Good morning to every one in the room. 5 Things that will make your marriage work. 1,Tolerance 2. Perseverance 3.patience, 4.Iam sorry,5.Forgivness
Please Help Me. Am In Trouble. My Girlfriend And I Met 7months Ago But Before Then We Were Friends For Over 1year. But Since I Started Going Out With Her I Noticed One Thing, Her Inability To Deal With Other Men That Comes Her Way And Her Ex's. I've Seen her On Several Occasions Attempting To Cheat. On Our First Date, She Promised Me Her Life And Made Me Promised Her And Even Took An Oath Of Allegiance To Tell Her I Am Real. Due To That I Feel Like Am Indepted To Her And Letting Down On My Promise Was Never My Dream. She Has Flirt With Many Men I Don't Know If It's Because Of Money Or Material Things But One Things Is I Really Need This Girl Despite Her Flaws. My Mum And Her Parents Knows We're Going Out. This Attitude Got Worse When I Lost My Job Recently. Today We Fought Over Her Allowing A Policeman Into Her Room. Please Help Me Because I Need Solutions. 0544224470

A National Non-Governmental Organization (NGO-DSD/6968) which equips, enlightens, educates and empowers Singles, Courting/Married Couples, Women/Children, & offers educational /vocational training.

An NGO which trains, equips, enlightens, guides and empowers Singles, Courting/Married Couples, Women/Children and offers Vocational Training.

Operating as usual


Keziah Twumasi

Marriage and Communication. Let's make good use of these moments and connect as spouses. Stay home and let love and healthy communication reign.

Whilst we are all at home, avoiding every aspect of public gatherings as much as possible in order to curb the spread of COVID-19, let's cultivate a healthy communication in order to connect the more as couples. Bringing you Marriage and Communication, join me.


Keziah Twumasi

Marriage and Neglect

Marriage and neglect. Life can suffocate the romance in our love life and if we don't invest consistently, strategically and intentionally into our marriages, we will only be devoted and gracious to everyone else and yet neglect our spouses.


Keziah Twumasi

Marriage and Financial Goals

Today I'm talking about Marriage and Financial Goals. The getting married is very beautiful but the staying married is what matters.


Keziah Twumasi

It's another Friday. Let's look at the need for a husband to satisfy his s*xual desires. Yes we understand you need s*x but so does your wife. Why then do you neglect her and seek for the s*x elsewhere? S*x is not the problem, lust is. If you don't control lust, it will control you for life. You can be married to seven women and still desire other women.

It's another Friday. Let's look at the need for a husband to satisfy his s*xual desires. Yes we understand you need s*x but so does your wife. Why then do you neglect her and seek for the s*x elsewhere? S*x is not the problem, lust is. If you don't control lust, it will control you for life. You can be married to seven women and still desire other women.




It is a new year, an opportunity to right the wrongs. A time to be knowledgeable, enlightened and equipped so your choices and decisions concerning relationships and love life get godly and beneficial. Get your ticket and an extra one for your loved one. It's fun, educative and networking. Don't waste your time and money on things that will not add any value to your life on Valentine weekend. Choose GEMS instead.


A charge to keep we have. Congratulations Team Zizikarl.

Merry Christmas to you all. In penning down your goals and aspirations for 2020, before you place anything on your vision board, please note that "Being successful and fulfilling your life's purpose are not at all the same thing; you can reach all your personal goals, become a raving success by the world's standard and still miss your purpose in this life." - Rick Warren. Do not aspire to live the bits and pieces of other peoples lives. Live your life so you do not miss your providential way.

Serving you this year has been great, next year will be greater. To everyone who supported us in any capacity, we say thank you, we could not have done it without you. Service to humanity is service to God.

National Youth Authority ( NYA -Asuogyaman District), thank you for this award.


