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At Dr. Pat's SRH Consultancy individuals, couples and organisations can access expert S*xual and Rep


We provide quality and holistic s*xual and reproductive health services based on your needs. Book an appointment with us today!


Get ready! SRHR Adventures with Dr.Pat along with Dr. Pat's SRH Consultancy will be providing edu-tainment LIVE at Curl Fete 2022! Come and see what it's all about this Saturday, October 1 at Promenade Gardens. Keep following to learn more!


This week is the start of S*xual Health Week which runs from September 12th-18th. The theme for this year is Breaking Barriers.

The promotion of access to S*xual Health services has always been a part of our goals, and also to provide you with quality services, or refer you to get the best care.

Know that you would always have our assistance, in relation to your S*xual and Reproductive Health.


We aim to provide quality service to all of our clients.


Reviews help us to continuously offer the best service to our clients!


Today we want to share with you, our health care reminder, to get tested.
If you're s*xually active and you know what these mean 🍆💦🍑, you should get tested at least once a year, or if you have more than one s*xual partner, we recommend getting tested every three to six months. This does not only apply to HIV, but other STIs and STDs such as Herpes, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis, etc.

Book a consultation with us to further discuss your s*xual health and wellness.



New Update!

We have recently upgraded our semen analysis capabilities as part of our commitment to providing the highest quality of results to the public in the shortest possible timeframe. We are now using a fully automated system to analyze semen samples. This provides standardization, accuracy, and precision of test results.

Our turnaround time is now 1 hour. For more information call us 2254050.


We welcome June with open arms and hearts 💕


Fertility Tip of the Week

Thinking about getting pregnant? Get a medical check-up before you do!

You should make sure you’re healthy when you get pregnant as there are some health conditions that may affect your pregnancy and the health of your baby.

A pre-conception check-uo should be done even if you’ve already had a baby because your health may have changed since you were last pregnant. It is especially important if you’ve already had a premature baby, a baby with a birth defect, a miscarriage or stillbirth.


Do you want to book an appointment, but you don't know how?
Just inbox us or message on WhatsApp to get started!
We offer physical and virtual consultations!

P.s: The full-service charge is required to be paid before any virtual consultation/session.


Fertility Tip of the Week

Tracking your menstrual cycle is very important if you are trying to get pregnant. It will give you an idea of your cycle length and regularity. Having this information can help your service provider to know if you are ovulating. Use a calendar or a tracking app to mark the first day your period begins (our favourite is the Flo app 😉).

If you want to get pregnant, or you are having difficulty getting pregnant, book us for our Preconception and Fertility Counselling Services today.


The long Easter weekend is over and we are now back on the grind!

Remember to book us for a consultation today!


SRHR Adventures with Dr.Pat is highlighting important maternal health and rights information this week, and we feel that clear communication is key! It can go a long way in ensuring a good outcome for you and your baby.

Book our services today to learn how you can effectively communicate with your service providers for a safe and positive pregnancy and birthing experience.

Positive communication and interactions throughout pregnancy, the birthing process and during the post-partum period significantly affect the woman’s experience, which in turn can affect both her mental and physical health, as well as her relationship with her baby postnatally.
In this post we look at some of the really important benefits that come from establishing a clear and respectful line of communication between the maternal patients and her healthcare provider.


Happy International Maternal Health and Rights Day!

Every mother has the right to access respectful, skilled, comprehensive and culturally appropriate maternal and reproductive healthcare.

Dr. Pat's SRH Consultancy is here to ensure that you know and advocate for that right!

Book with us today to learn how!


Family Planning Tip of the Week

We recommend family planning, for a good cause. Family Planning, improves maternal health and child survival.
Helping women avoid becoming pregnant too early, too late or too often benefits them and their children. Book a consultation with us so we can further discuss the best options for you and your partner.






On Monday the 14/02/ 2022 Sister's Secrets presented us with sample products to display in our office space.

We are so happy that clients will get to see and interact with some of the products that we recommend for those that are looking for alternative remedies.


