be an option with a number of years' experience.

What are the key issues in the business sector?
The number of management jobs is expected to increase. Skills to survive in economic uncertainty are in demand, as decisions by managers may determine whether a company flourishes or folds. The skills needed include an understanding of change management, innovation and the ability to manage resources and motivate employees.

Consultancy is a highly competitive area with consultancy firms looking for bright, high achievers for their junior analyst roles. Many will not get a consulting role immediately after applying and may need to work for a few years in a relevant industry, such as finance, HR, IT or telecoms to build up business knowledge and maturity before considering the transition to consultancy.

Risk management is a fast growing profession, especially in the financial sector.

Written by Jason McLean for KAG Inec Firm.
Email CV to [email protected]

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Join our Team

KAG Investments & Executive Consulting Firm

Project KAG Invasion

Our Vision

KAG Inec is a leading Guyanese employer with a diverse representation of expertise. The Company maintains a human resource that is appropriately recruited, compensated, trained, developed and motivated in order to achieve the Company’s business objectives. Our employees drive the growth of our business and make it possible for us to expand our operations globally. KAG Inec therefore offers long term and rewarding careers with developmental opportunities for its dynamic regional team of employees and Investments.


KAG Inec is an equal opportunity employer and aims to create a world-class operation through the development and retention of talented people across the globe and within each regions of all continents globally . With a results oriented focus and a “pay for performance” compensation and reward philosophy, KAG Inec will provide challenging and meaningful careers to the right people.

KAG Inec employees are also eligible to participate in the company’s Group Contribution Pension Scheme and its Group Medical Insurance and Group Life Insurance Scheme.


Vacancies are listed by country and applications are always welcomed from persons interested in joining our dynamic team.

Application forms and guidance notes can be downloaded by emailing [email protected].

All Applications must be submitted along with your CV via email to [email protected]. Deadlines vary by job posting. Please indicate the Job Reference Numbers if applicable. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

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Hi Do Need studio time ...? Need Your beats done professionally..? and for a low?

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$25/hr .... $100 a beat ... Hip/Hop - Dancehall - RandB - Trap -house - soca - jazz ect beats are available.

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Exchange Rates
With effect from April 1, 2015, the following shall be the rates of exchange for the purpose of the provision to Section 22(1) (a) of the Customs Act, Chapter 82:01:-

Australia Dollar 161.76
Argentina Peso 23.46
Austria Euro 225.46
Bahamas Dollar 206.50
Barbados Dollar 103.25
Belgium Euro 225.46
Belarus Rouble 0.01
Brazil Real 64.89
China Yuan 33.24
Canada Dollar 165.58
Colombia Peso 0.08
Denmark Kroner 30.20
European Union Euro 225.46
Eastern Caribbean Dollar 76.48
France Euro 225.46
Germany Deutsche Mark 225.46
Hong Kong Dollar 26.63
Italy Euro 231.63
India Rupees 3.29
Jamaica Dollar 1.80
Japan Yen 1.73
Mexico Peso 13.69
Nigeria Naira 1.04
North Korea Won 1.53
Norway Kroner 26.20
Netherlands (Holland) Guilders/Florins 255.46
Netherlands (Antilles) Guilders 115.36
New Zealand Dollars 156.52
Portugal Euro 225.46
Qatar Rial 56.71
Russia Rouble 3.60
Singapore Dollars 150.94
Spain Euro 225.46
South Africa Rand 17.31
South Korea Won 0.19
Suriname Guilders 62.58
Sweden Kroner 24.14
Switzerland Franc 214.88
Taiwan Dollars 6.60
Trinidad Tobago Dollar 32.50
Ukraine Hryvan 8.83
United Kingdom Pounds Sterling 306.47
United States of America Dollars 206.50
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dirham 56.23
Venezuela Bolivar 32.83

The above rates of exchange are published solely for the purpose of Customs collection and may not correspond with the rates of exchange, which the Commercial Banks employ in the course of their business.

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Youth Soccer Club Operations Intern - Some Work From Online Needed.

The 2015 Summer Camp Internship Program is an opportunity for an individual excited about youth soccer development, coaching and operations to immerse into RFC Summer Soccer Camp. The individual will work closely with the camp site director and the Manager, Camps & Training Programs. The primary role will be in assisting staff with on Administrate Management as needed by any lead project manager and additional responsibilities listed below.


