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Neatly crafted architectural design for your dream house. Call us: 0264888745


Call us on 0264888745 for your web solutions.


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Neatly crafted architectural design for your dream house. Call us: 0264888745


We're specialised in Mobile App development. So for fast, robust, and customised mobile app development call Develop Ghana on 0264888745.


We're specialised in Mobile App development. So for fast, robust, and customised mobile app development call Develop Ghana on 0264888745.


Call us on 0264888745 for your web solutions.


Neatly crafted architectural design for your dream house. Call us: 0264888745


List your property on Develop Ghana Real Estate. Visit:


We're specialised in Mobile App development. So for fast, robust, and customised mobile app development call Develop Ghana on 0264888745.


Call us on 0264888745 for your web solutions.


List your property on Develop Ghana Real Estate platform. Visit:


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List your property on Develop Ghana Real Estate platform. Visit:


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Develop Ghana Business Consultancy Services possess skills, a wealth of knowledge and experience to grow, develop people and organizations. We bring to bear hidden potentials of individuals and companies, and thus, assist them to reach their fullest potential which would not have been possible.
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What we do at DGL Farms

What we do at DGL Farms


DGL restaurant and Eatery is finally launched. Come and enjoy our special Home-made T.Z.


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Do you wish your voice be heard about your community development problems in Ghana? Then:
Follow this Process to Report Your Community Development Challenges:
1. Go to the website:
2. Fill the report form as display
3. You have contributed to policy advocacy Development is a process that goes beyond an improvement in the wellbeing of the people. It encompasses the capacity of a system to provide the environment for continuous and consistent wellbeing of the people. It requires a conscious and regular incremental approach to ensure that as lives are bein... 05/12/2015


ACTIVITIES HERALDING WORLD AIDS DAY UNDERWAY A health Walk organized to raise awareness about the celebration of World AIDS Day was partially marred when a six year old boy was hit and killed by a car. The incident occurred at the Fiapre Station in Sunyani West, where Participants in the walk had gathered. The Health Walk was one of the activities lined up to herald World's AIDS Day, which falls on 1st December, with the National celebration billed to take place at the Jubilee Park in Sunyani. Since late last week Officials of the Ghana AIDS Commission, the Bono-Ahafo RCC and the Ghana Health Service have been busy with activities aimed at facilitating a smooth celebration of World's AIDS Day which was instituted to create awareness of the importance of anti AIDS efforts as well as remember those infected or affected by the disease. So far the Christian and Islamic Communities have been sensitized while a Press Soirée during which the Media was briefed about the day, has taken place. The Health Walk was also designed to create further Public awareness about the Celebration. It was very well patronized by various groups including students, the Security Services and members of the Public. Leading the march was the Deputy Regional Minister, Justice Agyei and the Acting Head of the GAC, Joseph Sackey. Everything was smooth sailing until disaster struck when a six year old boy in an attempt to cross the road at the crowded station at Fiapre, where the Walkers had converged, was hit by a Kia Sportage SUV, with registration number, GC 2542-09. He was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance but was pronounced dead on arrival. Earlier at the various stops Speakers took the opportunity to educate the gathering. The Brong-Ahafo Regional Coordinator of the Anti AIDS Programme, Emmanuel Obeng Hinneh, said Brong-Ahafo is the fourth highest Region in Ghana with HIV/AIDS infections, with the Regional Capital, Sunyani as the worst affected. He therefore stressed the need to educate the youth about the deadly disease continuously. Mr. Obeng advised the youth and the adolescent to up abstain from s*x if they are not married or use a Condom when if they must have s*x. The Acting Director General of the Ghana AIDS Commission, Joseph Sackey said those with HIV/ must not be discriminated against or stigmatize because that prevents them from seeking treatment or disclosing their status to their partners, which could lead to new HIV infections in relationships. Mr.Sackey appealed to religious leaders to create awareness about the disease because HIV/AIDS is no respecter of religion, gender, occupation or social standing. Rev. John Azumah who is the leader of heart to heart campaign against HIV and also a carrier of the disease urged husbands to accompany their pregnant wife’s to the hospital to check their HIV status. He said this is crucial as the unborn child would be protected if they would be Mother is found to have the virus, because there is medication to prevent the unborn child from contracting the disease.

