Unicomer Pacesetters Toastmaters Club

Unicomer Pacesetters Toastmaters Club


For this joyous season, the four Toastmasters Clubs of Area 39 in Guyana extended kindness to the children of the Red Cross Children's Convalescent Home in D’Urban Backlands. The members are thankful for all they have received through the education programme and uses this season to give back by showing generosity and kindness. The Clubs of Area 39 include three Corporate Clubs: Bank of Guyana Royale Toastmasters Club, Unicomer Pacesetters Toastmasters Club (Courts Main Street) and GTT Trailblazers Toastmasters Club, and one Community Club: Cacique Toastmasters Club. [ 100 more words ]
Red Cross Children's Convalescent Home.
Unicomer Pacesetters Toastmaters Club
GTT Trailblazers Toastmasters Club
Cacique Toastmasters club
In every person, there is potential for leadership.- Dr. Myles Monroe

Unicomer Pacesetters Toastmasters Club is a cooperative educational club that helps individuals dev


Pacesetters Executives at Areas 39 & 40 Club officers Training

Photos from Unicomer Pacesetters Toastmaters Club's post 19/08/2017

Breakout sessions at Areas 39 &40 Toastmasters Club Officer Training

Photos from Unicomer Pacesetters Toastmaters Club's post 19/08/2017

Toastmasters working hard at Areas 39 & 40 club officer Training

Photos from Unicomer Pacesetters Toastmaters Club's post 19/08/2017

Areas 39 & 40 Toastmasters Club officers Training (self introduction)


I just had to post this a again, I'm so proud of the children of Guyana, these children delivered well as they spoke with the media, they vocabulary/ choice of words excellent ! Guyana's future looks bright , I salute you all, as well as the parents and teachers who worked tirelessly.

Timeline photos 11/06/2017

Timeline photos

Update June 10: Together we can!
Success is within our reach! Chartering new clubs, adding new members, renewing current and reinstating old are all made easier – together. As we add our clubs and increase our membership payments, let us continue to complete and submit our education awards before June 30, 2017. Let us be the example of the District that turns obstacles into opportunities. Let us finish this year strong, together!


Mormon Missionary explains what Guyanese English sounds like t...

Toastmasters this is one for you an individuals analysis of Guyanese English

Oh my this had me laughing , he got to go to region 3 and further he wouldn't under a word .... is his explanation and he still en't saying it right ... But we understand love U ... Love Guyana.

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congratulations to toastmaster Orletta Vincente who won the second prize representing area 38 at Toastmasters National Impromptu speech competition held on Friday April 28th. Excellent work Orletta keep the good work up.

Pacesetters TM Club..Congratulates You !

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Unicomer Pacesetters Toastmasters Club Officers at training a month ago, featuring our future toastmaster (the youngest In the photo) she added flavor to all of the pics

Timeline photos 02/02/2017

Join us today 17:00 hrs(5pm) for another exciting Pacesetters Toastmasters Club meeting under the

Theme: 'Dream and you can change the world

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Timeline photos 09/11/2016

We take time out to acknowledge and celebrate with Our President, a young leader who has come to us for such a time like this, a man who is not afraid to take responsibility but with care and insight gives support to the task at hand. From the members and friend of Unicomer Pacesetters Toastmaster Club we wish Romaine Ross a Happy Birthday and many more successful years ahead. Enjoy!

Freeburg Secondary’s library refurbished, restocked - Stabroek News 04/10/2016

Freeburg Secondary’s library refurbished, restocked - Stabroek News

I'm encourage our youths are making valuable contributions to future of Guyana. Education is the key!

Freeburg Secondary’s library refurbished, restocked - Stabroek News Students of the Freeburg Secondary School are the recipients of a newly refurbished library space and reading room, thanks to Nulli Secundus, a youth group


Toastmasters teaches employees how to present ideas clearly, a very important art for sale representatives. Join our Toastmaster today ....THE PACESETTERS ! to join inbox us today !

Photos from Unicomer Pacesetters Toastmaters Club's post 02/09/2016

Photos from Unicomer Pacesetters Toastmaters Club's post

Photos from Unicomer Pacesetters Toastmaters Club's post 02/09/2016

Congratulations to our toastmasters who participated in the Unicomers Pacesetters Toastmasters Club humorous Speech contest this evening. This evenings contest was filled with much Entertaining and laughter. The humor started with contestant # 1- TM Orletta Vincente telling to us to know your country a trip out of town, followed by contestant # 2- TM Towana Figueira with The Journey of Love, and finally contestant #3 TM Roderick Cosbert reminding us of the Importance of Personal Hygiene. The art of comedy was surely evident in each participant presentation. However the contest was finally won by TM Roderick Cosbert with TM Towana Figueira earning the second place. Both Toastmasters will go on to represent Unicomers pacesetters at the area contest on Friday 2nd September 2016 at Digicel Head Office Barrack Street Kingston Georgetown starting at 17:30hrs.
Once again cheers to our all winners and participants!

Keeping Your Audience Engaged 11/08/2016

Keeping Your Audience Engaged

Great tips for engaging your audience

Keeping Your Audience Engaged Maintaining the attention of your audience is vital to delivering a successful speech. Explore the finer points of vocal variety, speech structure, the benef...




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