Ghana Association of Certified Consultants & Fraud Examiners-GACCFE

Ghana Association of Certified Consultants & Fraud Examiners-GACCFE


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Admission open
MBBS in china • Free consultancy • Pay your university fee direct in university office by your self after reaching to china •chinese government university • 100% visa guarantee.for more detail inbox me
Good afternoon to all members in Gccs
What is the career path for an Organizational Development consultancy?

The Ghana Association of Certified Consultants is the mandated professional consulting body charged Our Mandate encompasses:
1. Core Values:
1. Integrity

Available research data shows that consultancy is a 130 to 150 billion dollar industry with recent trends reporting that the developing world is yearning for a boom with lots of consultancy
income as the market alone in Ghana is about 3 million Ghana Cedis. The Ghana Association of Certified Consultants & Fraud Examiners was established by the Professional Bodies Legislative Decree,1973 (NRCD 143


Internet safety in a volatile cyber space - stay SMART


Consulting Job Offer - Information Security & Data Privacy Consultant needed.

Operations Manager (Property Developer) in K**I Consulting Greater Accra, Ghana - Q4Jobs Ghana 13/10/2022

Operations Manager (Property Developer) in K**I Consulting Greater Accra, Ghana - Q4Jobs Ghana

CONSULTING JOB OFFER: Property Development Consultants needed. Hit the link below to apply!

Operations Manager (Property Developer) in K**I Consulting Greater Accra, Ghana - Q4Jobs Ghana This Job listing is about K**I Consulting in Greater Accra, Ghana 2022 exclusively on Job Title: Operations Manager Job Function: Operations Job Level: Executive Management Industry: Real Estate Construction Employment Type: Full-time Location: Labone, Accra Reports To: Chief Executive...

Apply: Consultant At Plan International 2022 | Apply Here 13/10/2022

Apply: Consultant At Plan International 2022 | Apply Here

Consulting Job offer. Plan International is seeking to hire consultants for a project. Hit the link below to apply!

Apply: Consultant At Plan International 2022 | Apply Here Apply: Consultant At Plan International . Current Jobs In Ghana : Accra, Tema, Takoradi, Koforidua, Kumasi, Cape Coast, Tamale, Bolgatanga, Wa, Ho, Sekondi, Sefwi Wiawso, Damango, Nalerigu, Sunyani, Goaso, Techiman, Dambai

Why Consultants Quit Their Jobs to Go Independent 13/10/2022

Why Consultants Quit Their Jobs to Go Independent

Why Consultants quit their jobs to go independent?

Why Consultants Quit Their Jobs to Go Independent The talent game for big employers is changing. While firms have traditionally competed with each other for talent, now they are competing with another alternative: going independent. To better understand who is going independent and why, and what this might mean for companies, researchers conducted....

Consulting Is More Than Giving Advice 13/10/2022

Consulting Is More Than Giving Advice

Consulting is more than just giving advice. A Consultant is a miracle worker who provides total solution to a client's business.

Consulting Is More Than Giving Advice By building on a hierarchy of goals, consultants and managers can work toward mutual interests.

Photos from Ghana Association of Certified Consultants & Fraud Examiners-GACCFE's post 13/10/2022

Your personal security is vital to Ghana. Read the FDA warning and take caution.

Photos from Ghana Association of Certified Consultants & Fraud Examiners-GACCFE's post 06/10/2022

GACCFE in a stakeholders engagement joined with the Cyber Security Authority (CSA) to develop the National Framework and Modalities for the implementation of the various provisions and regulations to usher in Licensing regime for Cyber Security service providers and accreditation of Cyber Security professional to safeguard key critical information infrastructure in the country.

Following the introduction of the Cybersecurity Act, 2020 (Act 1038), the Cyber Security Authority (CSA) has commenced regulatory activities that will have an impact on
cybersecurity service providers and professionals. Specifically, Sections 49-56, 57-59, and
82 of the Act directly impacts the work of cybersecurity service providers and professionals
who play a crucial role in Ghana’s cybersecurity development.

Deloitte Ghana appoints new Country Managing Partner 02/10/2022

Deloitte Ghana appoints new Country Managing Partner

Africa consulting news- Ghana.

