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lKS- GHANA is an NGO known as Indigenous Knowledge Study Ghana with it head quarters located at Tamale In The Northern part of Ghana, West Africa Which Was established in 2009

It is a non profit making,non partisam,non religious,non racial or non ethnic form.

Operating as usual

Indigenous Knowledge study  Ghana - Iks updated their website address. 29/01/2022

Indigenous Knowledge study Ghana - Iks updated their website address.

Indigenous Knowledge study Ghana - Iks updated their website address.


DIƐŊ : Marriage through gifts and services.
Under this form of marriage a man sends gift to prospective in-law until the girl is given to him to marry.
The man sends gift with or without a particular girl of the family in mind. A friend of the suitor acts as a contact - man.
Gifts deemed most suitable would be tubers of yam, guinea fowls, firewood and to***co. A helping- hand in the cultivation of the prospective in-law's farm is a powerful way to win respect.
Both parents receive the gift but it is the family head that has the final say if there is to be any marriage. Normally gift such as yams and guinea fowls are sent on festival days. As the gifts continue to be received, both parties have the chance to study and find out more about their families.
When the head of the family receiving the gift is satisfied with the character of the young man, and that the young man's family, he tell the contact- man to inform the young man to ask his parents to come forward to talk the matter over.
When the date is fixed for the meeting ( usually this falls on Saturday's and Wednesdays), the young man's family sends kola nuts and money to the in-laws. Before the date is fixed for the for the meetings, all who matter in the girls family are informed to attend to bear witness what will be discussed. The girl to be given in marriage and her mother, or the woman who is caring for her, are called before the family members and informed her of what the family intends to do with the girl.. To be continued


6.According to Dagomba custom, apart from the sexual aspect, the wife is technically married to every member of her husband's family regardless of the failing or disability of her husband.

7. It is wise to visit one's in-laws in the company of other persons. This assures the in-laws that their daughter in married to a man who enjoys good social relation.

8. Among the Dagombas tribe in West Africa, a marriage, whether Christian or Moslem, takes place only after the Dagomba customary has been fulfilled.
This ensures that every Dagomba marriage is in accordance with the tradition and custom.

9. Marriage contracts and other activities related to marriage are preferable undertaken on Wednesdays and Saturdays for it is a Dagomba belief that things that happen on these two days are likely to happen again.
Many people therefore marry on these days to have more wives in the future.

10. A wife may never exchange blows with her husband, it against the Dagomba custom.

11. Among the Dagomba tribe a girl keeps secret her love for a boy.
That means a girl does not make the first move.


A successful Dagomba marriage depends on the following principles:

1. Dagomba society is patrilineal: legitimate children therefore belongs to the husband.

2. The ideal is for the husband to be older than the wife for he is the head of the household.

3. The head of the family is responsible for sanctioning the marriage of all the women in the family. This jurisdiction is restricted to the first marriage of any woman in the family. In case when the marriages breaks up it is the head of the matrilineal line family who sanctions the second marriage.

4. S*x before marriage is discouraged especially on the part of the girls.

5. A Dagomba man may marry as many wives if only he has the ability to take proper care of them. Taking care here means the ability to feed them,provide shelter for them, clothe them and above all satisfy their sexual needs of his wives including the ability to take care of his offsprings..
To be continued.
Thanks for reading


Welcome To Traditional Dagomba forms and Customs Episode .
We have relied on our own experience as Dagomba's and on information gathered from interviews with our traditional Dagomba elders both literates and illiterates.
Thanks to Nyaba Iddrisu Adam Yoggu for his great work.
So among the Dagomba tribe in the northern part of Ghana, and in Ghanaian society in general, marriage is a Union between a man and a woman performed according to recognised traditional custom, though the custom may differ from tribe to tribe. Traditionally sexual Union outside marriage is considered illegal, and children born of such Union are not considered legitimate. However there is a cultural process to be followed to make the child/children legitimate. This process is called MONI.