Biiya Mukusah Ali/ 05/12/2015


ENDING CHILD MARRIAGE PROGRAM LAUNCHED ActionAid in collaboration with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) have launched a programme dubbed "Ending Child Marriage" to be rolled out in twelve Districts across Ghana. The overall goal of the programme is to contribute to the elimination of child marriage in Ghana and reduce socio-cultural practices that facilitate the phenomenon in the target districts of the country. Speaking at the launch of the Ending Child Marriage Project, the Country Director of Action Aid Ghana, Sumaila Abdul-Rahman said ending the violations of human rights, especially those of women is their main priority. The launch of the Ending Child Marriage programme, was followed by an inception meeting of stakeholders to deliberate on modalities for the effective implementation of the programme. Child Marriage occurs when one or both parties in the union are below the age of 18 or conducted without the consent of one or both parties which could have physical or emotional effects on the victim. According to the Country Director of ActionAid Ghana, Abdul-Rahman, tackling child marriage will not be an easy task and urged the stakeholders to work as a team to help face frustrations in the line of their duties. Mr. Abdul-Rahman further called for the prosecution of those who force a child under age into marriage. In a speech delivered for the Brong-Ahafo Regional Minister, Eric Opoku, he said Statistics from the Ghana Statistical Service indicates that, about six per cent of women are married before age 15, adding that 29 point one per cent of women were either given out into marriage before attaining age 18 in Brong-Ahafo Region. Mr. Opoku mentioned poverty, protection of family honour, materialism and harmful traditional and cultural practices as some of the factors that account for the grim statistics on child marriage. The Minister challenged ActionAid and UNICEF to show commitment toward the project to help it achieve its indented objective in the 12 target districts of the Country. He was thankful for Action Aid and UNICEF for their effort towards the implementation of the project in the Region. The Child Protection Specialist at UNICEF, Madam Emelia Allan, on her part said although Child marriage is illegal, evidence from the 2011 Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey indicates that more than one in four are married before the age of 18 with the rate being 27 per cent, a rise from 24 point seven per cent in 2006. She added that the prevalence is slowly increasing and called for a collective effort from the stakeholders to end child marriage in the country. Touching on the key highlights of the project, the Upper West Regional Programme Manager of ActionAid, George Dery revealed that they will be working with communities and children’s clubs to prevent child marriage in 12 districts of Ghana which are located in the Upper East, Upper West, Brong-Ahafo and Greater Accra Regions. Mr. Dery disclosed that in Bono-Ahafo; Tain, Banda and Atebubu-Amantin are the beneficiary Districts for the next two years.
Biiya Mukusah Ali/ 11/11/2015


FOOD WASTE AND FOOD LOSS IN AN ERA OF FOOD SECURITY One of the biggest disincentive to food production in the agricultural industry pertains to post-harvest losses. Whilst considerable inputs are being invested by stakeholders to increase production and reduce food loss and food waste, report from the FAO-World Bank, 2010, suggests that one third of the food produced globally get lost or wasted. This represents a loss of 1.3 billion tons of food per year which translates into over 870 million people going hungry.

The issue of post-harvest loss and waste are not uncommon in Ghana. As these perennial problems massively affect our food and agriculture economy, a report in 2014, suggests a 55% waste of plantain (Musa paradisiaca) in the Asante Akyem Agogo area in the Ashanti region. Information suggest that not only does the produce face post-harvest logistical challenges, it also lacks sustainable processing and storage facilities.

