The KayaYoo Alternative school Project

The vision of the project, as an alternative education program, is to develop the basic reading,writing and numeracy skills of the kayayoo children.

Operating as usual

It's now easier to send The KayaYoo Alternative school Project a message. 27/10/2021

It's now easier to send The KayaYoo Alternative school Project a message.

It's now easier to send The KayaYoo Alternative school Project a message.

Home, Hope For That Child 28/02/2021

Home, Hope For That Child

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Home, Hope For That Child Welcome About Us Hope For That Child is a registered Non-Governmental Organization in Ghana that is dedicated to helping underprivileged school children in...




All work and no play.. makes Jack a dull boy😊😆


Yesterday was fun... we had a lot of fun reciting and spelling some numbers. ❤0️⃣1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣5️⃣


It's time for us to give again! Please help put smiles on the children's face, and also make teaching and learning effective...❤️💕 Thank You

Timeline Photos 31/01/2017

The play continues!!!


All work and No play makes Jack a dull boy. 😃

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There was lots of food and beautiful gifts for the children. These were made available through the generous donations from our sponsors... Thank you so much.
We are looking forward to a great 2017. Classes starts soon

Photos from The KayaYoo Alternative school Project's post 12/01/2017

During our Christmas party!! The KayaYoo Alternative School Project.


There's more blessing in GIVING than in RECEIVING!
What can you give;

You can volunteer with The KayaYoo Alternative School Project! Just contact me if you want to lend a helping hand!

"Volunteering is an experience of a lifetime, it's something that remains with you for the rest of your life, knowing that you offered your quota to society just to make it a better place for others and yourself"

Valentina Akosua Tsanu.
BA. Social Work
University of Ghana

Timeline Photos 29/11/2016

Yesterday we had a full house! And it was a lot of fun! Looking forward to today's class😊

Photos from The KayaYoo Alternative school Project's post 29/11/2016

Project Vision and Mission

The vision of the project is to transform the lives an innovative platform through Kayayei girls and their children an alternative education program which is focused on developing the basic literacy skills: reading, writing and numeracy skills- of the Kayayei girls and their children who reside in the Kokomlemle Community in the Accra Metropolitan Area. The program will prepare the beneficiaries by providing them the necessary skills to better transition to the mainstream schools. Additionally, the project aims to develop the beneficiaries intellectually, emotionally, physically and also build their self-image.

Photos from The KayaYoo Alternative school Project's post 07/11/2016

Photos from The KayaYoo Alternative school Project's post

Photos from The KayaYoo Alternative school Project's post 07/11/2016

Coloring and learning numbers at the same😊

Timeline Photos 07/11/2016

Today's activity: we did number coloring with the children today!


Liebe Freunde,
dieses Projekt meiner Tochter ist im Aufbau und wird nach und nach ausgebaut. Die Infos werden auch noch ins Deutsche übersetzt und ergänzt.
Lieben Dank für's liken und teilen, damit sich diese ausgebeuteten Kinder eine bessere Zukunft aufbauen können, indem sie im Rahmen ihrer Möglichkeiten gefördert werden können.


The term is used to describe the women who engage in carrying of heavy luggages and goods, mostly on a head pan, on their head for a fee, in market centers .‘Kayayoo.’ This term takes its origin from both the Hausa and Ga language- ‘Kaya’ meaning ‘luggage’ or ‘load’ in the Hausa language and ‘Yoo’ meaning ‘woman’ in the Ga language.
These young children are commonly engaged in carrying of heavy luggages and goods, mostly on a head pan, on their head for a fee, in market centres.

One of the biggest problem being faced by these Kayayoo is their inability to get a high paying job due to their limited or no educational background and skillset. Additionally, majority of these girls are lured into early marriages or sexually exploited by multiple male partners who either physically abuse them or abscond when they become pregnant.

In order to build the capacity of these Kayayoo, it is important to provide them with the necessary skills that will help them to better plan for their future and also the future of their children. Like most girls in the world and Ghana more specifically, these Kayayoo, are entitled to basic education as their fundamental human right, which is a normative United Nations’ legislation, to actively-and-positively contribute to their societies. They also deserve an opportunity to fully complete basic education in order to advance their personal lives and be empowered to better contribute to the community they live in.

Thus, to assist the Kayayoo to carve a bright future for themselves through access to their right to quality basic education, “The Kayayoo Alternative School Project” was initiated to serve as an educational resource platform for these children.

Photos from The KayaYoo Alternative school Project's post 31/10/2016

Reading and writing time...

Timeline Photos 31/10/2016

During our English Class! The children were exited to participate

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