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We did it guys 💃we've made it to 2023🙌 and I have one request which is for us to spend a few minutes thanking God🤗

Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name, Father we thank you for the gift of life, we thank you for health and the power of your healing, we thank you for our children, we thank you for family and friends, we thank you for travelling mercies, we thank you because even though we sin and fall short you never leave nor forsake us, we thank you for being our tower of strength, we thank you for being the light in our darkest times, we thank you for financial blessings that has taken us through the past year, we thank you for the people you sent in our lives when we needed them most, we thank you for all the trials and temptations we've overcome, we thank you for all the lessons learnt, we thank you for removing people and things that weren't adding value or weren't meant to be apart of our journey and we thank you for your everlasting love.




We're hours away from 2023 and hours away from hearing "New year, new me" and all the new year resolutions, so before you proceed here are some advice for you;

*Stop deceiving yourself. The change you so desire is a process, and it definitely doesn't happen overnight.

*Wake each day and speak positivity to yourself, then clam whatever change you need to the universe and let that be your daily motivation.

*Take a look at the person in the mirror and see if you're pleased or satisfied with what you're seeing. (I'm not speaking about the physical person here).

*Get in the habit of practicing daily or weekly self introspection and trust me you'll be doing your future self a huge favour.

*While repeating all of the above don't forget to Pray.

Now for all of you who have read to the end I'm hoping the only posts we should be seeing are that of testimony or inspiration 🙌

Ah mean I'm just saying but you're welcome 😘😘

PS. Just a gentle reminder that prayer without work is dead.

Mandisa Williams


From my family to yours we're wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Thank you for your support along this journey 🤗. We love you and stay safe 😘😘

Ps. Don't mind my son he doesn't like the camera like us😁

93% of persons living with HIV in Guyana know their status – Dr Jagnarine - Guyana Times 23/12/2022

93% of persons living with HIV in Guyana know their status – Dr Jagnarine - Guyana Times


93% of persons living with HIV in Guyana know their status – Dr Jagnarine - Guyana Times Programme Manager of the National AIDS Programme Secretariat (NAPS), Dr Tariq Jagnarine said 93 per cent of persons infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) know their status. Speaking recently with the Department of Public Information (DPI), Dr Jagnarine said Guyana is close to meeting....


Hello you see all y'all wah sleeping on y'all talents, y'all better leave that in 2022 and let them talents help y'all make money and create y'all own businesses in 2023🤗

On the other hand this is a note to self.

You're welcome😘



We have a few days more before 2022 comes to an end, and I would like to say a few things to you.

*Don't beat yourself up over things you didn't accomplish this year, because I'm sure you did your best.

*Don't worry about friendships and relationships that didn't work out. God saw what you couldn't see.

*You see that job you lost or was hoping to get and didn't. Was it really a lost? Trust that better things are yet to come.

*You see that storm you battled silently while being criticized, my dear you're stronger because of that and the lesson you've learnt couldn't be taught at any University.

*Happiness is free and it lies within you. Stop relying on other people for your happiness, no one can make you happy except you. People can only contribute to what's already there.

*Put yourself FIRST. Let them call it selfish or whatever they wish to but put yourself FIRST because nobody else will.

*You see all that hate, anger, pain and negativity, guess what we're leaving all of that behind. I know it's not easy but take a deep breath and release it all.

*We're adapting to the habit of practicing forgiveness, being grateful for what we have instead of fussing about what we don't have and we're trusting the process of letting go and let God.

*I repeat PUT YOURSELF FIRST, accept yourself, love yourself, speak positivity to yourself, and celebrate yourself.

Keep pushing Kings and Queens. Sending hugs your way😘

From my family to yours Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays 🎅🍻🍰🎁🎄❄☃️💌

Mandisa Williams


I've received 100 reactions to my posts in the past 30 days. Thanks for your support. 🙏🤗🎉

As a face for HIV, Mandesa Williams hopes to allay fears - Stabroek News 14/12/2022

As a face for HIV, Mandesa Williams hopes to allay fears - Stabroek News

For those of you that haven't read this article as yet it's a must read. Share to inspire another ❤

As a face for HIV, Mandesa Williams hopes to allay fears - Stabroek News “My name is Mandesa Williams and I am HIV positive.” It took ten years for 30-year-old Mandesa Williams to say those words publicly and now that she has