Similarly, Cassava (Manihot esculenta), an extremely resilient crop that grows well on a marginal land also experience similar challenge. Research indicates that cassava offers about 22% to Ghana’s agricultural GDP. This plant has the ability to be mono-cropped or inter-cropped and women’s participation has been noted to be very phenomenal. In Nigeria, food loss and food waste is also a challenge in the agricultural industry. For instance, with a 16th position in the total world tomato production, a disturbing 45% of the harvested product goes into loss through the Food Supply Chain (FSC) mismanagement.

Due to these food production challenges, there is no gain-saying the fact that the need for a Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) is imminent in this era where global agricultural activities are being saddled by unprecedented issues with climate change. CSA’s is aimed towards safeguarding food through the implementation of strategic measures to mitigate activities that affect our agricultural practices as a result of climate irregularities.

Hence, as food is supposed to be available, accessible and affordable, issues with food security have drawn much attention from the various industry stakeholders. Food security according to research is the situation where everybody at every time is supposed to have access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food for a healthy and active life. Therefore strategies for the development and safeguard of food calls for a renewed and more innovative frameworks to oppose the effect of climate irregularities.

With an anticipated population to grow at 9 billion by 2050, there are predictions that demand for food will increase. With such an anticipated population growth, attention would be drawn on food availability and its sustainability to meet the needed demand and dietary needs. Hence, food availability and the satisfaction of its dietary needs are important for the avoidance of issues of under-nutrition, malnutrition and micro-nutrition.

Due to this, research over the past years by research institutions such as IITA, AVRDC, Bioversity International, CIAT, CIP, FARA, icipe, ICRAF, IITA, ILRI, IWMI, and WUR dwells on programs that are envisioned to promote food security and its sustainability, protect the environment and also transform the poor farmer’s economic situations.

In as much as most research institutions and stakeholders are working assiduously on the farm to fork strategies, research, however, indicates that there is enough food to feed everyone on this planet but the issue lies with how to minimize and avoid waste. Food waste and food loss does not only amount to a huge consumption of the world’s resources, it also deprives the earth of resources such as water, land, energy, labor , capital et cetera. In sum, they extract and compromise on the resources of today and that of the future generation. In view of these, the present and future business models on food production must be modelled under life-cycle models where the economic structures keep products in a continuous closed-loop management systems with the purpose of upcycling as oppose to the take-make-dispose-waste culture. 11/11/2015

Towards Ethical Excellence

Towards Ethical Excellence Towards Ethical Excellence

Prof. Hubert Rampersad, Ph.D.

Why Corporate Governance Fails and Lacks Sustainability (1)

Poor ethical leadership, lack of personal integrity, mismanagement, fraud, corruption, and violation of corporate governance rules are the main contributors towards bankruptcy and financial failures in large organizations. Most of these organizations have comprehensive corporate governance codes in place, implemented by the left brain Big Four accountancy firms (PwC, KPMG, Ernst & Young and Deloitte), McKinsey, America’s Top Corporate Governance Law Firms,… which apparently are not working at all. They made things worse and created a stable basis for more corruption.

Current approaches to corporate governance are extremely formal, bureaucratic, cosmetic, non-holistic and non-authentic, and therefore provide no protection from potentially catastrophic ethical failures. We need a sustainable and innovative solution to this global epidemic urgently. It is time that we become aware that corporate governance cannot be controlled effectively with formal and exhaustive rules, regulations, guidelines, and procedures only. It’s about decency and personal integrity and this must be cultivated from within. Personal integrity has no need of rules and laws. It must be a way of life.

Remember what Plato said in 340 BC: “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws”. Research shows that a large percentage of the world’s population is bad. For example, America has around 5% of the world’s population, and 25% of its prisoners. Roughly one in every 107 American adults is behind bars. Among them are also many executives, leaders and professionals.

