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Gold Coast Brokerage is a Licensed Dealing Member of the Ghana Stock Exchange.

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[12/12/17]   On the Local Bourse

Trading activities ended with 1,961,089 shares of traded with a value of GH¢1,337,942.15. The YTD of the Composite and Financial Indices are now 49.89% and 45.15% respectively.

Gainers % Change Price(GHS)
SIC 11.11% 0.10
GCB 4.35% 4.80
UNIL 0.08% 12.83

Losers % Change Price(GHS)
TOTAL -1.13% 3.50
TLW -0.29% 17.15
FML -0.06% 17.99

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[11/07/17]   On the Alternative Market

Trading activities ended with 40,000 shares of HORDS and 121, 000 shares of ILL worth GHS 4,000 and GHS 9,680 respectively changing hands. ILL shed GHS 0.01 off its week open price to close the week at GHS 0.08.

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[11/07/17]   Stock Market Outlook
An analytical outlook into 2017 pictures YTD key market indices closing the year relatively better than 2016. Commodity-based stocks are expected to follow in an upward trajectory following an anticipated relative stability of major commodity prices on the world market.Most financial stocks may fail again to drive over-all returns on the market as the banking industry continues to record high levels of NPLs, financial stocks however may record lesser price volatilities as compared to 2016.

[11/07/17]   Activity on the stock market ended with 6 gainers and 6 losers at week close. UNIL topped the list of gainers to close the week at GHS 10.99returning3.68% to investors for the week. TLW recorded the highest loss of GHS 0.39 to close the week at GHS 17.30. The Composite and Financial Stock Indices pegged at 40.15% and 31.55% respectively.
Trading activity in terms of volumes on the stock market increased by 470.08% in the week under review. The total volumes of shares traded scaled up by 4,423,967. Total values of shares traded alsoincreased to GHS 8,973,736 representing198.71%appreciation week on week.

Monthly analysis of equities on the stock market for October revealed 9 gainers and 7 losers. TOTAL recorded the highest gain of GHS 1.39 returning 61.50% to investors with a total of 115, 300 shares changing hands. EGH made the highest loss of GHS 0.46 to close the month at GHS 7.59. The most liquid stock for the month was CAL with a total of 7,229,100 shares worth GHS 7,300,002 followed by SOGEGH, ETI, GCB and EGH. Financial equities dominated the losers table driving returns on the Financial Stock Index marginally downwards from 32.23% at month open to 31.87% at month close.

[10/13/17]   HFC recorded a year to date change of 85.33% on its stock price after opening the year at GH¢0.75.

Restructuring last year coupled with increased investment in the bank and rebranding is expected to enhance its profitability, hence making its shares attractive.

This is expected to be reinforced by cost-cutting approach to business adopted last year via technology.

Recommendation: Buy

[10/12/17]   GOIL currently control about 18.2% of the market. This is due to the strategic management of the GOIL brand franchise.

Currently, its share trades at GH¢2.4, representing a year to date change of 118.18%.

The company’s share price is expected to increase this week because of increased investors’ interest in its share accompanied by increased purchase.


[10/11/17]   GGBL shares gained consecutively for the last two weeks partly due to the positive outlook for the firm’s profitability fueled by the focus on marketing and brand management strategies.

Its share currently trades at GH¢ 1.57 after gaining GH¢0.05 last week.


[10/11/17]   BOPP share performance has been outstanding this year as its price increased by 183.65%.

BOPP share price is currently pegged at GHS GH¢5.9 after recording week on week capital gains of GHS 0.10.

Its share is expected to record capital gains this week accompanied by high share volumes of trade.



[08/31/17]   Trading activity on the bourse ended with 5 gainers [EGL, FML, SOGEGH, UNIL and HFC] and 1 loser [SCB] yesterday. CAL topped the trading chart in terms of volume as 75,300 shares worth GHS 75,300.00 changed hands. Returns on the Composite and Financial Stock Index pegged at 40.40% and 41.21% respectively.

[08/31/17]   Earnings performance reports of listed companies will continue to play a pivotal role in driving stock market returns for the last quarter of 2017. The value of the local bourse will remain on an upward trajectory supported by gains on equities such as SCB, FML, ETI and EGH. Investors should anticipate more stable gains on stocks for the last 4 months of the year.

