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Radharani's Bakery & Catering


Saturday Special
Saturday special

Finest and Best Quality In
Breads, Tennis Rolls,Cakes,Pastries,Etc...
Our Products are Bake Fresh on ✔�Vegetarian Standard and Customer's Satisfactions.

Operating as usual


Proud to Support Cancer Awareness Month.

Proud to Support Cancer Awareness Month.


*Radharani's Bakery & Catering*
Lunch Special
*Sweet peas Rice
*Minted Potato, Cauliflower & Chick peas
*Vegetable Pakora
Lg Box-$1000

Snacks and Oven Baked Products
*Eggplant Parmesan-1/$160
*Vegetable Pakora - 4/$100
* Cream Filled Cup Cakes -3/$500
* Vegetable Samosa - 3/$500
* Milk & Currants Buns- 1/$160
* Pinetart-1/$140
* Cheese Roll-1/$140
* Chinese Cake-1/$160
* Doughnuts-1/$200

All order closed on Wed 16 June,2021 @ 10 Am *Delivery Cost is Applicable*


Radharani's Bakery & Catering
Lunch Special
*Vegetable Rice
* Green Peas & Paneer w/Potatoes Sabji
* Potato Pakora
*Garden Salad
Box Cost-$1000

Oven Baked Products & Snacks
*Milk & Currants Buns -$160
*Radharani's Aloo Pie- $200
* Radharani's Pizza - $260
*EggPlant Parmesan- $160
*Cheese Rolls- $140
*Pine Tarts - $140

All order closed on Friday 04 June,2021 @ 11:a.m *Delivery Cost is Applicable*


Radharani's Bakery & Catering
Lunch Special
*Radharani's Fried Rice
*Stewed Kidney Beans & Paneer w/Potatoes
*Potato Lollipop
*Garden Salad
Lg Box-$1000

All order closed on Tue 1st June,2021 @ 6 p.m *Delivery Cost is Applicable*


All Order Close on Wed @ 5 p.m.
We Thank you for your continuous support.

All Order Close on Wed @ 5 p.m.
We Thank you for your continuous support.


It's Hoi 2021 and here is your chance to secure your order to make your Holi Special.

It's Hoi 2021 and here is your chance to secure your order to make your Holi Special.


Professional Print & Design

#AYoung #Successful #BusinessEntrepeneur

Mr. Imtiaz Karim at Age 14, he had the ideas in Planning and Developing a Business Plan. Being raised single handedly by his mother, support from his grandmother and relatives.He was born and grown up in a Village named Enmore on the East Coast Demerara. His family life has been a very hard and challenging one and starts his first job at Age 10 as a Bar Shop Cleaner. He has been able to complete his NGSA and went to Swami Purnananda Secondary and achieved seven (7) Subjects in CSEC Examination.
After leaving High School in 2008, he went to further his Studies in Accounting, and begin his career in 2009 as an Inventory Clerk at National Hardware Bond. Six months later, he then left his job and began to work as an Accounting Officer at a Bill Payment Firm and decided to further his Studies in Advance Marketing and Human Resources Management through University of Cambridge and sucessfully passed.
In 2012 he manage to get a new challenging and exciting job within the Ministry of Agriculture - Guyana Marketing Corporation which helped him in gaining more experiences and opportunities. Mr. Karim resigned from Post as Senior Accounting Officer in year 2018. During the years he has started his Career in Certified Accounting Technican, and has Completed his Studies in Public Procurement from Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS).
Mr. Karim, Managing Director of Professional Print & Design. Due to all his Hardwork, Dedication, Experiences, Support and Inspiration from motivated individuals around the world, he has successfully registered as a Small Business in July 30, 2012, which started with a laptop and deskjet printer. Many of his nights were sleepless to ensure that his customer's work have been completed and delivered on timely basis. His mode of transportation was public buses and his foot for quite some years traveling from East Coast to Essequibo Islands-West Demerara, Across Bartica, Berbice, Etc. In year 2014, he decided to buy a motor vehicle which will aid him to expand his business. The young business man didn't had enough money which he had to eventually take a loan. Through financial crisis at that time, he sacrifices of all his wants and needs during a 4 years period which he was able to achieve the goal of being ownership of a vehicle. This helps his business in growth and development.
Over the past years the business have been able to Supply and Branding Promotional Items and Novelties to Small Businesses, Private and Government Sectors across Guyana. It has been challenging for him but he has never gave up. With his Marketing Skills and Experience Mr. Karim have decided to offers a wide range of New and Improved Services such as Digital, Offsets and Screen Printing, Embroidery, Wedding Cards & Invitations, Etc. He has been donating and assisting persons who in need, to charitable organization and helping alot of small business owners to see potential growth in their business and has also offer some free Accounting Services.
As a self- motivated indivdual, he always believe that advertising only cost $1 dollar per day, which can increase growth within your business/organization in the future. He also believe that small businesses should work in togetherness and be supportive to each other to achieve growth and development. He also advises new small business owners that it is not a necessity to be a University Graduate to establish or create a successful business, because each individual is being blessed with their own Unique Skills, knowledge, Culture,Etc. We have to create that spark and develop it to our fullest potential. You should develop good relationships with your customers, it's not an easy task to win your customer's heart so be patient, give them good advises, satisfactory work, and put your best interest into their jobs given to you. Also give rewards and appreciation to your staff(s), treat them with respect and equally and teach them with teamwork alot can accomplish.
As the Director of the Venture, he would like to express his sincere gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to his suppliers and most importantly Our Valuable Customers who have given their Trust, Faith and also the Opportunity to serve them Always.

