i learnt you offer training for people and i will like to be trained if that is ok
hi am Gifty and i was recommanded to you by Gabriela and Rui please can you help.
hi i need your help
hi thanks for the good wo
VPWA's microfinancing project MicroQuips welcomes new volunteer Yoo Na Lee. Yoo Na is from South Korea and will be with us for 1 month working with beneficiaries and assessing their businesses for potential loans and leases.
Today, the VPWA microfinancing team, MicroQuips, welcomed their first loan group from the town of Ashalaja. The MicroQuips project handed the beneficiaries a total of 1200GHC ($400 USD) for investment in their businesses. These are: Hairdresser, Noodle shop, Baker and Fried rice seller.

MicroQuips is a social enterprise providing equipment finance to women entrepreneurs within the informal economy to improve business efficiency and productivity.

MicroQuips is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs in the informal economy to improve business efficiency, productivity and profitability through an asset financing and leasing support program. Our work supports the fulfillment of the United Nations Millennium Development Goal of fighting against human poverty. MicroQuips’ was founded by Volunteer Partnerships for West A

Photos from MicroQuips's post 29/07/2016

Morning Friends :)
Four new loans have been distributed to beneficiaries. It is the third loan for each of the ladies, so they each received GHC700 loans.
Mavis S makes kenkey (a sourdough dumpling, sold with spicy soup) and works 35hrs a week in the evenings. She is using her loan to purchase more raw ingredients (corn for the dumpling in bulk and fish) to help grow her business.
Janet used her second loan to expand her product range to include charcoal. With her third loan she is investing it in her daughter's clothing business, allowing her daughter to buy several nails of second hand clothing rather than just one, so expanding the variety and range of clothing she has to meet her customers demands.
Mavis A works early in the mornings for 30hrs a week making and selling porridge. She will use her third loan to bulk buy the ingredients she needs as the price of sugar and beans keeps increasing. Also buying bulk saves her time and transport costs.
And finally Julianna has taken out her third loan. After meeting Augustina when she attended for her second loan , she has undertaken further training with her and bern taught how to make the liquid soap and parazon. She is using part of her loan to purchase the ingredients she needs to make these products. The rest of the loan she is using to diversify her product range still further by buying underwear to sell at her store.
Below pictures show Comfort and the microfinance volunteers along with Juliana and Mavis when they came to the office to receive their loan cheques :)

Photos from MicroQuips's post 18/07/2016

Good Afternoon everyone 😊
To continue our profiles on the beneficiaries of MicroQuips, please allow us to introduce Juliana to you.
Juliana lives in a new construction community where water is very scarce, and so the water business becomes more profitable in the dry( haramatan) season. She has been selling water and vegetables for the past two years. She is 29 years old and married with one child.
She has a small tank from which she supplies water to her community. Juliana would run out of water every three days and had to wait for the tank to be refilled. She bought the tank of water for GHC120 and also uses this water for her household. She sold the remaining water in the tank for GHC140.
Juliana wanted to buy an additional tank to support her water business. The size of tank she wants costs GHC1,000 and she had raised GHC500 and so approached MicroQuips to support her with a loan for GHC500 to allow her to purchase the tank. The additional tank would enable her to meet demand and also reduce the time when she was not able to sell due to being out of water as she would now have water for the whole week. Julaina received the loan for the tank.
When Juliana came in to MicroQuips to request this loan she also met Augustina, another beneficiary of MicroQuips who has great dreams for her business into the future. As mentioned in an earlier post, Augustina is looking to expand her business making soap and beaded sandals and she also provides training of other women in how to make these. Augustina has now trained Juliana in to make the beaded sandals, and so as well as selling water she also now makes beaded slippers to sell, increasing her business. diversity and profitability thanks to the training provided by Augustina.

Help raise £600 to to fund women's skills workshops in Ghana! 07/07/2016

Help raise £600 to to fund women's skills workshops in Ghana!

Hello Friends! We've just launched a new fundraising for 600 GBP to support training of about 30 women with skills in soap making and other detergents, as well beads art. Once they receive the training, they will be supported with entrepreneurship titbit and then a small loan will be provided to help them launch their own businesses. Please donate here https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/Darmang-Women

Help raise £600 to to fund women's skills workshops in Ghana! We're raising money to to fund women's skills workshops in Ghana! . Support this JustGiving Crowdfunding Page.


