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TAX PAYERS LEAGUE GHANA is a Tax Protection group to check government and public officers on how to use Tax payers money appropriately


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With my Secretary General of WTA in Sydney


WTA Conference in Sydney

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We also made it


Taxpayers League Ghana will be represented in the World Taxpayers Association conference in Sydney from 20th to 29th May 2019.


The 50% benchmarks reduction at Tema port is helping businesses a lot and Taxpayers League Ghana applauds government for that bold decision.


Taxpayers League Ghana welcome the idea of Tax free port in Ghana




TAXPAYERS LEAGUE GHANA – GHANA MEDIA WORLD NEWS  TAXPAYERS LEAGUE GHANA October 18, 2016October 18, 2016 GhanaMedia 0 Comment Please follow and like us:0TAXPAYERS LEAGUE GHANA. NDC PC FOR KROWOR FRAUDULENTLY ACQUIRING NALAG RESOURCES. We have noticed with utmost shock, how Agnes Naa Mono Lartey, the ruling National Democratic Congress’ parli...

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Urgent Release
October 17, 2016


We have noticed with utmost shock, how Agnes Naa Mono Lartey, the ruling National Democratic Congress' parliamentary candidate for Krowor constituency is fraudulently benefiting from her illegal position as NALAG General Secretary.

It is more shocking to know that Agnes Naa Mono Lartey is fraudulently using NALAG vehicles, fuel, drivers, financial resources, etc on a political campaign. This is crookedness.

An ash Nissan patrol with registration number GE 6161-Y and a black Toyota Avensis saloon car also with registration number GT 8853-11 are all in her possession, undeservedly and dishonestly, and further weakening the vehicles on a campaign trail. This same woman, is criminally using the services of the driver at the NALAG secretariat, who is paid from NALAG, as a campaign driver. The driver, known as Mr. Ottoo, has for several months been off from official duties and has since been used by the NDC Parliamentary candidate. This is fraudulent. The NALAG constitution vehemently frowns on.

Article 16 clause 8 of the NALAG constitution stipulates clearly that "The appointment of the General Secretary shall be automatically terminated if he or she files to contest National Presidential elections or Parliamentary elections on the ticket of a political party". It is interesting to note that the National Executive Council of NALAG whose responsibility it is to see to the vacation of office of the General secretary have, for the purposes of political expediency in favour of the NDC, refused to do ensure that.

Madam Agnes Naa Momo Lartey was elected as NDC Parliamentary candidate more than a year ago, she filed to contest the Krowor seat with the electoral commission a fortnight ago, the big question is, why is she still occupying the office of the General Secretary of NALAG?

We find this an attempt to defraud the state, milk the coffers of the association dry, deny members of local authorities the needed resources to improve local governance.

We are calling on Madam Agnes Naa Momo Lartey to as a matter of urgency, resign from her position as NALAG General Secretary, submit all assets in her possession to the secretariat, pay for the services of the driver, refund the amount drawn from the secretariat for fuel, allowances, etc, all at a cumulative compound interest rate.

We further call on all members of the National Executive Council of NALAG, under whose negligence the state has lost this much, to resign from their positions with immediate effect.


Hopeson Yaovi Adorye,

Executive Director



Press Release
October 6, 2016


We find it shocking to note that $504,000 of taxpayers' money are being used by the Bank of Ghana in the purchases of 73 units of gold watches as part of retirement packages for some retirees of the Bank. What we find more dangerous is the shameless defence mounted by the bank in an attempt to white-wash this rather stinking, smelly act.

At this point in the life of the Ghanaian, where access to basic educational materials, potable water, health needs, students allowances, affordable housing, good roads, adequate salaries and supply of constant power have become so difficult to come by, one would have expected that such huge funds, half a million dollars could rather be used to mitigate the pain of the suffering masses.

The working conditions of staff of the Bank of Ghana is one of the best in the country. The salaries of workers of the Bank of Ghana are envious compared to many others, it is a lucrative institution to work with. So, for such an institution, whose staff are well taken care of and has the constitutional duty to ensure proper use of our resources to embark on this venture is bewildering.

