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Providing a full and comprehensive range of company secretarial and corporate governance services. Assiting companies of any size and across all sectors.

Company Secretarial Services with Corporate Law

Operating as usual

[09/24/19]   DKA Corporate
A Legal/Secretarial & Corporate Administrative Consulting Business focusing on helping businesses to develop and be efficient in providing first hand touch and expertise to the Corporate Industry.

Our Services:

1. Legal/Company Secretarial Services
2. Governance Services
3. Business Advisory Including Company Law And Administration
4. Accounting Services

DKA Corporate!!!! ....Serving You.....Servicing Your Business

[02/25/19]   For all your ONLINE REGISTRATION OF COMPANIES as well as other allied services .....Contact DKA CORPORATE!!!!!!

[02/05/19]   Contact DK Corporate for all your Electronic Registration Procedures: Quick, Reliable and Utmostly Fast and Convenient ..... DKA Corporate ... Serving You Serving Your Business.

[05/20/18]   Affidavits and Statutory Declarations for ALL Purposes (Business & Personal) ....
DKA Corporate!!! .... Serving You...Serving your Business

[05/14/18]   DKA Corporate:

1. Company Incorporations and Set Upps.
2. Compliance (Business and Legal)
3. Company Secretarial Services
4. Additional Services (Additional Director(s)/Secretary to Company/Manager/Agent for International Companies etc)
5. Corporate Governance for SMEs
6. Oath Commissioning Services
7. Business Advisory Services
8. Business Training and Capacity Development

DKA Corporate: Serving You ... Serving Your Business

[05/13/18]   Independent Rapporteur Services for Business/Company Meetings;

1. General Note Taking (verbal and Audio)
2. Report Writing
3. Transcription of Meeting Notes
4. Rapporteur Services for Conferences, meetings of Directors/Shareholders, Retreats, Church Meeting, Workshops etc.
5. Business Training and Presentations
6. Literature Research/Review and Workshop Evaluations

For the above professional services and more ...look no further. Contact DKA Corporate on 0249261706. DKA Corporate Serving You, Serving Your Business.

[05/02/18]   File your annual compliance documents for your company NOW and avoid the risk of paying a penalty and or in default suffer the damage of your company name been struck out of the company REgister...

DKA Corporate
Serving you, Serving your business

[03/16/18]   The Manager for DKA Corporate (Courage K. Abiwu) has received appointment and licensed as a Commissioner for Oath of the Republic of Ghana, Meaning that DKA Corporate has added another very important venture to its core mandate.

For ALL your Business/Company related Commissioning activities, plus others such as Business affidavits, and Declarations, do not hesitate to contact the Manager for affordable services.

DKA Corporate: Serving You and your Business

[03/16/18]   Legal Administrative Services for Companies are very much important for the survival of the business and company. If you need services in the following, do not hesitate to contact us;
1.Writing Company reports
2. Preparing articles of association for you business
3. Company Policy Statements (Health, Leave, Promotion etc)
4. Employee Handbook
5. Board Meeting reports
6. Resolutions
7. Business Plans
8. Company Strategy Document
9. Company Memoranda
10. Governance Reports

DKA Corporate: Serving You and Your Business

[01/11/18]   Remain Focused on the Core Obective of your business and leave the;

1. Legal
2. Financial
3. Administrative

Functions and Needs of the company/business to us.

DKA Corporate!! .... Serving You and Your Business

[11/15/17]   Company (Start ups or Existingt) Manuals .i.e Compliance, Corporate Governance, EmployeesCompany Charter, Company Policy Document..are all very important set of documents needed for the smooth running of the comapny. If you have difficulty in preparing them, look no further!! Get One NOW!!! .... DKA Corporate.

[11/07/17]   One of the important requirments of good company/corporate practice and administration is to have a Register of Interest of Directrors for the company....... If you need one to be drafted for you, please look no further, call DKA Corporate

[10/24/17]   Corporate Governance For Small and Medium Scale Businesses ..... Thats On My Mind

[10/24/17]   Business Letters, Business/Company Resolutions, Company POlicy Drafting, Commercial Agreements, Business Affidavits, Business Plans, Business Proposals ..... Look no further!!. DKA Corporate at your service

[10/24/17]   The Companies Acts/Code of Ghana places a number of obligations on Shareholders, Directors and Secretaries and complying with these and ensuring documents are filed within the deadlines can be quite a headache for the managers of the company. Failure to carry out duties correctly can result in significant and severe penalties to the extent of your company being struck off the register of comapnies at the registrar generals and even prosecution for Directors or even both......Do not let this haapen to you or your comapny. Contact us for professional Outsourced Company Secretarial/Legal Business...DKA Corporate!!