Merry Christmas to you all.

Photos from MicroQuips's post 26/11/2015

"By empowering a women you empower a nation", meet one of our phenomenal women.

Augustina Yirenkyirwaa is a 45 year old woman married with 4 boys and looks after her mother.
3 Years ago she used to sell jeans and t-shirts until she was mugged all the clothes and money she had made. She was out of a job as she owed her suppliers and could not get any work. She sat at home for 2 years without any form of employment or income. One day at church they announced that they will be offering classes to teach how to make soap. The cost of the class was 300GHC. She decided she wanted to learn, did not have the money to pay but that did not stop her from wanting to try. She got a loan from a friend to do the classes. She took the classes and after was left with 50GHC worth of materials from the class. She used the left over materials to make her first batch of soap. She distributed the soap for free to potential clients to test her product and market her business. She started getting orders; to get the capital to make the soap she asked for money from her siblings and was able to raise 200GHC. The 200GHC was still not enough to meet her demand. In order to keep her clients, she gave each client half of what they ordered example if you place an order for 2 litres she gave you 1litre with the promise of getting the next 1litre in a weeks’ time. The capital grew, however was still not enough to meet her demand.

A friend told her about MicroQuips and she approached us in January of 2015 to get funding. We have given her 1800GHC this year alone. The funds have enabled her to expand her business, she currently supplies soap on weekly basis to 3 resturant, 3 Hospitals and wholesale stores around her area. The funds also assisted her in pursuing one of her passions which is to make beaded shoes. The shoe business has been operating for 6 months and has made over 120 pairs of shoes which she has exported to Nigeria, Canada and sold the remaining locally to clothing shops and salons.

Augustina has a passion for what she does and has dreams for her business. She wants to register a company so that she can start branding her products by having professional label on her soap products and shoes. She remembers how hard it was for her the 2 years she had no work, so to empower others she is teaching others how to make soap and the beaded shoes. She wants to open a training centre for learning for women who have no jobs just so they can learn a skill to be able to support themselves and families. She taught her sister Adelaide who is also one of the MicroQuips beneficiaries, how to make soap. She has now started her own soap business and is able to support her family.

Augustina business requires a lot of capital MicroQuips as NGO can only assist her to an extent regarding granting her a loan. She needs capital to increase production and to introduce new products. She wants to start making bar soaps and dettol. We are looking for potential grants or donors that can help Augustine in getting capital to increase production and in opening a training centre. We continue to support her and wish her success in everything.

Photos from MicroQuips's post 10/11/2015

It has been awhile since we posted anything on our page. Today we continue to introduce you to our beneficiaries and their stories.

We introduce to you Esther...

Esther is a 45 year old woman married with 3 children, to help her husband to support the children and her elderly parents. She started her trading business 15 years ago. Her business has evolved over the years to its current status. She distributes Kenkey (local fermented corn dish) fried yam and fish to local stores and restaurants. In order to make more money she has a table in Fise (local neighbourhood) where she sells from. The table is located close to a school and church. She sells to people walking to school or church and those who live in the area.

Esther first came to MicroQuips in 2013, where she took up her first loan as part of a group, because her business has been going well she now can borrow on her own. She is now on her 3rd loan of GHS 500, which she got to increase her stock so she can distribute to more stores. MicroQuips hope to help her with growing her business.

Timeline photos 02/10/2015

Today, we are please to present you Ruth :

Ruth is a 30 years old married woman with 2 children.

Ruth is working a seamstress for 5 years. However, in order to slightly diversify her activity, she requested a loan in order to buy the starting stocks. After successfully completing her first loan, she asked for a second loan in order to acquire the shop she is currently using. At the end of 2015, she hopes to fully own the shop.

According to her, the loans have improved her conditions. However, as with many persons in Ghana, she is affected by the power outages currently happening in Ghana. She bought an electronic iron before the power outage but, due to the current situation, she had to buy a charcoal iron which is less efficient and that is more costly as she also has to buy charcoal.

