John Perez Books

John Perez Books

John Perez fafavi is a Preacher of the WORD.He has produced wealth of publications including bestseller like "Maximizing Your Possibilities in Life" & more


As you are going out this morning, God will go with you, guide you and protect you from all evil, in Jesus name.

By the mantle upon my life, I command uncommon doors to be opened unto you this week, in Jesus name.

From now to December, I decree that you recover everything you lost from January to now, in Jesus name. You will celebrate this Christmas better than the previous ones. Whatever has made you to and will make you to cry, I command it to turn around for your good n you will laugh n remain happy till eternity, in Jesus name.

I have a strong burden on my heart this morning to bless you and I bless you in the name of the Jesus. I decree and declare without an apology to the devil that It is well with you and it shall be well with you in Jesus name.



The Bible says we shall eat the riches of the gentiles and in their wealth we will boast ourselves. (Isaiah 61:6)

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Global Success Minds



As you load and buy credits for your phone from GSM, you receives commissions!
Global success minds(GSM) is a digital mobile network that uses a digital way to sell credit to all networks.

Members of GSM earn commission anytime a purchase is made. Whether from you or anyone on your team. So wherever the person is, when he buys credit, you earn a percentage from it.
Let me remind you that, registration in GSM is free but you upgrade to earn more commission.

You earn up to 6 levels. You may refer only one person but you'll enjoy up to 6 people below you that you did not refer personally

Ghana has over 38million mobile users here.

You subscribe, or upgrade with just GhC 50 and receive a token of wrist watch.

Out of which you activate your number with GhC5 and the GhC 45 for your activation.
Anyone you refer to GSM and also upgrades, you receive GHC 10 as your commission for your first level and GHC 3 from your second to sixth level.

So for an example, imagine you refer 10 people,
10 x 10 = GHC 100

@Level 2
Your 10 people refer 10 people each, you being the top liner earn
10 x 10 x 3 = GHC 300

@Level 3
The 100people also refers 10 people each, you earn
100 x 10 x 3 = GHC 3,000

@Level 4
The 1000 people will also refer 10each and you earn
1000 x 10 x 3 = GHC 30,000

@Level 5
The 10,000 people also refer 10 each and you earn
10000 x 10 x3 =GHC 300,000

@Level 6
The 100,000 people also refer 10each and you earn
100000 x 10 x 3=GHCC 3,000,000.

This is just 1Million of the 38million. Just take 5 at each step also and see the outcome.

Meanwhile, as you build the team like this, you all earn from the credit purchase up to 1.5%.

See also;
Imagine each of the members buy GHC1 credit a day, you'll be earning
1.5%*1000000=GHC15000 daily.

See, GHC15000×30days [a month] = GHC450,000.

This is even aside the upgrade bonus. This is a great and amazing opportunity. You, just target about GHC2000 - GHC5000 a month and work hard for it, you'll see the results

And the good thing is, GSM is going to introduce lots of products in addition that will help us earn more like mobile money, Surfline, bill payment, ECG prepaid and even supermarkets also.

This is a great opportunity for all Ghanaians whether you're a student, graduate, worker or stay home mum or dad, pensioner, as much as you are a mobile phone user, you must get involved!

Use your phone to buy credits and receive a commission.

Let take advantage of it.

Don't say I didn't tell you. I'm investing in your welfare by sharing this information.
Referee: jfafavi

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