Indigenous Knowledge Study Ghana Will Be Bringing To You Knowledge About The General Principles Governing Traditional Dagomba Marriage On The Following Topics:

1. Diɛŋ : Marriage Through Gift And Services...
2. Nyuɣu ŋmabu: Cutting Of Umbilical Cord...
3. Paɣa Hobo/ Paɣ' Kpuɣibo.......
4. Dɔɣiri Paɣa: Family Marriage.........
5. Napaɣa Gbaaibu : Arrest Method By Chiefs
6. Special Service Leading To Marriage........
7. Pakoli : How A Widow Remarries After Death Of Her Husband........
8. Paɣ' Faa : Seizure Method. ......
9. Zaŋ Ti Pua: Marriage Through Pregnancy...
10. Simili Paɣ' Pini : Marriage Through Friendship. ....
11. Duties Of A Young Wife........
12. Paɣpuulana Pirigibu : Initiation Of First Pregnancy And Birth.....
13. Moni : Initiation Into Housewifery......
14. Divorce. ..........
Conclusion. ....... ....
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Indigenous Knowledge Study Ghana In Partnership With Girls Empowerment Mission Organizes A Successful Menstrual Hygiene Education Program For 20 Girls In Happy Home Junior High School In The Tamale Metropolis.
In The Northern Region Of Ghana To Empower Them With Some Knowledge On How Best To Manage Their Manses.
The Goal Of The Program Is To Promote Best Practices During Girls Menstrual Cycle.
A Whole Box Of Sanitary Pad Has Was Donated To The Headmaster Of The School To Be Given To The Girls.
Thanks To Our Resource Persons And The Media For A Good Work Done.

Photos from Indigenous Knowledge study  Ghana - Iks's post 25/10/2021

Damba Is A Festival That Is Been Celebrated Every Year By The Children And Grand Children Of Naa Gbewaa In The Northern Region Of Ghana West Africa.

Photos from Indigenous Knowledge study  Ghana - Iks's post 02/09/2021

In Today's Modern World 🌿 Herbal Medicine Has Taken A Great Stand Globally And Has Saved Many Lives.
To Become A Herbal Healer Or Practitioner Please Come To Indigenous Knowledge Study Ghana To Study With Us.
You Can Reach Us On [email protected]
Or +233(0)248404320

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It Was Busy Day As We Engaged In Community House To House Peace Campaign For Mother Ghana To Ensure We Have Peaceful 2020 General Elections Come December 7th

Photos from Indigenous Knowledge study  Ghana - Iks's post 02/12/2020

Ghana Is Going To Polls On December 7th and As Organization and responsible Citizens We Are Embarking On Peace Campaign In Our Various Communities Within The Northern Of Ghana To Ensure Peaceful Elections

Timeline Photos 30/11/2020

Timeline Photos

Indigenous Knowledge study  Ghana - Iks updated their business hours. 15/10/2020

Indigenous Knowledge study Ghana - Iks updated their business hours.

Indigenous Knowledge study Ghana - Iks updated their business hours.

Photos from Indigenous Knowledge study  Ghana - Iks's post 15/10/2020

Do You Want To Be A Herbalist Or Traditional Healer For Your Community ?
Then Wait No More Come To Indigenous Knowledge Study Ghana.
We Have Very Experienced And Well Recognized Traditional Elders Registered By The Ghana Association Of Traditional Healers.
We Have Trained Hundreds Of Students Both Locally And Internationally Who Are Now Also Helping Their Communities.
Courses Duration Ranging From 1 Month - 2 Months
3 Months To One (1) Year Period.
Accommodations Are Available To Foreign Students.
For More Information Please Contact Us On
+233 (0) 277332950 Or +233 (0) 248404320
[email protected]/ [email protected].
IKSGHANA : Projecting The Rich Culture And The Values Of African Tradition.


Residents Of Nantong Kurugu In The Northern Of Ghana Asking Interesting Questions During Coronavirus Sensitization program.
For Clarifications About How They Are Been Told Not To Go Closer To Their Partners ( Love Making ) Because Of COVID-19 Pandemic.


Explaining The Reasons To Avoid Hand Shake And Demonstrating The Use Of Hand Sanitizer To People Of Nantong Kurugu In Order For Them To Protect Themselves Against COVID-19 Pandemic.


After A Successful Sanitization Program At Nantong Kurugu Community.
Some Items Such As Hand Sanitizers, Nose Mask, Liquid Soaps, Vitamin C As Well As Disinfectants Were Distributed To The People To Use Them To Protect Themselves Against The Invisible Enemy COVID-19


Even Though We Tried All Our Possible Best To Maintain The Social Distancing Order But The Pressure Was Too Much On Us Because The People Were Very Excited And Eager To Received The Awareness Education Due To The Circulation Of Wrong And False Information's Going On In The Community Causing More Fear And Panic In Them.
For Example The People Told Us That They Heard When One Is To Make Love With Your Partner You Have To Put Bucket On Yourself As A Measure To Protect Oneself From The Virus.
Going Further They Also Revealed That They Are Been Asked To Be Taking Shea Butter Everyday In Order Not To Get The Disease.

