Liberal Integrated Development Services - LIDS

LIDS is a voluntary organisation that aims at promoting improve livelihood of community dwellers through research and development.


One thing sure comes up in the mist of Commotion*........


Polystyrene is found littered all around, what could these be used for and how does this benefit the society.


When next you find your self in construction and at the stage where u need to use some tiles, dont just walk into any tile shop and asked for some. You may just buy "Biscuits". Yes you read right, biscuits.
Look out for, or better, ask for the 'P.E.I scale' which you'll find behind the surface of the tile.
The Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) scale is a numbering from 1 to 5, which gives you an idea of the physical and Mechanical property and Quality of the floor tile, and its appropriate place of use.

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The days of having Glass windows with metal bars are over. The solution- "unbreakable crystal Glass"
Call Jimmy on 0202958222/0249232252: (EVE-ASA COMPANY LIMITED)
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(Serving Humanity Through Development).






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GT- 365 - 1991
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Joyful Heart Foundation (JHF) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established to promote development in deprived communities in the country Ghana. Thus JHF is soliciting for funds from individuals and organizations to bring joy to the people in depri

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A membership based Traveltaiment Vacation Lifestyle Club of young dynamic individuals UNITED in the SPIRIT of TRAVEL.We travel for fun and call it work to promote travel and domestic tourism in GHANA to the WORLD! Join the Greenwich Travelprenuers Club!

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Human dignity and Gender equity All women and men are equal. They have equal rights in the society and participate in the development activities

PCG Grace Congregation PCG Grace Congregation
Grace Presby Church, Akasanoma Road

We bring people to JESUS and MEMBERSHIP in his family. Develop them to Christ like MATURITY and equip them for the MINISTRY in the church and the world.

Tema District Optimist Club Tema District Optimist Club

To aid and encourage the development of youth in the belief that the giving of one's self in service to others will advance the well being of human kind.

Caring WOMEN Minstries International Caring WOMEN Minstries International
Cape Coast

love,care and support the needy,the physically challenged,Orphans,the Aged,and people with Autism.

ProHumane Afrique International ProHumane Afrique International
Adomako Plaza, Adjacent Consolidated Bank - Tema East, Greater Accra, Ghana �
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We are a charitable, development & think thank organization working with communities & individuals to create sustainable solutions to transform communities via diverse pro-poor initiatives.Pro-poor initiatives are initiatives that help to elevate poverty

Hope for social development program - hfsdp Hope for social development program - hfsdp
Aviation Road, Community 3

HFSDP: An opportunity to give back to society

Palace of Possibility Palace of Possibility
Sakumono Estate
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Empowering millions of school children across Africa to READ and develop effective reading habit. That is what we strive to achieve.

Global Sympathy Network-Nations Charity Global Sympathy Network-Nations Charity
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Looking for people who care for others for global love, equality and justice