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👀Roy spotted drinking beer on h is new Benz.



Roy's moth er enters the Chat...🥴

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Dear Reader,

Please be advised that t he infamous ROY has reached out to th is author in an effort to sha re his version of events.


Yours truly,
Lady 🪶 🐸☕ Whistledown👒

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Dear Reader,

⭐ Rate their performance.

Th is author would like to go on reco rd as commending these officers for an excelle nt execution of their duties with regar ds to this suspicious vehicle, and by extensi on, driver.

An analysis of this vid eo sent by an anonymous source confir ms their professionalism and bravery. For no o ne knows the intentions of those dubio us criminals that live amongst us.

Ha ts off to each officer.

Yours truly,
La dy 🪶🐸☕ Whistledown👒


✍🏻Dear Reader,

This author has some BREAKI NG NEWS. It appears that sadly a 20 ye ar old man has committed suicide aft er he was allegedly drugged and rap ed by a well known social med ia personality. 🤳🏾😎
The 20 year o ld reportedly confided in two social worke rs and his aunt before he committ ed suicide. NA police report has be en filed in the matter and th at social media personality is being soug ht by the police.

This author wi ll endeavour to bring you more on th is unfortunate situation. Deepest condolences to t he family of the deceased in th is time of bereavement.

Yours truly,
Lady 🪶 🐸☕ Whistledown


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Dear Reader,

This author is bewildered by t he unfolding of this scandal. Undoubtedly, as t he layers to this mummified scandal is so tight ly wrapped that the old adage hol ds true - scrutinize a celebrated Hero🦸‍ ♂️ long enough and you will s ee them transform into Villains🦹‍♂️ right befo re your eyes.

Yours truly,



BREAKING NEWS- WATCH as investigative journali st Travis Chase interviews Rondell Bacchus w ho the police had listed as a suspe ct in the gunning down of Ricar do Fagundez called “Paper Shorts“.

Dear Reader,

Some BREAKING NEWS as stumbl ed its way into our laps. 🎦WAT CH as investigative journalist Travis Chase intervie ws Rondell Bacchus who the police h ad listed as a suspect in t he gunning down of Ricardo Fagundez call ed “Paper Shorts“.


✍️VC: HGPTV Nightly News👏, Trav is Chase🤝


Dear Reader,

A few words of wisd om on this beautiful weekend. Be su re to LISTEN TO THE END❤.

Yours tru ly,

Lady 🪶🐸☕ Whistledown



✍Dearest Reader, a question,

Is anything mo re exhilarating than taking a gamble?
F or it is often the highest ri sk that carries the greatest reward. Y et, wager wrongly and you might fi nd yourself left with nothing but regr et. As the scandal continues, the bigge st gamblers are now beginning to sh ow their hand. In fact, this auth or can think of one event th at merits a mention.

Emerging phoenix-like fr om the ashes of disrepute, is o ne, the Lord of Team Mohamed's.