Imtiaz Karim
Managing Director
Professional Print & Design

issuu.com 19/11/2020

Miss Earth Guyana Organization Digital Eco-Magazine.


issuu.com Welcome to the 2nd edition of Guyana Premier and the Miss Earth Guyana Organization Digital Eco-Magazine. We sincerely thank all our contributors, sponsors and well wishers. We are trusting everyone is keeping safe.


Happy Diwali 2020!


Shubh Diwali - The Festival of Lights to all our Customers, Friends & Family.
From Our Family @ Radharani's Bakery & Catering Guyana.


It's Diwali 2020- Festival of Lights
Let's Radharani's take care of your sweetmeats for your family and friends.
Give us a Call or Inbox to Secure Your Snacks/Sweets Now!
#Vegetarian #Finest #Spices #Herbs #Quality
#Healthy #wearestandard....


Dear Valued Customers,
Radharani's Bakery & Catering (Guyana)
Wishes to inform you and the General Public that we have CANCELLED ALL ORDERS & CATERING for Wednesday October 21st, 2020
Due to the Funeral Ceremony of Our Senior Devotee.
We will resume Catering & LunchBox Sale on Thursday October 22, 2020.
Customers can place their orders on Wednesday so we can secure your Orders and Have them Delivered to you or you can pick up at our Location 150 4th Sts, Foulis Housing Scheme, East Coast Demerara.

We Sincerely Apologised For Any Inconvenience Caused and looking forward for your support in future.

Thank you.

Yours [email protected]
Radharani's Bakery & Catering (Guyana)


Navratri 2020 LunchBox | SnackBox
Sweet Box | Oven Baked Products.


Dear Valued Customers, Friends & Family
Radharani's Bakery & Catering Launch it's Navratri Menu & Sweet,Snack & Oven Baked Products.
Due to Covid19 we will only work with Orders. Customers are advise to secure their Orders as early as possible.
All Orders will be closed the day before @1 p.m
We thank you for your continuous support and looking forward to serve you better.


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Follow us for Our Menu & SnackBox.
Also Available SweetBox for Navratri & Diwali - The Festival of Lights


...we create delicious memories...
Some of Our Healthy Vegetarian LunchBox & Catering.
#Vegetarian #HealthyLifestyle #EatFresh
#Cashewnuts #Peanuts #VegetableBasmatiRice
#PotatoesBrocolli #BarraksPaneerPotatoes
#SimpleSalad #LemonCupcakes


Radharani's Saturday's Lunchbox Special

*Vegetables Basmati Rice with Cashew &
Peanuts Nuts
*Potatoes & Broccoli Sabji
*Cup Cake