The communication department of the Bank of Ghana in a release, admitted without shame that a decision was made in 2012 to buy the watches every two years in order to control cost and make savings on foreign exchange. Isn't this an admission that the purchases of the gold watches is a useless expenditure that has dire consequences on our foreign exchange and the hard earned income from which our taxes are paid? Isn't it therefore a senseless expenditure?

We expect the Bank of Ghana to use it's overdose of the budgetary allocation to drill boreholes, build schools, construct dams, set up factories, offer numerous scholarships, give shelter and fight hunger. These are what taxpayers expect from the very institutions who manage our taxes and are as well paid with our taxes.

We put on record that the Taxpayers League Ghana is not against recognition of the efforts of hardworking staff through rewards but certainly not in this manner. This is a clear attempt by the board of the Bank of Ghana to dissipate the coffers of the state and abuse somewhat a remarkable means of showing gratitude. Of what use is such an expensive gold watch to an old man or woman on retirement? What better does a gold watch worth thousands of dollars add to the conducive and healthy living of a pensioner? Absolutely nothing!

We therefore call on the sensibilities of the board and governor of the Bank of Ghana to rescind this decision, it is unwise, careless, senseless, wicked and evil. It is a decision that does not consider pregnant women, it is a decision that does not consider diseased children, it is that does not consider guinea worm infected communities, it is a decision that does not consider the sweats of the cocoa farmer, it is a decision that never considered the unemployed youth. It is a very bad decision.

We may be forced as stakeholders in the struggle for the protection of the inadequate funds of the state to go to court; to place an Injunction on the process and as well seek the favour of the court to review the deal in the interest of the public. Thank you.


Opoku Nti Ernest, Director of Research, 0243023123.

Priscilla Afriyie, Director of Operations, 0543939024.



Press Release


The Taxpayers League Ghana welcomes policies announced by Dr. Bawumia on tax reductions as incentives to production and business growth. It is refreshing to note that our continuous cry that taxes are becoming heavier on individuals and business organisations is getting the attention of political players and policy makers.

The decision by the former deputy governor of the Bank of Ghana, should the New Patriotic Party win the December Presidential polls, to see to; the reduction of corporate tax rate from 25% to 20%, removal of import duties on raw materials and machinery for production, elimination the special levy on imports, abolishment of the 17.5% of VAT on imported medicine, among others, will not only reduce the burden on individuals workers and corporate organisations, but will boost production and reduce unemployment.

It is our view, just as the Vice Presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party espoused during his lecture las week at the National Theatre, that the tax base should be broadened by formalising the economy. Stringent laws should rather be made to ensure compliance of existing taxes, whilst government reduces its expenditure.

The Auditor General's report puts unaccounted government funds at GHC 5.9 billion. This is between 2012 and 2014. It presupposes that, the problem with our revenues is not insufficiency, but corruption, thievery and deliberate reckless expenditure by appointees of government.

We strongly maintain that taxes in Ghana are too high, the NDC government must quickly review tax laws to alleviate the tax burdens on businesses. Taxes such as the 17.5% VAT on real estate, 17.5% VAT on domestic airline, 17.5% VAT paid by micro and small enterprises are all too burdensome and must be removed.

The government must reduce taxes now!!!
......... Signed.........
Priscilla Afriyie,
Director of Operations, 0543939024

Opoku Nti Ernest,

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At the World Taxpayers Association conference in Berlin.
We are determined to demand lower taxes for the citizenry. Good governance and anti corruption also our focus.

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Our Hong Kong partner

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It's happening live and very fruitful



All tax protection groups around the globe will converge in Berlin from 16th to 20th March 2016 for the 16th Biennial Conference to discuss how its affiliate members can better advocate and pursue lower taxes for the citizens of their respective countries.

The fight against corruption, ensuring effective use of taxes, as well as good governance by making government officials accountable to taxpayers have been the main focus of Taxpayers League Worldwide.

