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Services Includes: Financial Audit, Marketing, Financial Services, Records Management Services, Accounting, Marketing services, training Services, Business Registration and recruitment services

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Rescue Business Consult (R B C) is a registered company under the registration of business name Act, 1962 (No.151). R B C is basically an auditing, marketing and multi-managerial consulting company based in Accra, High street (Ghana house). Rescue Business Consult provides a wide range of business services to companies, industries, Non Profit Organizations an

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Records are one of the vital resources or information every well-organised organization or establishment needs to make effective decisions. Records are important in planning, monitoring, research, good governance, forecast, just but to mention a few.
Our current research shows that, most institutions pay no or little attention to their records in terms it management and care regardless of its importance.
At your call, R B C will assist you in setting up records management systems which will restructure your establishment with:
Records keeping standards
Reduce space
Improve records system
Easy record recovery.
Ensure efficiency and effectiveness in decision making
Improve accountability and good governance
Rescue Business Consult effectively handles, train and serve her clients with both Manual (decongestion Archival) and Electronic (Database system) decongestion method.
What Record Management Involves
Records management involves multiple areas of data collection, storage, and eventually proper destruction. The science is broken into multiple categories: input and collection, storage, redundancy, backup, and reduction. The input and collection establishes protocols for employees to follow on how data is created and the filing system it should follow for easy retrieval later.
It also specifies what should be kept and what should not. Storage can involve both hard copy and electronic files and establishes parameters on what storage means are allowed and what are not (i.e. hard drives versus paper folders versus networks or flash drives).
Redundancy and backup involve maintaining safety copies of important information in case of disaster. And finally reduction specifies the allowable methods for data destruction and elimination from the business systems.
Statistical Assistance to Decision-Making
Records management allows easy collection of statistics. Much of business decision-making is based on trend analysis. Trend-analysis is developed and built based on finding patterns in information and data and making conclusions about the behavior of those patterns. The better the information management, the better trend-analysis and related business knowledge tends to be.
Avoiding Information Loss
Another key component of records management is preventing data loss. It can happen very easily: a file is deleted, the wrong folder is shredded, and a bad employee walks out of the building with sensitive data.
Records management makes sure that there are preventative processes in place to organize and file information in a protected manner. Then redundancies are put into play such as backup systems and multiple copy repositories so if one file system is destroyed it can be quickly replaced by a recent copy. Finally, security measures help catch records that are being tampered with which can jeopardize a company's wellbeing and interests.
How you will Benefits from this:
Record management improves efficiency. Data is found faster, easier, and decision-making is improved by immediate analysis and information retrieval.
Improved record-keeping reduces resource waste. Less paper and storage system space is used when proper protocols are followed.
Accidental destruction and permanent loss is avoided when proper records management ensures recent backup copies exist.
Records management also maintains a paper trail to help defend the company's, offices or church actions during litigation.
Finally, records management helps maintain good organization when dealing with, responding to, and serving clients or projects. By keeping an organized information collection system, valuable data and information can be retrieved.

[10/02/13]   VACANCY
one of our clients in the hospitality industry needs a services of a CATERER who is very good in local LOCAL FOODS for immediate employment. Interested persons should pls contact us on.. 0302-901-181 or 0277-158-512. thank you










Rescue Business Consult (R B C) is a registered company under the registration of business name Act, 1962 (No.151). R B C is basically an auditing, marketing and multi-managerial consulting company based in Accra, High street (Ghana house). Rescue Business Consult provides a wide range of business services to companies, industries, Non Profit Organizations and individual, groups or family.
The firm specializes in business advice and business rescue in financial and managerial consultation, tax planning, accounting, marketing, security systems, record management, periodic business seminars, auditing, outsourcing and human resource services.
We are proud to be one of the professional managerial, auditing and marketing firms in Ghana, and we know that our growth and success are directly linked to our commitment to excellence and professional services we provide to our cherish clients at all levels and stages of their business.

All the partners and senior staff members of our firm are qualified professionals or members of professional accounting, management and marketing bodies in Ghana and UK and or hold university degrees from well-accredited universities.

Our staff currently comprises of Certified Public Accountants, Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and a group of senior consultants, senior auditors, semi - seniors and juniors and professional marketers.



Box 3156 Mp Accra
+233 (0)302901181
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