So Our Mission For Going There Was Accomplished Because We Were Able To Explain All The Protocol Measures By The World Health Organization ( WHO ) To The Best Of Their Understanding To Help Them Protect Themselves From The COVID-19 Pandemic.


The Indigenous Knowledge Study Ghana
( IKS GHANA ) In Collaboration With Youth Initiative For Africa Development ( YIFAD) Was At Nantong Kurugu Today As Part Of Our Community To Community House To House Sensitization On How To Protect And Stop The Spread Of The Deadly Pandemic COVID-19


Nantong Kurugu Is A Very Peaceful Farming Community Located In The Nantong District Of The Northern Region Of Ghana West Africa.


Indigenous Knowledge Study Ghana
(IKS GHANA )In Collaboration With Youth Initiative For Africa Development ( YIFAD).
At Nantong Kurugu District In The Northern Region Of Ghana.
Date Is On Saturday The 11th April, 2020.
The Purpose Of This Program Is To Educate The Rural Community How To Fellow The World Health Organization Protocol Measures To Protect Oneself From Getting The Deadly Virus.


The Trees And All Plants We See Around Us Were Not Created For Nothing Or In Vain.

They were All Created For We The Humans To Use Them For Medicinal Purpose In Terms Of Health Challenges Or Crisis Like Coronavirus.

But Is Either We Don't Trust In These Herbs Or We Don't Know How To Use Them.

If We Are Able To Trust In The Drugs Or Chemicals That Are Been Made By Our Scientists Of Which Some Of Us Don't Even Know The Things They Put Together To Come Out With Those Drugs That We Take In Our Bodies Everyday.

Why Can't We Trust In Our Natural Herbs?

It's About Time We Take A Second Close Look At Going Back To Tradition That Our Forefathers Were Practicing And It Keeps Them To Grow Very Old To Their Natural Death.

We Still Have Those Herbs Everywhere Around Us So let's Start To Use Them By Contacting Our Known And Well Recognized Herbalists In Our Localities To Help Us Fight This COVID 19.

To Become A Very Good Herbalist To Be Able To Help Your People And Community In Situations Such As Covid-19.

Please Come To IKS-Ghana To Learn From Our Well Experienced Traditional Herbal Doctors.

For More Information Please Contact Us On [email protected]/ +233 248 404 320


Helping The People Without Technology
To Save Their Lives.

Please Support This Covid-19 Campaign By Donating Hand Sanitizers, Nose mask and Other Protective Items To Save The Lives Of Our Local People Who Don't Have Access Technology To Benefit From Social Media Education.

For More Information Please Contact Us On
+233 248404320 or [email protected]







Volunteering Community To Community House To House Educational Campaign Has Started To Educate Our Local And Indigenous People Who Still Don't Know Anything About this Invisible Enemy Called COVID-19 Is All About.
Let's All Play Our Part To Bring An End To This Deadly Disease.
Thank You


Latest Research Conducted Indicated That Women Are The Most Affected By Global Economic Inequality.

This Shows That Women Suffers The High Penalty Of Poverty In The World Especially Africa.

We Can Make The World A Better Place For Our Women By Supporting these IKS-GHANA Sagnarigu Dungu Shea Butter Processing Women Group Who Are Capable Of Producing Quality Shea Butter In Small And In Large Quantity Here In The Northern Region Of Ghana West Africa.

To Sponsor This Shea Butter Project Or To Do Business With Us Please Contact Us On The Following.
+233 (0) 248404320/ +233 (0) 277332950
[email protected]

IKS-GHANA : Projecting The Rich Culture And The Values Of African Tradition.


From All Of Us IKS-GHANA We Say Happy New Year To All Our Page Followers And Partners Across The World.

We Hope To Strengthening Our Friendship And Partnership With You In This New Year For The Growth Of Our Cultural And Indigenous Knowledge.

We Wish You All A Peaceful, Healthier And Prosperous 2020.


Season Greetings From Us, We Say Thanks For Always Been Part Of Us Here
May Peace And Love Surround You All This Festive Season.

We Look Forward To Work with You More In The Future To Promote And Project The Rich Culture And The Values Of Our African Tradition.
Happy New Year In Advance.

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Residents Of Nantong Kurugu In The Northern Of Ghana Asking Interesting Questions During Coronavirus  Sensitization prog...
Explaining The Reasons To Avoid  Hand Shake And Demonstrating The Use Of  Hand Sanitizer To People Of Nantong Kurugu In ...
Helping The People Without TechnologyTo Save Their Lives.Please Support This Covid-19  Campaign By Donating Hand Sanitiz...
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Traditional Northern Dance called Baamaya


We provide herbs delivery service for both medicinal purpose and for spiritual



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