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Logos Hope will leave Tema soon! We have our last day open on Sunday! So come pay us a visit and experience of our wonderful bookfair among lots of other things!🚢🚢
Part of our culture onboard is also to honor our partners. One of them is Kingdom Immanuel and Kingdom EXIM who had the opportunity to visit us on board and spend quality time with our director and staff.
Are you interested in join missions? Are you looking for ministry opportunities? This is the right event for you! Join us in the Mission Fair!
(Tickets available in the bookfair)
Are you ready for this?? Event specifically for youth leaders! (Tickets available in our bookfair)
We have a fabulous discount during the week for all our visitors. Share this information and visit us from Tuesday to Thursday to get 10% off your purchase!
As part of our commitment to prevent injustice around the world we sent a team to give training on human trafficking awareness in the prison officer's compound. Our hope is that the more people are prepared and aware of this social issue the more it will help to prevent this happening in Ghana.
Our football team went to community 18 in Tema, Ghana, where a football tournament took place and the winning team got new football uniforms! Our crewmembers enjoyed the fellowship with the locals too! 😀
Our opening hours will change starting next week. Please check this new information before planning your visit to our ship.
As part of our commitment with serving the local community we sent a team to clean the Sokumono Free Beach. When our team arrived locals decided to join and help them with the cleaning. It was a great opportunity to connect and share our mission with them.
Yesterday we had our Official Opening for our time in Tema and we had the privilege to have as our guest the Metropolitan Chief Executive Hon. Yohane Amarh Ash*tey and the Chief of Tema Nii Adjetey Agbo II. We want to thank them for all their support and endorsement to the visit of Logos Hope.
Today is the day! We are excited to welcome you into the largest bookfair in the world. We are opening today from 1:00pm to 6:00pm.
Almost there! We are preparing everything to receive you tomorrow, on our first day we will open from 1:00pm to 6:00pm.
See you tomorrow!

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Operating as usual


Logos Hope in 60 seconds

Serving others with ocean-going ships began in 1970 with the purchase of the original Logos. Since then the ships have visited 500 different ports in 151 countries and territories and welcomed over 49 million visitors on board.

Our goal is to share knowledge, help and hope with the people of the world.

The ships visit each port of call for one to four weeks at a time and open the gangways to hundreds and often thousands of visitors every day. On average, over one million visitors have been welcomed on board every year!

The floating book fair offers over 5,000 titles, providing many visitors their first-ever opportunity to purchase a wide range of quality literature.

An international crew and staff of around 400 volunteers from over 50 countries live and work on Logos Hope, devoting one or more years of their lives to serve on board. The ship people promote literacy and education, cross-cultural co-operation, social awareness and reflect God’s compassion for the world in the ports and countries they visit. Ship teams go into surrounding areas to provide aid and community care, partnering with local community groups to share hope with people whatever their circumstance, culture or background.

Photos from Logos Hope's post 09/06/2022

Berthed in Seville by the river of Guadalquivir in the weather of late Andalusian spring, with warm days, bright evenings, and colourful dusks! 🌅
Surrounded by historical parks and with Giralda, the 800 years old bell tower of Seville Cathedral, rising over the Sevillian skyline 🌇

Photos from Logos Hope's post 07/06/2022

Seville! Capital of Andalucía, province in southern Spain! We have arrived! 🇪🇸

This Friday we officially opened the ship and it was a great pleasure to welcome Seville’s mayor Antonio Muñoz Martínez on board.

He said, “When I received the proposal to visit the ship, that caught my attention. Because this is something different. [Logos Hope] brings knowledge, hope and culture. And that's what Sevilla is all about. Sevilla is a historical city. Culture is very important [for us]. This is the reason why I scheduled [my visit]… It is an honour that a ship like this, with different nationalities is going around the world, and that you have decided to come to Seville. I hope this is not the only time you are here. And you know that you have a city hall that is willing to work with you and to partner with you.”


