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Videos by Club Shandy Bosoe in Accra. The official page for CLUB Shandy, the light and lemony 2% alcoholic drink that's just right to make the good times last! Always drink responsibly. CLUB Shandy is not for sale to persons under 18 years. Pregnant women should not drink alcohol.

Let’s create unforgettable memories and have a fun filled weekend with friends and family. Remember the fun never stops with Shandy. Happy Easter!
#Bosoɛ #ShandyNie #EnjoymentNie

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Let’s create unforgettable memories and have a fun filled weekend with friends and family. Remember the fun never stops with Shandy. Happy Easter! #Bosoɛ #ShandyNie #EnjoymentNie

Music, fun, the beach - just some of the things we think about to get us through the week. What did we leave out? #EmbraceYourCool #HappyNewWeek #MondayMadness #ClubShandy

You know what to do right? Grab a Shandy this weekend and enjoy it to the max! What fun thing are you looking forward to this weekend? #weekendvibes #funandgames #ClubShandy

The sound you make when the zesty, lemony flavour hits your tongue! Drop a 💛 if you agree! #EmbraceYourCool #ClubShandy

It’s weekend again! Remember, you’re in control! Refresh with a cold Shandy and keep the fun times rolling! #EmbraceYourCool

Specially crafted to cool you down and quench your thirst! It’s very hot outside, make sure to keep a cold Shandy close by! #hotdays #ClubShandy

Nothing beats a cold Shandy, a warm day and amazing friends to enjoy it with! Find the closest beach and recreate this with your friends! What’s your favorite beach? #EmbraceYourCool #BOSO3

Normal? What’s the fun in that! Break a few rules and make new ones on the way. Make sure you have a Shandy as you forge your own path! #EmbraceYourCool #Shandy #BOSO3

A hug can make a lot of things better…😂😂😂 Tag someone you want to give a squeeze today! #EmbraceYourCool

Grab a Shandy today! 🍻 Screenshot the bottle before it leaves her hand, post it in the comments, and tag us! There might be some cool Shandy merch waiting for you! 😉 #EmbraceYourCool #CLUBShandy #Shandy #BOSO3

What’s love if you don't share it? Share your love or share a Shandy, it's the same thing, isn't that cool? Happy Valentine’s Day! #Valentine24 #CLUBShandy #BOSO3

No one does you like YOU, they tried and failed! You do your cool, they’ll do theirs! What’s your cool? Leave an emoji describing your personality! #EmbraceYourCool#Shandy #BOSO3

Shandy is a lot of things! It’s thirst-quenching, it’s zesty, it’s low in alcohol but the best part is it’s cool…kinda like you!#EmbraceYourCool #BOSO3

Sometimes, a Shandy and a fun activity are all you need to brighten your day! What’s the correct sequence of this image? Be the first one to get it right and win a cool six-pack of CLUB Shandy! #EmbraceYourCool #BOSO3

Free trial for the year is over! Time to put in the work to get to those goals and make the most of 2024. What was on your resolution list this year? #EmbraceYourCool #BOSO3

We all have that one friend that doesn’t play fair 🤣🤣🤣 Tell them to take it easy and have a Shandy, it’s all fun and games! #EmbraceYourCool #enjoyment #funtimes #BOSO3

Moments with your favorite Shandy are more than just refreshing sips. They are also about creating strong bonds with cool people! Cheers! 🍻cc: @stellashannnelly #EmbraceYourCool #CLUBShandy

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S/O to the geng! 🤟🏿 Share this post with your squad, just incase they forgot how cool you think they are! #EmbraceYourCool #friendshipgoals #tagafriend

Tag that one friend who is always ready to be outsiiiide! 😂 #EmbraceYourCool #FunWithFriends #GoodTimes #CLUBShandy

Are you out and about for the new year weekend? Or is it going to be a quiet one indoors? No matter your vibe, enjoy it with a cold bottle of Shandy! #EmbraceYourCool #HappyNewYear #BOSO3