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[02/02/16]   What To Look For When Clearing Your Vehicle from The Port

The Port is the entry point of all goods which have been imported into the country. The Tema Port, being the biggest and busiest port in Ghana hosts most of Ghana’s imports at bay until they are cleared by their respective owners.

Aside the goods and consumables being imported, vehicles are the most sought after products at the port due to their reduced price when on site. These prices are inflated after they have been cleared from the port due to the various charges, processes and procedures gone through to get the vehicles out and running on the streets or on sale in garages.

There are a lot of procedures to look out for when clearing your vehicle from the port. These procedures are laid down measures to prevent fraudulent acts, false ownerships and claims and complication in the identification of one’s vehicles. When beginning the process of clearing a vehicle from the port

Seaport-Car clearing
Acquire the bill of lading

The bill of lading is a legal document that proves transactions between the shipper and the carrier which gives details about the type, destination of the goods in question and the quantity. The bill of lading in factual terms serve as a receipt of a shipping transaction within two parties from different countries. Upon receipt of this document, it assumed that the goods or in this case the car to be cleared has reached the shores of the recipient because the document must accompany the shipped goods and must be authorized by a representative from shipper, receiver and the carrier as well.
Get to the shipping line

With the appropriate or legitimate bill of lading, it’s time to pay shipping charges. These are charges that are paid according to the shippers bills and conditions before any other progress can be made to clear the car.

Tema Port-car-duty
Payment of duty

When the above is cleared, payment of duty is the next step to move on. This amount of duty is paid based on the requirement by the customs division concerning the type of car in question. The sedan car, the hatchback, the four wheel drive, the van, the truck etc are all types that come with different duty charges. The year of make also determines the amount to be paid as well as the condition of the car. The sum to be paid for an accident car may differ largely or slightly from the amount paid for a brand new car or a home used kind.

This is the last part of the process and it’s also the most exciting because one is eager and anxious to get hold of the vehicle. This last bit may be very strict since all procedures have been fulfilled and it’s basically the release point. If careful scrutiny isn’t undergone, release might be wrongly approved which might result in further delay. At this point, the custom officer inspects the car based on the declaration on the bill of laden with regards to the information given by the shipper and the carrier. After all is rightly proven and all processes strictly fulfilled, the car owner or clearing agent may now be given the permission to drive out of the inspection premises, the vehicle.

The above guides one to know what to look out for when clearing a vehicle from the port or any other product at large for that matter. The clearing processes don’t really differ but definitely depending on the goods to be cleared, the time period for clearance may be a necessary factor or evil, I must say. However, it’s important to note the processes or challenges likely to be faced with when your shipped vehicle arrives.

For more information on Clearance of goods and vehicles, contact:

TEL: +233 264 201528/ +233 500 415817
EMAIL: [email protected]


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