Meet our new sister 🛳: Doulos Hope!
Make sure to Like and Follow the Doulos Hope page to keep up with her journey!

GBA Ships is delighted to announce that we have acquired another, smaller, ship to serve alongside our present ship in sharing knowledge, help and hope with people in and around the world’s port cities.

Building on the legacy of past service of our previous ship Doulos (1977-2010) and complementing the name of our current ship Logos Hope (since 2009), this newest vessel is to be called Doulos Hope! The word ‘doulos’ is Greek and means servant, so the ship is to be a ‘servant of hope’.

GBA Ships CEO, Seelan Govender expresses his vision for the future of the organisation’s work, stating: “Deeper, more impactful partnership means staying longer in ports and making return visits sooner, while also extending our reach into new areas. We want to have the greatest global impact possible. This means expanding our vision and looking beyond Logos Hope.”

Discussion with partners and supporters of our non-profit organisation’s work in recent years has resulted in unprecedented levels of support for this new venture, and we look forward to seeing individuals and communities impacted in the ports visited in years to come.

Originally built in Germany in 1991, the vessel was formally handed over to GBA Ships on Wednesday 25th May 2022 and will require some repurposing of spaces in order to meet our needs. Planning is already in progress towards a period of refurbishing to make the necessary changes, and launching Doulos Hope into service, potentially within 12-18 months.

Photos from Logos Hope's post 26/05/2022

Meet the world! 🗺️🌍

We all come from different places around the globe, with the ship representing more than 65 different countries. We all speak different languages, wear different styles, have different traditions and values. Yet, being true to our identities and background, we still live in harmony, focusing on the things we all have in common!

We use our community as an example of how unity and peace can coexist with big diversities.

Here in Las Palmas we introduced visitors to some of the crew’s nationalities and cultures through our event called: “Meet the World”, a show where a traveller is looking for an answer to the question of where joy is found, and she, alongside the audience, gets to learn about different cultures through different performances, including percussion performances, Pacifica dance, an African choir, Korean fan dance and a Caribbean dance.

After the event, our crewmembers engaged with the audience who also had the opportunity to try on traditional costumes, try out using chopsticks and play different instruments before they left the ship, taking many memories from different parts of the world back home, without even having to leave the island.

Photos from Logos Hope's post 19/05/2022

Meet the crew 🚢

Perfect timing! ⏱

For one crew our stay in Liberia was more than just a visit. It was a return to her roots.
Angel Bella (USA) was born in Liberia and raised by her single mother. But, as the Liberian civil war broke out, life became difficult, with Angel being moved back and forth between her mother’s home and an orphanage. When taking care of Angel seemed not to be possible anymore, Angel’s mother decided to put her up for adoption. She was officially adopted by an American couple.

She grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in a warm and caring home and with a foundation of faith. Angel says, “I always appreciated what my birth mom did for me, to give me up so I could have a better life. While I grew up in America, there was always an appreciation for Liberia.”
Angel joined Logos Hope in September 2020 in Nassau, Bahamas.

When the director announced that the ship was heading towards Africa, the 26-year-old was excited and curious about visiting the continent where she was born. She was even more excited when it was confirmed that Logos Hope would visit Liberia.

Soon after the ship docked in Monrovia, Liberia, Angel went to the Daniel Hoover Children Village Boarding Mission School, built for children orphaned in the war and other vulnerable children. The school was founded by her American grandparents and is now run by African Christians Fellowship International. She was welcomed with open arms and hearts and later, other crewmembers visited to spend time with the children and to donate toys. The children who currently stay in the orphanage also came to the ship to visit the bookfair. Angel says, “It was awesome to have all the children and the workers on board to visit me on the ship!”

Some days after Angel’s visit, the orphanage director managed to find Angel’s biological mother. After so many years, Angel met her biological mother and some of the extended family.