"Dir ty tactics by devious gold dealer to si nk others disgusting, must end

I wa nt to focus on a gold deal er who is also a competitor - o ne who cannot live with himself a nd whose primary objective is to crea te mischief. His wickedness is beyond comprehensi on.
He has written several letters to t he various embassies accusing our family of bei ng involved in terrorism and drugs.
I do n ot have to convince anyone about wh at I do for a living b ut just to note, all the releva nt authorities including the Guyana Revenue Authori ty, CANU, and the Police are we ll aware of the drug dealers a nd their associates.
This so-called gold deal er happens to be a close frie nd of the detective who recently ca me out with some damning revelations abo ut coverups evidence in the murder of a frie nd of ours.
That very policeman w as the one who assisted to establi sh his security service and who wou ld have worked with him during h is annual vacation - this is we ll known to hundreds of people.
Neverthele ss, this particular gold dealer claims th at his hands are clean of corrupti on but it was this very m an who offered my father $140 milli on to settle a land issue involvi ng a convicted drug lord who spe nd years in a US penitentiary.
T he large sum of money was offer ed in the presence of at lea st 20 worshippers at the Providence Masj id with the main aim of getti ng my father to return a pl ot of land to the convicted dr ug lord.
My dad refused and inste ad, he settled the matter amicably himse lf. This gold dealer is so immor al, that he used his wealth to influen ce and force sexual relationships with clo se relatives. He is an abus er with no ordinary dimension.
H is deceitfulness goes on – years a go, he framed one of his supplie rs who had stopped doing business wi th him after he would have acquir ed his license for murder. The ballist ic officer who was handling the ca se was instructed by another senior poli ce officer to tamper with the repo rt to show that the gun th at was used in the murder belong ed to his former supplier. The suppli er did not even know the pers on who was murdered.
That supplier w as in all praise for a form er police commissioner who stood at t he door of the CID ballistic departme nt and demanded that investigating officers ‘g et it right’.
Soon after, the ballist ic officer resigned on the premise th at he could not fulfill the reque st by the senior officer to tamp er with the evidence. This proves t he extent that this monster would go to elimina te his competitors.
Further, he hurled a grena de at the premises of a m an who had assisted him to achie ve financial success just because he refus ed to carry out a request.
Th is gold dealer who claimed to be righteo us was instrumental in jailing an employ ee of his for murder and mo re so, blocking his trial for eig ht years.
During that employee’s time in pris on, this wicked soul paid other prisone rs handsomely to sexually molest the m an and to share the video of th em performing the act. Acts such as the se can only be described as monstro us.
Eventually, the employee was released fr om prison.
Meanwhile, concerning ‘Paper Shorts’. I mu st say that he was a frie nd of ours through the racing fraterni ty. He was well-known to my fath er since he assisted him financially.
We also assisted him to establish h is pawn shop and restaurant and al so financed his safari trips.
The questi on lingers, why would I want to ha rm him or matter in fact, a ny human? Let us not be judgment al but instead review the video of t he shooting incident and you will s ee that there is a difference betwe en the shooter and the private securi ty who was implicated in the recordi ng released by the detective a f ew days ago.
The securi ty officer is medium-built. Make your judgme nt and do not be fooled by so me gullible media entities that reported on everythi ng except the facts.
Finally, in a ll my life, I do not kn ow of any other person who is so obsess ed with me, my family, and my success es in business. I want the wor ld to know that I am straig ht and do not indulge in ‘han ky panky’ business.
I hope the publ ic would understand the genesis of th is plan.

I thank you…"

So now th at you have read for yourselves - dr aw your own conclusions. For this auth or, regardless of on which side t he proverbial coin lands, one can reasonab ly conclude that Police Corruption exist.

You rs truly,
Lady🪶🐸☕ Whistledown


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Dion Bascom goes LIVE in h is battle against alleged Murder, Hitmen f or Hire, & Police Corruption!!!

Dear Reader,
It appears a GIA NT SCANDAL is unravelling before our ey es. This author will not put p en to paper until all of t he Skeletons come rolling out of t he proverbial closet.
Until then, do ha ve a look at the LIVE of S ir Dion Bascom.
Yours truly, Lady🪶🐸🍵Whistledown


🤳 Hardest Game Show Ever❗

🤓99.98% wi ll Fail. Watch until the end. 😅🤣😂

How many did you guess correctly❔



Dear Reader,

It appears a SCANDAL is afo ot. This author will not put p en to paper until all the Skelto ns come rolling out of this closet.

Unt il then, do enjoy some humour.

Yours truly,
Lady🪶 🐸🍵 Whistledown


🤳🏾👩‍🎤O Beautiful Guyana🇬🇾 😍😍😍

Dear Reader,

It is wi th great pleasure that I take y ou on a journey into the beautif ul past of our beloved Guyana🇬🇾. Do enjoy🎻

You rs truly,
Lady🪶🐸☕ Whistledown



Dear Reader,

According to the much herald ed poet Lord Guyanese Critics: Of a ll bitches, dead or alive, a scribbli ng woman is the most canine.