Proof Reading Documents
• Help lead coach provide positive feedback to youth players, investors and more.

Reviewing : • Understand the topics of interest and be prepared, file and to provide such information readily.

• Assist site director in setting up new training programs and closing new investors each day for the club.

• Help with registration on Mondays per site director’s direction
• Organize Club Records
• Help organize the youth players with the coaching staff to and from the stadium for events (lunch, locker room tour, team store trip, stadium tour, first team training, etc).

• Youth coaching experience

• High School or College playing experience preferred but not required

• Minimum “E” Coaching License or equivalent preferred but not required

• Experience in childcare preferred but not required

• CPR/First Aid certification strongly preferred

• Punctual, positive attitude, high energy, respectful, responsible, fun, effective communicator

• Enthusiasm for the game, youth development, coaching, mentorship, learning, guidance for youth. Contact Me via Inbox or Visit www.facebook.com/kaginecgy For More Details. ™°

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Helping you reach success by challenging your ability to improve your performance KAG INeC For Fitness !! We Are The Future.

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is proud to updated our supporters that the Renaissance Football Club is #1 in the Under 14 League and these kids are fighting to keep this club alive.. So please reach out to us and become a sponsor in aiding them with a bright future.. KAG INeC Firm N Kisha's Connections is Donating $10,000 GYD's To Help This Club .. Please Do Your Best And Reach Out.. Thank You! Today They Will Play There Simi-Finals Match. Video To Come!!

Mobile uploads 09/05/2015

Inbox to inquire about our internship program!! Reduce Reuse Recycle 3R's "Says Don't Litter "

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Get Out And Vote! KAG INe'C Believes In Change..

Mobile uploads 27/03/2015

Our lines of contact are always open.. Strong networking leads to great things happening!!

Photos from KAG Investments & Executive Consulting Firm's post 27/03/2015

Just acknowledging your presence; and introducing my self as well as my intentions to interact with you as a valued contact. Now if you require a Friend, Mentor or Brand Ambassador now or in the future, you can send me a message =-)

"Knowledge Is The Lamp To Our Feet | Light To Our Path."

Opportunity of a Lifetime!! Ambitious and Driven Leaders Wanted !! Compensation: Financial Freedom and Maximum Time Management - By Doing What You Love.. Closing Contract Deals. With your abilities to network and distribute successful information as a brand ambassadors with us at KAG INe'C. We Welcome You To Join Our Winning Team Today, We are looking forward to your skills and personality as a compliment to our brand.

So Im JMac and Success woke me up today, Motivation made me breakfast, Destiny gave me my agenda and The Lord gave me his blessings to achieve financial freedom and greatness ! Every man shall earn there bread by the sweat of there brows! 1 thing everyone that enjoys living have in common & that's a dream to be better in life. A lot fall short because there heart wasn't strong enough, lack of condition in overall ... keep in mind motivation goes a long way... So reach out and help a brother/sister up when they are down. They might not be has strong has you.. But think for a second.. Climbing the corporate ladder everyday is as easy as proving that it is most effective to fight with a passion by simply sharing your talent, knowledge and/or time as a mentor by accepting ones cry for help and making a direct and meaningful impact in the lives of at risk persons. This can be accomplished by providing guidance, advice and support to ambitious youths. By indicating the importance of pursuing an education. Your investment will empower lives to achieve real and lasting success in this conductive system. Which serves as a tremendous gift, as well as an effortless statement about who you are as a person socially. Realization is real life.. Every experience in ones life is knowledge and power for the future of others to be assured eternal life. You can study the theory and learn the concept of anything, but until we practice them .. Our journeys can't be put into words.. So get messy make mistakes, flaunt your taste through your style, interest, actions talent, money and time. By simply sharing your time, love and support you flaunt your taste and make a statement about who you are and your meaningfulness to others ... : Never sue.. The lawyer get a third, the government gets a third and the characteristics along with the business gets destroyed. So be kind, festive and marry. drink, laugh, love, forgive, grow and money will answer all else. We are the makers of our reality out of this dream world!!