Family Planning Tip of the Week

Depending on your plan, if you've decided that now isn't the right time for you to start or extend your family, there are a range of contraceptives that are extremely effective. Also, owing to it being Valentine's day that is celebrated by many lovers. If you don't have an IUD or implant or use any other form of contraceptive, just know that a condom works just as fine for this special day and does not take away from the pleasure.

For those of you who are working on extending or starting your family, here's some baby dust for you!
Remember to book a consultation with us if you're unsure or have any difficulties or just need to understand what your journey will be like.






Let's Get into a little bit of family planning

Family planning entails choosing the number of children you want to have, and the intervals between their birth.

You may not be sure about how to family plan, or if you're using the best method that works for you. . To ensure you're doing family planning correctly, and you are using methods that work for you, book with us!.


We offer physical and virtual consultations!

P.s: The full-service charge is required to be paid before any virtual consultation/session.


She spoke this over Dr. Pat, even before this business was launched 🌼.




To commemorate our first monthiversary🥳, we have decided to introduce much-needed services to Guyana.

These include:
Doula Services
Birth Coaching

This is all possible because of the tremendous support we have received from those who have liked and followed our social media accounts and also from the support of our clients.

We thank you all and we look forward to offering you all, the best quality of service.






This review was too long for us to screenshot lol


Not often persons are privileged to have a "personal physician ". Fortunately, I have one who provided excellent service for the services I needed.

Cousin Dr Pat ensured I was aware of all methods of birth control days after I announced I'm getting married 😂. She informed me of the importance of family planning and guided me into selecting which was best for my particular circumstance. Additionally, I was reminded to look out for the "them things will make you infertile " and shut them down immediately.

During the two years of using the implant, I had several consultations to "check-up ". When myself and husband were ready to start our family Cousin Dr. Pat was providing expert recommendations on prenatal. Consultations would include candid discussions about the birthing process and the importance of remaining calm.

Subsequent to delivery our conversations continued with care for the infant. She highly recommended breastfeeding.

I didn't wait for Cousin Dr. Pat to tell me about family planning again. I am a happy member of the implant family 👪.

It's imperative that we have professionals assisting us as we journey. I am happy that I have a "personal physician ".

Little Cousin 😍


Sharing knowledge is a joy 💛


With our SRH Awareness Sessions @ Organisations (Workplaces, Religious Institutions…) we provide stimulating and educational sessions on S*xual and Reproductive Health. We cover topic such as family planning, birth control, cervical cancer prevention....


We love to help 💛


What is SRH talks for parents & adolescents?

In these sessions we explore S*xual and Reproductive Health topics in a fun and age appropriate way. For example;

* Puberty Awareness Counseling - Adolescents and preadolescents in the presence of their parents/guardians will be offered knowledge and information to manoeuvre puberty in a safe way. Additionally, parents/guardians can be trained to deliver this service to their offspring in a manner that is sensitive but without shame.

* First Time Period Counseling - Preadolescent & adolescent girls will be equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to manoeuvre their periods. Additionally, parents/guardians can be trained to deliver this service to their offspring in a manner that is sensitive but without shame.

* The “S*x” talk - Age-appropriate s*x talk will be administered to children in the presence of their parent/guardian. Additionally, parents/guardians can be trained to deliver this service to their offspring in a manner that is sensitive but without shame.


We are so proud of the work SRH Counsellor Sheri has been doing!

💛 🌼 💛


What is Hormonal Balance Counseling?

Women suffering from hormonal imbalance will be equipped with the tools to naturally restore their hormone balance.


What is Menopause Management Counseling?

Menopausal and perimenopausal women will be equipped with the tools needed for them to navigate that period of life with ease.


Our second review from a prospective client who called to ask about our services which led to a whole conversation *hides face*.


What is Singles/Couples' S*x Ed?

Singles/Couples will be provided with the tools needed to have a safe and pleasurable s*x life.


What is Postnatal Counseling?

Pregnant women/mothers (and their partners) will be equipped with the tools to navigate newborn care and self care after delivery.


What can you expect from prenatal & antenatal counseling?

In this service pregnant women (and their partners) are equipped with the tools to successfully navigate their pregnancies to delivery.






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