[08/31/17]   The broader market return [i.e. benchmark composite index] climbed up hitting the 40% YTD mark at the close of trade yesterday. The impressive streak on the bourse is largely due to lower market volatilities, stable Cedi performance and the downward trend in macro-economic indicators such as inflation and interest rates. Financial stocks continue to lead the gainers’ list on weekly basis.

[08/29/17]   The Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) will with effect from Monday, August 28, 2017 suspend trading in the shares of the following listed companies:

1. African Champion Industry Limited (ACI)
2. Clydestone (Ghana) Limited (CLYD)
3. Golden Web Limited (GWEB)
4. Pioneer Kitchenware Limited (PKL)
5. Transaction Solutions Limited (TRANSOL)

These companies have failed to meet their continuing listing obligations in spite of several promptings to do so. These obligations include; failure to submit financial reports, non-payment of annual listing fees, failure to conduct Annual General Meeting, among others. The suspension of trading in the above companies will be in force until September 8, 2017, which is the deadline for the companies to rectify the anomalies. Failure to do so will attract further sanctions as per the GSE Listing Rules.

[08/29/17]   Trading activity on the bourse ended with 2 gainers [EGL and TOTAL] yesterday. HFC topped the trading chart in terms of volume as 31,100 shares worth GHS 30,198.00 changed hands. Returns on the Composite and Financial Stock Index pegged at 38.81% and 40.20% respectively.

[08/29/17]   ETI reported Net interest income of $467 million during the period under review, this represents a decrease of 21% y-on-y from $589 million in HY-2016; Declines in Net Interest Income was largely driven by a reduction in average interest earning asset balances and interest rate spread compression. Impairment losses for HY-2017 were $207 million [of which $160 million were on loans and advances], compared to $161 million [of which $156 million were on loans and advances] in the prior year period. Customer loans of $9.5 billion; decreased by 7%, reflecting ETI’s strategy to reduce credit originations in light of challenging macroeconomic environment and an intense focus on loan recoveries. Loan growth, as a result, was broadly lower for the six months period.
Non-performing loans were $1.1 billion for the HY-2017 compared with $919 million, as at 30 June 2016. The current period’s non-performing loans remain elevated, predominantly because of higher non-performing loans in Corporate Banking, reflecting the macroeconomic and internal credit challenges that the bank faced during the six months period. As a result, the non-performing loans ratio was 11.0% for HY-2017 compared to 8.6% in HY-2016.

[08/29/17]   Ecobank Transnational Incorporated [ETI] for the HY-2017 delivered a return on tangible equity of 15.6% on Profit before Tax of $151 million [which was a fall in PBT of 26% from $ 204 billion in HY-2016]. HY-2017 Revenue of $912 million was down by 11% from $1.022 billion reported in HY-2016. This was as a result of macroeconomic headwinds and declines in non interest income. ETI recorded expenses of $553 million in HY-2017; a dip of 16% from $ 657 million in HY-2016. Cost-to-Income ratio however improved to 60.6% in HY-2017 from 64.3% recorded in the same period in prior year; reflecting continued cost efficiency gains. Earnings per share of ETI fell marginally from $ 0.53 in HY-2016 to $ 0.43 in HY-2017.


Trading activity in terms of volumes on the stock market increased by 47.44% in the week under review as volumes of shares traded scaled up by 1,243,823. Further, the total values of shares traded increased to GHS 4,853,689 representing 66.82% appreciation week-on-week. There were 8 gainers and 2 losers at week-close.

The market will remain active this week mimicking last week trade pattern in terms of volumes and values as investors and stock market stakeholders recover from the shocking impact of GCB takeover of UTB and Capital Bank. Market liquidity will remain high this week as volatility levels will continue to stay low as a result of buoyant investor confidence. At the close of next week, the market is expected to maintain a positive YTD outlook while returning positively on its benchmark composite Index.

[08/16/17]   Trading activity on the bourse ended with 2 gainers [BOPP and HFC] and 1 loser [ACCESS] yesterday. EGH topped the trading chart in terms of volume as 42,500 shares worth GHS 297,500.00 changed hands.

Returns on the Composite and Financial Stock Index pegged at 34.17% and 35.33% respectively.



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