To everyone who contributed in anyway to make TRAIN Educators' Conference successful, Zizikarl Foundation says Ayekoo. To Mrs. Florentine Ansah Asare - Edify Ghana, Mrs. Beatrice Owusu Boateng - Ghana International School and your Team; we cannot thank you enough. To our Chairman, Rev. Anthony Twumasi, TRAIN Educators' Conference is your novelty and the entire TEAM Zizikarl is proud of you. Thank you for your passion to impact lives regardless. To Elijah Tamatey, Zizikarl Foundation is grateful.


Happening this Saturday, get your ticket now.


Your school is as good as the calibre of facilitators you have. Constant refresher workshops empower them to do better. Zizikarl Foundation salutes the Proprietresses of Glory Kids Care Centre, Ho International School and Treasure Christian School; all at Ho, for investing in your facilitators.

Watch out for TRAIN Educators' Conference 2019 on Sat. 9th November at Akosombo!


The feeling of love and the Acts of love.

It's good to express your feelings and intentions for your partner publicly for others to read and hear but what builds a relationship are the things you do to each other and for each other, the words you use on each each and how you say them privately to each other. All the things you write on social media, can you look at him or her and speak them from your heart to his or her heart?

Yes everyone knows the feeling of love is different from the acts of love although both are necessary therefore if there is something worth sharing it should be how you intend to make your spouse's life comfortable even when the feelings of love are down. Don't pleadge to the world, make that pledge to your partner in a language he or she will understand and watch the turning point it will bring in the relationship.

If your desire is to make your partner's life comfortable, not to only receive but give, press down and shaken together in all forms, the feeling of love which is not always at its fullest will be at your beck and call.


The Grand finale of Spellathon 2019 was epical. Ghana Education Service Asuogyaman District, Honorable Paul Ansah and our Coaches for the Spellers; Zizikarl Foundation says Ayekoo. This year's is an improvement of last year, meaning we haven't arrived yet, but we are going somewhere. To our Chairman, Rev. Anthony Twumasi, God bless you for your sacrifices, you always teach us that "service to humanity is service to God" and you are a living example of that. God bless Ghana our motherland and God bless Asuogyaman District


to mark the International Women's Day 2019 under the theme "Think Equity, Build Smart and Innovate for Change"

A special appreciation to Hon. Gifty Twum-Ampofo, Deputy Minister of Education, Hon Ampem Nyarko, MP for Asuogyaman Constituency, Hon. Samuel Agyekum DCE, Asuogyaman District, Facilitators, NPP Women Executives, NDC Women Executives, TASTE OF AFRICA, you served all these women at no cost to Zizikarl, Presbyterian Church Akosombo, Step 5 Event Hub, you were amazing, MC Kwaku Aboagye, you were fantastic, to staff and volunteers,Zizikarl says ayekoo.


Friday 8th March is International Women's Day, come join the women of Asuogyaman District to mark the day.


Friday, 8th March is International Women's Day. Come join Zizikarl Foundation and the women of Asuogyaman District to mark the day.


You have no idea what people have gone through that they still keep their heads up high. Forget the past and move on. No matter winter's wretched icy winds, frozen slush, and musty parkas, which is natural and unavoidable part of life, it doesn't last forever.

Good day lovely people. Has any of you heard of the name Tsutomu Yamaguchi? Right! As many of you might have read about him. During World War II in Japan, he was in Hiroshima when the first A-Bomb hit; he survived. He went to Nagasaki the next day, and soon he experienced the 2nd A-Bomb, he survived that one too and lived until January 4, 2010 passing away at age ninety three (93).

At least seventy (70) people were known to have been affected by both bombings. He was the only person to have been officially recognized by the government of Japan as surviving both explosions. Some would call him blessed, others would call him lucky, right? It depends on our paradigms for life.