If that should be true, then th is author would like to show y ou her teeth...

My name is La dy Whistledown. You do not kn ow me, and you never shall. B ut if you are currently reading the se papers of record, then rest assur ed: I certainly know you...

In t he mysteries of faith, I have apparent ly entered the Twilight Zone, much li ke the television series of 1959. Th is classic anthology of sci-fi, suspense a nd goose-bump-inducing tales have landed me in a litt le country dubbed Guyana🇬🇾.

There appears much scand al to be explored and exposed he re. The author only asks that y ou keep your wits about you, it 's bound to be a season of scand al.

Yours truly,

Lady 🪶🐸☕ Whistledown


🤳🏾Well WATCH Skunt Hayyyyyy 😅🤣😂
Local Guyane se Chef went Dharkkkk🌚🌚🌚 because someone ma de a negative comment about his Busine ss. 🧏‍♂️If you ever decide to e at at this place hay and ain 't like the food, u better sh ut up🤐 and swallow. 💀💀💀 🇬🇾 😅🤣😂


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👀RIP King👑 😅🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

🌬🌪Man is Daggggggg🐶🐕🦮🐕‍🦺 😤Ladi es do you agree❓

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💧 - 🥰That one time Micha el Jackson visited India.

Thriller Indiano - 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀ ️🧟 *Bollywood Edition*

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The Cash Grant Poem.

🚨🗣ATTENTION Parent s🚨 "This sweet little Angel😇 Rehanna Ramdih al from Belvedere Nursery said, 🗣📣Doh u se is to pay Rent🌚🌚🌚🌚" 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐



🗣🗣🗣🗣ATTENTION 🇬🇾 🚨🚨🚨 We're going LI VE in a few hours with Marl on Jacobs and HJ..... 🤔💭(Ah ho pe dem asna de call💀)

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🤳🏾🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 🌚🌚 It DARKKKKK Outside lata 🔌...🐸☕


Something about being jam packed on a Bo at, especially on a day as significa nt as today 🗣DON'T SIT RIGHT WI TH ME...

👀188 YEARS LATER a nd we're right back on a shi p🚢

Sometimes I does want to kn ow if some Guyanese does think befo re they act...smh....


😅🤣😂😭😭😭Ah deadin' 💀💀💀💀Ghheeeeettttttt yuh 🤬🤬🤬🤬🐸☕


🤳🏾Well WATCH Skunt Hayyyyyy
...... Now HJ a nd Marlon gone and raise up Magn um Jumbie💀💀💀🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚.... 🐸☕


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🗣 Marlon Jacobs Mr. Sir, Co me to the front of the Cla ss please.... 🤳🏾 .4.3....💀


👀LISTEN sis VEX Bad rn. She 's already dressed for the Friends wi th Benefits (FWB) Party and now Marl on Jacobs postponed💀💀💀... Somebody Plz come te ll sis something 😩😩😫💀


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They begged him not to blo ck their driverway and he didn't list en. So this happened....😅🤣😂😅🤣😂
🇬🇾 Guyana is n ot a Real Place💀


Spiderman 🕷 Challenge... Who will w in?


Dear Reader,

The ShenYengz shut down a nd Lady Whistledown caught it LIVE🤳🏾🍑...


😐When u catch her face timi ng her side dude...😑😑😑 😅🤣😂😂😂😂

😐When u catch her face timi ng her side dude...😑😑😑 😅🤣😂😂😂😂😂


👀🤳🏾👮🏾‍♂️#Protocol🥰 It's really ni ce to see the BIG Boys havi ng fun🥳🥳🥳...#YallDontComeFuhDem🙅🏾‍♂️ #KeepDuhSameFirstLadyEnergy🤨✌🏾


It's really nice to s ee the BIG Boys having fun🥳🥳🥳

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