Tierra Consult

Tierra Consult

The focus of Tierra Consult is to provide unparalleled service to clients that require assistance
with property/asset management services. TIERRA CONSULT is a Limited Liability Company incorporated under the laws of Ghana.

The firm has vast experience in property investment securitization of collaterals including investigation of title to landed property and perfection of titles. TIERRA CONSULT does due-diligence checks and also advises clients and assists in project finance transactions and property investment-related matters and has assisted in the sale and purchase of various properties.

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[12/31/15]   When we gather together in the moonlit village ground it is not because of the moon. Every man can see it in his own compound. We come together because it is good for kinsmen to do so. Without Unity We will never be achievers. Happy New Year

[11/09/15]   0.91 acre land with land title certificate for sale in Labone

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[08/17/15]   Continued migration from rural to urban areas, renewal of existing housing are the main factors that affect the housing requirement in Ghana. On the other hand, income level is another factor that affects demand. Investing in real estate is the traditional investment instrument for Ghanaians since historically the return on investment on real estate has been relatively higher particularly during these periods of economic development.
Based on the requirements listed above, Ghana’s real estate market can be divided into the following main classes:
1) Housing & Residential Market
2) Office Market
3) Retail Market

Housing & Residential Market
The rapid urbanization of metropolises such as Accra, Tema and Kumasi as well as Takoradi are driving housing prices up in those areas, yet increases in credit are enabling Ghanaians to keep up with the purchase prices. One of the key differences between the increase of credit in Ghana and that of America experienced just before the real estate bubble burst is the lending standards are stricter. In most cases, you must have a down payment of at least 20 percent to qualify for a mortgage in Ghana; Americans were buying homes with little to no money down prior to the burst.
The highest demand may be for three-bedroom apartments at the middle-income level, with their loan size averaging $60,000 on properties costing $80,000- 100,000. Nonetheless, the market remains difficult across all Supply is eminently the problem due to the fact that units are not being built in the hundreds of thousands, not even in the tens of thousands. This means prices are creeping steadily upwards. If a major developer could deliver 10,000-15,000 units a year, they could reduce the demand pressure and also provide some benchmark pricing.
Residential developments in these areas are largely fragmented with most of the current housing stock provided by individual investors in collaboration with small scale local contractors. Large domestic and international developers are also moving in to provide high-end apartment blocks, town houses and commercial space.
Larger developers have also taken notice and moved forward with plans to tackle the shortage. Three new cities will be constructed in the coming years providing Jobs and housing for thousands. The new cities will cost $100 million and provide close to 50,ooo housing units and a completion time of 10 – 15 years meaning shortage will persist in the near future.


Tierra Consult

For all issues relating to Immovable Property, look no further.

The focus of Tierra Consult is to provide unparalleled service to clients that require assistance
with property/asset management services.

[07/27/15]   REGISTRATIONS

Properties situate in Accra & Kumasi

Registration districts have been declared in respect of all lands in Accra and Kumasi. The Land Title Registration Law PNDC Law 152 is thus the applicable law for the registration of title/interest in land.

Undertaking any perfection of title or searches in that respect in Accra and Kumasi would entail the following:

• Obtaining site plans in respect of the properties in order to conduct searches at the Deeds Registry to ascertain the name in which the property is registered. Where site plans are not available to engage the services of licensed surveyors to prepare a site plans for the search to be conducted.
• A search at the deeds registry would reveal the following: (a) that the property is state land; (b) that the property is stool land; (c) that the property belongs to an individual or a family; (d) that the property is registered in the name of the person you are dealing with.
• Where the root of title of a person is a grant from the State or a Stool, then the necessary consent to transfer or mortgage has to be obtained from the Lands Commission Secretariat (the custodian of state lands) and the stool lands with the appropriate Stool Secretariat.
• The interest or mortgage document that would be prepared etc has to be finally registered at the Land Title Registry for the appropriate Land Certificates to be obtained to protect the interest of your company.

Property situate in other regions
The Land Registry Act mandates a person in possession of any documents relating to landed property or land to register the document at the appropriate deeds registry. The following steps have to be taken if you are dealing with prospective clients from the other regions other than Accra and Kumasi
• Obtaining site plans in respect of the properties in order to conduct searches at the Deeds Registry to ascertain the name in which the property is registered. Where site plans are not available to engage the services of licensed surveyors to prepare a site plans for the search to be conducted.
• Where the root of title to the land originates from the State or a Stool, the appropriate consent to transfer or mortgage ought to be obtained.
• Where the search result indicates that the property though in the possession of ‘X’ but is registered in the name of a different person or entity, to advise you on the way forward.
• The appropriate mortgage documents would then be registered under the Land Registry Act.
Official Rates and Charges

Undertaking these exercises on your behalf may entail the payment of arrears of ground rent, stamp duty and other related charges, registration fees and other official rates and charges. This may arise if the prospective clients present to you imperfect titles. We would advise you that any of those charges be passed on to the client. Tierra Consult would inform you as and when the above charges are raised for you to deal with.

We would be able to, for any particular search or inquiry we are asked to undertake, provide unofficial search results (but results that we would advise you to consider) within 24 hours.

Official results would be available at anytime within 48 hours to two weeks depending on the particular assignment. We however undertake to produce results within the shortest possible time as we are aware that time is of essence.

Consultancy Fees and out of Pocket expenses

The job may entail a visit to the property sites in the various regions writing of various letters, preparation of site plans (where necessary), searches, obtaining relevant documents from the Deeds Registry to support searches if need be, preparation and submission of reports for further directives from you.


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Tierra Consult


Our services include:

Due diligence on property to be acquired
Securing Building Permits and EPA Permits
Preparation of Land documents (Leases, Subleases, Conveyances, Assignments and Vesting Accents)
Demarcation of Properties and Preparation of Cadastral Plans
Registration of Title deeds
Asset management
Property Brokers



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