Palace of Possibility

Palace of Possibility

Empowering millions of school children across Africa to READ and develop effective reading habit. That is what we strive to achieve. 38% of Ghanaians cannot read and write, and we are changing that.

1. Training teachers how to teach children to develop their reading habit.
2. Building a community libraries

3. Provide books for them to read.

Operating as usual


Hello! How many books have you READ so far???
It's March, 2017 the 3rd Month of the year and I have read 4 books already with a minimum of 350 text-packed pages. I am so happy that am devoting my time now to reading. It has minimized stressful and gloomy moments of my life. I am always filled with hope having discovered the thoughts of people in books I read. There is a lot to discover in books. Have a fruitful reading sessions.

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A survey conducted by PoP indicates a lot of people have never read the history of Valentine's Day. The study further indicates that many only think it's about their love affair or relationship with their partners alone. It goes beyond that. Show love to humanity. Extend a helping hand to as many as you can.
Show LOVE by packaging a nice book as your love one's vals day present. Donate a book to support our campaign to develop sustainable reading habit among children. HAPPY VALS/CHOCOLATE'S DAY to you all.



Palace of Possibility (PoP) is still committed to empowering millions of children across the globe through READING. The stories from our beneficiaries are compelling. Visit our website to read more. Let's come together and make the world a better place for all.


I came across this on a Ghanaian media website and I think it's such an amazing thing written about such a young person....."Kwabena Boadu was a voracious reader. He had the hyperactive reading skill with which he could complete over 200 pages of a book in two days or three. His policy was to always allocate a percentage of his salary for personal development and this saw him investing hugely in books...." He must be a very promising young man. We at Palace of Possibility believe in such persons and we want to bring up more young people like him who will appreciate the need to direct their financial resources to personal development through BOOKS. You can support us by visiting


Reading indeed has got numerous benefits. We are on a mission to get millions of children accross Africa good reading materials and also train teachers of English to develop and sustain reading habit among children. Read more about us on


The world is on a 'run'. We the inhabitants are on as well. We set targets for ourselves, we accomplish and set new ones. Most people are however extremely impatient when it comes to realising their dreams. People are so stressed up, restless and very insecure in this course of getting there. Does it have to be so? Why the mad rush? Why the using the foul means? Life is a competition but it has to be a healthy competition which must be pursued in LOVE and not fear and trembling. READING is one thing that makes me relax. When am soo soaked into the thought of others in a text, I release stress. Make the reading of good materials a hobby. It's soo refreshing. This pupil once told me, " When everyone is making noise in the class and my teachers becomes so upset and whips us, the whole class becomes very sad and quite boring...that's when I love to read. It makes me happy and focused again" Isn't this amazing! READING does not only make one knowledgeable, it also releases stress and gets you focused. Join us create a 'reading' world. We start with the children first. . Visit us; to learn more about us.


I couldn't stop reading this after I picked it from the Internet. It has gone beyond the TV. It is now the SMART phones. If it is a smart phone, then it has to make us smart. Reading maketh a man. Reading empowers, Reading educates, Reading enlightens. We live in a world full of turmoils. So many self-acclaimed philosophers and life coaches. Most of them teach things that are not realistic. They have flooded the system with a lot of books. Anytime you set out to read, pray to God to help you never to believe a lie. READ but don't read just any material. Read the right materials.
What about our children? They have no idea about the philosophies that work and those that do not. We need to protect them now. Let's carefully choose their reading materials for them. We can't sit and watch them read just anything.
Interestingly, statistics have shown that they do not even have reading materials let alone read. Those who have love for reading at this tender age are hungry for the right materials to read. Let's come together and EMPOWER a child with a book. It means the world to them. Join our campaign today at


Palace of possibility is still in the business of touching our young ones with the energy to read a book.
It's our drive, our goal and our unwavering passion. Come join us one child at a time....


We always count on your support, so we can also help children in the communities around us read and learn.
Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do it - Proverbs 3:27
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Our stories are compelling, our passion overwhelming and our library projects engaging.

Come join us at Palace of possibility.
We make reading a success story......
# justread


Everyone wants POWER. All our daily activities as humans are geared towards acquisition of power. The activities are means to an end. The end itself is "POWER". Power can be attained from adequate Knowledge and one of the surest way of acquiring knowledge is through READING. There is no friend as loyal as book. The greatest gift and friend we can give millions of children accross the world is undiluted passion for reading. Never underestimate the power of READING. Let us together give children that POWER to rule their world. Join us in this campaign to empower millions of children by visiting People outside Ghana should also visit and donate.


Did you know that your child could develop these abilities simply through reading ?

1. A stronger relationship with you
2. Academic excellence
3. Basic speech skills
4. Mastery of language
5. More logical thinking skills
6. Acclimation to new experiences
7.Enhanced concentration and discipline.
Reading is invaluable to a child's proper development.

So come join us to lend a helping hand to see our future leaders develop successfuly.


Palace of Possibility


We've joined the World to salute all teachers as they celebrate World teachers' today, especially for those at the basic school level we say 'Ayekoo' God richly bless you for your efforts. 04/10/2016

Palace of Possibility – NGO in Ghana

If you like what we are doing and will like to see PoP support more schools and communities, then support us. Just visit and donate.- "For it is in giving that we receive." - St. Francis of Assisi


Thank you message to our Donors

Our appreciation to Donors, God bless you for your benevolence.


Appreciation coupled with jubilation.


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Thank you very much for your support.


We want to use this opportunity to thank and congratulate all who was or have been part of the successful launch of St.Teresa's Demonstration Girls Primary School's reading programme yesterday. God richly bless all of you.


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Sow a seed in a child today. Visit and give to good cause.


Happy Founder's day to our partners and other stakeholders in Ghana. 08/09/2016

Palace of Possibility – NGO in Ghana

What about lending us a hand to develop reading in basic schools all over Ghana, good idea right? visit and donate Donate to enable a child read … Palace of Possibility is a not-for-profit organization whose main activity focuses on raising funds to provide digital reading devices and books for school children in some selected communities throughout Ghana. You can help by donating to enable a child read and lear...


“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
― Mother Teresa. As she was declared a Saint today.


Happy Weekend!!


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Empowering children across Ghana to read.


Thank you message for Donors

Thank you to all our donors.

Pupils of St. Francis Demonstration Primary School


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It's possible with the right tools, environment and opportunity.


If you accept everyone's view of who you are supposed to be, you will end up losing what you have. (Dr Otabil) ~ pndarkey

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The impact of the reading programme on Students.
Thank you message to our Donors


Building libraries, providing books and other reading aids.


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