Essential Information about this offer:
Investment representatives, also known as financial planners or advisors, work at banks, credit unions or investment firms and provide advice regarding investment products and financial services. They market their products and services by way of telephone sales, in-person visits and sales leads.
Job Description
Investment representatives are responsible for conducting the administration of investment products and services. They must market and sell financial products and services to potential clients. Investment representatives offer advice and representation of the following financial products:
Annuities Estate planning Insurance Mutual funds Retirement plans (Individual Retirement Accounts) Stocks Education savings Trust funds
They may also prepare various reports, correspondence, maintain files, databases and verify financial data. Responsibilities include providing strategies and suggestions to clients. Investment representatives also provide administrative support in large offices, performing work such as organizing records, opening and distributing mail and answering telephone calls.
Investment representatives often need to attend investment-related conventions, meetings and seminars. They may be required to travel frequently to meet with potential clients.
Requirements to Become an Investment Representative
Investment representatives must possess excellent oral and written skills, strong attention to detail, the ability to multi-task and the ability to make good business decisions. They must possess knowledge of the products and services they sell, such as brokerage accounts, CDs, deferred compensation, IRAs and trust accounts. I'm Jason McLean, I have over 15+ yrs of experience in the digital industry, my knowledge of the Online Space, Business Marketing, Entertainment Production, Talent Agent, Linguistics, Psychology, Global Developments and being the father of 3 enables me to think creatively and challenge briefs. My passion is strategy and presenting how KAG INe'C will digitally open new opportunities for clients. I'm the Founder and Chief Lobbyist of KAG Investments and Executive Consulting Firm (KAG INe'C Firm) I love working with my team to create ideas for both new and old brands to gain maximum exposure and returns through digital communications and engagements in investments. We utilize the current tools for any campaign project. We are focused on delivering high returns on investment solutions to meet our clients business aim. My background in marketing, IT management and consulting gives me a solid understanding of business , digital communications and eCommerce. I've worked with a number of brands to develop successful Returns .. KAG INe'C Firm is a limited liability start up advisory company and small business investment firm That offers experience advice and consulting services to start up companies, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Services include business planning, proposal preparation and drafting, strategy consulting, general business advice, management consulting, legal structuring and much more... At KAG INe'C we are offering you an amazing group of people that will strive to help you to secure financial freedom. You have the ability to change all current situations, you just need to contact us today. Stop chasing the dream and start achieving greater financial gains, better lifestyles, highest quality homes, cars, trust funds and most of all residual income. We welcome your Inquires and are looking forward to a KAG Life and Our Futures as a cooperation. KAG INe'C Empowering Lives from Guyana to The World, We Are The People!! Contact Us: Close mouths don't get fed so I'll be the first to say.. Sup!! FB 'C 7F2BEC3C 0115926043105

Whether you are young or old, in business or just starting life fresh out of school.. We can assist in management contact negotiations building your financial profile and other professional services .. Our team of staff are committed professionals who fully understand all aspects of professional industry hospitality, from travel arrangements overseas accommodations work visa s in foreign countries and more. This means your must have passport and be able to travel and be away for long periods at a time. Bilingual Welcome.

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Lot-77 Pike And Seaforth Street Campbellville
Georgetown, 413741

Hi, I'm Junior James, we have a team of professional Whiteboard and 3D Artist. My team and I are he

City Signs City Signs
58 Robb & Oronoque Street

Number 1 in Signs

The Marketer Antigua and Barbuda The Marketer Antigua and Barbuda


Kairos Consultancy & Recruitment Kairos Consultancy & Recruitment
Georgetown, 413711

Kairos Consultancy & Recruitment 1. Training & Development 2. Recruitment 3. Res

PRO Studios PRO Studios
20 First Street Industry, E. C. D

Job Hunterz Job Hunterz
Woolford Avenue

We are a group that is set out, to helping people across Guyana find jobs easier and faster.

Go Logo Marketing Group Go Logo Marketing Group
681 Block V Herstelling, East Bank Demerara
Georgetown, 413741

We are the graphic designers that you are looking for to make your dreams and ideas come alive.

Visual360 creative Visual360 creative
128 Carmichael Street, South Cummingsburg