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All website developers must be able to meet deadlines when creating and maintaining websites and online platforms for customers throughout Guyana. As a website developer, you will be paid specified amounts for the tasks completed, ranging from $20,000 to $100,000 per contract.


Are you a business owner, private tutor, local reseller or owner of a real estate agency who is preparing for Christmas and the remaining of 2020? 🎁🎄
Planning to put your business online for 2021!?
Here's a SPECIAL combo for only $50,000!

First year: $50,000 annually
Additional years: $25,000 annually

✅ 1 Domain (.com, .net or .org)
✅ 3 Custom email addresses ([email protected])
✅ FREE Setup of Custom Software
✅ Online Support for 3 days
✅ 24 Hours Usage Tutoring
✅ Custom Handbook for Platforms
✅ Privacy and Security SSL Certificates
✅ Extra Perks for Maintenance

Offer valid from 11th Nov - 31st Dec, 2020!

Place your orders now!

☎ ️+592 647 7615
☎ +592 680 3708
🏢 75 Fyrish Village, C/tyne B/ce
⏰ Available Hours:
Mon-Friday(8:00 AM - 4:00 PM)
💼 Preferred method of Communication: WhatsApp

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I build websites! (
Are you a small business owner, YouTube content creator or blogger?
Do you want to create an online dating platform?
Do you or anyone you know manage a private security company?
Are you planning to create an educational learning platform for children during this global pandemic in Guyana?
....but you're looking for someone to build a website for you? Search no further.

With my one-time affordable packages as low as $8,000, these are the features provided:
I. 12 hours 80% money back guarantee
II. SQL Database preparation and setup included (if applicable/required)
III. Responsive/Interative Layout
IV. FREE Logo Designs
V. Full preparation of domains on all TLDs (.com, .net, .org, .co, etc.)
VI. Lifetime SSL and encryption guarantee
...and MUCH MORE!

Send a Facebook message or visit my website for more information, i.e. the order form. If you prefer to contact me through WhatsApp, my number is 680-3708.

I look forward to working with you!

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Hey! If you're a Guyanese, this post is for you because you should be aware of our country's lifestyle and the way we live but if you're not, then it's still for you so you can know who we are in case you're planning to visit the country or explore this beautiful land and meeting its people. Some of us may be calm while others may be a bit hostile, but at the end of the day, we are loving, caring and hard-working. We love to participate in public events, share dishes among our neighborhoods, play sports with the younger ones, assist public workers with their daily jobs and much more!

I must take this opportunity to share and express my condolences to the family, friends and relatives of the lives which were taken because of the intense political and racial atmosphere we're encountering. It is indeed a very said moment as we mourn the death of the three boys and others. 🙏

I grew up in Region Six, East-Berbice Corentyne. My country is the only English speaking nation within South America, and it is populated with six races; Africans, East Indians, Amerindians, Europeans, Portugueses and Chinese, followed by our Motto "One People, One Nation, One Destiny" and alias "Land of Many Waters". There are many historic facts which you can read about Guyana, but over the past nineteen years of my life, it has been transparent that Youths who have skills and talents in various educational and recreational fields have been declined the opportunity to share their work with the public because of lack of certifications, recommendations, references and motivational supporters. Trust me! I know what it feels like. At the age of 11, I had my first desktop computer, with the "dial-up" wifi from the ol' days, where I experimented on breaking and fixing the default software, i.e. Encarta Kids and Premium, etc. Eventually, I became good at that but a year later, my instincts kicked in, leading me on a path to deeper experiments. At that point of time, I practiced on blank notepad documents, while watching tutorial videos of how to make computer games. Even though I failed a few times, I managed to create a few of them, and code some websites. As the years passed by, I contacted my nerd-like peers and we created a few non-profit programming organizations, i.e. The Master Code, but instead of continuously working worldwde, I wanted to support my own country, Guyana! That's why I am inviting you to be one of my clients today for affordable fees and prices. I am a 19 years old self-taught developer (on the path to being certified and licensed) and if you are planning to share your idea or create a website for your online and small businesses, just know you can count on me! I would love to continue sharing my story with you, so feel free to like and follow my page and visit my website for booking information and updates at

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Developer Kevin Nascimento updated their website address.

Developer Kevin Nascimento updated their website address.



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