Right now we are in February 19th, you are where you are for a reason. You can look at your life and think how unlucky you are—or you can look at your life and marvel how blessed you are despite your challenges because many of the things you have survived have killed others, placed others in mental homes, destroyed marriages of many and messed up many lives in one way or the other. You are more than a conqueror, as long as there is life, there is hope. You will survive this too. It's only a season. It's just a text, the testimony will be great.

Get up and take charge.


For singles, courting couples and newly married couples. Until you fully understand and live a fulfilled single, you cannot commit fully to marriage. Book your seat now, not at the gate.


Hi Zizikarl Community, get ready for Gathering of Eminent Singles (GEMS 19), on Saturday 16th February,under the theme "Understanding Singleness to prepare for Marriage" it will be equipping, educating and enlightening. A lot to eat and drink and opportunity to network too. For singles, courting couples and newly married couples. Mark the date. Building godly and beneficial relationships is our mission.


2019; Dare to dream yet another dream.

During 2018 Genius Network Annual Event, Genius Network Member Joel Weldon shared a great analogy that sums up what's in my heart for you this year 2019.

He said when valuable pottery breaks instead of hiring someone to glue it together, there is a process where you can highlight the breaks and the cracks. You don't try to hide them, you emphasis them with gold.

When people do this, the broken pottery that is rebuilt becomes MORE valuable prior to it being broken and cracked.

No matter how broken your life, business, love life, finances etc. were in 2018, you can dare to dream again. You can highlight your cracks with gold (the lessons learnt from all those brokenness ) and make yourself and that aspect of your life even more valuable than you were before.

You can never be pitiful and powerful simultaneously. You have to choose one or the other, the choice is yours.

I choose to use my lessons to grow, develop and evolve, will you join me?


Never lose faith, keep hope alive.

Merry Christmas to you all.

CNN recently reported that 85% of 4-year-olds believe in Santa Claus. By age 8, only 25% still believe. What happens? Why do children move from belief in Santa to doubt? They start thinking more about what is possible and what is NOT possible.

At age 4, children ask general questions like, "What are your elves' names?" By age 8, they ask more skeptical questions like "how do you fit inside chimneys?" or "how do you have time to deliver presents to so many people in just one night?”

Similarly, many young adults start out believing they can be all God created them to be. Over time, as life punches them in the face, mistakes are made, bad things happen, they are tempted to lose faith. Many lose hope of the idea that living a purposeful life is possible. They think it’s not reality because nothing about their journey indicates so.

I want to encourage you today that you living a purposeful life is not some myth like Santa Claus. It’s a very real, tangible thing that you can make happen in this life, but unlike a skeptical child who loses faith in Santa, you must believe that it is POSSIBLE for you.

You had so many godly plans for the year but here we are 22nd of December. Don't lose faith in God. Keep hope alive; even from now till 31st, you don't know the plans God has for you. May you find fulfillment no matter what your situation dictates.


Food for thought

Nobody will understand your story better than yourself, therefore my dear, stop explaining yourself to everyone. No matter the sincerelity of your heart, people will judge you from their worldviews.

Take it from me, many a time, their conclusions have nothing to do with you, it's all about their paradigms to life. Forgive them when they put a full stop to your story; but you live, move and have your being in the Lord, knowing it is a comma, your story hasn't ended yet. The tables can turn.


The wisdom of God

Godly wisdom is not like a one minute TV commercial promising to solve all our skin problems if we buy a certain brand of soap and creams. Godly wisdom is a moral and mental state of the heart and mind. Whenever we pray for it, we open ourselves up to God, who reveals to us that He can use any situation to bring us to a richness and ripeness of character that we could not have had any other way.

Godly wisdom allows us to go through life's most frustrating experiences with a sense of holy optimism that we can confidently say no matter where we are and no matter what happens to us, we can be rest assured that God can use every situation to make us WHO He wants us to be, lead us to WHERE He wants us to be and connect us to whoever He wants us to connect to.