Most corporate governance programs make things worse, create a stable basis for more corruption and are doomed to fail. Why don’t we learn from Plato and focus on creating a culture of good people, in which personal values are aligned with the laws and embedded in the mind of the people, instead of focusing on laws (corporate governance) only? I picked up where others left off by launching an innovative methodology for creating a culture of good Chairmans, Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, managers and employees, in which high ethical values are aligned with their corporate governance rules, regulations and guidelines and embedded in their mind.

In this weekly column we introduce an authentic, holistic and sustainable governance system to prevent ethical failures. It’s based on Dr. Rampersad’s new book “Authentic Governance; Aligning Personal Governance with Corporate Governance“. Two main endorsements for this new book:

1) “Authentic Governance is a systematic, integrated, pragmatic, and innovative approach to corporate governance. By expanding traditional corporate governance concepts and integrating personal integrity and ethical leadership into one overall authentic governance framework, Dr. Hubert Rampersad gives us a new blueprint for sustainable corporate governance in which formal corporate regulations and personal values mutually reinforce each other. By unifying corporate ethics with individual ethics he has written an outstanding synthesis, which is addressed to the corporate challenges of managing in the 21st century.

2) This book makes a most useful contribution to the never ending challenge of protection from potentially catastrophic ethical failures. It serves as a practical guide and a tool kit for executives, political leaders, managers and others who aspire to realize ethical corporate excellence”.

Why Higher Education System Sucks

The main underlying reason for most corporate governance failures is the fact that the current higher education system sucks. Successful corporate governance implementation requires a multidisciplinary, authentic and holistic approach. Many top Law Schools and Business Schools (Harvard, Stanford, Yale , MIT Sloan, IMD, London Business School,..) have a mono-disciplinary curriculum with a narrow non-holistic and non-authentic focus. In this way most of these schools destroy creativity and many of their graduates in the corporate governance world (such as lawyers, advisors and executives) miss the bigger picture and do not think holistically. Due to this they focus solely on formal and woolly corporate governance regulations, procedures and guidelines.

Remember: creativity and innovation in the classroom come down to the professor’s creativity, self-innovation and self-knowledge.

Many law, accounting and business management professors at the mentioned top schools are to blame for most of the above mentioned corporate governance failures. They lack both emotional and spiritual intelligence. This inner process starts with self-knowledge, or knowing, which leads to wisdom. Between knowing and wisdom lies an enormous distance which can be reduced by systematic application of our authentic governance system.

This will help them to create balance between the left and right sides of their brain. The left half of their brain has mainly an analytical, logical and quantitative function, while the right half of their brain has an intuitive and holistic function. They do not have a proper balance between the left and right sides of their brain. These professors and most of their graduates use the left side of their brain only; because of this, they miss opportunities that allow them to become more adept at using the right hemisphere of the brain and to deal with complex corporate governance problems in an integrated and authentic way. This is also the main reason why Harvard Business School professor Kaplan’s Balanced Scorecard implementations fail and lack sustainability.

Why don’t you do your own due diligence by analyzing the articles being published frequently in Harvard Business Review, Harvard Law Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, California Management Review, Yale Business Review, McKinsey Quarterly, … and you will find out that almost 80% of the management and leadership theories and concepts being published in these top journals are not authentic, not holistic, woolly, and therefore cosmetic and not sustainable.

Left brain professors need to be encouraged to start acting intuitively thus making more effective use of their right side of their brain in order help create a better world. Due to the above mentioned shortcomings most companies’ approaches to corporate governance are extremely formal, bureaucratic, cosmetic, not holistic and not authentic, and therefore fail to address above mentioned shortcomings. Their implementations of corporate governance provide no protection from potentially catastrophic ethical failures. We need a sustainable and innovative solution to this global epidemic urgently. This article will be continued next week.

Prof. Hubert Rampersad is President of the Technological University of the Americas ( and Chairman of the Authentic Governance Institute ( in Silicon Valley, California, USA. He can be reached at [email protected]. For more information please contact his local partner at

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