Angel says, “All my life I said to God that I would trust Him that he would bring me back to where I came from one day and now, I am here”.


Afloat again!

After two weeks on the blocks on the dry dock platform of the shipyard in Las Palmas, Logos Hope has been pushed back on to the synchro lift, lowered back into the water and re-floated. Over these two weeks, the hull has been cleaned, grit-blasted and repainted to look as good as new again, and ready for another year at sea. The ship will remain at a berth in the yard while projects on the decks and inside the ship are completed over the remaining period of annual maintenance.

Among the many other projects taking place at the same time, are overhauling Generator 2, electrical work, maintenance on the lifeboats and davits (used to move the lifeboats into position for lowering), cleaning bilges and tanks cleaning, pipe work, seawater valve maintenance, servicing the cranes, and work on the rudders and propellors.

Project Supervisor Matt (Australia) reports, “The crew has worked hard, with great progress in all areas. We are thankful for the excellent morale on board. The cooler weather has helped here, along with the great food prepared by the catering team.”


Monrovia, Liberia - Port Report

Enjoy this video recapping our time in Monrovia.
The people in Liberia will most certainly remain in our hearts and memories forever.
Thank you for being a part of all that we can experience as we share knowledge, help and hope around the world.

Photos from Logos Hope's post 12/05/2022

Welcome, Bienvenido, स्वागत हे, Willkommen, Bine ati venit, 환영합니다, Bem-vindo, Wamkelekile, Akwaaba

… on board Logos Hope! 🎉 ✨

We are a home for all, 65 nationalities living together, a ship of many languages, backgrounds, ideas and cultures. And we gladly show our diversity wherever we go!

Pictured are two Ecuadorians, a Chilean, a Filipino, an Indian, a Romanian, a South African, a Korean, a Ghanaian, a Brazilian, and an Argentinian, who helped with our Official Opening here in Las Palmas 🌴

Photos from Logos Hope's post 05/05/2022

Logos Hope in drydock! ⚓ 🚢
After a year it is time again!
The ship has been lifted out of the water to undergo otherwise difficult maintenance. It is a season of hard work, team effort, and sweat for our crew! 👷

Projects such as rust removal, painting the ship’s sides 🎨 🖌️ and cleaning of the ship’s bottom, different tanks, and enclosed spaces and many other maintenance and repairs will be the daily work during the dry dock period.🔧 🔨

These pictures are from last dry dock in Curacao. This time we are in Las Palmas.


2022 Dry Dock

Enjoy these clips of Logos Hope leaving the water for this year's unusual dry dock!

Photos from Logos Hope's post 28/04/2022

Our Floating Home! 🏠🌊

Logos Hope is in the port of beautiful Las Palmas! 🌴
And in just a few days the ship will be taken out of the water to go through its yearly maintenance and inspection.
An exciting month for the crew, who will all be involved in work different to what they are used to!

Photos from Logos Hope's post 23/04/2022

Return to Las Palmas! 🇮🇨 🌴

Upon our arrival we had the honour of welcoming the President of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, on board, who officially opened Logos Hope’s bookfair to the people in Las Palmas, where the ship last docked six years ago.

He said, “It is a pleasure to see you again here in the port, the ship that brings the important floating bookfair. I want to recognise the work that you do through your actions and I want to thank you that you once again chose to come to the Canary Islands bringing the crew of 65 different nationalities. It is amazing to see you here in these difficult times that Europe is facing, to see you bring equality and justice. I hope that you enjoy your stay here and thank you for coming.”

Photos from Logos Hope's post 21/04/2022

A sincere happy Easter from all of us here on Logos Hope! 🐣

As you can see, we are fully enjoying April here in beautiful Las Palmas!📍

Photos from Logos Hope's post 19/04/2022

España! 🇪🇸

La música, el baile y la comida y ¡todo sobre la cultura! 💃🏽

In light of the ship’s current visit in Las Palmas, and future Spanish ports, we want our crew to have a cultural understanding of Spain. So, this week our Spanish crew brought the rest of our volunteers on an cultural adventure to their home country!

