Ghana Investment Tour

Ghana Investment Tour

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This page is for serious investors only! Please DO NOT engage our community if you are ONLY interested in cultural or historical tours as there are several links below for companies that provide that service.

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Ghana could benefit from ‎AfCFTA with hemp production – Business consultant. | AgricToday 13/03/2021

Ghana could benefit from ‎AfCFTA with hemp production – Business consultant. | AgricToday

Ghana Hemptech conference 2020 was published in Agric Today December 29, 2020. We are planning for our 2nd conference in Accra on July 2 - 4, 2021 so please stay tuned.
See the full article here
"The event focused on education, policy investment, and technology in industrialized hemp.
The programme was organized by the CEMT and the Ultimate Farmers Alliance and its partners in Ghana and the Diaspora"

Ghana could benefit from ‎AfCFTA with hemp production – Business consultant. | AgricToday NewsAfricaAgriBusinessGhana Ghana could benefit from ‎AfCFTA with hemp production – Business consultant. December 29, 2020 0 569 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter tweet Business Consultant, Nataki Kambon, says Ghana stands to benefit immensely from the Africa Continental Free Trade Area Agreeme... 02/01/2021

Home | AWIAA African Women in Agriculture Alliance (AWIAA) is the first black women owned non-profit NGO focused on women of African descent ONLY in the world.


We just secured the venue for the first annual Ghana HempTech Conference! Thank you to all those that have assisted thus far. If you would like to speak or offer a referral from the states that are in the industry please contact [email protected]. See you soon!

Just secured the venue for the first ever Ghana Hemptech Conference in Accra on 18th and 19th December. Details coming soon and only a few speaker spots are available. If interested in speaking please contact [email protected] and we will see you in Ghana soon! 14/05/2020

Ghana Investment Tour

We are looking forward to our return to the Ghana Investment Tour this summer and can't wait to announce our funded project list for 2019 for all our investors. Membership to receive project opportunities is only $1500.00 and you don't have to travel to Ghana to invest. This is a private fearure only for interested investors and you can sign up to be an investor at Building Legacies Through Investment

[05/04/20]   We hope everyone is staying safe in Ghana during COVID19 and we look forward to resuming our tour for July 2020. If you are interested in traveling to Ghana for the investment tour please visit our website and sign up to be an investor. If you would like to invest your stimulus check or any other additional funds in Ghana without going on the tour we now also have that as an option. There is a $2,500 yearly fee in a subscription format where you can view live videos from previous projects and be able to submit interest in those projects in order to invest.

We thank you for your continued support and hope to see you in July or October 2020 for the next Ghana Investment Tour.

[03/29/20]   Republic of Ghana showing true leadership...


*Some Update from this afternoon's press conference on COVID 19 by the MoI on 29.03.2020*

1. Security services will approach this lock down with a humanitarian face
It's not a war
Police will take the.lead and GAF will support

2. Report early.if you have any symptoms

3. All bars and nite clubs are to remain closed during the lock down

4. Don't hold back critical information .... Every citizen must this fight

5. Restaurants and other food deliveries are to operate online

6. Non food dealers are to stay at.home

7. 31 COVID patients are been treated from home in isolation from their families

8. Hospitals are to give priority to COVID 19 issues

9. Exempted institutions like manufacturing companies and even that only critical workers

*Have your IDs on you always*

Staff buses must be used by exempted institutions
These buses must have special stickers provided by the security services

10. Restrictions are for Accra ...Kumasi......Kasoa areas for now
And no travels from or to the restricted areas during the lock down

11. 2000 Security personnel to be deployed during the lockdown

12. The local area waakye seller will be still allowed to sell

13. Markets will remain opened
Do essential purchases in your local areas

14. Government workers to work remotely from home

15. Only critical cases will be attended to in the courts

16. Media is exempted from the lock down
*But must carry staff ID card at all times and must be in branded vehicles or apparel*

17. There will be a naval contingent at sea

18. Air force personnel will air lift essential medical supplies

19. Financial institutions must rationalize their operations and minimize workers coming to work

20. Ports remain open for public business
But only critical workers

*Staff IDs must be on you always*

21. Those using public toilets must proof enough that ... thats where they are going and nowhere else

22. ensure social distancing in vehicles by reducing the numbers per car

23. Private security services are exempted from the lock down but must be in Uniform and have ID cards always

24. ALL category of health workers are exempted from the lock down

25. ALL other operations are in force by the Security services eg. Operation CALM Life(Night patrols to combat armed robbery)

26. Security personnel will be professional in their duties and citizens must comply to security directives

27. ALL borders still remain CLOSED

28. National COVID 19 Trust fund inaugurated chaired by former Chief Justice Sofia Akuffo
Individuals are to freely donate to the fund

*President Akuffo Addo & the Vice President Bawumia have donated their 3 month's salaries respectively into the fund already to help our the most vulnerable in these times*

29. *Guinness Ghana has made available 1500 cases of MG PET to all frontline workers fighting COVID 19*

30. Citizens must.provide the necessary information to help fight the spread of the virus and stay home



Efya on last 72 hours on Ghana Investment Tour



Ghana Investment Tour is almost 30 days away starting March 5-13 and we still have room for you. Sign up today to get more information and flights are only 1100 round trip leaving from Atlanta! Checkout this video on Ghana Investment and we will see you next month!