Deloitte Ghana appoints new Country Managing Partner As of June this year, Daniel Kwadwo Owusu will take over as Deloitte Ghana’s new Country Managing Partner, tasked with strengthening Deloitte’s presence in the country and consolidate the relationshi

What is a consultant? 02/10/2022

What is a consultant?

Who's a consultant?

What is a consultant? A consultant of advisor is a professional that provides independent and expert advice related to the strategy, structure, management and operations of an organisation.


International Fraud Awareness Week is on 12-18 November 2022. Let's all get involved to inspire public confidence.

Why Do Companies Pay Consultants So Much to Tell Them What They Already Know? | National Review 26/09/2022

Why Do Companies Pay Consultants So Much to Tell Them What They Already Know? | National Review

Why do companies pay consultants so much?

Why Do Companies Pay Consultants So Much to Tell Them What They Already Know? | National Review Tyler Cowen, Arnold Kling, Robin Hanson, and others have been discussing why many smart college graduates want to enter consulting, and what value consultants really add. Consulting is a word that …

Consulting projects in Ghana | 26/09/2022

Consulting projects in Ghana |

Some juicy Consultancy projects in Ghana - the search for consultants.

Consulting projects in Ghana | Consulting projects in Ghana featured on Advisory, consulting and implementation projects and transformations in Ghana.


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a private organization with vast ambitions; one of its goals is to reduce extreme poverty worldwide. The foundation has asked you as a consultant to design a basic financial-services offering for residents in remote communities in Mexico.

The majority of Mexico’s rural population is relatively poor, relying in part on government benefits for their livelihood. Since they tend not to have bank accounts, they usually collect those benefits in cash from a limited number of state-owned bank branches. These branches are often a long way from where the recipients live, so it can take a lot of time and effort to collect benefits. In addition, while traveling to the branches, people can be at risk of falling victim to crime.

The Mexican government also owns and operates a chain of 22,000 stores throughout Mexico, called Diconsa, which provide basic food, clothes, and other essential goods to rural populations. These stores are supplied through a network of central and regional warehouses and several thousand delivery trucks.

Gates Foundation has hired you as a consultant to consult for them and to investigate and assess the possibility of using the Diconsa network to provide a set of basic financial services to supplement the limited number of state-owned bank branches. This would start with dispensing benefit payments and would gradually grow to include savings accounts, bill payments, insurance, loans, and other financial products.

for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Photos from Ghana Association of Certified Consultants & Fraud Examiners-GACCFE's post 25/09/2022

Hire a .Submit your business case or problem militating against your organization and speak to our 500 pool of consultants & experts. We help you fix your case by giving you an actual consulting solution on complex cases bordering on , Management, Accounting, Taxation, Procurement, Marketing, Strategy, Profitablity, Market Entry, Economics, Wealth Management, Leadership, Research, Transportation, Environmental, Energy, Telecommunications, Software engineer, Agribusiness, Education, Operations, Engineering, Surveying, Legal, Architecture, Audit, Oil and Gas, Banking, Petroleum, Real Estate, Credit Management, Risk Management, Construction, Retail, Mining, Manufacturing, Writing, Community Development, Technology, IT, Security, Investigators, Investment, Projects, Development, Capital Markets, Instruments, Statistics, Monitoring & Evaluation, Planning, Policy, Political, Growth, Immigration, Tourism, Sports, Health, Medical, Labour, Arbitration, Mediation Consultants.


Be a VAC (Value Added Consultant). Get trained and certified by the National Consulting regulatory body under Act 143, NRCD 1973, P.B. N0. 64.


We believe there is room yet timely to forge recognition and strengthen our partnership for accelerated national development with the of Sanitation and Water Resources. The National President, Dr. King Bachiesichang in his official remarks welcome the news and assured the ministry of the Association's ableness to achieve the desired goals together.

What Makes a Leader Effective? 24/09/2022

What Makes a Leader Effective?

Leadership consultant : the traits to effective leadership.

What Makes a Leader Effective? Good leaders get things done. Great leaders inspire change and positive outcomes over the long term.


The hierarchy of consulting purposes.