Taxpayers League Ghana is being represented by its Executive Director Mr. Hopeson Yaw Adorye and he returns to Ghana on 30th March 2016.

Ghana is among the many nations where there has been a history of theft of public funds and gross abuses in the use of the public purse, while on the other hand, Ghanaians have been increasingly burdened by excessive taxes unmatched with provision of public services.

Due to its own inefficient tax management systems, the government has deployed indirect taxation as it's main tax collection strategy, hence unfairly sharing the tax burden.

Unbearable taxes on utility and basic necessities (until recently the government imposed VAT on drugs and other pharmaceutical products) has brought untold hardship on Ghanaians.

Electricity and Water tariffs, and the tax component on petroleum products in Ghana are some the highest in the world.

Other forms of excessive levies, like road tolls, have placed extra burdens on both commuters and and vehicle owners in Ghana, especially on taxis and trotros.

Taxes on private tertiary education institutions have led to escalation in the cost of education to parents.
These taxes are indirect taxes on parents since the schools simply pass them on in the form of highest tuition fees.

Ghana is among many nations that have been bedevilled with rampant corruption by public officials. Recently, Ghana was ranked the second most corrupt country in Africa and among most corrupt countries worldwide.

This is not acceptable, especially when Ghanaians have to pay for the cost of corruption by public officials.

Taxpayers League Ghana remains committed to the fight against the abuse of the public purse, and continues to put government and public officials on their toes.

Taxpayers League Ghana will like to use this occasion to invite all Civil Society Groups, Pressure and Interest groups to come on board to fight a common goal of relieving Ghanaians from excessive taxes and to ensure that the public purse is used to the benefit of the taxpayers.

Priscilla Afriyie Agyemang
Administrative Director
Ghana Taxpayers League

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The persistent increase in the prices of goods and services coupled with the high cost of utilities by the government has brought untold hardships on the poor people of the Republic of Ghana.

In this era of hardship, what the taxpayer least expected was another increment in their daily patronage. Ghanaians woke up early on the 1st day of February, just to be met with another wicked increment on the cost of sachet water and transportation fares by 50% and 15% respectively.

The skyrocketing cost of living as well as cost of doing business in Ghana today is putting the citizenry in severe hardship. Water is life and a basic necessity which is supposed to be available and affordable to all and sundry. The contrary has happened under the watch of President Mahama who doesn’t seem to care about the plight of the taxpayer.

Earlier, in December last year, the government of Ghana through the PURC decided to increase the cost of electricity and water by 59.2% and 62.2% respectively. This further raised the cost utility services to unbearable levels with the ordinary Ghanaian taxpayer having no option than to wallow in the insensitivities of government.

The saddest aspect of the increment is that, the reality of the increment surpasses the actual percentage announced by the PURC. Thank God it was detected and exposed by the leadership of the Organized Labour that Ghanaians were paying more than what government announced.

President Mahama’s government has had the opportunity to generate income far more than any other government in the history of Ghana yet, this has also been the worst period for Ghanaian. On Taxation, the previous government collected GHC 25.2 billion from 2001 to 2008, President Mahama has collected GHC 62 billion from 2009 to 2014. On Gold, 2001 to 2008 was US$ 5 billion, 2009 to 2014 US$ 25 billion. On Cocoa, 2001 to 2008 US$ 7.4 billion whiles 2009 to 2014 US$ 14.5 billion. On crude oil, 2001 to 2008 no oil but 2009 to 2014 US$ 13.7 billion.

The above figures attest to the fact that, if government prioritize our needs well and eschew corruption and misapplication of funds, the taxpayer will not be needlessly burdened with these wicked increases in cost in our daily lives.
Taxpayers League Ghana is urging President Mahama to put measures in place to recover our stolen monies from government officials and other individuals indicted by the Supreme Court of Ghana and various Presidential Commissions as well.
Mr President kindly show the Ghanaian Taxpayer some compassion as you showed to your darlings from Guantanamo bay to relieve them from this harsh economic burden. Ghanaian's deserve better.

Hopeson Yaw Adorye


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