As the headquarters for the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), Ghana is not only the best place for doing business in West Africa, but the fastest...

[01/04/20]   One of our first investment projects to reach the US market will be featured at the renowned Black Owned Spirits Expo on January 18, 2020 and they have confirmed the Mayor of Atlanta will be there so we are off to a great start. Please visit to add your project to our March 2020 tour or sign up to get more information on becoming an investor.


Ghana Investment Tour

One of the sectors on our tour is education and this project has great potential near Kumasi as we are implementing drone technology and concentrating the entire school on girls in STEM. Come onboard and see what else we have as part of our tour! 03/12/2019

Ghana Investment Tour

The next Ghana Investment Tour is scheduled for March 5 - 13, 2020! We only take 10 African Americans investors so sign up today for our next tour! Invest in your legacy today and join us in Africa! 🇬🇭 Building Legacies Through Investment


Ghana Investment Tour October 2019 Wrap Up

Thank you for everyone that was a part of the October 2019 Investment Tour as it was an overwhelming success and ended in the contract signage and interest in four of our projects! We look forward to showing you our new initiatives and look forward to submission of more projects and more investors coming on our upcoming tours in March and July 2020. Please subscribe, like and share our YouTube Channel and sign up for the Ghana Investment Tour for March 2020 today as we have payment plans for any budget..

This is the last day in Ghana of the first Ghana Investment Tour and it was a HUGE success!


Another project from our tour in the hospitality sector just needs a little renovation and updating in East Legon. Join our Investment Tour today!


One of the sectors on our tour is education and this project has great potential near Kumasi as we are implementing drone technology and concentrating the entire school on girls in STEM. Come onboard and see what else we have as part of our tour!


Our investor has arrived and let the tour begin! Ghana is ready for investment and so are we! Akwaaba


Real Estate project for Ghana Investment Tour. Join us in March 2020!


Private Tour of Barekese water treatment facility in Kumasi where we learned about the water supply from the dam to your house. Also, they provide organic fertilizer for sale for farmers. Join our March 2020 tour today!


Here in Ghana visiting sites for the October 2019 Tour and can't wait to help our investors do business in Ghana! Join our March 2020 Tour today!

[08/21/19]   We invite the Diaspora to join us for the last tour date of the Year of Return in 2019 on October 17 - 26, 2019. Payment plans are still available and we hope you can join us in building a legacy for the future. 16/08/2019

Ghana Investment Tour

The Ghana Investment Tour has opened the waitlist for the October Tour dates of October 17 - 26, 2019. We only take 10 investors and payment plans are available. Visit today and register for our October Tour. We have projects ranging from only $5k total investment to $1M! Join us today! 04/08/2019

Ghana Investment Tour

Our website is live and we will be making some changes over the next few weeks so please be patient with our progress. Visit and sign up to be an affiliate or join our tour today! Building Legacies Through Investment


Ghana Investment Tour


Ghana Investment Tour's cover photo


The Only Way Is Ghana

Family ❤️✌🏿👑
Akan funerals🇬🇭 usually end on a Sunday with a celebratory memorial after church. The black and white attire symbolises thanksgiving to God 😇
💻 @theonlywayisghana


We are almost LIVE! The Ghana Investment Tour website will give you all the information you need to join our tour in October! With deposit payment options in Euros and US Dollars we are preparing for your arrival. Prepare for an experience of a lifetime as Ghana is "Open for Business" and we are providing business investment for building legacies.

[07/21/19]   Good morning all. I'm proud to announce that our website for the Ghana investment Tour will be live on August 1st as the year of returned has heightened so many people's interests in Ghana we have gotten interests from all over the country and the world. I have received some private messages from those in the UK interested and the Ghana investment Tour.

This is an opportunity for everyone and we have readjusted the July to work for those that are in Ghana to participate. My partner Kwame Sarpong will be meeting with some US investors in August as well.

Don't forget those of you that are not able to make the July tour we are taking initial deposits for October tour on August 1st. Thank you for everyone that has shown interest in the tour and I can't wait to see the results!

[07/07/19]   Grand Rising! We are three short weeks away from the start of our Ghana Investment Tour in Accra! W are so thankful for all of the comments and likes and follows on this page and know that the movement towards #takingbackafrica is real and we will continue to work to provide a safe and encouraging environment for investment in the future of our legacy and our people!

If you are interested in any of the following tour information please select below so we may plan accordingly as the October Tour is almost full.