Consulting news worldwide | 23/09/2022

Consulting news worldwide |

Consulting news worldwide | Global consulting news on, the globe’s premier network for the consulting industry. Search consulting news across regions, countries, functions and firms.


A car park and parking lot operator pursues the strategic goal of exploiting new sources of income via digital business models. As part of this initiative, a MVP (Minimal Viable Product) was developed for a parking app that enables users to search and pay for paid parking spaces.

The managing director approaches you *AS CONSULTANT* with the request to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the parking app. First, the digital business model of the parking app will be analyzed. After the strategic consideration, a financial evaluation of the parking app will be carried out.

On this basis, a clear recommendation will be made as to whether the app should be rolled out throughout Germany or not. Finally, an analytics-driven expansion strategy should be considered.



Don't just practice Consulting, get trained and be certified by the National Regulatory body for consultants in Ghana charged with the mandate to regulate the consulting industry, profession and practice under Act 143, of the the Professional Bodies decree 143, P.B. N0. 64. Hit the subscribe button below!


Submit your stories/news and articles about the Consulting Industry, Consulting Profession & Consulting Practice to the [email protected] for publication. CONSULTANT


looks forward to partnering and working with the of Works & Housing, Government of Ghana in strategic areas of mutual interest in various scoping areas of of consulting projects development and engagements etc for overall economic development of the nation.

During official exchanges with the Ministry the National President of the Consulting regulatory body . King Bachiesichang express hope for a welcome introduction of Association's membership expertise and the progress made so far with the Works and Housing Ministry and its agencies.


GACCFE Secretariat launches THE CONSULTANT Magazine/Journal/News/TV shows. Members are eligible to submit articles/stories/news etc on issues for publication on the Consulting Industry, Consulting Profession and the Consulting Practice. There is also a dedicated column as PERSONALITY SPOTLIGHT to highlight the profile/skills/businesses and success stories of consultants on regular basis. Copies are circulated to the various government Ministries, departments, agencies and the international community.

Submissions to [email protected]

Photos from Ghana Association of Certified Consultants & Fraud Examiners-GACCFE's post 14/09/2022

The leadership of the Association of Certified Consultants together with the Development Bank in working relations aimed at drawing synagies of mutual cooperation on projects development and ex*****on, industry and the profession. Various matters bordering on the nation on procurement and project finance and engagements were also discussed.

The Country Manager of the bank, Fasika took the opportunity to laud the National Consulting Professional body for its continuous efforts in the standardisation of the Consulting Profession and in fostering a new regulatory regime in bringing about the coming of the Consulting Millennium yet a Freelance economy. In her opening remarks she welcome and thank the National President (Const. Dr. Bachiesichang) and his team for the call on the bank and further re-echoed the readiness of the Bank to cooperate with the Professional body for accelerated national development. The African Development Bank, is your bank, its our bank, it's we Africans as whole bank.



Induction of Grant Anim, as Member of GACC (30th July, 2022)

GACCFE is the National Consulting Professional Body charged with the mandate to regulate the consulting profession, industry and practice under the professional bodies of Ghana Act 143, NRCD 1973, P.B. Number 64. Become a today.


Eid Mubarak


Try this *Consulting Case*

*LumCO* , a company producing injection-molded components for lighting applications, has operated successfully in its native European market. The company wants to open up one production facility each in China and the United States and establish their own distribution network in both countries to serve as a hub for the entire region. The products LumCO manufactures can be categorized into Specialties, which are designed and produced by LumCO according to customer specifications (e.g. head lamp casing and lenses in vehicles, luminaires for design lighting applications) and Standards, which encompasses an assortment of components for multiple lighting applications for different industries (fixtures, lenses, luminaires).

Based on the only slight but stable growth outlook in Europe, LumCO is eager to establish the production sites in China and the U.S. as soon as possible and also to begin to distribute their products directly.

*As a consultant* , you are asked by the board of management to assess this plan considering your knowledge of each region and the lighting market in particular.

today and get trained and be a Consultant

GACC ( of ) is the National Consulting Professional Body charged with the regulation of the Consulting profession and Practice in Ghana under Act 143, NRCD 1973, P.B. 64.