Let's talk about HYPOCRITES

It sicks my stomach when someone commits su***de then some of y'all flooding people's timeline and y'all whatsapp status talking about mental health smh like do y'all even know what mental health is or anything relating to it at all? Because y'all are the same set of people that talk down, having a nasty attitude, spreading rumors, making fun of persons situation and differences, and discriminating 24/7. Until y'all ready to stop y'all hypocritical behavior and deal with the real issues one of which is y'all self just spare the long paragraphs. If y'all want to take it up with someone take it up with the person in the mirror✌

Whoever you are, where ever you are, whatever you're going through please talk to someone and know that you're not alone in this.

The fact that most persons hides their pain so well we can never tell What someone is going through so I'm begging y'all let's be kind to one another. Check on your family and friends, let your powers of observation help you to save a life.


Do you think families and society at large contributes a great lot to persons committing su***de?


Public Announcement!!!!!!!!!
Thats 👇what's the HIV self tesr kit looks like, and it can be picked up at any Voluntary Counselling and Testing sites.
What are you waiting for? Get tested today!!!!!



Don't be a Prisoner of your past, it was just a lesson not a life sentence. Sometimes we allow the experiences of our past to make us stagnant, when experience is a lesson for us to learn from. Let's ask ourselves a few questions like; What have I gained from whatever experience? Am i in a better place? Do i see life on a more positive side? Etc. I always say and i will continue to say Nothing in this life happens to you, but rather for you. Yes read that line as many times as you have to until you truly believe. Goodmorning my Loves do have a safe and productive day 😘
Ps. The picture below signifies me moving forward 🤗


A MUST READ!!! I'm laying here reflecting on how judgemental persons has been to me, some people expect you to look like what you've been through or going through. Now I've fought silent battles that the majority wouldn't survived, and it's funny to see how people are very quick to envy not knowing how far you've came from. I know about struggling to fit in with peers, I know about the feeling of being r***d, I know about the guilt of abortion, I know about the awful feeling of having to drop out of school at a tender age because of pregnancy, I know about being a traumatized teenage mom, I know about battling severe depression with no support system, I know about being in an abusive relationship for many years, I know about feeling helpless, I know about being discriminated because of HIV/AIDS, I know about building from scratch and losing everything. Now I've said all that to say a little love and kindness goes a far way, you never know what people are going through, you may see a smile but it hides a lot of pain and sorrow. I'm still not where i want to be mentally and emotionally but my support system is everything I will need. I was asked a few weeks ago why do I have to give so much information about myself on social media and my response was "because i know there are a lot of Mandisa Williams out there going by different names and I'm hoping that it reaches them, I hope that it inspires them and i hope that it gives them hope to know that they are not alone". Situations and circumstances definitely changed my life for the better yes, I've found my purpose i am the person i am today because of them. No situation is permanent unless you allow it to. Always remember this too shall pass🙏and don't you ever stop smiling 😘


Classification of Success in Stigma Reduction Strategies

The Community of Infected and Affected- *Involvement of HIV-infected persons in HIV/AIDS prevention activities.

*Counseling and support to HIV/AIDS affected families including children.

Education Systems- *Creating a supportive and confidential space for the discussion of sensitive topics.

*Mobilising community Leaders to encourage greater openness around s*xuality and HIV related issues within communities by building on positive social norms.

*Raising awareness through the media.

*Addressing broader inequalities through participatory education

The Church-
*HIV/AIDS integrated programmes.

*Home care programme for persons living with HIV.

*Mobilising Religious Leaders to foster respect and compassion.

*HIV/AIDS Education


Red hearts♥️in support of persons living with HIV/AIDS
Black hearts🖤and a moment of silence for persons that lost the fight to HIV/AIDS