For those of you interested in joining us for the October tour the flights are much more reasonable and offer you an opportunity for a layover in a country you have never been. The pictures below are from my favorite travel consultant with ASAP tickets with an opportunity to layover in Paris, Brussels or Istanbul all less than $1,500 round trip. If you're going to travel abroad you might as well get the most bang for your buck and layover in another country you have never visited. Please contact us today if you're interested in coming on the tour from October 17th to October 26th! Medaase

[06/24/19]   Thank you all for your interest in the Ghana Investment Tour. There have been many questions about the July tour and the price for flights. Currently the price for flights is two or sometimes three times as much as normal due to the influx of those interested in events and conferences and the Ghana Investment Tour during the Year of Return. We will continue the July trip as scheduled and revisit Accra for the March 2020 trip. October interests is heightened due to the flight prices being so high for July so we are accepting those that are interested in October earlier than expected. If you have interest in traveling to Ghana Volta region for the October tour please let us know immediately as we will continue to only take 10 investors to ensure the quality of our tour. Thanks so much in your interest and let's take back Africa!


Ghana Investment Tour

General Tour Information is now available for the July 2019 Ghana Investment Tour. Please take a look at the document and review the itinerary to see if this is a right fit for you. We appreciate all of your continued support and hope to see you invest in Africa!


Ghana Investment Tour

The Itinerary is now available below for your review and contact us soon and book your flights today through


Ghana Investment Tour

This will be the only post made on the costs of the tour and all additional information will only be available through the invetors only page that you must be approved to be in. Thanks for your interest and this is for serious investors only!


AU Ambassador To The U.S. Offers Masterful History Lesson Dissecting 'The Legacy Of Colonization'

Roland Martin and the #RolandMartinUnfiltered cameras attended the HBCU Africa Homecoming Media Launch on Monday. The event marked a starting point for the A... 10/06/2019

ghana-embassydc | VISAS-old

As promised here the information to get your travel Visa Ghana for the investment tour. 2 day turnaround from our group with added rush fee but must have your passport to apply! Note: Mail in application duration start from when application is received in the office. Do not count days from the day you mail your application.

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Efya on last 72 hours on Ghana Investment Tour




Koala Shopping Center

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 23:59
Tuesday 08:00 - 23:59
Wednesday 08:00 - 23:59
Thursday 08:00 - 23:59
Friday 08:00 - 23:59
Saturday 08:00 - 23:59
Sunday 08:00 - 23:59
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Ghana Property Investment Network Ghana Property Investment Network

We are a network of property investors, developers, landlords, homeowners, lenders, brokers, estate agents, service providers and property professionals.

Dusk Capital Limited Dusk Capital Limited
2nd Ridge Link

Headquartered in Accra, our aim is to completely remake the classic African Investment Banking model.

Cititrust Capital Ltd.  Investment Banking Firm Cititrust Capital Ltd. Investment Banking Firm
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An Investment Banking and Asset Management Company. Creating a lasting relationship for mutual financial success. E-mail: [email protected] Phone: +233 302231102

Armin Lutz - Senior Wealth Manager Armin Lutz - Senior Wealth Manager
Stanbic Heights, S Liberation Link, Airport City
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deVere in West Africa offers International, Independent Financial Advice to Clients; with focus on International Investment Solutions & Educational Savings Plans, U.K. & German Property Acquisition, and Discretionary Trusts among others.

Roses Regency Hotel & Suites Roses Regency Hotel & Suites
Block 2, Achimota New Station
Accra, 00233

UniSecurities Ghana Limited UniSecurities Ghana Limited
Hilla Limann High Street

uniSecurities Ghana is an Investment Management Company.

ABASS GIWA Investment ABASS GIWA Investment
P. 77md.
Accra, 2007-11-30

Dealers in land and property

J'investis Sur Le Marché Boursier J'investis Sur Le Marché Boursier

Bourseafrique est une société de conseil en investissement et de gestion de fonds. Nos services gérés par nos meilleurs experts financiers pour nos clients vous garantissent une meilleure performance sur du court, moyen et long terme.

Heritage Securities Limited Heritage Securities Limited
Heritage House Hse. No. 4 FTA Lane, Anum Tesa Avenue, East Legon

HERITAGE SECURITIES is an investment banking and fund management firm. We provide financial advisory and fund management services.

Precision Recovery Precision Recovery
House No. F347/44 Osu Crescent Street, Nyaniba

Precision Recovery is committed to providing clients with speedy and effective recovery services.

Gutes Leben Ltd Gutes Leben Ltd
BOX GP 2147
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Register your businesses information, get funded and invest with us. Also, more services provided.

Sage Capital Advisors Limited Sage Capital Advisors Limited
1337, Mantse Boi Street, Kaneshie

Sage Capital Advisors Limited (SCA) is a Ghanaian wealth management company licensed to provide world-class fund management, private equity, etc.