*Consulting Case Prompt*

A Private *Bank called Anytown* disposes total assets of approx. *EUR 3 billion* on December 31, 2014. The growth strategy of the institution determined at the end of 2010, however, has a higher impact on the cost side than on the income side.

Aggregated to the return on equity as defined central parameter of the bank, the negative result of EUR -640k in 2014 resulted in a key figure of -0.3%. Thus, the bank is miles away from the target parameter of 20% ROE defined by the supervisory board.

_Since no improvement is in sight for 2014_ , *the board of directors of this Private Bank is asking you for help to Consult for them.*

E: [email protected]
T: 0544235612


*Consulting Case Prompt*

Your client, a _large automotive OEM WyCar,_ has developed its first fully *electric vehicle (EV)* and introduced it as a pilot on the Austrian market last year. However, sales have been far below the expected numbers.

The management has engaged you as a *Consultant* to support them in understanding the reasons and advise them on how to adjust the product offering. our upcoming Consulting Training and Membership Certification. [email protected],, 0207932977


*Consulting Case Prompt*

A certain bank called "HFC Bank ", a domestic retail and private bank is in a difficult situation. Profits have been declining over the past years due to the ongoing low interest rates set by the central bank. Additionally, the bank is suffering from a decreasing number of customers. The board of directors is worried about digitalization and wondering, whether the bank is adequately prepared for it.

*In search for a solution, the bank decided to hire you as a in this project. Critically analyze the situation of the client and develop means to sustainably increase profits. Consider the worries expressed by the board of directors.*

Good luck! Don't just be practicing consulting, get trained and Certified by the National Regulatory Professional body for Consultants in Ghana under Act 143, NRCD 1973, P.B Number 64.

E: [email protected]
T: 0207932977


*CONSULTING CASE - Case Structuring Drill_
Nutripremium is a very well-known premium nutrition food company in Europe (€1 billion revenue last year). It is based in Spain and has an excellent market share not only in its home country but also in Portugal, France, Italy and Germany.

Nutripremium has two main lines of products:

1. Vitamin-supplements for pregnant women
2. Concentrated dehydrated aliments and vitamin pills for sick patients (with Diabetes or Cancer).

*The CEO of Nutripremium thinks that the market in Europe is starting to get saturated and wants you to analyze the Chinese market* .

_You have been hired as Consultant to consult for Nutripremium to help them find the key areas to explore to determine whether this is a good idea?_

Don't just be Practicing Consulting, get trained and Certified by the National Regulatory Body for Consultants in Ghana and be admitted to the National Register.

Contact Us:
E: [email protected]
T: 0207932977


Be a today. Don't just practice Consulting get recognized by the national Regulatory Body charged with the responsibility to set standards and regulate the Consulting profession in Ghana under Act 143, NRCD 1973.


BE A : The Ghana Association of Certified Consultants is the mandated Professional Body for Consultants charged with the regulation of the consulting profession in Ghana under Act 143 of the Professional Bodies Decree NRCD 1973, PB. N0. 64. GACC works to enhance the consultancy business climate by promoting members skill set to the general public, protecting the rights of consultants and their businesses, regulating consulting industry & setting standards for consultants/firms to operate and assisting businesses to improve their sales and profit with tremendous benefits. Be a MEMBER today!
E: [email protected] | [email protected]
T: 0207932977


a or Examiner today by becoming a member of the only recognized Professional Body of the Republic of Ghana charged with the mandate to regulate the Consulting profession and industry as per the Professional Bodies Decree 1973, Act 143 (PB. N0. 64).

Enroll today!


GACC&FE Secretariat wishes all Muslims around the world a blessed Ramadan.


GACC&FE wishes you Happy 64th Independence Day


Fraud Examination and Investigation Training - 2021
Level I - Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes & Crimes
Level II - Law
Level III - Investigation
Level IV - Fraud Prevention & Deterrence

Membership Certification Process:
1. Undergo industrial placement with a recognised security body/forensic agency
2. Submit your career report
3. Appear for written and oral examinations
4. Defend your career report before a panel of Investigators/Fraud Examiners/Detectives

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