[08/31/17]   Company Policy Statements; Corporate Complaince Statements; Company Policy Objectives; Business Plans and Proposals; ... etc . Look no further!!.. DKA Corporate is there to serve you.

[07/31/17]   Are u an SME or even a large organisation needing managment training for your business? ..... Look No Further. Consult us for the following;
1. Writing Business Letters
2. Board Meetings and Minutes Taking
3.Chairing Meeting
4.Team building
Etc........Consult us for a special package at an affrodable price..DKA Corporate...Living the new age of Corporate Reliability

[05/29/17]   1. Do you have a Business/Company Registered?
2. How Healthy in term of (Legal & Business) Compliance is your Company?
3. Do you have diffculty in keeping your business/company healthy?

If your answer to the above is NO .... Look No Further .... Call DKA Corporate for 1st hand Company Secretarial Professional Service

[05/11/17]   Call DKA Corporate for ALL Your Company Administration and Compliance Matters!!!

[05/04/17]   Company Registers

[04/21/17]   How TO Effectively Run The Governance Unit Of A School .............

[04/20/17]   DKA Corporate can assist in ensuring you and your company/organisation are compliant with the provisions of the Company’s Act,

[04/12/17]   Are You A Foreign Company Looking For An Agent In Ghana to Facilitate The Setting Up Of Your Company For You?......Contact DKA

[04/11/17]   Reposition Your Company Board Properly To Better Serve The Corporate Governance Needs of The Company .......

[04/11/17]   Do Yeou Want To Outsource Your Corporate Minutes Task?....Do You Want To Have Better Way of Handling Your Corporate Legal/Secretarial Functions? .....Then Look No Further Than Us.....DKA @ Corporate ...... Serving the Corporate Market

[08/15/16]   DKA Corporate:..Register and Gazzette your church as well as the Pastors as the law requires and recognizeses. For further details and guidance as well as facilitation, kindly contact DKA Corporate through 0207022271 or emial [email protected]. DKA!....We serve you well.........

[05/18/16]   have u completed the reregiatration of your business or company with the registrar generals?....have filed all your annual returns for your businesses and company? Have you filed all auditora returns to the registrar generals.. If Not..then waist no time because you might be taken out of the register.....DKA Corporate at your service again....for all your busineas and company registration us on 0207022271...

[03/02/16]   Under the Law and Proceedure on Meeting and Quarum.....A Meeting that is inquorate has no jurisdiction to transact lawful business and cannot even start. A meeting that purports to transact lawful business when it is inquorate is irregular and the businessof that meeting SHALL be a NULLITY.....Take Note.

[02/01/16]   Some Common Questions about Starting a Business
How do I start a business?

Starting a business takes nothing more than an idea a thought and some initial capital; however, there are some formalities to go through. First of all, you’ll probably need the proper business licenses and permits to legally operate. It’s also smart and indeed extremely smart to consider incorporatingyour business to protect your personal assets.

Should I start a business?

Starting up your own business is a big undertaking that will require a lot of effort and money so you better be sure it’s the right choice. While no one knows your situation as well as you do, it’s important to consider your finances, goals, type of business, family, in addition to having a plan if things don’t go well—or if they take off. It’s a personal decision, just be sure you know what you’re getting into. Just remember: every business starts with a good idea.

Secure funds to start my business?

Depending on your aspirations and the type of business you plan on opening it may not be feasible to set up shop in your garage. Beyond your own capital, you may need to secure funds either through a business loan or from investors. Regardless of how you do it, make sure to document your agreements to avoid complications and to stay organized.

How can I make my business successful?

Many people start businesses and it’s no secret that most of them aren’t successful; however, there are some things you can do to better your odds. Get a business plan: what’s your product, what’s the market, and how are you going to get the two together? No matter how big your business is, it’s important to know where you’re going and how you’ll get there. The rest is up to you and your dedication to making something great.

Need More Information about the law and procedure regarding the successful running of businesses......Look no further. DKA Corporate at your service. Quality Company Secretarial Services at your door steps....

[01/11/16]   For ALL your business/company compliance matters in 2016......please look no further.....DKA Corporate at your service;

[12/14/15]   Professional Outsourcing Services Includes;

1. Company Secretarial Practice
2. Company Law Complaince and Administration
3. Managing Share Allotment and registration
4. Board room and shareholders compliance matters.
5. Keeping and managing a good register of members and shareholders....etc.
6. Filling of various documents/returns as required under the provisions of the Companies Law.
7. Proper maintenance of books and registers of the company as required under the provisions of the Companies Law.
8. Filing of copy of special resolutions on prescribed form within the specified time period.
9. To make arrangement for the payment of the dividend within prescribed period as provided under the provisions of the Companies Law......etc...

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  • Tax & Accounting Services

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