Dagbe Cultural Center

Dagbe Cultural Center


Dagbe's staff needs your help! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dagbe has had all of its 2020 bookings cancelled, resulting in more than $20,000 in lost revenue.

To provide direct financial support to Dagbe's staff and their families during this difficult time, please consider making a tax-deductible donation via GoFundMe. The money raised will be distributed directly to all 20 Dagbe staff members as a monthly stipend.

Hi there! Who is currently the admin for this page? I work with Emmanuel on the board of Dagbe USA, which is the center's U.S.-based nonprofit arm. Please let me know. Thanks.
Is long time my brother

"The Dagbe Cultural Center is located in the village of Kopeyia, near Denu, on the Ghana-Togo border. Established by the late Godwin Agbeli and now run by his son Emmanuel.

It offers a wide range of lessons and performances from master drummers"


Dagbe Cultural Institute And Arts Center, Kopeyia- Aflao P.O. Box 180 Denu