World AIDS Day 2022
Theme: Equalise

As i reflect back over the ten years of being HIV Positive the more I see that the problem and solution lies within persons of the Positive community. Gone were the days whereby HIV was considered a death sentence, but today thanks to advanced medication the life expectancy of a +person is that of someone in the general population and moreso persons taking their medication as prescribed are more likely to be virally suppressed. HIV/AIDS have come a far way from many years ago to date but sadly it still remains a taboo. Persons are comfortable talking about diabetes, hypertension, cancer etc. but would dare not when it comes to HIV/AIDS because persons might speculate their status. Ignorance remains the root of stigma and that's the main reason Voice for the Voiceless came into existence, because i see the need for a change, i see the need for + persons to be heard, I see the need for sensitization and i see the need to fight for our rights. Stigma and discrimination originated long before HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, cancer, syphilis, epilepsy and mental illness were all stigmatized conditions before HIV/AIDS. However, HIV/AIDS has brought a whole new dimension to stigma and discrimination. Today I would like to ask the Positive population to do more in terms of guidance and education, and i would also like to ask those of you in the general population to get in the know, talk to your children about HIV/AIDS and have discussions with your peers. Not forgetting families of those affected by HIV/AIDS because they need your support in understanding the disease and all that comes with it.

Your Positive Activist
Mandisa Williams😘


Mark the date December 1st
Come out in your numbers
I'll definitely be there
See you there my friends
HIV/AIDS♥️🖤Let's help End Stigma and Discrimination





Today being International Men's Day I would like to implore on us Queens to fix your King's crown. No one is perfect and MEN are no exception, however because of society our Kings are forced to carry a burden that wasn't meant to carry alone, because of society our Kings continue to fight silent battles and dare not shed a tear, because of society our Kings are forced to keep emotions concealed because if they do show it they're deemed as weak. Some of our Kings were never thought anything about the Kingdom but still tries their best only to be criticized by us. Our Kings needs love too. Our Kings needs the reassurance in both words and actions that they're not fighting in vain. We see you Kings and we appreciate all you do. Kings of the Nation today and always I salute you.

Mandisa Williams


Hey just stopping by to say I'm proud of you 😊I know it's been very hard on you but I'm proud of the baby steps you are making, I'm proud that you had the courage to get out of bed this morning, I'm proud that despite the obsticles and set backs you still keep pushing, I'm proud that after all you've been through you still manage to smile and don't you ever let what you've been through or whatever present situation you may be facing define you ever. YOU ARE AMAZING. YOU ARE A WARRIOR. YOU ARE UNIQUE. YOU ARE A QUEEN. YOU ARE A KING. YOU ARE SPECIAL. YOU GOT THIS. Whoever is going through a difficult time I'm sending warm hugs and lots of love your way🫂


Today's Motivational Words:

1. NO- In Winners dictionary NO means Next Opportunity.

2. FEAR- In Winners dictionary FEAR mean Face Everything and Rise.

Your attitude of approach will always be a game changer 🙌

I don't know how my story is going to end but i do know that no where in that story will you ever read "and she gave up".


Sometimes there are alot of things that i want to address but i look myself in the mirror and say "Mandisa if you're going to do big things, you cannot be bothered by small things". Now i need y'all to do me a favour and repeat after me, IF I'M GOING TO DO BIG THINGS I CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE BOTHERED BY SMALL [email protected]'all see that👇smile it's from worrying less🥰



Now listen 👂people only treat you how you allow them to treat you. Know your worth and stop accepting less, nip unhealthy behaviors in the bud. Don't stay in an abusive relationship because of children, leave because of the children. Those acts have consequences on your children, most times when children grew up with a parent who abuse the other or abuse each other that's where the toxic behavior comes from because they don't know better you know why because daddy used to beat mommy and she stayed or vice-versa. I'm definitely not making excuses for abusers but too often i would have conversations with adults and realize that they're still dealing with childhood trauma of being abused or watched their mother being abused so it's difficult without help for them to allow the healthy adult to grow. And let me talk to us women directly now y'all stop making excuses get up and get a job i don't want to hear that he's the breadwinner for the family smh what happen to you? Are you bed ridden? The job might not be your dream job but until you can get there, utilize what you have. Some of y'all women does upset me with the stupid excuses, and y'all don't get me wrong in no way i just need us to break the cycle of abuse. There are so many organizations you can reach out to including the Guyana Police Force, y'all please don't be silent anymore and build that courage to get out before its too late and don't even think about oh we've been together for so many years, who's going to take me with these children, what will my family/friends/pastor say, or the children small they will need their father/mother etc. The only thing should matter is what you want and there is something called co-parenting. It is NOT okay to accept people treating you poorly because you love them ask yourself does that person love me? Let's continue this conversation in the comments 👇🚫🚫🚫#Youarenotresponsibleforotherpeoplesactions


I sat with my anger, grief, hatred and unhappiness for a very long time until she convinced me the hard way that her real name was depression. The reality is we all are a little broken one way or the other, but something we've learnt at a very tender age that should take us through life is that broken crayons still colour, so why not be that broken crayon to add color to someone else's life 🙌

Mandisa Williams 👇Y'all Motivator 😘😘

Photos from Voice for the Voiceless's post 05/11/2022

Let's Talk PrEP....... What is PrEP?