They went through everything from history, slang, food, culture, and they even danced flamenco!

¡Nos vemos abordo! ⚓


Photos from Logos Hope's post 16/04/2022

Sharing together! 🛠️🧱
Logos Hope volunteers and Ghanaians worked together side by side on a building project to support the roof of a church. It was a day of sharing both work and culture.
Working as one team they finish the task at hand. Afterwards they enjoyed a time of fellowship and conversation, of sharing food and giving gifts.
The Logos Hope volunteers and the Ghanaians both showed their appreciation and gratitude for the day spend together.

Photos from Logos Hope's post 14/04/2022

What is a leader? 👩‍💼 👨‍💼
On Logos Hope we train and equip our crew in various ways, to prepare them for life both on board and after their commitments.
These last two weeks some crew have been given an in-depth course in Leadership.
On Logos Hope our crew practice aspects of leadership in various ways either directly or indirectly, leading teams, tasks or project. It is our desire to guide and assist them in this process, giving them the necessary insight and tools.📊
The training is given by leaders on board and contains topics such as: conflict solving, priority management, people care and development, leadership styles, culture and team dynamics.📝

Photos from Logos Hope's post 12/04/2022

Soon ➡️ Canary Islands

During our voyage we have prepared for our time in Spain, so we have changed some of our English literature for Spanish 📚

Everything is set and ready in our bookfair, and we are waiting with excitement for arrival in Las Palmas eager to receive new visitors!

Later in the month we will do ‘dry dock and annual maintenance’ here as well!

See you soon Las Palmas!

Photos from Logos Hope's post 09/04/2022

Sharing love through metal bars! 🔗💙

Here in Liberia we have been partnering with a non-governmental organisation, Prison Fellowship Liberia, which has worked in Monrovia for over two decades helping and assisting prisoners.

Together with members of Prison Fellowship Liberia we have sent teams daily to a local prison with over 1400 inmates where living standards are low and conditions difficult with lack of space, water, food, and sanitation, and a high amount of health issues.

The teams have been assisting in various projects: testing inmates’ eyesight, providing glasses, setting up a library, donating sewing machines, hygiene packages, and water filters and even doing bigger renovation projects. Wanting much more than to assist practically and materially the teams often spend hours bonding and having fellowship with the inmates as well.

Photos from Logos Hope's post 07/04/2022

5 months in West Africa 🌍

It has been a time of intentional connections, of music, singing and dancing, of new partnerships and of beautiful fabrics.

We have felt all of the sincereness and openness, the warmth and heartfulness ingrained in the culture and we thank people for all the hospitality, care and support we have been given in all the ports: Freetown, Tema, Takoradi and Monrovia.

We have sent out a total of 405 teams and received more than 100,000 visitors onboard the ship here in West Africa.

We have been touched and made many new friendships and we leave encouraged and inspired for the new season.

Looking forward to our next visit!

Timeline photos 05/04/2022

Meet the crew 🚢

Fleeing from conflict, finding peace.

Grace Wilson (Liberia) could never have imagined living and working on a ship, visiting different countries and sharing hope with others.

“In 1989, the first Liberian civil war started and so I fled to a camp in Ghana with other refugees, as my family went missing in the chaos.”

She was invited to a church in the camp by the age of ten, she remembers, “Even though the church was poor, the church members managed to give me food. I saw a reason to be with Christ, because that's the only place that I could find refuge and peace.

“I had nobody in this world. I understand what it means to have nothing. But now, here I am on Logos Hope. So, I want to share the joy that I have received from God with others. It's hard for someone who is in so much pain that they can’t see God. It's true. It’s not easy, but we can have faith in God. He does so many miraculous things for us. For me, growing up in a refugee camp and now being on board Logos Hope is a big miracle.”

Where does your joy come from?

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