My dear friend, with this background, understand that no experience of yours is meaningless to your process of life. A better version of yourself is emerging that will shock the world. Allow the work in you to be completed. Yes it's difficult, yes it's hurting, yes it's heatbreaking, yes it's betraying, yes it's not fair, yes it's not right, yes it's injustice, yes it's awful, badly, inappropriate, unsuitable, mocking, but trust me, ALL THINGS WILL WORK TOGETHER FOR YOUR GOOD.

I wish you a blissful week.


Workshop for Tutors of Spellers, Anum Circuit - Asuogyaman District.


Workshop for Tutors of Spellers (Gyakiti Circuit - Asuogyaman District).


Workshop for Coaches of Spellers ( Senchi Circuit -Asuogyaman District).


You are a woman before a wife and or a mother. Do not neglect the woman in you. Join the train to develop the Woman in You.

My dear woman, do people around you consider you crazy? Are you around more admirers than achievers? Do the people in your inner circle support you in staying the same or they challenge you to do more, to become more and to stretch yourself? Have you advanced beyond your network and circle of friends? Are you the smartest person in nearly every gathering you walk in? Then it is time to join the other like-minded individuals.

Your history is irrelevant now, there is no way you can change it, but your future is your responsibility, you have no excuse to "sit here till you die" arise and live to the glory of God.

Do not wait for a miracle to happen, go out there and become the miracle. Do not wait for everything to be allright, even in your mess, go ahead and become a better version of yourself.

Join the train, we are on a mission, "Developing the Woman in You", one woman at a time.


Hooray, Ladies Chat Koforidua is today! Saturday 10th November. Tell a lady to tell a lady, Its happening live at the Full Gospel Church, Betom. "Developing the Woman in You."

Hooray, Ladies Chat Koforidua is today! Saturday 10th November. Tell a lady to tell a lady, It's happening live at the Full Gospel Church, Betom. "Developing the Woman in You."


Ladies we've got to CHAT. Happening this Saturday 10th Nov. @ Full Gospel Church, Koforidua-Betom @1:00 pm.


My dear christian woman, developing the woman in you means you cannot take pride in just belonging to a church without a connection to Christ Jesus, the foundation of the church. It doesn't matter the number of years you have been in the church or the position you hold, if you are not connected to Christ, then being in the church is like being in any social group, you can never have the power, understanding, knowledge and revelation you need to become who God designed you to be.

In John 12:10 "The High Priests consulted that they might put Lazarus also to death." What kind of death do you think that was? Religious evil is the worst evil of all.

Religion has nothing to offer you, my dear. You cannot be in sympathy with Christ and at the same time remain in league with the evil, ignorance and hypocrisy of religion, one or the other must go. Religion will only make you timid, unassertive, fearful, men pleaser; doing things against the Word of God, conscience and common sense as long as men applaud you. You need the freedom to be YOU, to become who God designed you to be.

Join Ladies Chat this Saturday, 10th November @ the Full Gospel Church, Koforidua-Betom @ 1:00pm.


Tell a lady to tell a lady

"In order to do something you've never done before you have to be someone you've never been before." Les Brown.

My dear woman; are you willing to give up who you are today for who you will want to become? There is no way you will be the same when you nurture, develop and deploy the woman in you.

In order to live a meaningful life; whether single or married, you will have to work on yourself. Life will reward you for who you are, people will buy into your dream after they have bought into You.

If you are in Koforidua or its environs, join 'Ladies Chat' on Saturday, 10th November @ The Full Gospel Church, Betom @1:00pm. THE IN .

Our Story

You can book us as guest speakers at your church, school, organised groups, motivational and social events. Our story will equip you to end your story well. Kindly visit www.zizikarl.org

We believe many of the challenges in our societies would be positively impacted if our women and children were holistically empowered with our marriages and families being healthy and strong. That is why we have churned out proactive strategies for supporting singles, courting couples, women and children, marriage and family life, for the family is the smallest denomination of society.

Building godly and beneficial relationships is our mission.

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