*Vegetables Rice with Peanuts Nuts
*Potatoes & Broccoli Sabji

Pastries & Snacks Available on Saturday

*Pine Tart
*Cheese Rolls
*Coconut,Currants & Milk Bun
*Vegetables Pakoras
*Eggplant- Parmesan
*Cup Mac & Cheese
*Vegetables Pizza

All Order Closes on Friday @ 9 a.m
To order please WhatsApp 691-3008/ 638-5226


Radharani's Bakery & Catering LunchBox Special Available on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.
*3 Beans Cook Up Rice
*Sweet Corn in Fresh Coconut Milk
*Plantain Pakoras
*Macaroni & Cheese

At Radharani's Bakery & Catering
#Fresh #Healthy #Vegetarian #OvenBaked #Snack& #Food #Products


Radharani's Wednesday Lunchbox Special
*Yellow Rice
*Barraks, Potatoes with GeenPeas Stewed
*Sweet Potato Salad

Pastries & Snacks Available on Wednesday
*Pine Tart
*Cheese Rolls
*Milk Currants Coconut Buns
*Eggplant Parmesan
*Vegetables Pizza
*Mac & Cheese

All Order Closes on Tuesday 11Am
To order please WhatsApp 691-3008


Radharani's Saturday's Lunchbox Special
*Cook Up Rice
*Plantain Pakora
$700/1000 per Box

Radharani's Bakery & Catering Pastries & Snacks
*Pine Tart
*Chinese Cake
*Cheese Rolls
*Coconut,Currants & Milk Bun
*Cassava Pone
*Spicy Potatoes Rolls
*Cup Mac & Cheese
*EggPlant Parmesan

All Order Closes on Friday @ 9 a.m
To order please WhatsApp 691-3008


Thinking About Becoming a Makeup Artistry, then register and become certified by Anisa Sookdeo @ glam.with.anisa.
At the end of each course all students will receive a Certificate + Make-Up Goodies Bags. All Registered student can inbox fb.me/radhabc.gy (Radharani's Bakery & Catering) for Complimentary Snack Box.


Nafeeza Karim glam.with.anisa Natasha L Karim Shackoor Subratie Upendra Dalchand Lisa Karim-Dalchand Roshanie Hanscoomar
Cove and John Ashram Sha Singh DEV AUTO SALES Diana Barrat Persaud Aditya Persaud
Hindu College, Cove and John ECD, Guyana, S.A. Jaso Persaud RAJIN AUTO PAINT AND ACC SHOP
Sevak Satsangh Mandir
Mukti Singh
Enmore Shiv Mandir
Mon Repos Shree Satya Narayan Mandir
Strathspey Mandir Youth Foundation
Strathspey Vishnu Mandir


Radharani's Saturday's LunchBox


We would like to thanks glam.with.anisa Anisa Sookdeo for given us the opportunity to prepare Graduation Snack Box.
#Vegetarian #HealthyBox


Radharani's Bakery & Catering Specials
#Peanuts & #GoldenRaisinBasmatiRice
#PastaStirFry (Angel Hair)


Look out for our Lunchbox special!


Radharani's Bakery & Catering
#BrocolliPotatoes #PaneerBarraks


#GreenPeas #Curry

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Watch This To Know The Sure Shot Way To Be Successful | Gaur Gopal Das


youtube.com Crafting our success is an ongoing process that needs to be worked upon with careful attention and focus. Here's one aspect that should not be ignored.


Radharani's Bakery & Catering Pastries & Snacks Available on Wednesday

*Pine Tart
*Chinese Cake
*Cheese Rolls
*Coconut,Currants & Milk Bun
*Radharani's Spicy Pototoes Rolls
*Eggplant Parbajan
*Vegetables Pizza

All Order Closes on Monday 6p.m
To order please WhatsApp 691-3008/ 638-5226


Always Remember to Wash/ Sanitize your Hands. Be Safe and Protect Yourself.

Hand Washing Techniques
#we #are #all #in #this #together

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Enmore, East Coast Demerara

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 19:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 19:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 19:00
Thursday 08:00 - 19:00
Friday 08:00 - 19:00
Saturday 08:00 - 19:00
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