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis(PrEP) is an antiviral drug that is used as a prevention of HIV/AIDS.

On demand or one a day PrEP- is used in discordant relationships and should be taken once daily.

Discordant relationship refers to one partner being positive and the other being negative.

Intermittent or event driven PrEP- is an option for MSM. This regimen is appropriate for men who find it more effective and convenient, those who have s*x less frequently and those who can plan ahead for s*x, since the PrEP has to be taken 2-24 hours before s*x.

MSM- refers to Men who have s*x with men.

Voice for the Voiceless in collaboration with National AIDS Programme Secretariat is striving towards the 95/95/95 theory by the year 2030 which is:

95% of the population must know their status
95% must be on medication
95% must be Virally suppressed

Get in the know


New Day 🌞
New Month 🌻
New Blessings 🤗
Same GOD🙌
Today i need for us to do some self introspection and self reflection🧘‍♀️and since we're weeks away from 2023 let's ask ourselves 👇
1. Have i been good to my body?
2. Have i started that saving as planned last year?
3. Have i been depending on others to make me happy?
4. Why haven't I started to pursue my dream?
5. Have i been surrounding myself with positivity?
6. Do i have balance in my life?
7. Have i been showing enough gratitude?
8. Do i allow myself to learn something new everyday?
9. Have i been spreading love and making a difference?
10. Have i been making prayer a priority?
Those 👆are just a few, but you see change don't happen overnight, first it takes realizing the need for change, then putting in the work, then consistency. Don't make new year resolutions, instead make daily resolutions. Speak positive things to yourself and no matter how small the steps are keep pushing and moving forward. I do hope that this gives you all the motivation you need today to get up n get started.

Mandisa Williams.


Class in session 🤫👂✍

Stages, Descriptions and Characteristics of HIV/AIDS.

HIV Infection- The time HIV is introduced into the body and starts to multiply and spread.

Window Period- The time from HIV infection to the time when the body begins to make detectable antibodies. It lasts approximately 3 to 6 months after HIV infection. During the Window phase, HIV infected individuals are infectious. If an individual takes an HIV test during this time, it will come out negative although he or she is positive it's called a FALSE NEGATIVE.

Seroconversion- The time when a person's blood starts developing antibodies to help fight HIV infection. Seroconversion occurs approximately 6 to 12 weeks after HIV infection. The individual will now test positive for HIV. 30 to 50% of people suffer from flu like illness during this time.

Asymptomatic Phase- Asymptomatic HIV is the period during which a person will test positive for HIV, but does not show any signs or symptoms of the disease. Persons can remain Asymptomatic for 10 to 15 years or more. Generally no signs or symptoms of the disease but swollen glands for a long time is called Persistent Generalized Lymphadenopathy also known as PGL. It is during this phase that people are at greatest risk of transmitting HIV, because they may look and feel healthy and is very much unaware that they are HIV positive.

HIV Related Illness- Begin to show signs and symptoms of the disease. This occurs after the Asymptomatic phase and can last from months to years, depending on treatment of Opportunistic Infections and availability of ARVs. HIV related symptoms increases due to an increase in the HIV virus in the body and destruction of CD4 Cells and other important immune system functions. During this period people will begin to develop increasing Opportunistic Infections such as; weight loss, prolonged fever, thrush and tuberculosis (TB).

AIDS- AIDS is the life threatening or terminal stage of HIV infection. The immune system is severely weakened and cannot cope with the infection. This creates a life threatening condition. Unexplained weight loss greater than 10%, chronic Diarrhea for longer than one month and chronic fever. CD4 count of less than 200 etc. Life threatening infections and cancers develop such as; severe lung infection, Severe infection of the eye, a fungal infection that causes thrush in the mouth etc.

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Brief chat on Coping mechanisms and discussion on upcoming activity "Campaign for Change"





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