Photos from MicroQuips's post 15/09/2015

New Savings Program Service!

MicroQuips grants loans on a group methodology basis, targeting motivated women who desire to expand their business operations.
MicroQuips can also grant lease loans on an individual basis. If a woman wishes to acquire some equipment (a fridge, a sewing machine, or gas cylinder for example) we will purchase the equipment and she may utilise it while reimbursing us for the cost.
Even though we have many examples of women improving their business after receiving a loan, granting loans to women can actually put them in debt.

Therefore, during the last month, we have held meetings with our current and past beneficiaries to initiate a new savings program. This service was officially launched by MicroQuips in the final week of August.

Contrary to our loan program, the savings program is open to everyone, regardless of gender or professional activity. The sole obligation is to maintain a savings account for a fixed period. At the end of the period, clients will be able to withdraw their savings free of charge. However, if they don’t need the savings at the end of the period, they can renew the contract for a new period to continue saving.

The primary advantage of the savings program is promoting positive money habits without endangering anyone with debt. Moreover, clients can save their money according to a specific investment or goal for the future instead of requesting a loan.

One of our contributors said: “Once I make money, I put it in the box. Before, I was wasting my money.”
Another contributor is empowered to save money for her three children.

Our new service will begin slowly but we expect to reach many more people in our community over time. We will keep you in touch with updates on recipients of future loans and clients of our savings program!


Timeline photos 25/08/2015

Today, we are going to present you Doris :

Looking after 3 children, 38 year old Doris saves her profit from selling wholesale kenkey and fish to pay for the kids’ education and their welfare.

She has used the loan to buy corn, which is the main ingredient for the kenkey, and fish.

The fish is actually a new product she is selling thanks to the loan she has received.

She manages to save much more than GHS 5 a day as she was doing before the loan. Moreover, Doris is also able to invest more in her children education.

Timeline photos 18/08/2015

We continue our guided tour of our beneficiaries. Todays is Janet's story :

30 years old Janet was buying just 1/2 a bag of rice and 1.5 liters of oil at a time and requested a loan so that she could buy more stock to save transportation costs, and hence increase her profits, which she would reinvest into the business and continue the cycle.
Through using her own money on top of the loan, she managed to buy 1 bag of rice for 220 GHS and 1 Gallon of oil for 110 GHS, saving her the cost of 2 trips to town (12GHS).

Timeline photos 10/08/2015

Today's story is the one from Grace :

At age 33, Grace, her husband and their 3 children lives in Amasaman. While her husband works as a gas welder, Grace sells kenkey, fried yam, fish and chicken.
The loan allowed Grace to cover the cost of the raw products (i.e. yam) and consumable (i.e. oil and charcoal) which keeps increasing in the region. As her business has been profitable, she reinvest her profits in her activity.

Timeline photos 06/08/2015

Today, we are going to present you Mary :

50 years old Mary, mother of 2 children, is selling a wide range of product from fruits to clothes along cooking equipment such as saucepan, coal port and cooking pot. She sells those products on demand in order to avoid keeping a stock of expensive products on her own.

Mary also sells on credit. Though it is risky, she keeps a register of the customers who still have to pay her.

For her fruit selling activity, Mary always keeps a stock in order to avoid running out of products. This allows her to have a constant flux of income.

The additional profits generated by a wider range of product sold and a more constant flux of income allows Mary to save up to GHS 15 per week on her bank account.

Timeline photos 31/07/2015

At aged 47, divorced Susan and her daughters work at the shop to sell goods such as water, toiletries, oil and eggs.

Susan felt that she was negatively affected by nearby competition of other sellers and wished to diversify her business and offer more goods.

With her new loan, she spends it on smoked fish and on fresh vegetables after asking her regular customers what other items they would like her to provide. She makes a 20% profit by selling the fish and 40% on the vegetables, which far outweighs the transportation costs of buying the new goods.

Susan says that without the loan she would have had to save for a long time, eating into her kids’ education fund, before she would have been able to afford the new goods, and in that time she would have lost valuable customers.

Now she reinvests her profits into the business and manages to pay her rent of GHS 10 per month on time.




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